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This is the 2nd story of the "When in Rome" series. Only hours after his first sexual experience, Marcus Julius finds himself running into someone from his past. What happens opens up a new chapter between the two.
The afternoon turns to night, the moon shines bright in the darkened sky. The surrounding sound is that of the thumping horse hooves that are pulling the caravan that is carrying Marcus Julius and his personal slave Decorious "Decor". The events of the day had gone better than Decor had expected. The original plan had been changed, but only to the benefit of his young master. Decor spent a decent amount of time after the deflowering event to clean Marcus up for the journey home. With the night's arrival, Decor had barked an order to the Roman guards that have guided this caravan since the beginning of this trip, to stop at a nearby town for the night. Only a few minuted had passed as the sight of the small farming village appearing in the night's light. Marcus was fast asleep for many hours. The strength had been drained from his young and inexperienced body as he lost his virginity earlier in the afternoon. Only a small nudge from Decor awakes his pleasant sleep.

"Are we home?" a groggy Marcus asks.
"Not yet Master. The night has arrived faster than planned so we are going to spend the night in this village." Decor replies.
"That is fine..." Marcus says before practically drifting back asleep.
"Master you should stay awake. I understand that you must be tired and possibly sore from your first sexual experience, but we are almost in town."
"If I must..." a small smile forms off to the side of his angelic face.
"May I ask you a question Master?"
"Of course Decor."
"Was it as you expected?"
After a brief pause, Marcus replies, "It was better than I expected Decor!"
"I am very glad to hear that! It seemed like you both enjoyed it."

Marcus giggled at the statement.

As the two made small talk, the caravan pulled in closer to the town, and eventually reached the entrance. Marcus stands up on the moving cart and stretches his young muscles and takes a chance to look around the small farming village.

"Small town is it not Decor?"
"Yes Master. It has been a traditional farming village for many years."
As Marcus looks around, he notices a very large number of Roman soldiers in the far end of town.
"Is that a Legion Decor?" Marcus says with an increasing excitement.
"Why yes it is Master."

Marcus smiled a great smile when Decor's response was the one that he was hoping for. Marcus had grown up always admiring the Roman legions and the many stories that his father had told him as he grew up. His father was an Imperial Legate, which meant that he commanded several Legions of Roman soldiers. The rank was a rank of power that was usually handed down through powerful families such as the Julius family. A governor of his region as well as a hero of his region was Marcus' father. Unfortunately when Marcus was just a young child, his father lead a Legion into the woods of Gaul, or modern day France, and was killed during the battle. As a result, Marcus does not remember much of the Legions and he had never actually seen Roman soldiers in person. So for him to be in the same village as these soldiers was yet another first for the young boy.

The Roman soldiers were all camped outside of several taverns. The loud hustle and bustle of the area that they stayed around was obvious. Known for drinking and having a good time when not defending the Republic, the Roman soldiers looked like they were living up to their reputation. When the caravan pulled closer to all of the soldiers, Marcus was more than ready to jump out and see these soldiers in person. Decor had tried to settle his Master down, but that was becoming rapidly impossible.

Marcus leaps out of the recently stopped cart and darts over to the tavern where around 20 soldiers stood, all drinking Roman wine. The wide eyes of a curious boy caught the attention of many of the grown men. Most of them drunk, they shout very loudly to their newest friend. One soldier in particular lead the group.

"Well look what we have here men!" the man shouts. Marcus stood just in front of the very large man with a huge grin. Decor had finally caught up to his speedy Master and stood right by his side.
"What is your name boy?"
"I am Marcus sir."
"Marcus... I see. Why does Marcus have such a huge grin on his young face?" the men around him laugh a hardy laugh.
Marcus youthfully responds through the smoke filled air, "I have not yet seen Roman soldier with my own eye..."
The soldiers laugh yet again.
"Well it seems that you have just witnessed an entire Legion!" the soldier says.
"Why are you in this small town?" Marcus curiously asks the man.
"We are getting ready to deploy to Gaul to fight those barbarians! Are you aware of the Gauls boy?"
"Yes sir I am!" Marcus says with a positive voice.
"Oh do you? And how do you know them!" the soldiers continue to laugh, but a voice from behind all the laughing men quickly silences them all.
"Because he is the son of the great Lucius Julius." the stern voice says. All of the soldiers stand to attention and salute the man. It is not until he appears from behind the men that Marcus realizes who the man is. Standing at a then massive height of 6 feet tall, this darker skinned Roman man smiles at young Marcus. Marcus quickly knows who he is.

"Luca!" Marcus shouts as he runs up to to man.
"How are you Marcus?" replies Luca in a rhetorical tone.

Luca Favillius was the mans name. The Favillius family had been very close friends to the Julius family for almost 100 years. Luca several years older than Marcus, but he had played with Marcus when he was younger. The two had not seen each other since Luca joined the Roman army at the age of 16, the minimum age to join. Seeing his old friend made Marcus incredibly happy. He had also developed a "crush" on Luca, which stems back many years. Now with the knowledge of his likings toward men, Marcus' eyes glitter with many emotions.

"I hope my men were not bothering you to much Marcus." Luca says.
"Your men?
"I am a commander now. Unfortunately the Senator has given me some questionable men." both of them laugh. Luca moves very close to Marcus and places a hand on his young friends face.
"You have grown so much Marcus."

Marcus does not reply, but smiles. Luca turns around to face his men and orders them to dismiss. All of the soldiers gathered obey immediately and leave for a new area. Luca then turns to Decor and greets him as well, which was not common since Decor is a slave, but die to the fact that they have known each other for ever it was almost out of respect.

"I see they kept you around Decorious!" Luca says with a hardy laugh.
"Indeed sir. I have the privileged of taking care of young Marcus."
Luca smiles, then turns his attention back to Marcus. "Would you two be willing to join me the commanders tent?"
"Of course Luca." Marcus politely replies.

As they all walk to the camping area, which the Roman army was famed for making every single night, Luca talks to Marcus some more.

"So what brings you to this village? It cannot be better than the villa you have not far away can it?" Luca says with a smile.
"My mother told Decor to take me to the city to loose my virginity."
Luca laughs incredibly loud. loud enough to draw the attention of some people nearby. "That does sound like you mother! I hope the trip was a success?"
"Yes it was!" Marcus enthusiastically exclaims.
"Who was the lucky woman?"
"It was not actually..." Marcus begins, but starts to feel embarrassed.

Luca looks to Decor, who is walking behind Marcus. He makes a gesture to his penis, and Luca understands instantly.


Marcus looks up at Luca.

"You should not be ashamed to have an interest in men. It it perfectly normal!"

Marcus tries to let out a smile, but is still very embarrassed. The men all make it to the commanders tent and Luca offers both men a seat and a drink of wine. Marcus turns it away.

"You do not drink Marcus? All Romans drink wine my boy!"
"My mother says I should not waste my brain on it..."
"Well I refuse to take that. Here... drink up!" Luca says as he grabs the hand of Marcus and puts the cup of wine in it. Marcus sips on the wine, and cringes his face as the bitter wine fills his mouth.
"So tell me about this man who took you."
After a brief pause, Marcus begins, "He is a tavern owner's son. He and I seemed attracted to one another and..." he stops.
"I understand!" he laughs, "You do not have to say anymore. Did you enjoy it?"
"I did."

Luca was getting turned on. His interest in Marcus' deflowering was very arousing for the commander. He was not only turned on by women, as most of his soldiers would claim due to his frequent sexual adventures with women, but he was also secretly turned on to men, as most were at this time. Luca was never one to filter his words, which has gotten him in trouble from time to time. But words were loose as well as his emotions. And it was very obvious, especially to Decor, that the simple fact of Marcus's attraction to men, was making the commander horny.

"That is very good to hear Marcus!" Luca says, while trying to adjust himself while being unnoticed. It failed as Decor noticed it.
"What did he have you do to please him?" Luca asks, now changing his tone as he gets increasingly horny.
"Well... he had be suck his cock and then he took me..."
"And it was all enjoyable was it?"
"Yes very... I had not experienced an orgasm such as last night."
"Very interesting..."

The three men sat there quietly for a few minutes, slowly sipping on the rich wine. Suffering from an extreme erection, Luca manages to rub his swollen cock at times, which did not help his problem.

Luca stands up after a few minutes, walks around a table that had separated he and Decor and leans in to whisper. Marcus sees this and turns away, as it was rude to listen in to others whispers.

Luca says to Decor,"I know you are aware of my attraction to my dear young friend." Decor nods in agreement. "Would you mind leaving us two for some time?" Decor stands up immediately and looks at his Master.
"Master, I must leave for some time. You may stay with Luca. I will be outside with the guards."
"...okay..." a taken back Marcus says quietly.

Decor leaves the tent, and Luca follows him. He peaks his head outside, and says tells the guards very quietly to make sure nobody disturbs him until he says so. The guards salute and Luca heads back into the tent and walks next to Marcus. He goes down to his knees and looks at the shy boy very closely. Closer than he had ever been to Marcus. He moves both of his hands onto the soft and delicate skin of Marcus and gently caresses it. Marcus does not say a word to the commander.

The caressing of the young face continued. Luca eventually rubbed the boys neck and ran his fingers through his classical Roman style hair. With no warning at all, Luca leans in to Marcus's face and plants a kiss on his soft lips. Marcus was shocked by this, but by no means did he not take it. Luca rubbed the boys face passionately as he kissing continued. All of this spontaneous action turned on Marcus faster than ever before. Luca gracefully slides his hands under the Marcus's butt and picks him up in a single motion. He pulls Marcus as close to his body as humanly possible and kisses him with even greater passion as he lifts up the light weight boy.

Luca then takes Marcus across the tent and onto his grand bed. He gently places him on the bed in a sitting up position and eventually breaks the kiss. Gasping for air, the horny youth groans with disapproval of the end of the kiss. Noticing this, Luca speaks.

"Do not worry Marcus. I will please you far greater than a simple kiss." With that said, he goes back onto his knees and lays Marcus down on his back. He then moves over top of him and slips off his tunic. By taking off his tunic, Luca exposed his beautifully youth chiseled body with no sign of fat at all, and his hardened boyhood. Luca unstraps Marcus's sandals and throws them off to the side. His wandering hands feel up the boys god like body. Marcus moans incredibly loud and rapidly as the big warms hands feel up his body. Aroused like never before, Luca moves his hands to Marcus's inner thighs and feels them up. A few giggles pop out of his mouth when it tickles him. Shortly after Luca spreads his skinny browned legs apart and rubs his entire legs up and down. Marcus had his eyes jammed shut as the pleasure took over his body.

Again, with no warning, Luca makes the next move. He takes Marcus's entire 4 inch stiff cock into his mouth and sucks like a starving animal. The moans that were coming out of Marcus's mouth have only increased, and turned into an almost crying like moan. The sounds of a boy being pleasured beyond all belief echoed inside of the entire tent and outside. Luca takes one of his hands and gently squeezes Marcus's tight ball-sack while rubbing it at the same time. The other hand continues to rub his thighs as well as make the occasional trip up to his chest. During one of those trips, Marcus grabs that hand and hold it tightly as his cock continued to get sucked.

Marcus began to hump very gently as the feelings in his cock grew more and more. Soon he would not be able to contain these feelings. The moans turned to groans. The groans turned to roars! The roars were followed by passionate yelps and warnings that his cock were soon to erupt like the great mountain Vesuvius!

"I cannot hold it anymore Luca!" shouts a pleasure filled Marcus.

The warnings only make Luca suck harder than before. It was not long after that final warning that Marcus came. What seemed like an impossibility, Marcus came even more this time than the last time. Shot after shot of clear boy cum spurted out from the stiff cock of Marcus. Luca took all of the boy-cum with ease and swallowed on impact. Once he released Marcus's cock from his wet mouth with a pop from the suction, a smile arose from both of the boys. With Marcus's cock still rock hard, some extra cum slipped out of the tip and was dripping down his shaft. Luca took this as a chance to get that cock in his mouth one last time, and he did. He cleaned up the remains of his happy young friend.

Only minutes passed by, and Marcus stood up to a sitting position. With almost no chance for a break, Marcus slips off the silk bed and onto the floor. He goes down to his knees and lifts up the tunic of the commander. Luca's cock was 7 inches long, and at full mast. With pre-cum dripping from the very large cock head, and the sensations from the orgasm that he gave to Marcus, it would not be very long before he came. Marcus slips under the tunic and begins to feed from Luca.

Luca allows the tunic to cover the boy, so he does not see Marcus sucking him off. Only a few seconds into Luca's blowjob, a Roman guard rushes into the tent.

"Commander!" the guard says.
"I said no interruptions!" Luca screams in anger. Marcus continues to suck on his cock under his tunic. The guard sees the boy under the tunic and drops his head as he understands why.
"Yes sir, but there is a raid of rebels in a town nearby."
A deep sigh shot out of Luca's mouth. He knows that he needs to take care of this. "I will be out in moments. Leave now soldier!"
"Yes sir." and the guard leaves.

Luca lifts the tunic to see his boy sucking his cock, and Marcus looks up while the hard cock stuffs his mouth. Luca is in no hurry at the moment and smiles at Marcus.

"You are doing a wonderful job Marcus."
Marcus sucks Luca's cock even harder with the positive cooing. With the tunic being held in one hand, Luca takes his remaining hand and guides Marcus's head further down his shaft. Marcus's eyes get semi bloodshot and he gags, but never removes the cock. This was what he needed to speed up the blowjob. Luca moans loudly.

"Good boy. I am about to orgasm. Will you take it in your mouth?"
Marcus slides off the long cock, catches his voice and says, "Yes sir."

Luca laughs greatly, but not as a joke but with power. Marcus had been more than a pleasure. He guides the boys head back on the shaft and with one last push, he shoves his entire 7 inch cock into Marcus's mouth and unloads his cum. This was more than Marcus could handle, even more than Flavius. Thick white cum filled the back of his throat and the rest of his mouth in an instant. Much of the cum that could not be swallowed was spilled off to the sides of his mouth. With a few more easier thrusts into Marcus's mouth, Luca drains every remaining drop of his cum into the eager boys mouth. He pulls out and drops the toga over his already softening member.

"Marcus... I do not wish to leave you so soon, but I need to head out to deal with this apparent raid."
"I understand Luca." Marcus replied with a bigger grin than before.
"Did you enjoy this?"
"Of course!"
"Could we do more tomorrow night? I am sure my mother would not mind me staying longer..."

Luca was so happy to see the excitement light up Marcus's eyes, heart, and cock but was about to ruin all the boy's hopes.

"I would be honored to my boy, but I am due to northern Italy. I am to leave with my legion in early morning."
A defeated expression took over the once overly excited face of Marcus, and Luca knew it. He came up with an idea.
"What if I were to make a promise to you?" This got Marcus's attention. "When I am not needed in Gaul, when the war is over or I am allowed to come home for some time, I will make a personal stop to your villa."
"That would be excellent!" Marcus shouts.
"Good. Now I must leave. Guards!" Luca shouts. A guard carrying the commanders armor enters and dresses Luca in an instant.
"Goodbye for now Marcus." says Luca with a smile.
"Goodbye Luca." Marcus replies with the same big smile from before.

And soon after that, Luca leaves with the guards. The sound of Luca riding off on his horse and the many other horses that followed him took over the noisy village. Decor comes into the tent once the commotion had settled, and sees his master naked yet again. The only difference was this time, an excess of semen was on the sides of his mouth, not running down his legs.

"Master." Decor greets Marcus.
"Decor..." Marcus says.
"Yes Master?"
"I am very tired..."

Decor lets out a laugh and walks over to Marcus to pick him up. He takes Marcus and his clothes out to the caravan that was waiting just to the outside of the tent, and puts him in. He re-dresses his master, and tells the guards to head to the tavern where they would find a place to sleep through the remaining night.

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