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I froze and stared at my dad as two of my three bothers rounded the corner into the living room.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!!" My oldest brother, Jamal was outraged and confused. He looked between my dad and i, trying to put it together.
"I can explain," I said. I stood up and dad's cum dripped out of my pussy and ran down my leg.
"What do you mean you can explain, Jasmine?! Were y'all having sex?"
"Duh dumb-ass," my father slurred.
My brother James just stood there with a big grin on his face while staring at my naked body.
"Dad, how could you fuck Jasmine?" Jamal demanded. Even though his words indicated that he was mad and frustrated, his gaze followed the cum dad left in my pussy as it slowly slid down my legs. His dick was getting hard in his pants and I couldn't help but lick my lips. I wanted his dick in my mouth. This was such a foreign feeling because I was lusting for my brother for crying out loud. At 26 he was 8 years older than me and we were never really around each other much as we grew up. But as my brother, he was one of the sexiest men I knew. Taking after our dad, they stood eye to eye at 6 foot 5 inches with broad shoulders, tight abs and strong legs with thick thighs as a result of many years of football.
My dad stepped behind me and started to grind his now hard dick against my ass and play with my tits. Looking at my brother, my eyes grew heavy with desire as my dad kissed my neck.
James smiled and looked at Jamal, "I think we should join in. Look at how turned on she is." James was 24 and a little shorter than Jamal and our dad. He was also the child that always did what he wanted to do. He was the black sheep of the family and very sarcastic and playful. But that didn't stop me from being surprised as he pulled his shirt off.
Jamal's mouth fell open as James continued to undress. "That's your sister man! You can't fuck her!"
"Why not?" James said when he was as naked as Jasmine and his dad. "She's sexy as hell and she's willing." James looked Jasmine in her eyes as he grabbed her full tits. "Man I been waiting on this for years," James said. He bent to lick my left nipple as my dad reached down to finger my pussy. I moaned and spread my legs, letting my head fall back onto my dad's shoulder. I couldn't believe this. My older brother sucked hard on my nipples as my dad added another finger into my pussy.
"Come fuck this sweet pussy, Jamal," My dad said. "She would love it. Ain't that right baby girl," my dad asked as he slid in a third finger.
"Ahhhhhh yesss," I moaned.
I couldn't believe it but as my brother James moved down to kiss a trail down towards my pussy, I felt another set of hands on body. I opened my eyes and saw Jamal standing in front of me with no clothes on. He skimmed the sides of my stomach up to cup my tits as James moved between my legs to eat my pussy lips around my dad's fingers. I closed my eyes as Jamal kissed and licked all over my big tits, making them wet with his spit. As he slobbed on my right tit, he tweaked my left nipple between his fingers.
"I can't believe I'm doing this," Jamal said as he switched to pay attention to my left tit. I couldn't believe it either but it felt so good. James sucked hard on my clit as dad pounded three fingers in and out of my pussy. I ground my pussy against them as I started to cum again. "Yesssss. Ohh ohh. I'm cumming!" I screamed my powerful release. Dad removed his fingers but stayed behind me for balance as James continued to suck the juice out of my pussy.
"Damn that was good," James said as he stood. His dick was now fully erect and looked to be about ten inches long and as thick as my wrist. Even though he wasn't as long as daddy, he was much thicker. James grabbed my hand and led me to the couch. He sat down and forced me to my knees. "Suck it," he said as he held his dick against my lips. As I put his dick in my mouth my dad and Jamal sat down beside James with their dicks out. My dad and Jamal stroked their dicks as I slobbed on James' dick. James put both hands on the back of my head to force more of his dick down my throat. I started to choke on his dick and tears started to form in my eyes as he thrust his hips towards my mouth.
"Ohhh shit Jazz. That's it baby. Swallow this dick. Mmmm. Yeaaaa." He finally let me up to breathe but Jamal grabbed me and forced his dick past my lips before I could take a breath. His dick was longer than dad's and just as thick. As he forced his dick down my throat, James played with my tits. After Jamal came, dad lifted me off the floor and bent me over the table and entered my pussy from behind. As I started to moan, James came around to stroke his dick in front of my face. I sucked his dick into my mouth as my dad slammed into me. I felt Jamal's tongue stroke my clit and I came instantly. Jamal sucked my clit until my dad slid out. With a need to taste my pussy juice he latched on to my pussy to suck dad's cum out of me. I sucked Jamal until he came down my throat. I drank his cum hungrily. Slurping until I milked him dry. I rose off the table and turned around. The sight that greeted me shocked me. Jamal was sucking my dad's hard dick while my dad moaned and forced more of his dick down his son's throat. What was my family turning into?

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Pussy is so wet

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Ok that was a good good story


2012-12-13 10:35:57
Not a bad story/ Nice to read about African-Americans for a change.
My only problem is you need to space your paragraphs to make reading easier. Other than that keep writing!!

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