You will love this story, it has been dictated by time itself!
“Tyler Deck, I see you have made some progress.” Jack said calmly, walking across the black dreamscape to the senior, sitting on the invisible ground.
“Not really. No matter how much I think about everything I’ve been told, I can’t get the sight of my sister being violated out of my mind, I can’t stop hearing her screams. She was raped and murdered and I didn’t protect her. She suffered an agonizing and humiliating death and it’s all my fault. I could do nothing but watch and listen as one of our attackers pinned me to the ground. I was too weak to keep her safe, too cowardly to save her. Besides, I don’t see how talking back to a dream is going to help me.” He cursed.
“Even after all that you’ve learned, you fail to see the value in the words of a dream? Tyler, if this truly is a dream, then doesn’t that mean you are having a conversation directly with your subconscious? Is this not the greatest source of guidance that you can find?” Jack asked, holding his arms out to his sides.
“It’s not real.” Tyler muttered. Jack lowered his smile, knowing that he could no longer be passive with this.
“It’s only not real because you don’t want it to be real. You are afraid of confronting your subconscious because you loathe yourself. You hide from yourself, not wanting to face the truth. You say you were pinned down, and if multiple culprits mugged you, then they were probably armed. You were thirteen, you and your sister didn’t stand a chance against them. Even if you had managed to get enough adrenalin pumping through your veins to free yourself from the grip of one of your attackers, you would have been unable to save your sister. You would have been killed and she would have been forced to watch you die while she was raped.” He stated.
“Shut up!” Tyler yelled.
“There was nothing you could do Tyler, and that is the truth, the truth that you have known all these years but ignored. It wasn’t that you didn’t do anything to help her, it’s that you couldn’t do anything to help her. You wanted someone to blame, something with meaning, something other than the cruelty of your attackers. You had to feel like there was a reason for it to happen, because you couldn’t accept that your sister had been taken without any purpose or meaning.”
“I told you to shut up!” Tyler roared, getting up and grabbing Jack by the collar.
“Do you know why rape victims will at times believe that what happened to them was their fault? It is because they ask themselves what could have been done to prevent their attack. Could they have screamed louder, fought back harder, or just made some other decision? You are the same way; you had to believe that something could have been changed. That is the source of your fear of losing power, the first power; the power to have done something in the past.
You need to feel like you had power at one time or another, that it is better to have power taken away from you than to never have it at all. It is your safety net against the idea that anything can happen at any reason, that life is unfair, that sometimes you can be nothing but the victim. You hate yourself because you want to feel like you had the capability to do something to help your sister. You want to feel like you at least had a chance, that someone or something gave you the opportunity to fight. But instead, there was nothing. No god or angels have a plan for your, there is only the material world and what you perceive to be luck. That is your greatest fear, that you have no power in any aspect of your life, and that everything that happens is brought on without any reason or purpose.” Jack said dryly and without emotion.
With shaky hands, Tyler let go of Jack’s collar. The words had struck him, finally hitting a nerve. In Tyler’s mind, he was mulling over Jack’s words and feeling it untangling years of strangled thoughts.
“It is a problem of reliance, you need someone or something to serve as a scapegoat, a buffer zone between you and an event in which you are protected by the ability to do something or can be used to explain away that event as “I could have done something”. You need to feel like there is some kind of plan for you, be it God’s or someone else’s. You need to feel like there is some sympathetic mind that wants things to be fair for you. You are terrified of being left entirely alone to your own devices, completely unprotected from the mindless occurrences of the universe. You need life to follow the rules, for things to be fair, for there to be a chance where you can change what happens. But in truth, there is nothing you can do.” Jack said.
Tyler turned away, shaking from head to toe. Thinking back through his entire life, he could see the “buffer zone” that Jack had mentioned. He could see how at the core of everything, good and bad, his perception had relied on the believed fact that God or karma or something with some semblance of care was looking out for him in this unforgiving world.
“What am I supposed to do? Just accept that I’m the universe’ bitch?” He asked. Jack regained his smile and held out his hand, summoning forth an encompassing view of space with stars and galaxies swirling around them, above them, and below them.
“You are no more helpless than the rest of life and every atom in the universe. In truth, we are all under the control of time, and in a sense, powerless. Everything that occurs is predestined, scheduled in the flow of time before the event even takes place. Every chemical reaction, every transference of energy, every movement and thought, all are the one and only path of time. The future is set in stone.” He said with a calm cheerfulness while standing with his back to Tyler.
“So what, every decision is meaningless? Life is completely devoid of purpose?” He asked.
“Quite the contrary. Just because something is guaranteed by time to happen, doesn’t mean it happens on its own. Everything that happens can only happen when every variable is at the perfect point. Let’s say you are deciding which college you are going to attend. In reality, the choice has already been made as dictated by time. It is the decision you make, therefor it is the only decision you could have made. It is the singular reality that nothing can deviate from. However, before you consciously made that choice, time required that you think it over thoroughly and evaluate everything you know. It is required that you make this choice, for you can not wonder which college you will attend and arrive at that college without having picked it. The choice you made was inevitable and unavoidable, but it could only be made because you had the proper mental comprehension to have been able to make the choice.
Everything that happens in reality is because of time, but time relies on reality in order for the variables to inevitably fall in place.”
“So you’re saying that everything that happens only happens because it is possible?”
“Exactly. Every event in the universe has an infinite number of variables, and with each and every event, the variables change so as to support the current event. An event WILL occur, but only because it is the one and only possible path, as designated by all the variables. Imagine there is a building under construction, and according to time itself, that building WILL be completed by a certain date, as dictated by the maximum efficiency outcomes. Now, since that is true, you can be guaranteed that there will be no late deliveries of supplies, no mistakes in the creation, and no disturbances in the plan. According to time, that building will be completed, but it will require the materials and engineers without question. The building won’t just be “completed” with the top five floors missing because time said it would be completed on that date.”
“So does that mean it is possible for someone to see the future?” Tyler asked, trying to wrap his mind around the physics lecture.
“Only if that person was meant to see the future. If someone has a vision about the future, that is only because they were meant to, as according to the script of time. If they take that information and use it to change the future, then what they saw wasn’t really the future, and what they are doing to change what they thought is the future is actually allowing the true future to take place, as dictated by time. Time itself is simultaneous, everything occurring at the exact same moment. Both beginning and end at a single point in time. Since organisms are the only things that are actually aware of time and all time is simultaneous, then perhaps organisms have the ability to look out across all of time, or just witness a fake prediction.”
“Alright, so what does this have to do with me and my sister?” Tyler asked impatiently. Jack turned back to him.
“We’ve already established that you have a fear of having absolutely no control over reality, and through the reality of time itself, we can prove that fact. Tyler, what happened to you and your sister was literally unavoidable as dictated by time. You believe you could have fought them off or even made a pre-emptive situation, but since that didn’t occur, it wasn’t possible. What transpired on that night was the one and only path of reality, nothing else could have happened. Your sister was meant to die. There was no meaning, no divine being with a personal opinion as to the cruelty of rape or how your life should be fair. What happened was just a destined occurrence, no more unique than the destined chemical reactions taking place between every single atom. This conversation we are having now was in fact unavoidable, since it is in fact taking place.
Tyler, you must come to accept this fact. Every thought passing through your mind while listening to me was inevitable as dictated by time. You must realize that it is impossible for any other alternate outcome to take place, that in any event, there is something that you could have or should have done. What happened was unavoidable, and even the simplest alternatives were ultimately impossible to achieve. In the end, if you do something that will have an outcome, then that outcome was guaranteed. Never again wonder if there was something you should have or could have done, because the fact that you did what you did means that there were no alternatives, Even while mulling over the decision to do something, every thought that enters your mind was already predestined for the inevitable decision you make.
This is what you must do. However, I think I’ve made it clear that whatever you do, whether you do it or not, was what you were meant to do.”

Kelly stood nervously by the entrance of the school, waiting for Jack and Victoria to arrive. Students surging for the warmth of the school gave her quizzical looks, surprised that she was out in front of them like this. Even though she had given up her self-destructive ways and had been trying to be more social, she wasn’t normally this out and the open. Plus… she looked good. She looked truly healthy and had regained her lost beauty. The weather was exceptionally bitter, well below freezing with a harsh wind and thick dark clouds that made it look like the sun still had not risen. As the last of the stragglers entered the school, the sound of Jack and Victoria’s voices reached her, Jack’s voice laced with its normal carefree peacefulness and Victoria’s laughs as clear as a bell.
“December has finally arrived, that walk was brutal.” Victoria said with chattering teeth, jumping up and down and rubbing her legs to try and get some warmth burning inside her skinny-fit jeans.
“I’m sorry. I guess we could ride the bus from now on.” Jack said with a guilty smile.
“Screw the bus, we’re juniors, I’ll drive.” Victoria said with a wry smile.
“Ah, Kelly, good morning.” Jack said, stepping into the light passing through the glass doors of the school.
Upon seeing Kelly, Victoria was defensive, wrapping her arm around Jack’s. Kelly hadn’t been in school the day before, no one knew why, and Jack hadn’t said anything. Her skepticism was understandable. However, as she got a closer examination, her look of masked territorialism was replaced with piqued curiosity, with Victoria cocking her head to one side like a cat spotting a fluttering moth. She was analyzing Kelly’s face, noting the lack of premature lines from drugs and the return of her healthy color. Something had happened between this morning and when they had lunch the other day, something that not even makeup could replicate.
“Hey Jack… could I talk to you for a minute please?” She asked hesitantly.
“Of course. Victoria, could you please wait for me inside?” Jack asked. After talking with Tyler without receiving any bruises, Victoria decided to trust him. She nodded and walked past Kelly, fighting the urge to give her a second glance.
“So Kelly, what can I do for you?” Jack asked pleasantly, now that they were alone.
“Jack, cut the act. The dreams I’ve been having, they are completely real. I got myself tested the other day, and while it will take some time for most of them to come out, I’ve lost several STDs and my withdrawal symptoms are gone. You cured me, you’ve been talking to me in my sleep.” She stated. Jack took a deep breath and his smile shrank.
“That is correct. And don’t worry, all your STDs are gone, as well as any internal damage caused by any abortions you might have had. I also threw in your virginity as an added gift.” He said, so casually that it nearly made Kelly’s knees buckle and brought tears to her eyes.
“How? How can you do these things?” She whispered.
“Kelly, my birthday is on the 21st, I promise I will answer all of your questions then. I suggest you discover your Self before that day comes, trust me. I’ll give you all the help you need, after all, we’re friends, right?” He said cheerfully. Instead of responding, Kelly leapt forward and wrapped her arms around his neck, gratefully hugging him with all her strength. After several seconds, she let go and walked inside. About to follow her, Jack stopped as Tyler came into view, trudging through the frigid breeze.
“Ah, Tyler Deck, how are you this fine morning?” He asked.
“I’m alright, you?” He asked, coming to a stop.
“Couldn’t be better. But are you sure you’re ok?” Jack asked.
“Yeah, I just have a lot on my mind. And I’ve been sleeping weird lately.”
“Well like you said before, you’re trying to make amends with all the people you’ve hurt. Such discomforts are expected during this personal metamorphosis.” Jack reasoned.
“Well, it’s because of you that I decided to change. Thank you, Jack. Thanks for helping me.” He said with a small smile while shivering uncontrollably.
“Oh of course, what are friends for? Now I suggest we go inside, if not to get out of the cold, then to at least get to class. After all, time waits for no man, man can only wait for time, as time controls everything within our existence, except how we perceive it. And yet even our perception of time may just be something inscribed in our destiny.” Jack said, holding open the door.
“Destiny, right.” Tyler muttered, thinking back to his dream and hustling inside to get out of the wind.
“By the way Tyler, I would greatly appreciate it if you could join me and a few friends for lunch.” Jack offered.
“Uh… sure, ok. What are friends for?” Tyler replied, repeating Jack.

“Hey, Kelly, hold on a second.” Victoria said, leaning against a wall of lockers.
“Hey Victoria. Look, I’m sorry for what I said at lunch the other day. And I’m really sorry about Jack.” Kelly responded, almost anxiously.
“No, I’m the one who should apologize. I had no right to dig into your past and bring up all those rumors. Plus I overreacted when I found out about you two, I guess I can’t say you fooled around with my boyfriend when he wasn’t even my boyfriend. I swear, I’ve never been the jealous type, I don’t know what came over me.” Victoria sighed.
“You had something to protect, of course you would be defensive. I completely understand. And don’t worry, I’m not after your boyfriend. He and I are just friends and he’s helping me through some stuff. He already got me to quit turning tricks and stop using drugs. It’s been over a week and I feel better than ever in my life.” Kelly said with a very sweet and forgiving smile.
“Wow, he told me that he was helping you, but he didn’t tell me about that. It’s amazing that you could even survive going cold turkey, I know I would just burst into flames. So since we know each other a little better now, I was hoping we could start off with a clean slate. I promise I won’t get overly protective with him. I don’t want to be the kind of girl that doesn’t let her guy have other friends. Besides, he’s helping me too, so there is no reason why we can’t help each other. Friends?” Victoria asked, holding out her hand.
“Friends.” Kelly said, reaching out and shaking it.
“Now that that’s out of the way, I just want to say that you look absolutely fantastic! I got to know, what’s your secret? You’ve always been pretty, but now you’re stunning!” Victoria said with happy amazement. Kelly smiled.
“I thought you said you weren’t normally the jealous type. Well it’s not a new kind of makeup or a diet if that’s what your thinking. It’s just clean living and the help of a friend. Victoria, make sure you always value Jack, because you have no idea how amazing he really is. He completely saved my life.” Kelly said. Victoria smiled.
“I know he is, he saved mine too.”

Kelly sat in the school library, staring at a computer screen and reading the bright blaring page of the Internet site. It was about the Tree of Life, along with all of the other browser tabs. Everything that Jack had told her had been correct, at least mostly. There were a couple aspects that he paraphrased, but with how many different interpretations there were, she could understand why. Jack had given her this information for a reason and she knew she had to use it. Reading through the page, she verbally paraphrased the information in order to commit it to memory.
“The Sephirot of the Tree of Life are the ten attributes in which the Ein Sof reveals itself and continuously creates the physical realm and the chain of higher metaphysical realm. In the Kabbalah, the functional structure of the Sephirot channels the divine creative life force, and revealing the unknowable divine essence to Creation is described. Kabbalah sees the human soul as mirroring the Divine. Genesis 1:27, "God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them". It also describes creations as reflections of their life source in the Sephirot. Therefore, the Sephirot also describe the spiritual life of man, and constitute the conceptual paradigm in Kabbalah for understanding everything.
So, from what I understand (and I’m completely pulling this out of my ass), Jack is saying that humans and gods are one in the same in that our perception shapes the universe. I guess that fits with what he’s always saying, we shape our reality by the values and interpretations we place on it. He said that the Tree of life is used to find God, but also serves as a useful map for finding the Self. If Jack really believes that humans and gods are exactly alike, then finding God or the divine through the Tree of Life really is just like finding the Self.” She muttered.
“Your name is Kelly, right?” She heard, nearly making her jump out of her chair. Turning back, she looked up into the unsure face of Tyler.
“Yeah, can I help you?” She asked with uncertainty.
“You know Jack Owen, right? You’re the only one I’ve seen with him, other than his girlfriend.”
“Yeah, kind of. I haven’t really been able to hang out with him since she’s always around. We really can only talk during math class. What’s up?” She asked. Tyler sighed and sat down at the computer next to her.
“What can you tell me about him?” He asked.
“Why are you so interested? Like I said, he’s got a girlfriend.” Kelly replied with a satirical inclination. Tyler huffed through the accusation and sat up straight in his chair.
“Just please, tell me what you know about him.” He asked.
“I really don’t know anything about him. He used to go to this school system, then he was transferred to some school for the gifted or something, and now he’s back. Other than that, all I know is that he is really nice and brilliant.” She said almost nervously. Was this guy aware of Jack’s differentiation from everyone else? That strange dream ability that he had been using to contact Kelly and that healing power?
“I heard about your little fight with him on his first day back, it basically spread through the school like a wildfire. Everyone is saying that he gave you some sort of lecture, but no one really understood it. Is that why your so interested?” She asked.
“On that day, he talked to me like no one else ever had. He saw through me so clearly and spoke so perfectly that every word felt like getting stabbed in the heart. He completely shook my world, I haven’t been able to think straight ever since. Everyone says that you started acting differently and started hanging out with him. Did he say something to you too?”
“Yeah, he did.”
“What did he tell you?” Tyler asked. Kelly hesitated before answering.
“He told me exactly what I needed to hear.”

“I’m so glad it’s Friday, this has been one really tiring week.” Victoria said, eating lunch with Jack in their usual corner of the cafeteria.
“Emotionally tiring maybe.” Jack teased.
“Well yeah, that’s a given. I just love Fridays nights, it feels like a whole extra day of the weekend and all of the energy that you were completely unaware of during the week rises up and makes you feel like you could do anything.” She hummed.
“When I was a kid, my parents would get me Mcdonalds each Friday. I would spend the night listening to music and playing with the toy.” Jack remised.
“What do you do now?” Jenny asked.
“I just listen to music, unless there is something good on TV. What about you, what do you do?” He asked.
“Well like I said, drawing is my hobby. I’ll sit in front of the TV, basically using it as background noise while I scribble in my sketchpad, constantly stopping to answer a text while trying to avoid getting graphite on my phone.”
“I’d love to see your work.” Jack said.
“That’s right, neither of us has seen each other’s bedroom. Don’t worry, you’ll get to tonight. After all, it’s our date night.” She said coyly.
“I think we should do it at your place, I actually don’t have a bed.” Jack chuckled, surprising Victoria.
“Really? What do you sleep on?”
“I spend my nights in a meditative position, between wakefulness and sleeping. I prefer it to regular sleeping, as it allows me to continue pondering the secrets of the universe.” He said.
“I must say, that is just downright amazing. But then I guess the number of times we can literally sleep together will be limited. Alright, my place it is, just make sure you come after midnight when my parents are asleep. If you arrive early, they’ll stay up until dawn to make sure we aren’t doing anything.” Victoria laughed.
“When will I get to meet them?”
“You can meet them this weekend. They are certainly excited to meet you.” Victoria said cheerfully.
“Mind if I join you?” Kelly asked, approaching the table with a tray of food.
“Sure, take a seat!” Victoria said cheerfully.
“So, what are you two talking about?” She asked sitting down.
“Just what we do on Friday nights.” Said Jack.
“Ugh, I love Friday nights. I basically sit at the computer all night and watch my favorite shows online.”
“Hey, uh… can I join?” Asked the suddenly-appearing Tyler, as nervous as Kelly when she first asked. Victoria did not stir or become tense at the senior’s arrival, having learned that he no longer meant Jack any harm. Though she still watched him like a cat looking in the direction of a loud noise. Kelly was the same way, surprised to be seeing Tyler twice in one day.
“Of course, take a seat. We’re just talking about our Friday night routines. What about you?” Jack asked.
“Me? Oh, I just smoke pot and fall asleep in front of the TV.” He answered.
“Can’t argue with that.” Said Kelly.

Jack moved silently through his house, dressed warmly for the frigid winter night outside. His mom was out at a friend’s birthday party and had yet to return, but his dad was home and a light sleeper. Pulling on his sneakers, he quietly opened the door, stepped outside, and closed it. Carrying a flashlight and a bright windbreaker to reflect the light of any car beams, he began walking down the side of the road towards Victoria’s house, humming to himself while listening to the wind.
After a brisk twenty-minute walk, he reached Victoria’s home and entered the driveway, glad to have the trees to protect him from the wind. Holding up his flashlight and pointing it at Victoria’s window, he blinked it a few times and walked up to her front deck. A second after he reached the door, the handle turned and opened, revealing the radiant young woman, dressed in her nightgown with an excited but incredibly nervous smile.
“Hey.” Jack said simply.
“Hi.” She merely replied, stepping back and letting him come inside.
“You have to be quiet, we’re dead if my parents wake up.” She whispered, slowly moving up the stairs with Jack behind her.
Even in the pitch-black house, Victoria’s beautiful frame could be seen as clear as day through her thin nightgown. He could see her red lace bra and her skimpy panties, clinging to her round taut ass. Reaching the second story, they moved down the hall on their tiptoes, eventually reaching Victoria’s room at the end of the hall. After closing the door, Jack turned on his flashlight and looked around her room, taking everything in. As well as pictures and posters, Victoria’s walls were plastered with sketches of a vast array of subjects, from animals, to scenery, to simply objects.
Walking over to her dresser, Jack picked up her latest piece and smiled. It was a picture of the two of them, Jack with his arms around Victoria and his chin resting on the top of her head, and Victoria leaning against him with her hand on his chest. The two of them were slightly turned to the viewer, letting Jack see the looks of loving serenity on their faces.
“This might be my favorite.” Jack mused.
“Well I couldn’t draw us naked, I didn’t want my parents to see it.” Victoria replied while light began to stream from her corner of the room.
Jack looked to her and smiled while his manhood hardened. Victoria was standing beside her bed, her back to him and bent over as she lit candles on her bedside table. At the peak of arousal, Jack raised his flashlight and focused it on her shapely rear.
“You look absolutely breathtaking.” Jack murmured as she turned back to him, blushing with nervousness.
“By the way, I brought this.” He said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a condom. Victoria almost laughed at the gesture.
“Always a gentlemen. But before you open it, just tell me: do you have any STDs? Have you done this before? Did you catch anything from Kelly?” She asked, walking over and placing her hands on his shoulders.
“Don’t worry, this is my first time as well. And trust me, I got absolutely nothing from Kelly.” He assured.
“Well I think you know that I have nothing. And since I’m on the pill, I guess we won’t need this…” Kelly said, taking the condom and tossing it aside.
After giving Jack a kiss, she turned around and took off her bra and panties. Completely naked, she walked back to her bed and laid down, trembling from head to toe like a building in an earthquake. Never before had anyone seen her like this, so exposed and explicit. She hadn’t been nearly this anxious in her dream, but that was to be expected, as she had only made love to a figment of her imagination. But now here she was, about to be truly seen for who she truly was and deflowered. Undressing, Jack walked over to the bed and sat down beside her.
She had her closed hand over her mouth and was blushing to the point where she was almost as red as her hair. In her mind, she was imagining Jack examining her closely and judging her on every curve and imperfection. But with his usual smile, Jack reached out and began stroking her cheek while they stared into each other’s eyes, their bodies shining in the light of the candles.
“It’s ok, you don’t have to feel nervous or embarrassed. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and I love you. I could never feel anything but endless love and adoration for you.” He whispered, calming her to the point where she moved her hand.
Holding himself over her, Jack lowered his head and they began to kiss, with Victoria trembling every time his erect phallus brushed up against her inner thighs. Placing his hand on her stomach, he slowly moved down to the silky smooth lips of her pussy, running his middle and ring finger along the entrance. Finally feeling someone truly touch her, Victoria immediately began to pant heavily with her excitement doubling every second. Jack began working his magic, running his middle finger between her lips with his index and ring ringer moving up and down against the entrance and his thumb gyrating against her clit.
‘Wait… this is just like in my dream.’ Victoria thought, moments before her thoughts were basically split open by the insertion of Jack’s finger. He continued to move his hand, slowly picking up speed and eventually inserting his ring finger as well
‘This is exactly like my dream, every single movement of his hand is exactly the same!’ She realized. But once again, her focus was ruined as Jack’s movements increased in speed and strength, hitting all the right points. Her body moving like a wave, Victoria tried to stay in control as the sensation of an approaching orgasm reached her mind. She wouldn’t last much longer, he was playing her like a hacked videogame. With their lips locked and their tongues squeezing the life out of each other, Victoria’s moan was stifled as he brought her to her first orgasm, causing her to arch her back and her body to writhe almost violently. After a minute to let her calm down, Jack held up his fingers in front of her face, glistening with her juices.
‘Ok, this is just weird…’ Victoria thought while automatically licking them clean.
“Is something wrong?” Jack asked, shaking her from her thoughts.
“Oh no, nothing is wrong!” She said.
“Are you sure?” He asked.
“Yeah, I’m just excited.” She said giddily.
“Alright, then I guess I can take it a step further.” He hinted.
He began kissing her again, but only for a few seconds. After which, he moved from her lips to her cheek, and from there, ran kisses down her neck. As he sampled her delicate flesh, he began fingering her once again, finding her hymen and driving her wild in anticipation. After kissing her collarbone and shoulders several times, he moved down and gave one broad lick up the side of her right breast, sending shivers up her spine. He gave another lick up the other side, and then traced his tongue around her nipple. She tasted so delicious, almost like hot breakfast tea with a bit of sugar added. Plus the feel was unmistakable, consisting of that viscous water balloon feeling with elegantly soft warm skin. Once he ran his tongue around her nipple, he wrapped his lip around it and pulled it gently. Victoria was whimpering in bliss as he lovingly worked his fingers inside her and sucked on her breasts, moving between them and giving them each an ample amount of dedicated attention.
Once he had enough, he moved down again, running his tongue between her breasts and then down her flat stomach. Reaching out, Victoria grasped her bed sheets and bit down on her pillow, knowing that she would need it to keep her moans of euphoria from being heard. His head between her legs, Jack removed his fingers from her soaking slit and licked her juices off his hand.
“My god, you are so delicious.” He hummed.
Working his fingers back in, he continued to stimulate her before bringing the lips of his mouth and the lips of her pussy together and working his tongue like it was a lasso. The feeling was greater than Victoria had ever anticipated, and she had to bite down hard on the pillow to keep from voicing her joy. Her pussy was so delicious that Jack was going down on her like it held the antidote to a poison in his veins. He was working her with a mix of penetrating strength and loving gentleness, as if trying to make her feel good physically and emotionally. Still working his fingers in her, he used the insertion to open her up a little more and let his tongue delve deeper. He wanted to run his tongue along every single centimeter of her sweet cunt.
“Jack, I’m cumming!” She whined softly.
With a wordless reply, Jack doubled his efforts, stirring her insides with his tongue like he was making mashed potatoes. After only a few seconds, she clamped her legs around his head with enough strength to make him dizzy and filled his mouth with her delectable wetness. Only after her euphoric writhing ended did Jack finally pull away and catch his breath.
“That was, without a doubt, the greatest orgasm I’ve ever had.” Victoria panted.
“Don’t worry, I’ve got a lot more in store for you.” Jack said moving up to her again, this time sitting on the soles of his feet with her virgin pussy just an inch from his erection.
“Hold on, do you think we could rest for a minute?” Victoria asked.
“Oh, of course.” Jack said.
Several seconds passed in which the two lovers were silent, instead letting their breathing do the talking. But finally, Jack spoke.
“You look so beautiful right now.” He said softly.
“Really?” Victoria asked.
“Yeah, you look energized and happy. It’s like every cell in your body has just woken up and is going stir-crazy. You look absolutely radiant.” He hummed with a wide yet calm smile. Victoria was momentarily speechless, completely overwhelmed with emotions.
“I love you Jack, it’s been so short a time, but I love you with all my heart. I’m ready Jack, I give myself to you; mind, body, and soul.” She purred.
“Yes, my dear sweet Victoria.” He replied.
Wrapping his hands around his erect cock and aiming it, Jack leaned forward and prodded the entrance with the tip. In her mind, Victoria compared the current sensation with the one in her dream and realized that they were exactly the same. But she didn’t care, she wanted to give him her virginity so badly that she couldn’t think straight.
“If at any moment you feel uncomfortable, tell me and I will stop. I want you to feel good Victoria, I want this to be enjoyable for you.” He said, reaching out and cupping her cheek.
“It’s alright, any pain that I have to deal with is worth it a thousand times over. Please, take me, Jack.” She whispered, clutching his hand.
Sitting up and holding her by the hips, Jack slowly pushed his manhood inside her virgin pussy. Closing her eyes, Victoria breathed deeply as that familiar filling sensation came rushing back, just like in her dream. She felt like a balloon being filled with hot air, again being reminded how tight she was in this context. Jack too was shaking, relishing the feelings of her soft wet sleeve as he slowly delved deeper and deeper into her. Quickly he met up with her hymen and stopped. Taking a deep breath, he looked down into Victoria’s beautiful blue eyes and neither of them had to say a single word. With a simple nod, Jack pushed forward, rupturing her hymen and deflowering her. Victoria’s head rolled back and she became breathless, unable to describe the feeling overtaking her. It felt like her soul was dripping out of her like blood through her ripped hymen, but in exchange, Jack’s soul was pouring into hers from their interlocked bodies.
Sitting on his ankles, Jack pushed farther in, working his way into the farthest corners of her interior. Victoria held onto the bed for dear life, not feeling pain or discomfort, but nameless ecstasy. Buried in all the way to the base, Jack slowly pulled out of her, letting her crimson blood, the same shade as her hair, catch the light of the candles. Sitting on the soles of his feet, Jack began gently entering her and then pulling out, taking his time to loosen her up and let the two of them get accustomed.
“Jack, I love you.” Victoria whispered as Jack began to take a steady rhythm.
“I love you too.” He replied picking up speed.
Moving like a dangling medieval battering ram, Jack quickly began fucking her like a champ, already filling the room with the sound of clapping flesh and Victoria’s suppressed moans. As he thrust into her as quickly as he did powerfully, Victoria’s c-cup breasts bounced and rolled wildly like a pair of water balloons. Her pussy felt amazing beyond words, Jack had to bite his lip to keep from cumming then and there as her soft wet insides massaged his cock. Victoria was in the same state, unable to speak as her lover slammed her interior with his powerful cock.
“Jack, harder!” She begged.
Eager to oblige, he raised himself up on his knees and kept himself raised with his arms like in a push-up. Elevated, Jack began thrusting down into her from a deeper angle. Recognizing the position from her dream, Victoria raised her lower body and wrapped her legs around his waist. With Jack driving down into her, Victoria reached up and placed her hands on Jack’s cheeks, looking into his eyes while they each panted from the exertion. Using this new position, Jack increased his speed and power, driving down into her like a jackhammer.
Victoria could barely speak, the sensation was too overwhelming for her to even form words. The bed was practically bouncing on its frame with each thrust. Even with his skinny build, he was much stronger than he looked. Jack was speechless as well, not wanting to spend any brainpower that could be used to appreciate the feel of Victoria’s naked body against his. They were practically wrapped around each other like two chains of tangled Christmas lights, and holding her unclothed form felt like sitting in a hot tub.
“Victoria?” Jack panted.
“My arms are killing me.” He said, causing her to burst into laughter.
“Alright, let’s switch.” She said.
Changing positions, Jack sat back on the soles of his feet, and moved back over to Victoria. Victoria rolled onto her side with one leg underneath Jack and the other up across his chest and resting on his shoulder. Kissing her foot, Jack continued to slam her until his self-control began to falter, giving her two more orgasms.
“Victoria, I’m about to cum.” He grunted without slowing down.
“It’s ok baby, I want you to do it in me. Fill me up with your sperm.” She pleaded while her bed shook back and forth.
Quick to obey, Jack looked up and gave one loud grunt while fucking her at top speed, followed by several jets of semen shot up into her womb. Literally drained, Jack fell back with his body as limp as a ragdoll’s.
“That was amazing, easily the greatest experience of my life.” Victoria panted.
“Good, I’m glad. I enjoyed it too.” Jack replied. Smiling, Victoria lifted up her blankets and pulled them over herself.
“Come on, climb in. I know you said that you prefer to sit and meditate instead of sleep, but humor me. I’ll set my alarm so that you can make your escape before my parents wake up. I really want to sleep with you.” She offered. Jack gave a soft laugh.
“That does indeed sound inviting.” He said, taking her up on her offer without second thought. As Victoria set her alarm to go off in a few hours and blew out her candles, Jack moved underneath the blankets and lay down beside her. Smiling, Victoria lay down with her back against his chest and Jack wrapped his arm around her skinny waist, breathing in her sweet flowery aroma and basking in the radiating heat of her naked body.
“I love you Jack.” Victoria murmured one last time.
“I love you too.” Jack replied before falling asleep.

Victoria woke up just before 4 am, dizzy and mentally scrambled in her dark bedroom. The alarm had yet to go off, but the bed felt empty, and she could swear it had been Jack’s voice that had woken up. Looking over, she saw him sitting at the edge of the bed with his cell phone in hand.
“Jack, is something wrong?” She asked tiredly.
“I just got a call from my dad. He’s not happy about me sneaking out.” He said without looking back.
“But how did he find out?” Victoria asked as she sat up.
“Because he was looking for me. My house just got a phone call from the police. About a mile from my home, my mom got into a car accident, mostly likely a few too many drinks from the birthday party she was attending. My mom’s dead.”

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What lol god this is such a good story I love it keep it up can't wait for the next one

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