A three boy adventure
Very, very sorry guys. I posted part 2 as part 1, then posted part 2 correctly. My apologies! Below is the correct part 1.

This is b/b young. If you're not into that, please move on to a story you will enjoy.


When we were kids, my cousin Kelly (boy cousin, not girl), his two younger sisters, and his mom (my aunt Mary) lived in a mobile home just down a hard-top road on our property -- we had a small farm outside Boulder. I had to share a room with my older brother Charlie, but Kelly had his own room, so I slept over at Kelly’s almost every Friday and Saturday night even though he only had a twin size bed. That didn’t matter because I wasn't a big kid and Kelly was even smaller than me.

Kelly and I were both blondies and looked enough alike that people thought Kelly was Charlie's and my little brother -- Charlie is a blondie, too, but darker blond. Kelly and I had taken baths together forever and done the usual boy stuff of pissing at each other in the bathtub, and such. After bathing, we'd dance naked in our towels, nah-hahing what we thought sounded like stripper music, and pull the towels off at the end. Kelly did it once in front of his mom, and I was mortified until he told me that she simply laughed. We had even kissed each other's privates through a towel on a dare.

One morning when I was about ten and Kelly was almost nine, and I was sleeping over with him, I woke up to the bed jiggling. I looked over at Kelly to see what he was up to. He had his pajama bottoms and underwear down and appeared to be rubbing his privates on his pillow. His little butt was tightening over and over.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I got a stiffy," Kelly told me. "I'm rubbing it."

"What's a stiffy?"

Kelly paused. "It's when your willie gets stiff."

"Oh, like sometimes when I wake up?"

"Yeah, like this," Kelly said, rolling up on his side to show me his. It was a typical one for a kid -- a little over two inches -- but I'd only seen my own stiffy. I thought his looked cool.

"Try rubbing yours, Zack," Kelly told me. "It feels good."

"I don't got a stiffy."

Kelly scooted closer. "Pull you PJs down."

I rolled up on my side facing Kelly and pulled down my pajama bottoms and underwear like he had. My willie hung limply down to the bedsheet, but it had begun to tingle from seeing Kelly's stiffy.

"I'll make it get stiff," Kelly said, reaching for my willie. He rolled it between his fingers and since neither of us had ever touched the other that way before, his fingers felt strange. But good. My willie lengthened and grew stiff. (I was about three inches.)

"Feels good," I murmured.

"Yeah. I like getting stiffies," Kelly told me.

He fondled me until he was sure I wouldn't get any harder. "Try now," he said, moving over on his pillow. I scooted beside him so we were hip to hip and tried rubbing my stiffy on his pillow the way he was doing, which was pumping his hips the way that comes naturally to every boy.

"Sometimes I do this," he told me, circling his hips.

I tried it and liked it. I had rubbed my stiffy on my bed in the morning, but had never thought of putting a pillow under me.

"If you do it long enough," Kelly told me, "you get a really good feeling."

"Yeah, it feels good," I agreed.

"No. A REALLY good feeling," he said. "It makes me shake all over."

He pushed up and bunched his pillow under him, and then holding himself up on his arms, he pumped his hips faster. I did the same, and there was something cool about both of us, up on our hands, pumping next to each other.

In the quiet of the room, you could hear our breathing. It sounded like we were running.

After what was probably five minutes or so, Kelly started pumping really fast and then froze. He grunted and shuddered. "I got it," he said. "I got the feeling."

I rolled onto my butt, sitting up with the pillow behind my butt and my PJs half down my legs. "I didn't," I told him.

"Didn't it feel good?"

"Yeah, but I didn't shake all over like you did."

Kelly pushed up onto all fours. His stiffy pointed up under his belly like our little dog Toby's did when his got stiff. Kelly reached into my lap and fondled my stiffy again. "It's still hard," he said.

"That feels good," I told him.

"Here," Kelly told me, grabbing my legs to turn me facing him. He pulled off my pajama bottoms and underwear, which sorta felt cool -- him pulling them off and me being all naked waist down. Kelly knelt between my legs and fondled me. "Maybe you can get the feeling this way."

I opened my legs to him. It felt good, especially when he skinned me up and down. "That feels best," I told him.

Kelly pulled my butt toward the middle of the bed, then, after pulling off his own pajama bottoms and underwear, he sat on his butt between my legs and extended his legs out over the tops of mine. Then he scooted closer so we were almost up-pointing stiffy to up-pointing stiffy. This time, he used both hands on me, skinning my willie up and down with the thumb and fingers of one hand, and tickling my skin next to the base of my willie with the fingers of his other.

My hips began to rock.

If you get the impression that my younger cousin often called the shots in our relationship, you got that right! Kelly would boldly lead us where no boys had gone before. That is, if he could. I imagine countless boys had tried what we were doing that morning.

Kelly lifted my little ballsack with its two marble-sized balls on his fingers.

"That feels good," I whispered.

"Your balls are really soft -- you know, your skin," he whispered back, stroking my scrotum with his finger.

I grabbed his shoulders to hold on.

Kelly traced around my balls with his fingers, probing, then down under them. "Your stiffy goes all the way down here," he said, pushing up under me behind my balls.

"Ah!" I murmured.


"Feels good."

Kelly rubbed under me and on my stiffy at the same time. My hips rocked with his hands. I bounced. Suddenly, a sensation almost like needing to pee hit.

"Ah!" I gasped loudly, feeling my little pelvic floor tightening.

Kelly rubbed under my balls and my stiffy faster. I bounced and whimpered. And then I shuddered all over.

Kelly quit rubbing and grinned at me. My stiffy pulsed in his still hand, but nothing came out. I didn't even know that something would someday.

"Do it to me," Kelly said. I wanna see what it feels like.

I took a deep breath, catching up on oxygen, and then reached into his lap to close my thumb and fingers on his stiffy.

"Oh!" Kelly whispered.

"Yeah!" I agreed. "Feels good to have someone else touch it." I thought, too, that it felt good to touch another boy’s stiffy – Kelly’s felt awesome between my thumb and fingers. His was stiff as a little twig with a soft underside. I reached under his little ballsack with my fingers, and Kelly tightened his tummy and rolled up his hips in front to let me get my fingers under him.

He was hard down there. His stiffy went all the way down between his legs, too. I rubbed. And I slid his skin up and down his stiffy. Kelly's hips began to rock.

Before a kid starts shooting cum, a single orgasm doesn't always end an erection. Just like Kelly had stayed hard after his shudder, I had stayed hard after mine. "Do me at the same time," I told Kelly.

He reached between us, like I was doing. We had four arms and four hands working and two little pelvises rocking, and the sides of our temples touched as we looked down between us. His cheek was soft. Breath from his nostrils tickled the inside of my neck. I could smell his breath -- boy breath. I'd never been intimate with a boy like that before.

Silently, Kelly took my wrists in his hands. Holding them out to our sides, he scooted his balls up against mine. I got the idea and grabbing his butt, I pulled us even closer and our warm privates pressed. Kelly held my shoulders and our foreheads touched as we looked down between us at two stiffies pointing up at us like pink sticks.

We rocked our hips back and forth like a see-saw, and it felt good. Kelly reached down and held our stiffies together as we rocked. He tried skinning them, but that didn't do much, so I took his again and he took mine; and we fondled one another with both hands, balls rubbing balls until he made me shudder again. Then while we were still pressed together, he held my hand on his stiffy with his hand and rocked his hips to move his stiffy in my fingers until he shuddered, too.

Kelly's eyes had closed. They opened slowly and met mine.

"You hungry?" he asked.


We grabbed up our PJs and scrambled off the bed.

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