Mothers Aid 2: The Return of Mark

Fiction , Hardcore, Incest, Mother and Daughter, Reform School

A year had passed by since Fred's heart attack and going to work was OK but Fred was disappointed and sexually frustrated when he went home because he had to refrain from certain activities, even sex.
Lisa for some reason seemed to 'get it' too often from Jerry that she started to considerably cut down her sexcapade, from twice a day, everyday, to once a month, then decided to get a dildo and drop
jerry altogether, leaving him hanging.
Mark had left and divorced his wife in fear that sex tape might surface, then two months later quit his job since winning the lottery and now lives in a house four houses down from Fred and Lisa.

Lisa just left the bedroom after putting Jill down for her afternoon nap when the phone rang.

"I know we haven't spoke in awhile but I was wondering if I can come over and talk ?"

"Mark...aren't you supposed to be at work ?"

"I not only quit my job but I divorced my wife and a few months ago I won the lottery."

"Well...Um, I'm not sure ?"

"I'm sure it's been awhile for you...if you know what I mean ?"

"I just don't feel much in the mood anymore...however if I do...I'll give you a call OK ?"

"Well I guess that's better than a flat no !"

"That it to you later, bye."

Thinking of him made her a little wet, and since Jill was taking a nap, she decided to go to her bedroom and lay down. She stared at the ceiling for a minute then took off her pants and started touching herself.
Lisa thought about Mark more and took her underwear off, then proceeded to play with herself for a bit till she thought this wasn't cutting it, so she took out her dildo.
Lisa closed her eyes, then slowly pushed the dildo in and out of her moist snatch while letting out small moans. At some point she scooted to the edge of the bed and continued her self sex.

Apparently she didn't realize the time when she went to lay down.

Jerry had come home and knew to be quiet because his sister was always napping in the late afternoon when he returned from school. Jerry took off his shoes and went upstairs to go to his room when he noticed his mother.

He thought to himself; "Man...she 'rather use a dildo' and deny me the pleasure of eating her out !?"

The sight of his mother was arousing Jerry to the point where he was tired of being the good son and going from getting some to none at all.

Out in the hall, Jerry set down his math book and took off his pants and underwear, then slowly and quietly crept up between his mom's legs.
The view was so much more erotic than from the hallway that he instantly got hard, he bent his head down a little to get a whiff of her aroma, then
leaned back up, Jerry quickly put his arms underneath his mom's legs then pinned her wrists down, and as he did, the dildo fell out, he then maneuvered his cock and shoved his show inside.

"What the..."

Jerry kept moving in and out, not caring what she said. She kicked her legs and tried to break free her wrists for a bit, but for the most part she didn't
because she actually was somewhat enjoying it for not having it for sometime. Even though normally she just let him eat her out.
It didn't take Jerry long to blow his nut and when he did, he shoved his show all up in there and stayed that way till not a drop came out of his cock and
he was well satisfied. Then going for broke, while still holding down her wrists, he removed his cock and kneeled down on the floor and started to lick
her clit till she came, then got up and went to the hallway and picked up his math book and clothes and went to his room.

"That will learn her!" he said to himself when he closed his door

"What the hell has gotten into that boy, I guess I can't blame him, I am partially to blame, letting him have a taste of my vineyard then cutting him off,
but if I don't nip it in the butt now, it could get worse !!" she said to herself

Well that was Tuesday, today is Saturday.

"Come on and pack your clothes."

"What for ?"

"Your father is taking you out of town."

"Why ?"

"Never mind that just do as your told and pack your clothes !"

After his suitcase was packed, his dad came upstairs.

"Come on...grab your grip...let's go."

"Where are we going ?"

"Never mind that let's go !"

Lisa never said a word when they left nor even waved goodbye, in fact she never even came downstairs, she waited for Jill to take her nap then went to take a shower.

"This is for the best !" she thought while drying off after her shower

Lisa knew that Fred would not be back till tomorrow, the group home was at least a ten hour drive and told Fred to stay the night at a motel.

She went to the bedroom and put on her thigh highs and a lite robe, then called Mark.

"Hey to come over ?"

"I'm practically there sweetheart !"

"Just come on up, I'll leave the door unlocked."

Well after Mark and Lisa had their little fling, Mark had asked her if she would like to see his new house tonight. She said she would but would have to take Jill

"Come a little, get a's only four houses down...besides...I'd like to break the house in...if you know what I mean ?"

"All right, as soon as I get a sitter I'll be right over."

"Great, see you in a few, bye."

Mark had money and he had bought things that probably no one on the block had, things that might make Lisa come over more often.

As soon as the sitter came, Lisa walked over to Mark's house, Mark was already waiting at the door and welcomed her in.

"Oh wow...what a pad...this is nice !!"

Mark had given her the ten cent tour but the best was yet to come

"I have a Jacuzzi in the basement !"

"Stop, you do not." she laughed

"Well then...see for yourself !"

They went downstairs

"Well what do you know...and that...what is that ?"

"That my dear a sex to break it in ?"

"I don't know...?"

"Well you were going to break in the house for me...were you not ?"

"OK...OK Mark, but I did tell the sitter I would be back by eight."."

"Well it's ten to six now, let's get started."

Lisa and Mark got undressed and Mark helped her in the swing and put the restraint straps on her wrists and ankles, her legs were spread high and wide, Lisa almost felt like a puppet.

He went over to the other side of the room and grabbed a chair, then came back and sat down in front of her crotch, as if he had sat down to the dinner table.

When he started eating her out, she wailed like a banshee but when he balled her, she moaned out in sheer delight.
The swing helped Mark swing her to and from his huge cock, he thought this way was so much better than the bed !
After an hour and a half, he was spent, and got her out of the swing.

"Oh fuck that was great Mark...and fun to !!"

"Anytime you want to come over."

"Hey...before you get dressed...since you still have some time about relaxing in the Jacuzzi ?"

"I'd love to...but I told the sitter I'd be back at time ?"

" time then."

Lisa went home

"I have to talk to that little brat that Jerry hangs out with !" he said to himself

Mark knew that Jay was Jerry's friend that lived next door and had a plan

The next day Mark went over to Jay's house and asked if he would like to come over and mow his lawn
He said he would, but when Jay came over to mow his lawn, Mark had other plans.

"I could sure use the money...but what about school...I have to wait till after school !?"

"OK, but you only have a two hour window of opportunity to do this in OK...and money,
just come in and go upstairs and look in the parents bedroom without making it look like someone
was looking for something, you know what I mean, then go over my house and put the tape in my mailbox, then come over the next day and I'll give you another $200 OK !"

"Where will you be when I'm doing this ?"

"I'll come over ten minutes before school get's out and have Jerry's mom come over to my house, I'll make
sure that the door is unlocked OK."

"How do you know she will come over your house ?"

"Well...if by chance she doen't...I'll make sure that the coast is clear for you to sneek upstairs OK."

"OK, bye."

The next day, Mark went over to Lisa's house and asked if she and Jill wanted to come over for awhile ?

"I would but Jill is taking a nap."

"Can we go in the kitchen and talk ?"


"So, I guess Jerry should be getting out of school soon ?"

"I never told you did I, Fred and I decided it would be better that he go to a group home."

"What happened, he seemed like a normal kid to me ?"

"Don't ask...please !"

"I was thinking about starting a business."

"What type of business ?"

"I'm not sure yet...have any idea's ?"

"How about..."


"Was that the door...did someone come in...'hello' ?"

"I'll check."

Mark came back

" one there ?"

"Well that's Weird ?"

"I have to get back to the house, I put my supper in the oven and have to check on it, would you be able to come over tomorrow with Jill when Fred goes to work ?"

"I think I can ?"

"Till tomorrow then, bye."

On the way home, Mark thought how careless that kid was but hoped that the tape was in his mailbox, he went to check.

Well, the tape was there, but is 'this the one' I wanted ?" He said to himself

He went inside and put the tape in

"Oh ya...this is it alright." "So...her son Jerry is a little perv...from that angle...he was in the closet, I wonder what he did to be sent away ?!"

After viewing the tape, he burned it, then made a phone call.

The next day around ten, Jay had come over, Mark had kept his word and payed him then waited for Lisa and Jill to came over but by eleven she had called
Mark saying that her mom and dad had come over to visit and couldn't make it.

"I have an idea Lisa, if your dad watches your kid for a few hours, how about you and your mother come over...your mom might like being in a Jacuzzi ?"

"Gee Mark...I never would have thought you liked um that old, ha ha. ?"

"You never know...what do you say ?"

"Please Mark, I was only kidding, look...I'll ask but I doubt it, bye now"

"Well let's see our grandchild."

Her mom Cathy is 60 and an older version of Lisa to some degree, she still has her red hair but darker, she's not as endowed as Lisa but still keeps herself in good shape.
Her husband Tom is seven years older than her and is a really nice guy but since he retired two years ago he spends most of his time out at the golf course than at home.

"Oh honey, she is just adorable !"

" trip was kind anything wrong ?"

"Tom, you watch your granddaughter while Lisa and I have a little chat OK...Lisa...let's go for a walk shall we."

They both went outside and started walking down the block

"I'm sorry I didn't call...I Um...was wondering if might be able to do me a favor...I know your married now and I guess you could say that I'm taking a long shot
here...but Lisa...I'd hate for you to think any less of me...but do you remember Carl Hadly, our neighbor next door ?"

"Oh ya...I remember, why ?"

"Well he passed away about six months ago."

"I'm sorry to here that, he was always nice to what favor is it that mean that..."

"In short...yes, don't get me wrong, I still and always will love your father but...after the first eight years...nothing, and Carl was nice enough to...well you know, anyway
I just thought by might know someone...perhaps...if you didn't mind...Um...Fred ?"

"I'm sorry I didn't call to let you know last year, I had alot to deal with."

"Know what ?"

"A year ago Fred had a heart attack and even though he is able to go to work again, he sadly has to refrain from anything that would get him excited, even sex !"

"That poor dear...but how do you...all right Lisa...give, have you been doing the same thing that I the way, come to think of it...where is Jerry ?"

"We thought it best if he went to a group home, we were having some family issues that I really don't care to discuss, so don't ask !"

"And about the other...have you ?"

"Well since you have done it, it doesn't seem so bad to talk with you about it."

"I knew it !"

"Alright might be your lucky day after all, just let me call the house phone from my cellphone and see if dad will watch Jill this afternoon OK."

Lisa called up her father at the house and said that mom and her were gonna go shopping this afternoon and asked if he would stay there and watch Jill til they
got back, he said he would, then she called Mark.

"So, this is your mother, Hi...I'm Mark."

"Hi Mark I'm Cathy."

"Can I talk with you a minute Mark, I'll be right back mom ?"

"Is anything wrong, you seem a little nervous ?"

"Well in a way...I have a favor to ask you."

"Alright, what is it ?"

"You know when we had such a good time yesterday ?"

"Who can forget, why ?!"

"Do you...find my mother attractive by chance ?"

"You mean...what we did yesterday...your mom ?" he said as Lisa shook her head

"OK...sure...why not ?!"

All three went down to the basement

"Care to hop in the Jacuzzi ?"

"I don't have a swimsuit."

"Neither do I Cathy."

"Say...what's that ?"

"This is something that perhaps your daughter and I can show you ?"

"Really Mark."

"No need to be embarrassed asked me !"

" me, and if you think you might want to try it...then let Mark know."

Lisa and Mark got undressed and while Mark was helping Lisa in the swing, Cathy was just drooling over the size of Mark's cock.

"You must feel a little shy, let me help you." Cathy said as she came over and gave Mark a blow job till he was stiff then went and sat down

Mark grabbed a chair and basically did the same thing he did yesterday, LIsa moaning up a storm, especially when she was getting balled, made Cathy really wet.

"OK...I get the idea, I think I'd like to give it a try ?!!"

When Mark was strapping Cathy in the swing, Lisa decided to relax in the Jacuzzi.

"Say Mark...give mom the same as you gave me." she said then giggled a little

"You care for a drink Lisa before I get started on your mother ?"

"Sure...rum and coke please, thank you."

After Mark handed Lisa her drink he grabbed the chair and sat facing Cathy's crotch, he thought she didn't look so bad for being 16 years older than her daughter,
Cathy looked at Mark...waiting for something she hasn't had in awhile, then Mark started to eat her out.

"Oh god this feels so good !!" Cathy moaned out with sheer delight

"Get some mom." Lisa said while enjoying the view

"Oh god oh god oh god Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhh ohhh god...that felt good" Cathy moaned out as she came with joy

Cathy was still coming down from a her orgasm when Mark shoved his cock in her, and her eyes and mouth opened wide as she moaned out with pleasure because she never had such a big cock in her.

"Uhhhhhhhh...ohhhh fuck...'your so big'...Uhhhhhhhh ohhhh good god...Uhhhhhhhh !" she moaned out as Mark gave it to her

Mark thought it best to give it to her for a good hour since he assumed she hasn't had it in awhile and for some reason that excited him more.
After getting her out of the swing, he had to help her over to the Jacuzzi because after Mark got through with her, she could hardly walk.

"You care for a drink Cathy ?"

"Thank you, I'll have the same as Lisa...god this water feels so relaxing after a great fuck !! " She said while smilingly

Mark took Lisa's glass and came back with two rum and cokes then made one for himself and joined them, sitting between them.
Cathy just couldn't help herself as she reached and stroked Mark's cock with one hand and held her drink with the other

"You know Lisa...I should come visit more often !!" she said smiling while looking at Mark as she continued to stroke his cock

By now Mark's cock was stiff again, thanks to Cathy.

"Excuse me Lisa." He said and moved over to the other side of the Jacuzzi and sat, then asked Cathy to come over, Cathy put down her drink, came over and sat on his cock.

"My god mom...didn't you get enough !!?"

"At my age Lisa...enough is never enough !!"

Mark held her butt and moved her body up and down his shaft as she moaned with such joyous pleasure

" have got to try this !!"

"Well maybe I might if you ever get done !!"

"why don't you both take turns ?" Mark asked

Well they both did just that and had a wonderful afternoon til Lisa said that they had to go home and make supper

"How long are you in town for ?"

"I really wasn't sure...would two weeks be OK with you Lisa ?"

"Two weeks would be OK mom...but hey...I think it's best Mark if you came over my house, I don't need my dad or husband for that matter to think something...if you know what I mean !"

"Yes but I thought you said Fred couldn't watch anymore sports or anything...I mean...what's he going to do, and what's your dad going to do for that matter ?"

"Well it has been a year and he is only home on the weekends...I'll tell you what, you come over everyday after lunch and I'll make sure my dad takes a nap after lunch OK,
as far as Fred, well I'll start letting him watch sports again, but without the beer, how does that sound ?!"

"OK, sounds good."

"Sounds good to me to !" said Cathy

After they left, Mark had second thoughts about getting back at Lisa, besides he thought, it wasn't really her fault, her kid was the one who started all that trouble with making that damn video,
and now he is right where he belongs, boy's town.

After supper Lisa said she forgot she wanted to pick up some hosiery and asked her mom to come with her

"You know mom...I noticed something about Mark that I guess alot of men adore without asking ?"

"What's that ?"

"I noticed that Mark took longer eating me out when I wore thigh highs than when I didn't !" "You need to get you some, and if you want, you can keep them at the house whenever you come over, which by the way...would you like to come over every month for two weeks ?"

"That would sound great only we live too far away to spend the gas money, however if you can convince your father that we are 'really needed more here' to help out, because of the baby and
Fred's condition, then we can sell the house and live here, and remember Lisa...your daddy's little girl...he would do it 'for you' if you asked him, me...I would have to beg !?"

When they got back home, Lisa had asked her father and let him know about Fred and like mom thought, he agreed.

The next day Mark came over at twelve thirty and sure enough Lisa did her thing, her dad was snoring away on the couch and jill was playing in her playpen.
Mark thought that they both looked really hot. Up in the bedroom both mother and daughter went from doggy style to each riding his cock, one on his cock while the other
sat on his face and so forth all week long.
A month later her mom and dad had sold their house and moved in with Lisa and Fred, sometimes Lisa and her mom went for walks, walks that took them over to Mark's house that is.
Jerry had tried to call and even wrote, but no one cared to answer his calls or reply to his letter's.

( Coming soon-- Mother's Aid 3: Jerry's Kid )

also in the works is ( Petals From Afar )

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