A story of a brother and sister in love getting the remarkable opportunity to be open and stop hiding for a week. If you like the story, please do comment or leave constructive criticism. I really, really appreciate the feedback.
I sat in my car, in the garage, my cell phone in hand, staring dumbly at it. The engine was still running and the radio was muted. The call had ended but I was still flabbergasted and was still staring at it. Once I came out of my shock I did three things. Turn off the car, put away my phone and turn the radio back up. I had to get confirmation I wasn’t just imagining the whole thing.

They said my name. “Jasper Gowers of Oakland, California gets the cruise, ladies and Gentlemen if you missed it last hour…” They went on to the station call letters and took several late callers, informing them the grand prize had already be given away. My name came up again and again over the next hour as I sat, listening and each time it was a surreal shock. A ripple in reality where I was being talked about as if I were famous, a person with a recognizable name. It really happened, I won a cruise on the radio. When does that ever happen, really?

Everything else about my car was a study in contras. A six year old, black Audi TT covered in dust and spatters of mud or rotting leaves, with a fuel gauge showing it was near empty again. The brakes were starting to squeal, a consequence of living in the hills and putting off changing the brake pads. I couldn’t afford it. The car, the house, gas or even to take it to the car-wash and restore it to the sleek, tech-tank-like German-ness of the showroom floor. I was in debt, unemployed, drowning in mortgage payments and I had just won a Cruise on a call-in radio show where all I had to do was answer six simple questions about American history correctly and be the 19th caller. I had done it. It had really happened.

Why had I even called in? I never considered myself particularly lucky and don’t think I even wanted a cruise. I had been on one, once, years ago, which had been fun but I didn’t have any great desire to do it again. Just something you did when you’re upper-middle class and have a few thousand a year of disposable income. That wasn’t me any more. I could no longer live, or even dream of living, that life. I wasn’t poor, yet, but I was rapidly heading down in that direction. I think I did it because I’m Cliff Clayven from ‘Cheers’. I’ve got a head full of odd trivia and I followed some, weird, prideful impulse to prove it.

I wanted to tell Chorale, my sister who was now living with me in my rambling one-story compound and helping to keep my head above water by paying a part of the bills and mortgage. She was helping me with a lot more as well. My sanity and stress levels had both improved immensely since she moved in and began opening windows and flushing out the stale air of loneliness and desolation. Bringing the fresh scents of the garden in. It had been two months since she left Gavin, her husband, who had already, long ago become submerged in the dark waters of depression which Chorale was now rescuing me from.

And there she was, lounging on the couch with the patio doors open behind her and and the house filled with sunlight and the smell of lavender. There was a muddy trowel and a pair of wooden shoes just outside which told me what she had been doing all day. The courtyard garden looked neat and well-tended and her posture was one of sublime, sensual relaxation as she absorbed a cooking show even as she had an open book tented on her chest. She filled the room with beauty just by existing in it.

“Hey Chorus,” I said; one of the many puns I used for nicknames, “I have amazing news.”

I was halted in my presentation of my absurd, extra-dimensional, must-have-happened-to-someone-else, story of radio-show fortune, by her smile and look of real delight at my entering the room. Her beautiful amber sundress which stopped at her knees and left gorgeous, toned legs bare and languidly piled one atop the other. Her nude feet with sparkling silver toe-rings and the way one foot folded neatly behind the other ankle. It all captivated me and froze my words in my mouth. Instead I crossed the room and stooped to kiss her on the lips. The kiss of a lover not a brother, a ‘Hello-beautiful’ kiss. A ‘Thank-God-you’re-in-my-life’, kiss.

We nuzzled noses and then I sat down on the floor next to her and draped an arm over her calves, caressing her legs, my announcement completely forgotten as I lost myself in touching her warm skin. I kissed her knees and shins and could smell faintly grass and soil where she had knelt in the garden.

“What were you going to say?” She quipped and she parted her knees slightly. her eyes sparkled and there was a ghost of a knowing smile dimpling the corner of her mouth.

“In a minute.” I said, nuzzling the inside of her thigh just below the hem of her dress. She parted her legs further allowing me to kiss the back of a knee and rub my bare cheek against her soft skin.

“It was warm today.” She said and her dress rode up near her hips so it barely covered her tantalizingly close vulva. “It made me horny.” She dog-eared a page in the book and set it aside, the TV remote on top of it and slowly raised her dress, exposing slowly, her naked and lightly haired puss. There was nothing sexier to me than a woman wearing a dress with no panties and she knew it. I kissed the inside of her thigh and traced patterns with the tip of my nose until she shivered and I felt her fingers touch my ear. I kissed lines up the sensitive canyon where her inner thigh met the pubic mound and flicked my tongue lightly on the outer lips. Soon I felt her leg raise up and over me, her heel touch the small of my back, as she invited me in.

Her pussy was moist and fragrant. I burrowed in to her warm soft peach and explored the convolutions of her vagina with my tongue, imbibing her musky liquor and eventually fixing my lips on her clit. I was rewarded with her moans and delicate fingers stroking my ears and caressing my neck. The feeling of being embraced by her legs which were smooth and shapely and warm. My hands worked under her to knead her incredible ass, wanting the feel of those exquisite cheeks to be imprinted forever in my palms.

I was long and slow and deliberate about bringing her to orgasm, savoring the experience, reveling in her pleasure. When it came it was shuddering and extended. I backed off her vulva as she twisted and writhed, her ass clenching in my hands. Eventually it tapered off and she lay back looking at me dreamily.

“Fuck that was good.” She said. “Just where did you learn to do that?’ She asked rhetorically.

I answered her anyway, “From you, Songbird.” I said, smiling beatifically. It was true. She had been a patient instructor giving me endless opportunities through our teens to learn her body as an instrument.

Soon we rearranged ourselves on the couch, sitting side by side, holding one another as we slowly became aware that the TV was still on and someone was cooking Southwestern style roasted corn. With a flick, Chorale picked up the remote and turned it off. We began kissing like teenagers at a drive-in.

“I can taste my pussy on your lips.” She said, sucking on my lower lip and licking my cheek. “Does it turn you on that I’m licking my own pussy off of your face?”, She asked Straddling me. I undid my belt and opened my pants. The erection I had developed while eating her out was wetting my underwear with pre-cum.

“You know it does.” I breathed, pushing my pants down and then lifting up on her thighs.

The contact of her wet pussy against my sloppy penis was heavenly. She pressed the lips against my shaft and ground her clit against the head, wrapping my shaft in her slippery labia. Juice drooled down onto my balls as she made everything slick with her lubricant.

She reached down and pressed the head of my slimy penis against her rosebud anus, rolling it around the opening. With a groan she lowered her weight onto my shaft and it pierced deep into her bowels. Raising her knees and placing her feet on either side of my thighs, she sat down further until I could feel her soft butt cheeks pressing against my pelvis, her tight sphincter gripping my cock as deep as it could go.

She savored the penetration for a moment before slowly bouncing on my cock. Her hands moved to my shoulders and she rode me, raising up until the head of my penis was barely inside the orifice and then plunging down, spearing herself with long, deep strokes. The two of us grunted like gorillas as she increased the speed until she was yelping. I held onto her fantastic ass and bucked my hips up, off the couch, as I felt my own orgasm approaching. Her fingers moved to flick rapidly over her clit and the clapping of her ass against my hips resonated in the high-ceilinged room.

“I’m really close,” I huffed.

“Come on baby, cum in my ass, baby. Cum in my ass.” Her hand blurred as she came close to her second orgasm, her pounding becoming slightly erratic as the cliff neared.

She came a moment before I did and she sat down with all her weight and rolled her butt in circles on my shaft, bucking her hips and gripping one breast roughly through her sundress. I yelled, “Oh fuck, here I cum!” and her pussy covered my pubic hair with liquid. Her asshole clenched tight around me.

“Yes, Jas, fill my ass with your cum. Cum inside me baby.”

I did. Jetting spurts coursed through my cock into her warm bowels. Gripping her waist and lifting my ass in the air, I tried to push my self deeper inside her as I released everything I had. Her clenching ass milked it all out of me and I relaxed back into the couch. She draped herself over me and we collapsed, puffing and exhausted. Her ass and my cock continued to twitch for several minutes after.

We sat there in bliss for a long time until the sad, inevitable part came where we had to separate. My penis shrank to the point where it would no longer stay inside her and we had to part. We cleaned up messes and straightened clothes and when we resettled, she asked me for my news.

I told her the bizarre and impossible story of my winning Cruise tickets in a radio contest and we both went through the typical palette of emotions; dumbfounded disbelief, excitement, skepticism, thankfulness, awe and, again, dumbfounded disbelief.

After a while, reality made the situation clear. Neither of us were in any financial position to go on a cruise. I was looking for a job, Chorale was hanging on with hers but couldn’t support us both and we didn’t think she was going to be allowed the time off for a cruise either. There was also the possibility the whole thing was a stunt by the radio station. No one ever heard a report back from contest winners on these shows. Who even knew if the prizes were really handed out.

We called the radio station back to get more details. We were assured the cruise was real and I had really won tickets for me and a guest with cabin and food paid, even two drink tickets for every night of the cruise which was five days on water and two days in ports. We asked the uncomfortable question of whether the tickets could be sold. I hated seeing my lucky moment in the sun be sold off, just to pay bills but I had to ask. The thought hurt my heart and I was both elated and disappointed to find the tickets were non-transferrable. We had to use ‘em or lose ‘em. The tickets were already booked in my name and paid for. No refunds, no exchanges.

For an excited and frenetic two hours, we made calls and arrangements. Bosses were placated, friends were informed and soon-to-be ex-husbands were announced to. Suddenly the cruise seemed doable and the pieces began falling into place. It seemed it was actually going to happen and it might be just the thing. A week to take our minds off of stresses and pressures that seems to close in the walls around us. Music was put on the stereo and we danced around the living room like children, gasping and sparkling with delight. My sister was a wood nymph, flitting and jumping, her dress billowing up to reveal her naked bottom as I chased her around the house, laughing.

We showered and ate and made love again in my bed, secure and happy and comforted in one anothers arms. I really can’t remember a happier evening, even with my ex-wife, Camara. I silently thanked the woman I had been married to for cheating and leaving so that I could find the happiness I now had with Chorale. That was followed by another thought, as I drifted off to sleep; maybe I could finally forgive her and move on.

Three weeks later we were on the BART to San Francisco where we were to board the cruise ship. It was freezing cold but both of us were so excited we were vibrating in place. Even the various, built in difficulties associated with a prize won trip, hadn’t stopped us from making it happen. The tickets were for a very specific date and there were surprise fees and a long boring list of other attached-strings and hurdles. Even as we spent money we couldn’t afford there was a vibrancy to the situation which was inescapable. We were going on an adventure together. I realized I felt so entirely different about this cruise than my previous one because of whom I was going with and because it was now so far above my means. I had an appreciation that hadn’t been there before.

The other thing was the excitement of getting away with a big lie. A huge lie in the form of a cover story which made us both feel like spies. We were posing as married. Newlyweds, each on our second marriage. Aside from any laws or legalities relating to either, Gavin, or incest, the deep truth of the lie is that we were, in a sense, truly Newlyweds. Our excitement was born of the fact that we could be open lovers during this cruise. Free from social ostracization and judgement. It was only for a week but it was a kind of freedom we had never previously imagined.

We milled onto the boat with twenty five hundred other passengers, were given a speech from the captain, a lesson in safety from the First Mate and a Steward showed us to our cabin. It turned out to be one which was below the waterline and had no portal. Moreover, it was tiny. Essentially a walk in closet with a steel-frame bunk bed along one side and a cramped dresser and mirror on the other. A space of a little more than a foot between them. The top bunk was a twin but the bottom was a Full. There was a tiny little bathroom barely larger than one on an airplane but it did have a shower stall, just big enough for one person. I was glad neither of us were severely overweight. I don’t think a typical American would be able to fit.

I commented on the tiny bed but my sister just smiled at me and said, “Don’t worry, we didn’t come on this trip to sleep, after all.” A sly grin on her face. She put down her luggage and draped her arms around my neck, kissing me. Just having her near me, I was becoming aroused. The potential of the trip had my head spinning. “We’re not going to get very much sleep, are we? Hubby.” I nearly collapsed at the knees at the word. I began sprouting a fantastic erection. I grasped her ass in my hands and pulled her hips toward me, pressing my hardness against her soft crotch.

“No, my dear ‘Wife’. Not much” I kissed her. “Wifey.” I kissed her again and she moved her hips, rhythmically, pressing back against me. She leaned back against the dresser and parted her legs and we ground together for long moments. My steel-hard erection felt like it could just pass though all those layers of fabric which separated us and enter her. The words, ‘Hubby’ and ‘Wifey’ had enormous erotic power.

“Take off your clothes, Husband. Take off mine. I want us both naked as fast as possible.”

I did as she asked and we both tore at our clothes and the other’s, shucking out of every stitch frantically while keeping our hands on one another’s bodies as much as possible. Seconds later we were grappling, naked against the mirror, the nipple of one heavy breast in my mouth, her hands in my hair and my cock pressing against the opening of her vagina. She sat fully on the dresser and rocked her hips back and my penis slid home into her hot welcoming tunnel. I was instantly enraptured as my cock was engulfed. I was so amazed to be putting my penis inside my sister’s pussy, something we had never done until recently.

“Oh Jasper, I love your penis.” She said. “I mean, I love YOU but I LOVE your penis. It just feels so amazing.” I had much the same feeling for her pussy in that moment. It was so hot and wet and her words were driving me crazy with lust. “Fuck me with your perfect, fantastic cock.”

I mauled her wonderful breasts with my mouth and gripped her hips, thrusting into her, ignoring my thighs and knees striking the dresser front. I was grunting and it crossed my mind that anyone in the adjacent cabins could probably hear the thumping and groaning. For a moment I faltered.

My sister, knowing what I was thinking said, “It doesn’t matter, sweetie, we’re newlyweds. This is what we’re supposed to be doing.” She kissed me and then whispered in my ear, “They don’t know, Jasper. They don’t know you are fucking your big sister in the cabin next to them. They don’t know that you are thrusting your wonderful, perfect dick into your big sister’s horny cunt. My wet, greedy cunt which needs your beautiful cock.”

Her dirty talk was driving me totally insane and I hammered my hips against her, driving my cock into her as fast and hard as I could, a long, animal shout erupting from my throat.

“Yes!” She shouted, “Fuck me, Hubby. Fuck your Wifey’s horny wet cunt.” No one could have missed it. I’m sure the captain on the bridge heard her, however many decks above us.

Soon my legs were sore from banging against the dresser and we tried another position on the bed. The springs were loud and almost cartoonish, a sitcom sound effect of a couple fucking. Nevertheless, she lay beneath me and wrapped her legs around my waist, driving me on with erotic encouragement. “Your penis feels so good inside me. I can’t believe what I was missing all those years. Your penis feels so perfect, it fits so good.”

Though I was now banging my head every few strokes on the upper bunk my hips pounded with a mind of their own. I could not deny anything my sister was saying, her pussy felt as perfect a fit for me as I had ever experienced. Every nerve ending was on fire, every interior bump or ridge stimulating me in just the right way.

We tried every position we could in the cramped bed before abandoning it for standing doggy-style. She put one hand against the hull wall and the other grabbed the upper bunk rail. I held her hips and pulled myself into her over and over. Looking down at her great, jiggly ass and watching my cock slide in and out of her sucking vagina, we started cumming. In a noisy, screaming crescendo, we bellowed in the small cabin, the sounds of our fucking ricocheting around the small metal room. Our screams came from the freedom to fuck and not care if anyone knew. Our orgasms were the feral, uncivilized vocalizations of cave people, unconcerned by societal convention. We fucked like demons and came like wolves, spent completely in a catastrophic, brain-melting release.

We lay, spooning in the aftermath. “I can’t believe what I was missing all those years.” She said. “I should have had your cock in my pussy before. It’s amazing, the best I’ve ever had.” My chest filled with a pride I couldn’t in the least justify as I lay there with my flaccid penis lodged in the cleft of her ass.

“What do you think it is?” I asked Wanting her to continue the compliments.

“I don’t know but I have a theory. I think it’s because you’re my brother. Not just that the incest part is taboo and sexy but that we’re genetically similar. You cock is a male counterpart to my pussy, like if my pussy were turned inside out. It’s like you’re the key to my lock. You fit perfectly because we’re the same down there.”

I didn’t know if her theory held any water but it didn’t matter to me. This whole thing felt right. As good as anything I had ever done. Better. I had loved Chorale since childhood and, even with a twenty year gap where we hadn’t engaged in incestuous lovemaking, we fell back into it like no time had ever passed. In fact it was better and stronger than ever. I could not think of another person whom I had ever loved as much and for so long. Even my ex wife seemed to have been a temporary replacement for Chorale.

“I love you, Chorale. I’ve always loved you.”

“I love you too, Jasper. Always have.”

She was silent for a while and I started drifting off to sleep when she spoke again.

“I wonder if there are other people like us. I wonder if there are any support groups. We can’t be the only siblings who’ve found love like this, can we?”

“I don’t know.” I said. “Maybe online? Maybe there’s something anonymous.”

“I like this, Jas. I like being open and getting to be together. I want to talk to other people doing what we’re doing. This can’t be wrong. Something this good can’t be wrong.”

“We’ll look into it when we get home.” I held her close and we both drifted off to sleep. I felt the thrum of the engines and the gentle bobbing of the ship and the comfort of a warm naked woman in my arms.

We woke up a few hours later and sheepishly left our cabin hoping not to be seen by the guests in any of the neighboring cabins who might look at us askance. We explored the boat, which was huge and rambling. It really did seem like sleeping was not what anyone was supposed to do here. We wandered through a casino and a dancehall and discovered that we had drink tickets in the computer tied to our names. We found a pool and thought about swimming, but the air was still pretty nippy, and decided to find a place to eat instead. We had slept through lunch and it was heading close to evening. We were ravenous.

We ended up in a karaoke bar having amazing Ethiopian food while on a boat heading to Mexico. It was a funny cultural combination. Both Chorale and I had become sudden extraverts, getting up and singing our hearts out. Perhaps it was because we were spies, living double lives. We had put masks on and were being whomever we wanted to be, dropping inhibitions overboard. I sung a Johnny Cash song which got the bar singing along and Chorale proved her name with with various high-flying vocals from Whitney Houston and Grace Slick. By the early evening, several people had joined our table and we were chatting it up with half the room.

We befriended a woman named Karen and her friends, Bill and Sally who had come on the trip with her. Bill and Sally were also newlyweds (Also) and, Karen admitted, while they were up singing, that she felt like a bit of a third wheel. Chorale and I spun our tale of finding one another, love, courtship and marriage. A pastiche of real events and fanciful ones. We left out our teen years and Gavin.

At some point Chorale leaned over and whispered, “I’m getting really horny again. I think I need you to fuck me some more.” We began the process of excusing ourselves from the bar.

“You have to come Swing dancing tonight! We’re all going, it’s gonna be so much fun!” I was not a dancer by nature but we were outside ourselves on this trip. Anything was possible. She told us how to find the dance floor and told us about the event guide which came with our tickets which we hadn’t bothered to look at yet. We promised we would meet them later that night and then scurried out of the bar.

“That was so exciting!” Chorale confessed to me. We stopped and kissed in a hallway. “I got so turned on spinning stories about being married.” She stroked the front of my pants. Other passengers were around so we rushed off to find our cabin.

And, got horribly lost. We wandered the entire ship and tried every stairway downward we could find and could not even find our section. Whenever we stopped to look at one of the shipboard maps we began kissing and groping. I whispered about the things I wanted to do to her once we found our way to our cabin.

“I need it in my ass, Jasper.” We were now on a balcony deck, overlooking the ocean to the east with the sky just beginning to color with sunset. We could see the faint light of the California shore.

“Let’s watch the sunset, first” I said and we ran to the other side of the boat through a hallway and were greeting by a phenomenal color display. I held her and we watched as the sun flared and clouds ignited with the slightly chilly wind whipping her hair. She rested her head on my shoulder and just breathed together.

“We’re never going to find our cabin, Jasper. Never. I need you to just fuck me right here.” She joked. I looked both ways. There were dozens of other people who had come out to watch the sunset but I sneaked my hand up to pinch her nipple through her dress. Her hand surreptitiously fondled my growing erection. Soon the sun was gone and the sky rapidly darkened. Facing West, there were no artificial lights. Only the stars lit the sky, though the ship balcony still had too much light for us to get away with anything. Nevertheless, Chorale had my penis out and was stroking it slowly and deliberately. I had both hands cupping her large breasts and her nipples were like bullets poking through the fabric.

I glanced around and saw an alcove that was actually pretty dark. It contained some sort of generator or equipment chest and I hustled Chorale behind it. After checking the area again, I quickly had her dress up and panties down. As I expected, she was sopping wet. She pressed her chest against the generator and spread her legs, looking back at me and whispered, “Fuck my ass. Just like you did at the family reunion.”

It was so sexy, remembering how we had drunkenly fucked against a handrail twenty years ago, just outside a bungalow where our entire extended family were dancing and carrying on. Just as then, she wanted it in the ass but I couldn’t help dipping my cock in her pussy first to get it slippery. I almost couldn’t stick with the agenda once I was inside her but, somehow I pulled out of her pussy and placed the head against her asshole. She pushed back against me, my cock sliding into her tight hole with minimal friction. In seconds I was buried deep, her smooth, round ass nestled against my pelvis. Something which always sent thrills of amazement through me. I was always like a teen fucking for the first time. I just couldn’t believe it was really happening. It was also that this was the very woman who had taken my virginity, in just this way all, those years ago.

We were oh so careful about noise, just the way we had been on that camping trip as teens. So terrified to wake our parents who had been in a tent just twenty feet away. Now, there were other guests on the boat, walking past the spot where we were hidden, and just like then, Chorale could barely control the animal grunting that always came from her during anal sex. Just like then, I put my hand to her mouth and she bit down on the heel, not quite to the level of real pain but hard enough.

I kept look-out and would slow the pace whenever someone walked near but as soon as they passed, I could not stop from ploughing my stiff penis into her ass. If I were allowed to go full speed I would have blown my spunk in seconds but the carefulness and quiet made it deliciously slow. I slid in and out of her in long strokes and each time she pressed her ass hard against me and growled into my palm. I explored the soft globes of her ass and roamed up to her heavy breasts with the other hand.

I was kept at the precipice forever. At one point, a couple stopped at the outer rail, where we had been standing earlier, and began kissing and fondling. For a terrified moment I thought the man had the same idea we had and would take his woman behind the very same generator we were and find me with my cock buried to the hilt in my sister’s ass. I tried to shoo them away mentally. I ducked my head when they glanced our way, and prepared a story in my head, but I head the woman say “no, I couldn’t do ‘IT’ in public.” The footsteps hurried away.

After that tension eased, I fucked my sister’s ass with abandon and she bit down harder and grunted into my hand. She reached back, grabbing my hips and shirt tails and pulled me into her, encouraging me to fuck her harder and faster. She frigged her clit and I knew she was getting ready to cum. Throwing caution to the wind, I pounded as fast as I could, stuffing her dress between us to muffle the sound of out clapping bodies.

She came, quickly followed by me and I had to put both my hands over her mouth, and then, as her legs wobbled, hold her up, pressing her fully against the generator housing, my cock spurting into her ass. We panted and leaned there, my cock still in her for many minutes until we could finally collect ourselves. Then we arranged our clothes, and, with clearer heads, found our way back to our cabin.

“You know, I still like anal best.” She said as we were getting naked in our cabin and she turned on the tiny shower. “I LOVE your cock in my pussy, don’t get me wrong. It feels like it was meant to be there, but I fucking LOVE having you in my ass. There is something so, fucking raw about it. It’s guttural. Base. I cum so hard.”

I watched her shower and then showered myself. There was no way on earth the two of us could do it together. As she watched me she commented further.

“Look at that beautiful cock.” She said as I washed it. “I love everything about it.” Several minutes later, “I think I’m pretty kinky.”

“You’re fucking your brother after all.” I said, quietly, grinning.

“Yeah, and I started it. You never would have started it. That was all me.”

“You were four years older than me. You were a god on a mountain to me but I fucking jerked off to you all the time.”

“I know. I watched you once. I would listen at your door mostly. You would put on that Bowie record or Steve Miller or Harvest and I would hear you panting. Used to turn me on so much. I’m so fucking kinky!”

“I love you for it.” I said.

“You know Gavin didn’t like anal sex. I mean, he’d do it but he always rushed to the shower to wash off immediately, like he was contaminated. He never got into it. Thought it was really gross. I asked him to tie me up sometimes and he’d kinda play along, half-assed.”

“I didn’t know you liked that.” I grinned in wonder. My cock was responding and she could see it.

“Yeah, I got Gavin to fist me once, too. It was really tight and it took forever but I really liked it.” My sister was dressing in a blue ruffled dress which showed off her cleavage.

“Holy fuck!” I said,” I can’t believe he got it in. You’re so tight!” I was fully hard again and ogling her cleavage as I toweled off. “You, ah, wanna try it again?”

“Maybe,” she said grinning, putting earrings in, “but not right now. We’ve got swing dancing to go to!”

We dressed and I had to be satisfied with the amazing sex we had already had that day. Wow was I getting greedy. I couldn’t even imagine what the future held.

We met up with Karen, Bill and Sally. We had all dressed in our best suited clothes but only Chorale had the great ruffled dress which looked amazing when she moved. There was a teacher who taught us newbies and Chorale and I picked it up pretty quick, which amazed me because I had never been able to dance well. Camara and I had never been able to find our rhythm together but Chorale and I seemed to fall in to sync with no effort. It felt like we had been dancing for years. There was something about us on this trip that drew people, and, like the karaoke bar before, we had a crowd cheering us on. Though we were both restricted to a single drink ticket a night because of our near poverty, the booze flowed and it seemed everyone bought us drinks, We danced merrily into the late hours.

At one point, sitting between songs with Karen, she told us drunkenly, “It’s funny. When I first met you guys, I swore you were brother and sister.” She cackled, “Now I can see that was so silly, you two look nothing alike! I don’t know where I got that from.” She laughed again at herself as Chorale and I looked at each other. Chorale squeezed my penis under the table.

Many hours later, we stumbled back to our cabin. It was past three in the morning and my legs hurt. I pulled off my pants and shirt and Chorale passed out on the lower bunk. I saw I had bruises on my thighs which must have come from banging them against the dresser and then spending the evening swing dancing. My sister was face down and her ruffled dress was hiked up, exposing her amazing ass but I was too tired and sore and drunk, so I passed out as well.

I woke up early, less hungover than I would have expected and hard as a rail spike. I climbed over my sleeping sister and went to ‘the head’ and peed awkwardly because of my hard-on. Checking the time, it was only eight in the morning. I decided to go back to bed. Stepping out of the bathroom, I was faced with the vision of my sister again. Laying, face down, snoring softly, her dress hiked up, one leg falling off the bed and her amazing ass and crotch fully exposed save a pair of cotton panties. I could see every contour of her plumb, inviting pussy through the thin fabric. Her great, big beautiful ass was as enticing a sight as I had ever seen and I moved to kneel by the bed.

I began petting her legs softly, caressing them, relishing the exquisite shape of them, Her calves were firm under my touch and I massaged them, knowing, from my own calves, they must be sore from dancing. I massaged her thighs and soon her beautiful big ass, kneading the cheeks and working the gluteus muscles underneath. Though my sister was still asleep, I could not help touching her pussy through her panties. Massaging her puffy lips and cupping her mound in the palm of my hand. It radiated such heat and my cock was now as hard as it had ever been. I stroked it slowly as I pulled aside her panties and ran a finger through her wet slit. Soon I had two fingers inside her, exploring her ribbed walls. She was so tight, I couldn’t imagine Gavin getting his whole hand inside her. I put her legs together and pulled her panties off, leaving her naked from the waist down, the big ruffled dress, piled up around her waist.

I bent down and kissed her wet opening, kissing her ass cheeks, kissed her inner thighs before returning and lapping at her slit. She was wet and musky and her clit was hard under its hood. I tongue fucked her hole and nuzzled my nose between her folds.

Hovering over her, I placed the head of my drooling penis at her opening and carefully pushed it into her, sinking in slowly until I was fully imbedded. Through this she didn’t wake up. Even as my cock was buried fully inside her, she stayed blissful in her sleep. This was not something I would have ever dared with anyone before. I could imagine previous women I had been with being angry at something like this but Chorale was different. There was a level of comfort that was unmatched.

Her pussy felt amazing on my cock. Feeling, again, like a glove, holding me tight inside her. The head of my penis moved across every ridge and contour of her insides and it resonated with a sense of belonging there.

I suddenly remembered a time when we were teens. Shortly after the incident in the tent where I had lost my virginity to her. I had been sleeping on a school night when I was woken up in the wee hours by my door opening and Chorale sitting on the edge of my bed. Tired, I closed my eyes and fell back asleep. I came slowly back awake to amazing sensations on my penis. Foggy and barely aware, I saw my sister’s head bobbing near my crotch in the moonlight. Our mom must have been at work and father sleeping but even still, this was brazen. I pretended to sleep and my sister quietly sucked my cock in the middle of the night.

She stopped before I came but then lifted her nightgown and straddled me. I watched her through barely slitted eyes and I could see she was watching my face to see if I was awake. I thought she was going to put my cock in her pussy but she didn’t. Instead she rubbed the head on her clit and rolled her hips around over me. I worked hard at feigning sleep as she pressed my cock head harder and faster against her wet nub until she came. Even as I wanted to “wake up” and fuck her, I was fascinated by what she was doing while she thought I was asleep.

After her orgasm, she used my tissues to clean up her wet pussy and went back to sucking me. The back of her head was toward me and I watched, openly while she bobbed up and down. I was so turned on I came in her mouth in a matter of moments, which she swallowed. I almost screamed with pleasure but covered it with a yawn. She tucked my penis back in my pajama bottoms and snuck out of my room, quickly and quietly, like a thief.

She never did that again but I fantasized about it often. It wasn’t long after that that we had “the talk” after her prom, which ended out games and she went off to college. Now I was doing it to her.

As I slowly fucked her, I felt her vaginal muscles clench and unclench. I became awake of her ass rolling slowly on the bed and she ground her clit into the corner of the mattress. Her breathing changed and the soft snoring stopped. I continued to fuck her slow for a long time, drawing it out and she maintained the appearance of sleep. When I felt my orgasm approaching, I was tempted to pull out and cum on her ass but I restrained myself. It was too delicious being inside her cunt. It was so wonderful to be free to cum inside her pussy the way we had never done as kids.

“Mmmmm, that was nice.” She said, languidly. “Thanks, Hubby.” She smiled at me, hugging her pillow, one eye still closed.

“I owed you one. “I said, teasing.

“Oh really? Oh yeah! I remember that. I thought you might have been awake for that one.” She smiled, looking like a cozy cat. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll just lie here and enjoy your cum in my pussy for a while. Don’t mind me.” She slowly humped the mattress corner as I started the shower and thought about coffee. Considering how early it was, I was surprised I was awake.

She fell asleep again and I watched here there for a while. Marveling at her and how lucky I was. Seeing the pearly cum leak from her pussy cleft. Eventually, I lay down with her and fell back asleep.

We spent the next few days exploring the boat. We took photos together and lounged by the pool and played some cards and told people about being newlyweds and had a lot of sex. We landed in Mexico and explored the tourist section of Manzanillo. Chorale got her purse stolen and I had a brief, exciting chase down an alley. I had no hope of catching the kid. It was his home turf but it didn’t matter. I felt heroic and Chorale had nothing important in that purse anyway. Neither of us had any money on shore and we just window-shopped and people-watched. There were lots of lovely young, bouncing women in bikinis but there was not a woman anywhere in Mexico I would trade Chorale for. We kissed at sunset and made love in a beach cove, barely making it back to the ship before boarding the next day, having dozed on the warm sand, naked. The morning tide woke us by lapping at our feet.

As the boat headed back North, we spent more time with our new friends, Karen, Sally and Bill. We had lunch together and shared careers and hometowns and all the usual stuff but what was exciting was what we were getting away with under their noses. Chorale took my penis out under the table and stroked it slowly, keeping me half hard all afternoon long. When we went dancing that evening we stayed to the dark corners of the room and groped one another. I sucked on her nipples in a room full of people and I don’t think anyone noticed. Every dark nook on the boat was an opportunity to risk a fondle.

It was more than just the risk of being caught messing around in public that drove us. It was the risk of being found out to be brother and sister. In an empty hallway below decks, my sister pulled my penis out and dropped to her knees. She looked up at me as she licked the shaft like an ice cream cone. She took it into her mouth and sucked deep.

“I wonder if Karen suspects you’re my brother?” She asked, teasing me. She sucked on the head. “I wonder if she has any idea I have my brother’s penis in my hand under the table while we’re talking? I wonder if it turns her on? If she suspects and masturbates at night, thinking about your cock in my pussy?” She blazed at my cock, bobbing rapidly on it, forcing it deep into the back of her throat. “Maybe she thinks about her brother while she thinks about us.” She stood up and zipped my fly. “Let’s go hang out with Karen some more.”

Karen did sort of catch us at one point. That evening at dinner, while we were fondling each other under the table, she caught on to our arm movements and called us out. “Are you two fooling around under the table?” She asked in a shocked whisper. “Oh my god, you are! You are like teenagers.” She laughed. “You two are so bad! Go to your room!” She was smiling but I knew we had probably crossed a line. We laughed it off and stopped and the conversation moved to other things. Eventually we said goodnight to karen and went back to wandering the boat.

Chorale was a vision in a sapphire blue satin gown. We went and saw a jazz band and she could have been on stage with them as a torch singer. Curvaceous and bosomy, with a filthy mind and a sensual approach to the moment. She was a sexual goddess and she was mine.

We left the room and wandered the halls and decks looking for secluded nooks to fool around in. When I found a niche next to a custodial closet, I dropped to my knees and lifted her dress, burying my face in her panty-covered snatch. She rubbed the cleft of her vulva up and down the bridge of my nose and ran her fingers through my hair. I removed her panties and flicked my tongue over her lips and hood. When I pushed my tongue inside her she humped my face and covered my chin with her wetness.

Other passengers came near and we retreated. She scooped up her panties from the deck and carried them in her hand. On a whim, she tossed them overboard as we flitted up a set of stairs to the top deck. Standing above me on the steps, she spread her legs so I could see her bare pussy and I chased her up to the top. Behind a lifeboat, I lifted her dress again and sucked on her puss. She lay down on the deck and spread her legs. I climbed on top and she guided my penis into her. Only a few strokes in and we had to sneak off again as an elderly couple sat on a bench near the lifeboat. She leaned against a wall in a corridor and lifted her dress again, exposing her naked ass and I entered her from behind.

It was so exciting to know she was wearing no panties and we moved from secluded spot to darkened cranny where we continued our illicit lovemaking. By the end of the night, we would have christened and claimed every deck and corridor. We finally found a place under two sets of stairs and hidden behind stacks of coiled rope where we could be pretty secure in our privacy. Under those stairs Chorale and I fucked doggy fashion with her dress hiked over her waist, her bare ass visible in the polygons of electric light cast through the spaces between steps. As I felt my self close to cumming she pulled off of me and turned around, jerking off my cock and sucking on the head.

“Cum on me.” She pulled her top low, making her cleavage a target and jerked me as fast as she could. My cock spurt jets of cum all over her face and breasts and she pressed my spouting penis against the side of her face, smearing cum across her cheek and lips. She rubbed it on her neck and pulled her breast out of her top, rubbing my cum around on her nipples and in her cleavage, savagely pulling on them. She cleaned my cock with her mouth and wiped her face on her sapphire dress, rubbing her hands on her belly.

When we climbed out from behind the stairs we could see the cum had left dark stains all over her. Her nipples stood out hard and obvious handprints were on the gowns bodice. She grinned broadly and we walked around the ship. She led me through crowds of guests, wearing my cum proudly on the satin. She seemed to be daring people to recognize the implication and wonder about our activities. We didn’t return to our cabin until the cum was drying on the dress. We undressed, lay down and fell instantly asleep.

I woke up to the sound of the shower running and coffee. Chorale wasn’t in the bed with me and the room had been tidied somewhat. No sign of the blue satin dress. The coffee was on the dresser and delicious. I couldn’t believe how sore I was but I also felt wonderful. It had been many many years since I had packed so much sex into a single week and I was feeling it a bit. Even thoughts of the last few days did not raise my penis. But the coffee raised my body out of bed and a shower sounded like a great idea. I thought, I’d enjoy waiting my turn by watching my lovely sister.

On the sink which was built into the top of the toilet tank there was a lady’s razor, some lotion and shaving cream. In the shower, Chorale was masturbating, oblivious to my presence. She was braced against all the walls of the shower stall and fingering herself and moaning. Despite all the action of the last few days, I felt a twitch in my dick. There is something so wonderful about a woman masturbating. I love it. She noticed me but kept on massaging her vulva for a while. Then she casually soaped up and began washing in earnest.

“Hand me the razor?” She asked and I did. I watched her lather up her legs and armpits and shave. Then she began her bikini line and stopped and looked at me. “You wanna help me shave my pussy?” I immediately agreed.

She sat on the edge of the sink, dripping water all over the metal floor and I carefully creamed her pussy and began the delicate process of shaving it. “You want any particular design?” I asked, smiling up at her.

“I want you to shave all of it.” She said. I did. Carefully, I followed every contour until she was baby smooth, my penis pumping blood and slowly raising. Then I washed her with a rag, pampering her pussy. “Now lick it.” She said and I did. I rubbed my face and my forehead and my cheeks on her hairless mound. Pressed my mouth on her and lavished it with my tongue. It felt so good to burrow my face in it, I worshipped her pussy, continuing what I had started the night before. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pressed her cunt to my face so that she was practically riding my face like a saddle. I pushed my tongue in until it hurt to stretch it any further and she humped it. “Put your fingers in me.” She asked and I slid two inside and crooked them to get at her G-spot then I flicked at her clit with my tongue. She was vibrating and moaning and I reached up to tweak her nipple. “I think I’m close”, she huffed after a while and bucked her hips. I pressed harder on her G-spot and mashed my lips against her clit, sucking with all my strength. Her pussy walls fluttered around my fingers and her legs shook. She had both of her breasts in her hands and was twisting her nipples violently. It was all I could do to hang on.

Suddenly I was hit with a blast of warm water which gushed out of her cunt and completely covered my face. She collapsed against the sink, bouncing and twisting and screaming. She almost fell to the hard metal floor but I stopped her from crashing over. My face and upper body were drenched, I could barely see as my eyelids were covered in juice.

“Fu-UCK!” She screamed. “Holy fuck!” She had just had a squirting orgasm and lay panting on the floor of the shower. I touched her calf and she leapt a foot, holding up a hand to get me to stop.

I toweled off my face and sat with her on the floor smiling as she recovered.

Later we showered together, squeezing the two of us into the tiny shower like sardines, barely able to breathe, and let the hot water wash over us. She stood with her head on my chest and arms folded around my neck. Her large, soft breasts squashed against my belly and my penis against hers. She had a hand between us and was idly fooling with my half hard member trapped between our soapy, squelchy bodies. Rubbing it against her belly button. It was sore. I assumed she was sore too. We had had a lot of sex this week. That was the last full day of the cruise. The next morning we were to pull into port, back in San Francisco where we would resume our secret affair and try and put our financial house in order.

“I love you Jasper.” She said. “I don’t want this to end.”

“I know, sweetie. But we’ve had a good time and it’s not going to end. We’re still going to be together.”

“Just secretly.”

“yeah. For a while. Maybe we can figure something out. Sell my house and move somewhere else. Go on another cruise.” She smiled at that. We both knew that was unlikely but it did suggest that maybe we could find a way around having to hide. Maybe we could find a community online of people who understood us. Maybe there was a place in the world where we could move and live a more normal life. I petted her hair and stroked her back.

After a while, the horniness came back and, with difficulty, she turned around in the shower so my cock wedged in the crack of her ass and we humped up and down for a long time, rubbing my penis between her cheeks. Then she went up on tiptoes and slowly sank down onto it. Thrusting was impossible in the cramped space but, as we breathed and she lifted her butt up and down by standing on her tiptoes, we had sensuous slow sex. As sore as I was, her ass still felt great. We kind of just existed together for over half an hour in kind of a sensual meditation. Our skin getting wrinkly and the water finally turning luke warm. We turned it off and we enjoyed the closeness. I grabbed the lotion and rubbed it into her skin, massaging her neck and shoulders. I brushed her hair with my fingers and caressed all of her skin I could reach, all while maintaining my erection in her ass. It was bliss. We didn’t eat breakfast until noon.

We spent our last day having fun and enjoying each other and being happy. Our ‘parts’ were both sore and so we let a day pass without screwing like bunnies but we took lots of time to kiss and stroke and caress and massage. We sat for hours, talking on benches and reading out loud to each other. It was an incredibly romantic day.

We played shuffleboard like old people and clowned around, the whole time making jokes about, “My aching back!” and, “Has anyone seen my teeth?” We cheated for each other, trying to help each other win a game which we only barely understood. We hugged often and held hands and clapped madly when the other scored.

We didn’t see Karen or anyone else we had met on the boat. This was a day for us to be together and relish our freedom even as the grains in the hourglass ran quickly out. Even with time running short, we stayed in the moment and did not let the end of the cruise overshadow our enjoyment of the here and now. We walked around the boat and watched the sun set when it was time and retired to bed, to snuggle and kiss and fall asleep, arms and legs tangled together, peacefully.

The next morning, however was different. I woke up horny and so did Chorale. The boat was drifting into port and they would tie up soon. There were only hours left. We packed madly and and made sure we had everything but were distracted by each others bodies frequently. Getting dressed was complicated because we kept pulling our clothes back off to fondle and grope. The time left suddenly seemed very short and we finally gave in to our animal instincts and gave up preparing to leave.

“I want you to fuck my mouth, Jasper.” She said this while kissing under my balls and giving me a pouty face. “Please?” She licked my shaft and sucked on the side of it and pressed her face into it like a cat. “I really want your dick in my mouth.”

Though she had put on a bra and panties, I had not been able to let her get dressed further than that and her jiggling cleavage made me want to tear the rest of her clothes off. I was wearing only a shirt and socks. Chorale had taken my underwear and pants and hidden them under the mattress which she was now laying on top of to keep me from getting them back. If I wanted to ever get dressed, I had better do as she asked.

As she took me in her mouth I played with her boobs and caressed her belly. She went wild on my cock, slurping it and taking it far into the back of her throat. I undid her bra and pulled down her panties while she slobbered my penis. My hips bucked involuntarily as she stroked my balls. Her legs splayed wide and lasciviously, I reached down and cupped her mound, pressing my middle finger into her crack. She was very wet and I pushed my ring finger in as well. As she took my cock into the back of her throat, I matched her strokes with my hand. The deeper she took my cock the deeper I slid my fingers. Her cunt was so slick and wet, I wondered if I could fit a third finger and when I did, she grabbed my ass and pulled her face toward my groin, pushing my cock deep, down her throat. The thought of Gavin fisting her came back to me and I stretched open the three fingers to test if there was more room. Her pussy was so wet my hand was covered with her juice and I slid my pinky in. She went wild, swallowing my cock hard and rolling her hips and I pushed four fingers deep inside her. Her pussy made squelching sounds as I shoved my fingers in and out rapidly, thumbing her clit.

My cock was all the way down her throat and I could feel it clench and she swallowed. Her nose was buried in my pubic hair and I could not hold out any longer. Before I had a chance to try to fully fist her, I could feel my cum rising and I screamed out, “I’m gonna cum!”

She backed her mouth off and jerked my cock and I jackhammered her pussy with most of my hand.

“Cum on my face, baby.” Just as I showered her cheeks and mouth with my cum. It gushered and she rubbed my spurting cock on her nose and brow and sucked the sensitive head into her mouth. I ground my thumb into her clit and stroked her G-spot with my fingers and in a minute she was cumming too, Wriggling on the bed with both her hands grasping my wrist and her face covered in my cum. She screamed like a banshee.

She came down slowly, writhing and rubbing my cum into her skin. Finally she opened her eyes and looked up at me. “That was fucking apocalyptic.” She breathed.

We dressed and put our luggage in order. She never did wash her face after I came on it and we tidied the room and followed the milling passengers off the boat.

We saw karen and her friends at the bottom of the ramp and we stood around talking for a while and trading contact information. There was a line of cabs and we waited patiently for one to become available. We couldn’t afford to take one home but we could get one to the nearest BART station. When one showed up, Chorale hugged karen good-bye and said into her ear, “You were right, you know. We are siblings and I have my brother’s cum on my face right now.”

We stepped into the cab and it drove off, leaving Karen, mouth gaping, at the taxi stand behind us. We giggled all the way home.

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