A three boy adventure
Seriously, people, this is young b/b. If you aren't into it, please read something else you'll enjoy. For those who are into it, here's part one of a story I hope you'll enjoy.


So probably a month later, when I woke up with a stiffie, and my brother Charlie was still sleeping, I pulled down my PJs and briefs and started humping my pillow like I had learned with Kelly. Kelly and I had been humping pillows a lot lately, and sitting with our crotches together to play with each other like we'd done that first time.

Charlie had his bed and I had mine, and he slept later. So I thought I'd hump my pillow till I got the shudders and then go get breakfast. But I lost myself in my pillow humping and didn't think about my bed making jiggling noises. So it surprised me when Charlie's voice, close by, asked what I was doing.

I looked up to find him standing by my bed the old loose tidy-whities he slept in, eying my moving butt and rubbing his crotch. Now Charlie was twelve at the time, and it's amazing what a couple of years can do at that age. He was only a couple of inches taller than me, but he had more to rub between his legs than I did. I knew he had a couple of pubes because he had proudly shown them to me. I also knew that his balls had gotten bigger and egg-shaped. His willie had grown, too, and wasn't a willie anymore. Charlie called dicks dicks. But I had never seen it hard. It looked liked it was getting hard as he rubbed it.

"I got a stiffy," I told him. "Kelly and I do this when we wake up with Stiffies 'cause if feels good." I scooted over to make room for him. "Try it."

Charlie's eyes returned to my tensing butt and he pulled down the front of his briefs. OUt flopped his balls and a semi. He held the waistband down in front and gave his dick a couple of strokes, making it harder. He'd gotten a few more pubes since he last showed me. They made like a little mustache over his dick. And I'd never seen his dick hard before. It was thicker than mine and a longer, probably over four inches compare to my three.

"You got a good one, Charlie." I told him. "It's gotten big."

He aimed it at my face, stroking, pointing at me from over his waistband.

Charlie pushed down the old underwear he slept in and let them drop to the floor. Then he climbed onto the bed beside me and humped my pillow with me, like I did with Kelly. But Charlie kept looking back over his shoulder at my butt. He pushed up and laid his hand on it.

I've had mixed feelings about the way guys have always liked my butt. Charlie was only the first -- I guess I had a little bubble butt even back then because he felt it with his palm and squeezed it.

"You got a soft butt," Charlie said.

I tensed my butt. "I got muscles."

"No, dummy. I mean your skin is soft. It's real smooth." He cocked a leg over my butt and pressed his boner and balls against the side of my butt, and rubbed while I continued to hump my pillow.

"Does that feel good?" I asked.

"Yeah," Charlie said, grabbing the side of my waist and grinding on my butt cheek more firmly. "Your butt feels better than your pillow." He moved on top of me and laid his dick in my butt crack. Then holding himself up on his hands, he rubbed it up and down my crack in time with my humping my pillow.

"Does that feel good, too?" I asked.

His legs lay outside mine and he squeezed our legs together. "Yeah," he told me. He lay down onto me, then pushed up onto his hands again. He pushed my shirt up my back. "Take off your pajama top," he told me.

Pushing up from my waist, I pulled off my pajama top and lay back down. Charlie lay down on me again and the bare skin of his belly and chest touched the bare skin of my back.

"That feels nice, Charlie," I told him, wiggling my butt up under him. It felt good to hump the pillow, but now the thickness of Charlie's dick lying between my butt cheeks and rubbing on my butthole felt good, too. I squeezed his dick with my butt muscles. his body on mine felt good -- the weight of him on me, the feel of our naked bodies.

Charlie must have thought so, too. He lay down all the way onto me, cupping my shoulders in his palms, and he rubbed his dick up and down my crack with firm thrusts. His mouth was right behind my ear and he started breathing pretty hard. And he made barely audible grunts as he thrust.

The underside of his dick rubbed my butt hole. It felt good. I started tensing it and that made it firmer for Charlie. It made the rubbing firmer, too.

Charlie's thrusts drove mine down on my pillow and it wasn't long before I had a dry come and shuddered.

"Did you come?" Charlie asked in surprise.


Instead of clarifying, he ground down with his hips, rubbing hard up and down my crack. His breat caught, right behind my ear, and he tensed up. I felt his dick throb in my crack several times while he was tensed, then he relaxed onto me with a sigh.

"Can I try it?" I asked. "Can I try it on top."

"No," Charlie murmured. He pushed up off me, and when he did my back felt wet.

"Did you piss on me?" I asked surprised.

"No, you idiot. I came on you." Charlie sat on the edge of my bed like he did when he rested after ball practice.

"What do you mean, you came on me?" I said, feeling my back. The wet stuff was gooey.

I was ten years old, and thought I already knew about stuff. I mean, I knew about humping pillows -- actually thought that was what humping was, rubbing your dick on something -- and Charlie hadn't even known about humping your pillow. I didn't know anything, though. "What is this stuff?" I asked, examining his clear cum on my fingers.

Charlie filled me in -- dicks, cunts, pussies, cum, sperm, semen, cherries, fucking, babies. I got the impression he liked showing off what he knew. It all blew me away.

After breakfast, I went looking for Kelly and got to his trailer just as his mom was walking up toward our house. "He's there, Zack," she told me. "But he has to finish washing dishes first."

Sure enough, Kelly was doing dishes. I didn't see his older sisters around, so I helped Kelly finish up, and while doing it, told him all the things Charlie had told me about boys and girls.

"I got something else," I told him. "Something to show you."

"What," Kelly asked.

"Come back to your room," I said, leading the way. I locked the door, even though no one else was around. "Let's get naked," I told him.

Kelly grinned and started stripping.

I raced him, and in moments, we were on his bed in our usual "warm up" position. That is, I sat down crosslegged, then Kelly sat down in my lap facing me with his legs around my middle. Then he let his butt drop between my legs so that our privates were together, and the two of us reached in to fondle each other to make stiffies.

"Guess what Charlie and I did," I said.


"So I woke up with a stiffly and I was humping my pillow and Charlie wakes up and wanted to know what I was doing. So I told him how to hump his pillow with his stiff. And then he pulls of that pair of underwear he sleeps in -- and his dick's gotten big. It's like, thick and longer than mine. It's like a lot bigger. Anyway, he gets on my bed with me like when you and I hump pillows at the same time. But he only humps my pillow with me for like, a few seconds. Then he humps ME! He got on top of me and rubbed his boner in my butt crack and laid down on me and humped me till he shot sperm. That's what I told you a boy shoots inside a girl."

Kelly's eyes went big, but that's not all that did. Our willies point up from our laps like two sticks.

"Did you do it to Charlie?" Kelly asked.

"No. He didn't let me. But I want to try it with you."

Kelly grinned. "Yeah. And then I try doing it to you."

I pulled Kelly's butt to me and he wrapped his arms around my neck and we hugged each other with our stiffies between us because we always did that, even when we were going to hump pillows or play with each other's willies.

There was something in that hug we made that said we were best buds, really, really best buds. And sometimes, we just hugged like that for minute, like we did that morning, before Kelly got up from my lap, grabbed up his pillow, and lay down on it to hump with his butt up in the air.

Like I said before, Kelly was a small guy, even smaller than me. He had slender legs and a small butt. I straddled the backs of his legs and realized that he had very smooth skin, too. I leaned forward and laid my stiffy in his butt crack and then lay down onto him.

Charlie was right. This was a whole lot better than humping a pillow. Kelly's naked body was under mine, and there's no feeling like naked on naked. I wrapped my arms under him and nuzzled into the back of his neck.

"Does it feel good, Zack?" he asked softly.

"Yeah, really good."

"It feels good to me, too."

I began to hump. Only, I did more circling and experimenting my my humping than Charlie had tried. Then Kelly got on top of me and tried, and he liked it, too.

"I got an idea," I told him. "Push up a second."

He pushed up and I rolled over onto my back under him. Then we hugged liked we did when he sat in my lap, only this time, our legs were stretched out and we could really feel our stiffies between us.

Kelly hupmed and I wrapped my legs around his waist like he did with me when he sat in my lap. Then I got on top and he wrapped his legs around me. We held each other tightly and humped, and for the first time ever, got the shudders at the same time.+

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I am a girl and I love gay stories! They get me turned on.

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