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Hope you like this chapter, it is not really necessary to read the previous chapters, but you may want to read chapter 3 before this one, because it picks up right where chapter 3 left off. :) After Jenna seduced her dad, he had sex with her. When they were getting dressed, the front door opened. The votes are in, the winner is... Tim! Don't worry readers mom will get involved again in the next chapter. The final chapter being a family foursome, but that'll be much later. Read on and enjoy!
Jenna scooped up more of her stepdad's cum, looking at the front door as it opened. John's face turned to fear as he saw the door open, not sure who it was, but knowing he was busted.

Tim walked in, quietly closing the door behind him, not even realizing Jenna and his dad was in the front room. As he started walking towards the hallway towards his room, he glanced into the front room and saw his dad standing there, half naked, his wilted dick hanging loosely between his legs, almost hidden by his pubic hair. Tim looked at his dad in shock, seeing Jenna looking at him over the back of the couch.

John looked at his son in shock also, not sure what to say. Tim walked into the front room, the smell of sex still strong in the air, his dick twitching a little. "Someone was having fun in here," Tim said with a light chuckle, breaking the silence. John still couldn't talk, staring at Tim. "We sure did, mmm," Jenna said excitedly. Tim laughed at her comment, looking at his dad, "looks like so much fun you made him speechless. Was she any good dad?"

John slowly nodded, looking down at Jenna, then back at Tim. "I bet she was," Tim laughed, thinking about a few days ago when he had sex with her. "I bet her pussy was nice and tight for you huh," Tim said, walking in front of the couch, his dick growing harder in his pants. John watched his son walk past him and stand in front of Jenna, still silent.

Tim looked down at Jenna, looking at her cum covered pussy, "wow he really came a lot huh?" Jenna nodded, smiling, "yeah he did, it felt so good, a lot different than when you came inside of me, but still good." John looked at them in shock, "wait a minute, you guys have had sex?" Tim turned to look at his dad, smiling, "yep we sure have, and I think I'm going to have to do it again now," looking back at Jenna with a wide smile, his dick forming a huge bulge in his pants.

Jenna face lit up with excitement as she looked up at her stepbrother. John grabbed Tim's arm, "no you can't do that, I won't let that happen." Tim looked back at his dad, "and why not, you just did, besides you can watch or join in if you want," he replied, an evil grin on his face. Tim only had one thing on his mind now, he was going to fuck Jenna again, whether his dad liked it or not, he wanted to feel the tight cocoon of her pussy wrapped around his dick again. "Besides how are you gonna stop me, you know all I have to do is tell mom that you had sex with Jenna," Tim said, turning back to Jenna.

'Oh shit,' John thought to himself, realizing his son was blackmailing him. He knew that if he stopped them, Tim might tell Kelly and she would leave him and have him arrested, but if he let them have sex it would weigh on him, knowing it had happened.

Tim looked at Jenna, "use your panties to clean up the cum, so we can have sex now." Jenna smiled ecstatically at him as she rubbed her pussy clean with her panties, not wanting to wait any longer to feel Tim's huge dick inside of her again.

Tim unbuttoned his pants and push them down, when John grabbed his arm again, "Tim wait." Tim's pants and boxers slid down his legs, his hard springing free, as he turned to his dad again. Jenna let out an ecstatic coo as she watched his dick spring up, sitting up on the couch to get closer to him. "Dad it's not going to do any good, either you sit here and watch, or leave the room, either way I'm going to have sex with her, or mom finds out," Tim said sternly.

John looked at his son in shock, Tim had never talked like that to him before, but he did have to admit, his son's hormones were probably raging, and sex was the only thing on his mind. John was the same way at Tim's age. John looked down at his son's dick, his eyes widening at the size of his dick. 'Oh my fucking god, he's fucking huge,' John thought to himself, a twinge of jealousy coming over him. He watched Jenna reach out and wrap her hand around Tim's thick shaft, Jenna licking her lips and moaning, "mmm I can't wait to feel you inside of me again."

John let go of Tim's arm, staring at his son's dick. John didn't know what came over him, but he slowly stuttered out, "o... ok I... I'll watch." He suddenly had the urge to watch his son have sex with his stepdaughter, thinking it would almost be like watching a porn, where a well hung guy fucked a skinny teen girl. Tim smiled at his dad, "thanks dad, you can always join in too if you want."

John moved around him, sitting down on the couch, his eyes transfixed on Tim's dick, and his stepdaughter's hand wrapped around it, looking tiny compared to his size. Tim looked down at Jenna and smiled, "well it's all yours now Jenna." Jenna smiled up at him, "mmm thank you." She slowly started moving her hand up and down his dick, marvelling at much bigger he was than his dad. John leaned forward, trying to get a better view of the action, Jenna's tiny hand stroking his son's dick as she looked at his fat head.

Tim groaned to her, "why don't you try putting it in your mouth." Jenna quickly nodded, opening her mouth wide and moving in, slowly taking the head of his dick between her lips. Tim threw his head back in pleasure, groaning, "ohhh god Jenna," putting one of his hand's on her head. Jenna moaned lightly into his dick, trying to take more into her mouth.

John felt his dick beginning to rise again as he watched his stepdaughter try to engulf his son's dick. 'How can I be getting hard again already, I've never gotten hard just after cumming,' he thought to himself, watching Jenna take about 3" or 4" of Tim's dick into her mouth. John looked on in amazement, Jenna's lips were stretched tight around the girth of Tim's dick, trying to suck on it. Tim held his head back, groaning in pleasure, "oh god yes, just about as tight as your pussy."

Jenna moved her head further until the head of his dick hit the back of her throat, causing her to choke. She immediately pulled her head back, pulling her mouth off of his dick, trying to catch her breath, "oh my god you're way to big for that." Tim looked down at her sincerely, smiling, "that's ok, are you ready to get me in your pussy now?" Jenna nodded quickly, letting go of his dick and moving back to the couch and sitting down.

Tim looked over at his dad, his dad was looking at Jenna with lust as she sat down. Tim noticed his dad's dick was hard again, almost laughing, realizing his was a hell of a lot bigger than his dad's. Tim grabbed Jenna's hand and pulled her up, "I have a better idea Jenna, you're gonna have a dick at both ends." Jenna looked up at Tim in excitement, mainly because she was going to get his fat dick inside of her again.

Tim turned Jenna around and pushed on her shoulders, telling her to kneel down. Jenna looked at John as she knelt down in front of him and put her hands on the floor, slowly moving in between John's legs. Jenna smiled at John, moving one of her hand's to his hairy ball sack, lightly fondling his balls. Tim knelt down behind her upturned ass, slowly stroking his dick, ready to fuck his stepsister's tight pussy.

John was laid back against the couch, enjoying the feeling of having his balls played with, his arms laid across the back of the couch. Jenna moved her hand up to the base of John's dick, as she felt Tim lay a hand on her ass, "mmm yes," she moaned in anticipation. Tim held his dick steady, guiding it to her slit, as the head brushed against her lips, he let out a long groan of pleasure. Tim laid across her back and whispered, "are you ready?" Jenna moaned, wiggling her ass against him, "hmm mmm."

Tim pushed himself back up, slowly pushing his hips forward, watching her swollen lips slowly open and swallow the head of his dick. Tim groaned as he pushed further into her, his dick easily sinking into her from her wetness. He kept pushing until the head of his dick pushed against her cervix, leaving about an inch of his dick out of her. He held himself there, feeling her tight recess squeeze at his dick, massaging the head of his dick, "oh fuck you're so tight Jenna," he groaned, laying across her back again.

Jenna moved her hips around a little, enjoying the feeling of having her pussy stuffed so full again. She moaned in response, "I missed having you inside of me." Tim groaned, moving his hips back a few inches, then slamming back into her, slamming against her cervix again, causing her to jump. "Suck dad's dick, while I fuck your tight pussy," Tim groaned, watching her slowly stroking his dad's dick, moving in and out of her slowly and steadily, enjoying being in her tight pussy again.

Jenna looked up at John with a look of pure pleasure as she moved her head towards his hard dick, opening her mouth wide and moving it over the head of his smaller dick. John threw his head back and let out a long groan, "oh yes," laying one of his hand's on the back of her head, trying to push her down further. Jenna moaned as she moved her mouth further onto her stepdad's dick, tasting her dried juices and his dried cum, sucking as hard as she could.

Tim started moving faster, moving his hips further back each time, as he groaned at her, "yeah suck his dick, show us how much you like having a dick at each end." Jenna moaned as Tim talked to her, feeling John's dick throb in her mouth as she took his dick to the back of her throat, a little over halfway down his dick, choking a little as his dick throbbed again. Tim didn't know why, but he had the urge to talk really dirty to his stepsister, as he started fucking her even harder, "oh yeah, you like having two dicks at once huh, you like being our dirty little slut," he whispered into her ear, as she started moving her head up and down John's dick, moaning in response.

Jenna moaned louder, as she started moving her hips back into Tim's thrusts. "That's it slut, show me how much you like having my fat dick inside of you," Tim groaned, pushing himself up and grabbing her hips, pounding into her hard and fast, his abdomen smacking against her ass, making a slapping sound. John grabbed the sides of Jenna's head, holding her still as he started lifting his hips up off of the couch, mouth-fucking her, groaning loudly, "yeah, suck my dick, oh my god."

Jenna could feel her orgasm building quickly, as her stepbrother pounded her from behind, and her stepdad mouth-fucked her. She moved her hand away from John's balls and moved it down to her pussy, feeling her swollen lips split wide open. She moved her hand further until she could feel Tim's slick, wet shaft sliding in and out of her. She held her fingertips there, enjoying the feeling of his veiny shaft moving against them, while putting her thumb on her clit and started rubbing it vigorously.

Tim groaned louder when he felt Jenna's fingers against the underside of his shaft, his heavy ball sack slapping the back of her hand, when he drove into her. "Oh fuck yeah Jenna, are you gonna cum for us? Huh are you gonna cum for your dad and brother?" He groaned, feeling her pussy getting tighter, making it harder for him to move inside of her.

Jenna opened her mouth wide around John's dick as her orgasm shot through her body, " yes, yes I'm cumming," she moaned, barely understandable, as John held her head still. "Oh she's cumming dad," Tim groaned, feeling her pussy squeeze his dick hard and push him back out, her body trembling and shaking as her cum flowed out of her. John groaned as he let go of her head, watching her body thrash around it front of him, "yeah that's a good girl, cum for us." Tim sat back on his heels, watching her gaping pussy contract and force more of her juices out, Jenna moaning over and over, "oh fuck, oh fuck."

Tim and John continued to watch her cum in awe, as her orgasm seemed to go on and on. Finally her head fell between John's legs, on the couch, her legs still trembling, as she groaned, "holy shit that was amazing." Tim and John looked at each other and smiled. John brushed her hair away from her face, looking down at her, "did you like that honey?" Jenna looked at him, out of the corner of her eye, nodding, "uh huh." John chuckled, only one thing on his mind now, "good, but we're not done yet, you still have two hard dicks here to satisfy."

Jenna pushed herself up, nodding and looking up at her stepdad. John grinned, reaching under her armpits and pulling her towards him, "I want back in your young pussy now." Jenna stood up, keeping her eyes on his, waiting to see what he wanted. Tim stood up behind her, grabbing the bottom of her night shirt, trying to pull it up. Jenna raised her arms up, allowing Tim to take it off.

John groaned when he got a better look at her teenage tits, realizing she wasn't stuffing, they were real. Tim fumbled with her bra clasp, trying to unsnap it. When he got it unsnapped, he started pushing the shoulder straps down her arms. Jenna bent over slightly, letting her bra slide down her arms and fall to the floor. John watched as she stood back up, her firm tits sticking out proudly, her nipples hard and erect. John licked his lips as Tim wrapped his arms around her, cupping her tits in his hands, lightly fondling them, his hard dick throbbing against the middle of her back. Jenna moaned as she laid her head back against Tim's chest, looking down at John lustily.

Tim started kissing and nibbling at the side of her neck, feeling her moans through her neck, as she rubbed her back against his dick. Tim groaned in response as he started pinching her nipples with his thumb and forefinger of each hand, causing her to shudder in excitement. He kissed his way up her neck to her ear, lightly sucking her earlobe into his mouth, his nose exhaling air into her ear, causing her to shiver and moan louder.

Tim looked at his dad, who was sitting there slowly stroking his dick as he watched Tim fondle his stepdaughter. Tim whispered into Jenna's ear, "do you wanna ride his hard dick Jenna?" Jenna answered with a soft moan, "mmm hmm," her body feeling all hot from what he was doing to her. Tim gritted his teeth and groaned, "then go ride his dick, show him how you want to ride his dick," pushing her towards their dad.

John watched her come towards him, her tits jiggling as she moved. Jenna smiled as she climbed onto the couch, straddling her stepdad's legs. John let go of his dick and moved his hands up her sides and grabbed her tits in his hands, marvelling at how firm, but soft they were. Jenna giggled as she moved up his legs until her pussy was up against his dick, causing her to moan as it throbbed against her slit. John continued to fondle her tits, not really caring if his dick was in her pussy or not. Jenna lifted her hips up, reaching between them and grabbing his dick, lining his dick up with her pussy. She lowered her hips down, his dick easily sinking into her wet and stretched pussy. John groaned when he felt his dick buried inside of her wet pussy, noticing it wasn't as tight as earlier, but still felt nice and warm.

Tim moved next to them, urging her on, groaning, "oh yeah Jenna, ride dad's hard dick, ride him hard." Jenna put her hands on John's shoulders, pushing her tits towards him, as her stepdad took one of her nipples into his mouth, lightly biting at it, sending all kinds of new sensations straight to her pussy. She slowly started moving herself up and down, feeling his dick twitch and throb inside of her, as John sucked on her tiny nipple, pinching at the other one, groaning in pleasure. Jenna slowly picked up speed, enjoying the feeling that having her nipples played with, "oh daddy, that feels good, keep sucking and playing with my boobs, mmm," she moaned.

Tim slowly stroked his dick, watching his stepsister bounce up and down on their dad's lap, her tits jiggling and shaking against John's face. Jenna had her mouth wide open as rode her stepdad's dick as fast as she could, her wet pussy making squishing noises and quiffing sounds as her orgasm began to build again. "Oh my god daddy, you're gonna make me cum again already, holy shit," Jenna moaned louder.

Not wanting to be left out anymore, Tim got up on the couch next to them and moving towards them, his dick brushing against Jenna's cheek. Jenna turned and looked at him when she felt his dick against her cheek, a look of pure pleasure on her face as she rode John's dick. Tim started pushing his dick into her open mouth, groaning, "yeah suck my dick while you ride dad's dick." Jenna wrapped her lips around the head of Tim's dick, tickling the tip of his dick with the tip of her tongue, causing him to groan and tremble. Tim laid a hand on top of her, throwing his head back in pleasure, groaning, "oh fuck yeah Jenna, suck my dick," pushing his hips forward trying to make her take more of his dick.

John quit sucking on her nipple and moved his hands to her back, pulling her into him, burying his face in her cleavage, sucking there. Jenna pulled away from Tim's dick, still stroking it with her hand as she moaned loudly, "oh daddy you're gonna make me cum, please don't stop." Tim urged his stepsister on, reaching down and squeezing her tit, "yeah Jenna, cum all over his dick, come on Jenna, cum." Jenna squeezed Tim's dick hard as she slammed down onto her stepdad's lap, her orgasm shooting through her body, "ohhhhh fuck I'm cumming," she moaned loudly. John sucked on the spot between her tits hard, as he felt her pussy clamp down on his dick, a flood of her juices flowing out of her and coating his ball sack and inner thighs. John pulled away from her chest, looking up at her, "oh yeah baby girl, that's it cum," he groaned through gritted teeth.

Jenna let go of Tim's dick as she fell forward, against her stepdad, her body still lightly shaking, trying to recover from her weaker orgasm. When she finally regained her strength, she pushed herself up and looked at her stepdad, "my god that was incredible, with you playing with my boobs, it sent all kinds of new feelings through me." John lightly chuckled, pursing his lips and lightly kissing her cheek, "your welcome honey."

Tim got off of the couch, ready to get his dick back inside of his stepsister's pussy, looking at them, as Jenna slowly lifted her hips up. Tim watched as his dad's erection slipped out of Jenna's pussy and throb a little, his groin area covered in Jenna's juices. Tim grabbed Jenna's hand, helping her to the floor, "ok my turn again." Jenna looked up at him, giving him a half smile, "my god, you guys are gonna wear me out, I'm already sore, I won't be able to walk right for a week." Tim chuckled, "don't worry, I won't take long."

Jenna smiled at him as he pushed her back onto the couch. Jenna sat down on the edge, like she was earlier, her swollen pussy lips splayed apart, as Tim knelt down in front of her, looking up at her. "Time to make us both cum now Jenna," Tim groaned, moving between her legs, guiding his dick towards her gaping pussy. Jenna looked at Tim with lust, feeling the head of his dick enter her well fucked hole, "ohhh Tim, fuck me until you cum," she moaned, as Tim sank fully into her. Tim grunted as he made his dick throb inside of her, feeling her pussy squeeze and relax around his dick.
Jenna looked over at her stepdad, his eyes locked on her pussy being stretched by his son's fat dick. Jenna giggled to herself as she reached over and started rubbing his dick, "do you wanna cum again daddy?" John slowly nodded, not breaking his stare, as Tim slowly began to withdraw out of her, her pussy clinging tight around his veiny member as it withdrew. Jenna giggled at him staring, moaning, "mmm daddy his dick feels so good inside of me," moving her hand up and down John's dick, gripping it tightly.

Tim started moving faster in and out of Jenna, groaning and grunting as he felt his cum boiling in his balls, ready to explode. "Oh fuck Jenna, I love your pussy, fuck I'm gonna fill that pussy up with my hot cum," Tim groaned, feeling his dick beginning to grow inside of her.

John finally broke his stare looking down at her hand stroking his dick, "oh god honey, yeah stroke my dick, jack me off." He started moving his hips into her hand movements, feeling his cum getting ready to rush up his dick. "Ohhhh god, I'm gonna cum again, ohhh god," he groaned, moving closer to her and turning to face her, the head of his dick just over her stomach. Jenna felt his dick throbbing in her hand, urging him on, "yeah daddy, cum for me, come on daddy, cummmm." John almost roared as his dick throbbed hard, his cum rushing up his dick and spilling onto her stomach. His hips violently jerked, as his dick throbbed, spilling what little cum he had onto her stomach. "Mmm daddy your cum feels so hot on my stomach," Jenna moaned, putting her other hand into the tiny puddle and rubbing it into her stomach.

Tim was fucking Jenna as hard as he could, watching his dad cum on her stomach, watching Jenna rub the cum into her stomach. "Ohhh Jenna, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum," he groaned out, as she brought her cum covered hand to her mouth and licked it clean. Tim drove deep into his stepsister's pussy, his dick throbbing as his cum rushed up his dick, spilling into her. Jenna quickly grabbed the couch cushions as she felt the first shot of his cum spill into her. "Ohhh god Tim, yes, yes, yes, cum in me, holy shit that feels so hot," she almost cried out, as Tim's body shook above her, his dick throbbing again, spilling more virile seed into her pussy.

Tim fell on top of her, breathing heavily, his hips still lightly moving in and out of her, his dick still twitching. Jenna wrapped her arms around her stepbrother, lightly rubbing his back, moaning, "oh my god Tim, that was amazing, god I love feeling you cum inside of me." Tim chuckled very lightly, his dick slowly beginning to soften inside of her, allowing some of his cum to seep out and run down her ass crack. "Oh my god Tim, you really filled me up, it's already leaking out of me," Jenna said, softly moaning. Tim lightly laughed on top of her, slowly pushing himself back up, lightly kissing her forehead, "that's because my dick likes your tight pussy," he whispered. Jenna moaned in response, "mmm," pulling his head towards her, lightly kissing him on the lips.

John laid next to them, completely exhausted, seeing them looking at each other in their post-coital bliss. He slowly sat up and said, "ok, we never had sex and can never happen again, that includes between you two." Tim and Jenna looked at each, almost laughing, realizing their mom had said almost the same thing a few days ago. "OK dad, it won't happen again," Tim said, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Tim looked back at Jenna as he slowly withdrew his soft dick, her gaping pussy leaking his cum profusely now. Steadily leaking out and running down her ass crack and dripping onto the floor. "Damn I guess I really did cum a lot," Tim said chuckling, handing Jenna her panties, that had their dad's dried cum on them. Jenna covered her leaking pussy with her hand, feeling the river of cum that was oozing out of her, "I told you," she said giggling, covering her pussy with her panties and running to the bathroom.

To be continued. Let me know what you think. Constructive criticism please.

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