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The sequel to the Johnsons
Author’s Notes: Part 2 of the Johnsons. Enjoy, rate, and comment! Thanks. This story is long as hell, by the way.

PS: If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, you pretty much need to.

Lexis and Laura arrived home from a long, after-school shopping session. It was about 8 o’clock and getting dark when they rang the house doorbell. Their hands were occupied by shopping bags, and because they did not want to drop them, they waited patiently for someone to answer the door.

“Wait, Lexie, mom is out with dad, remember?” asked Laura as her impatience started to get the better of her.

“Umm… I think so. But why isn’t Rob answering the door?”

“Ugh, that dork probably has his headphones on or something. I mean, if they weren’t here, the lights wouldn’t be on.”

Reluctantly, Laura dropped some of her shopping bags, took her key from her pocket, and opened the door. The alarm did not sound.

“Ya, there here.” concluded Laura as she reached for her bags and entered the house.

“O.M.G, that was so fun!” exclaimed Lexis as she dropped her bags in the foyer.

“Hell yah! And did you see that hot guy at Nordstrom?!”

“The one with the Ralph Lauren-”

“Yeah, that one!”

“Oh, my, god! Yeah, he was so hot!”

The two continued their conversation as they followed each other into the kitchen. Laura and Lexis prowled the refrigerator and the cabinets, both looking for something to eat.

Once they found their snacks, the two entered the family room and jumped on the long couch. They sat in silence for a few seconds, eating and relaxing, when Lexis’ phone beeped. Simultaneously, she dropped her bag of chips and reached for the phone.

“Like, what the fuck? That asshole George is still texting me.”

“Haha! Didn’t you dump him?”

“Ya, like weeks ago.”

“That’s like me and Greg. I dumped him and he can’t stop trying to talk to me. I’m like, ew!”

“That’s because you have big boobs.” said Lexis playfully.

“O-M-G, you too! Yours are bigger. ” replied Laura with a slight blush and a playful smile.

“Noooo.” They were flattering each other and humbling their selves, which was a normal social habit of the two. Lexis knew she had bigger breasts, yet she continued. “It just looks like that because of my dress."

Although that wasn’t the case, Lexis’ dress did a great job at accentuating her breast size. She wore a yellow sundress with a large U cut out at the chest-area, allowing anyone to see nearly half of each of her breasts. In fact, on several occasions during the day, her nipple would stick out by accident, for she did not wear a bra. The dress flowed down her torso, and stopped above her knees, leaving her perfect legs exposed.

Laura, on the other hand, wore a tight, white t-shirt, which did an excellent job at showing off the shape of her breasts. They were not as big as her twin sister’s boobs, but they were definitely large enough to catch the eye. She also wore tight booty shorts, which elaborately accentuated her perfect ass and its shape.

Hers was much better than her sisters.

“And then your ass is like, perfect!” continued Lexis.

“Oh, ya?” asked Laura, with a hint of shock veiled by the excitement in her voice. Without a request, Laura quickly stood from her position on the couch, turned around, and stuck her ass out towards Lexis in a bout of playfulness and excitement.

Lexis, in response, slapped her sister’s ass with humorous intent, and because she failed to control its force, Laura let out a slight scream.

Laura jumped a bit and let out a brief scream as her sister slapped her ass. A sudden rush of pain was followed by a slight sense of pleasure and euphoria. For a moment, she thought of what had just occurred.

Never before had anyone been so physically personal with Laura. She had been with a series of boys who were all popular and confident, but far too afraid to engage in any kind of intimate, physical activity with her, primary because she tended to express hatred towards sluts (although she fantasized about being one).

She, on the other hand, was afraid of starting any kind of intimate activity, because she always believed that her partners would be outraged, and end the relationship if she did so. Even though Lexis was her sister, she started to blush, and the fluids began to flow from her pussy.

Lexis knew that she hit her sister a bit too hard, and her mood quickly changed. “Shit, I’m sorry! I didn’t know-”

Laura did not want to end this, and she tried her hardest to block out her true emotions and feelings. She put up a fake smile and turned her face. “It’s fine, Lexie! I swear.”

Lexis paused for a moment, smiled, and reestablished her previous attitude. She then smacked Laura’s ass harder, but with playful connotation. “My god, sis, that’s for scaring me!”

Laura felt an even greater sense of euphoria this time. At the moment of the slap, her mind was flooded with fantasies and desires, and she did not want it to stop. She was very horny in an instant, but still had in her a small sense of the logical world.

“Ouch!” said Laura with a playful tone, as if messing around sexually with a boyfriend.

Lexis was greatly turned on by her sister’s tone. She was not as horny, but did not want things to veer off their current course. She was willing to break boundaries in order to prevent such a thing from occurring.

“You think that hurt?” asked Lexis before swiftly pulling her sister’s pants down, exposing her perfect, round ass and underwear. She then slapped Laura’s exposed cheeks with great strength, causing them to bounce and giggle.

Laura was nearly crippled by the pleasure of the slap, and Lexis was becoming horny at the sight of her sister’s ass. Laura was now extremely horny and wet, and wanted more. She predicted that her sister might push further. After a few seconds, Laura, whose face had become flushed, spoke.

“That was nothing, Lexie! Try harder next time!”

Lexie took this as an opportunity to progress the chain. She nearly ripped Laura’s thin underwear from its place and let them drop to her thighs. Once Laura’s perfect ass and pussy were completely exposed, she slapped again, and, of course, did it with the greatest of strengths.

“Yaaa!” exclaimed Laura, not with the playfulness that had once dominated the interaction, but with a tone distorted by the great horniness which began to dominate her psyche.

Lexis was turned on by the sight before her eyes. Laura blushed and stuck her ass out even more, her womanly juices now completely visible to Lexis as they dripped from her exposed pussy. Out of a newly developed instinct of horniness, Lexis slapped again, and again, and again, and again. Every slap produced a scream, or a moan, or a boost to the general horniness in the room.

Lexis was a few seconds away from abandoning all of her attempts to act as though she was playing round and move in on her sister’s pussy, when a noise began to sound from the floor above.

The two of them quickly snapped back to reality, and Laura had her underwear in place and her shorts back on in a matter of seconds.

“W-what is that noise?” asked Laura, her awkward tone caused by the sudden change in the emotional atmosphere of the room.

Below, the two sisters could hear the master bed creak and make noises, as though someone occupied it and moved around in it.

“Is that that dad’s bed?” asked Lexis.

“It sounds like it. But that doesn’t make sense.”

“Ya, I know. Aren’t they out? I mean, Rob never sleeps in their bed.”

The two paused, with confused looks on their faces. Finally, one of them broke the silence.

“Maybe we should check it out?”

The two quickly concurred and headed towards the master bedroom.

“What the hell?! What the fuck?!” Laura was in a state of immense shock because of the sight before her eyes. Lexis soon followed her sister into the master bedroom and saw her brother and her mother, both lying back to back in their father’s bed. Even worse, they appeared naked, almost as though they had fucked each other.

“W-what the hell is this?!” Lexis looked around and was baffled by all the evidence that occupied the room – the underwear on the floor, the cum stain on the bed sheets, the wet tissue on the floor.

“Did they-,” Laura stared at the bed and its occupants. “But they couldn’t have!”

Rob slowly woke from his great slumber. In the solace of his dormancy, Rob had forgotten his intercourse with his mother, and the fact that he slept with her. As reality beset him, he realized his arm around his mother’s breasts, his cock to his mother’s ass, and the wet cum that continued to seep through the sheets. But even worse, he noticed his two sisters at the entrance of the room, staring down at them as though they were demons.

Rob lay there, looking at his two sisters as though they were foreign objects. It was only until after a few seconds that he realized what everything meant.

“Oh shit!” exclaimed Rob as she jumped up from his position, nearly slamming his back onto the pillows at the head of his bed.

Katie, woken by the great interference around her, moaned, stretched, and yawned.

“What happened, Robbie?” asked Katie in the calmest of tones. Her nonchalant, tired attitude was soon morphed as she took a brief look at the head of the room and noticed what seemed to be her two daughters.

“Oh shit!” screamed Katie as she threw her body against her son’s. Rob, in fear, quickly wrapped his arm around his mother’s torso. The two of them sat up against the head of the master bed, Rob’s bare chest and abs above the covers, as well as his mother’s large breasts.

“Laura, Lexie! This isn’t-”

Lexis, with a sudden rage, began to shout. “Dad wasn’t good enough, so you start fucking Rob behind his back?! Your own son?!”

Rob attempted to better the situation. “Lexie, listen. Da-”

“No, you listen asshole!” interrupted Laura. “First, you can go to hell! Second, I’m telling dad!” Laura began to walk away from the room when Rob jumped out of the bed and ran towards her.

He quickly reached her back and grabbed her arm. By accident, his wildly waggling cock hit her hand and her left leg.

Laura was frozen in her place as she felt her brother’s cock hit her. She quickly turned around, and realized how stunning he was.

Rob was lean, ripped, and tall, with a nice, thick cock down below and a stunning face above.

“Listen, Laura. Don’t do that. You don’t need to.” said Rob slowly, as if trying to teach a deaf man how to read. Laura, on the other end, was too dumbfounded to respond.

“Ugh, fine. I’ll do it!” Lexis grew impatient with her sister and quickly shot out of the room, towards the home phone downstairs. Rob quickly dropped Laura’s arm and ran after Lexis.

“Lexie! Don’t! Stop!” Rob chased Lexis down the stairs and into the family room. He caught up as Lexis reached for the telephone. With great strength, Rob then pushed her against a wall, her face towards his.

He slammed both his hands on both sides of her head, effectively locking her in. He began to speak.

“Lexie, I know that you didn’t like what you saw, and that’s absolutely normal. But think about what you’re going to do to this family if you pick up that phone.”

“Rob, you-”

“Lexie, Lexie! I know what I did. I know what the both of us did. As bad as you may see it, telling dad about it will only split the family in half!”

Lexis was soon trapped by her brother’s charm. As she returned to a normal state, she began to feel an unusually cold breeze against her chest. She quickly glanced down and realized that one of her breasts had slipped out of her dress.

“Fuck! Not now!” thought Lexis as she examined her boob. She glanced down further at her brother’s thick cock, and began to blush.

Rob noticed his sister looking down, and his attention followed hers. He took a good glance at her sister’s exposed breast, and his eyes quickly shot up at his sisters. She did not look at him, however. Instead, he noticed her eyes glance down even further to his cock. As she began to blush, a slight relief came over him. He realized that she was attracted to him.

Rob took his left hand from the wall and used it to softly pinch Lexis’ cheek. Her eyes shot back up and met his.

“Sis,” he started passionately, “don’t worry about it. This won’t change a thing at all.”

Before Lexis could reply, Rob moved in and briefly kissed his sister on the lips, causing her to blush even more. He then placed his right hand on her soft breast, fondled it for a second, and managed to place it under her dress and in its proper place.

A thousand thoughts jumped into Lexis’ head as her brother handled her boob. The sudden pleasure that she experienced, as well as the kiss, restored the horniness that had built up in her while she slapped her sister’s ass.

At that moment, Lexis realized that everything she wanted in a man resided within her own brother. Like her sister before her, Lexis was frozen in place. If Rob wanted to reach for her wet pussy and play with it, or caress her hard nipples with his tongue, she could not have stopped him.

Rob, however, had no intention of fucking his sister – at least not at a moment like this. He was simply relieved she had fallen for him. He smiled at her, and continued.

“You don’t have to tell. Okay, Lexie?”

Lexis, lost in thoughts of romance and lust, could barely nod her head.

“Great!” said Rob before giving Lexis another kiss; one that exceeded the last in both length and passion. He then slowly turned towards the staircase to help his mother convince Laura.

As Rob turned away, Lexis, who was possessed by her feelings, raised her arm toward him, but did not have the courage to call him back. As he vanished from her sight, she stood there – her underwear now drenched by her fluids, her nipples hard, and her face flushed.

Rob was shocked to have found Laura helping Katie clean the master bedroom up.

“Laura! I didn’t think-”

“Don’t say anything right now, Rob. Just help us.” interrupted Laura, her face flushed and her eyes trying their hardest to focus on anything away from Rob. Rob quickly glanced at her mother, who was also focused on her tasks. Rob smiled, and praised his mother in his head. Whatever she did sure did work.

The three of them changed the bed sheets, cleaned up any visible traces of sperm, and freshened the area. When they were finished, Laura quickly walked past Rob, her eyes struggling to resist his, walked down the hall to her sister and hers’ room, and closed the door.

“Well excuse my language, but holy shit, mom! How did you manage to change Laura’s mind?”
Katie, anticipating her son’s words, quickly smiled. “Well, let’s just say I have the magic touch, babe.”

In response, Rob walked to his mother, wrapped his arms around her back, grabbed her ass, and gave her a soft, loving kiss. The two tongued for a bit, and Rob broke the kiss.

“I think I’ve figured that one out… babe.” Rob smiled and slapped his mother’s ass flirtatiously. His mother gave a big smile in response. She extended her arms on both sides of Rob’s neck, and began kissing him. She stopped only after feeling her son’s boner brush up against her stomach.

She let out a naughty laugh. “I don’t think we should have a round two tonight, Robbie. Especially since we’re all expecting hubby to get here soon.

“I know, I know.” Rob smiled as he gave his mother one last kiss and slapped her ass one last time. He then let go of her.

“I’m going straight to bed. I’m exhausted.”

Rob almost made it out of the room when his mother called his name.

“Robbie, thank you, really. I can’t imagine what tonight would have been like if you never had sex with me.”
“Mom, you thanked me by showing me the best time I ever had. Satisfying you was the least that I could do.”
His mom smiled at him, and turned her attention to the task of getting dressed. Rob walked out of the room, down the hall, into his room and closed the door. He turned the light out and jumped into his comfy bed. He fell asleep minutes later.
The night had passed by like a car on the highway. The girls had moved their shopping bags to their room, and Tom eventually came home. He was tired, and did not care much for conversation. He changed into his pajamas – large, red pants (he did not wear a shirt around the house) - and went downstairs to watch some television; an activity that had become quite awkward for the two. Tom stared at the television, wanting to avoid any confrontation with his wife. After a while, however, he succumbed to his guilt.

He let out a sigh and began. “Katie, I’m sorry about the anniversary. It’s just… these guys down at Abricom are giving us a hell of a hard time with this deal, and we’ve got so much staked on this. If I wasn-”

“Honey, don’t worry about it. I know you’re busy trying to keep this family afloat. You don’t have to explain yourself at all.” Katie’s mood and mentality had essentially been changed by her son’s cock.

Tom was quite shocked. “R-really? You mean you don’t want to hear why I couldn’t make our anniversary?”

“No, honey, it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re doing the right thing out there, it’s fine.”

Tom was extremely relieved to hear this. He always thought his wife hated him for his all-nighters. “Wow. O-okay, I understand."

Tom and Katie spent several minutes in silence before Tom reached for his phone and began sifting through his calendar. It was as if this discovery of his wife’s attitude reestablished his interest in her.
“Well Katie, you know what? We can still go out for dinner one of these days.”

Katie’s face shot up at Tom’s.

“How does Thursday sound?”

Katie smiled. “Thursday sounds great!” She then stood from her position on the couch, walked over to him, and sat beside him. She kissed him on his cheek, extended her arm behind him, and placed her head on his shoulder. The two sat there and fell asleep, both exhausted after a very long day.
Laura and Lexis lay silently on their bunk-bed, the lights still on in their room. Wrapping their heads around what happened earlier proved to be quite a task.

Lexis had at this point taken her dress off and changed into her pajamas (a tight T-shirt and a pair of underwear). On the bottom bed, she thought of what occurred in the family room. She remembered her nude brother playing with her breast and kissing her, as if she was his girlfriend. She thought of his warm breath against her face as he passionately spoke to her. These thoughts and memories repeated themselves in her head, and as the minutes passed, Lexis slowly morphed into a different girl. She thought of what would happen if she had grabbed Rob’s cock and caressed it, or what would happen if Rob took her entire breast into his mouth instead of fondling it. She thought of him tonguing her while he played with her pussy. She became so horny and possessed by her thoughts that she could not resist the impulse to masturbate.

Lexis took her underwear off slowly, so as to avoid suspicion from her sister, and began to run her fingers through her vagina before focusing in on her clit. Her mouth opened wide in ecstasy as she toyed with it - rubbing at different paces and squeezing it. The remainder of her sanity was invested in her attempts to keep quiet. Her every instinct pushed her to moan and scream, to rub so hard that the bed would begin to rock and shake.

As Lexis’ horniness reached its peak, she imagined Rob grabbing her by the throat, throwing her onto the family couch, and sliding his thick cock into her open mouth. He imagined him abusing her mouth until a thick load of his sperm roared out of his cock and into her throat. As she choked and struggled to get her air back, she imagined Rob forcing her into position and fucking her doggy-style, his hard and hungry cock in and out of her pussy as he slapped her ass and squeezed her tits.
Lexis was moments from reaching a climax when Laura unexpectedly poked her head down to Lexis’ bed.

Laura lay on the top bed, thoughts and ideas shooting through her head as if Socrates and Plato were debating in it. For a brief time, she thought of what her mother told her when Rob ran after Lexis. Although she was shocked to hear how and why her brother had fucked her mother, she was even more intent on wrapping her head around the thing that she and Lexis had going on prior to their discovery. Laura could still reproduce the event in her head, down to the smallest detail of every slap, and the emotions that followed each one. Even after a few hours, Laura could still feel the pain and pleasure vested in her ass by Lexis.

This session of thought did not make Laura horny, however, but full with regret. How could she have done such a thing with another girl, and even worse, with her own twin sister? For a long time, Laura believed that it was her duty to protect and nourish Lexis with love, but how could such a thing be true if she was trying to take advantage of her? Laura thought of Lexis slapping and pleasuring her as a form of abuse – Lexis as the victim and Laura as the evil suspect, using the veil of their sisterly relationship to conceal Laura’s true intentions of lust.

Laura could not suffer another second of guilt, and she was determined to apologize to her victimized sister. She quickly shot her head down to the bottom-bunk, and was shocked at the sight before her eyes.

When Laura discovered Lexis with her underwear off, her legs shaking, and her fingers glued to her vagina, she quickly shot her head back up to the ceiling, and began to blush.

Lexis nearly jumped when Laura looked down at her. Lexis was a fraction of a second from blurting an apology when Laura’s head quickly flew back up to the head bunk.

Lexis quickly threw her underwear back on, and waited for her sister to say something.

The two sisters awkwardly lay in their beds, Lexis anticipating some verbal form of criticism or apology, while Laura was too nervous to look back down at her sister. She knew, however, that she had to clear the air of awkwardness and address things before the night ended.

“Ummm… sis? You done down there?” stammered Laura nervously after a few minutes, her face flushed and her heart rate accelerating.

“Y-yeah.” Lexis didn’t have much else to say with all the awkwardness. “Um, I’m sorry, I guess.”

Laura was seconds from responding when she came to a great realization. “Lexis never masturbates.”
thought Laura. She then tried to remember all the hot guys the two came across, and her heart nearly stopped as Rob passed in and out of her mind. “She couldn’t be thinking about Ro…” Laura then quickly remembered Rob chasing Lexis down the stairs.

Laura stopped for a second, nervous at progressing the uncomfortable conversation, held her breath, and started to speak.

“You’re thinking about Robbie, aren’t you?” She let it out and sighed.

Lexis was shocked that Laura knew what she was thinking about. She was very overwhelmed by Laura’s discovery of the truth, and could not really think of lying.

“How did you know?” replied Lexis softly, embarrassed at the discovery.

Laura knew that she could not simply bring up such a touchy subject and let it go. She would have to address it and talk to Lexis about it. She slowly raised herself from her position and climbed down from her bed. Once she reached the floor, Laura awkwardly sat down on the side of Lexis’ bunk.

“You wanna tell me about it, Lexie?”

Lexis let out a small sigh, paused, and sat up.

“Umm… so when we walked in on mom and Rob, I really, really got angry. Like, I wanted to punch mom in the face, kind-of-angry. And then Rob got up and grabbed you, and I knew you didn’t move because you were looking at him. So I ran down, and he chased me. I reached the phone, and Rob pushed me back to the wall.”

“He pushed you?”

“Ya, I mean like, not angrily, but he pushed me. And he put his hands up and like, surrounded me.”

“So is that why you were thinking about him?” Laura was puzzled.

“No, no. My boob slipped out of my dress, Laura. When he pushed me.”

Laura quickly looked at Lexis, with surprise written across her face. She let Lexis continue, however.

“And…” a sigh, “and then I looked down and saw his… his-”

“His cock?” Laura was soft in tone and blatant in mannerism.

“Y-yeah.” Lexis could not look at her sister straight. “If I tell you what else happened, you will believe me, right?”

Laura’s brief look of confusion was replaced by a desire to hear the rest of the story. “Lexie, of course I will. I trust you.”

Lexis paused for a few seconds, and looked up at Laura. “He kissed me.”

Laura’s mouth widened in disbelief. “What?!”

“He kissed me.” she replied softly. “He kissed me twice.”

Laura shook her head in disbelief, and quickly reassured herself. “No, he couldn’t have. Or maybe it was brotherly, you know? Like when a mom and son kiss?”

“No, Laura… He kissed me like I was his girlfriend. And then he touched my boob and put it under my dress.

Laura was dumbfounded. She did not know what to think. Her brother, who had sex with her mother, also kissed her twin sister and played around with her private parts.

“We should tell, right?”

Lexis quickly reached for her sister’s arm and grabbed it. “No please, don’t! I… I enjoyed it, Laura. I was… I was masturbating because I wanted him to do more. I-I thought about him doing more to me than kissing.”

Laura did not speak. She simply stayed silent and let her sister continue. “Laura, I wanted him to do more to me, I don’t care if it was Rob. I just… I just never had a guy treat me like that. He was so confident and, and like fearless. It turned me on… a lot, and that’s why I was masturbating.

Lexis stopped, and waited impatiently for Laura to respond.

“Umm… so am I wrong for doing that?”

Laura sat in silence for a few seconds before responding. “Well, Lexie, I mean I guess not.” Laura knew that Lexis wasn’t completely right, but did not want to make her sister feel bad.

“For our age, and like, looking at the situation, I don’t think so.”

Lexis’ eyes brightened after hearing the comment. “You don’t?!”

“No.” Laura looked up at Lexis and smiled. “I mean, he is hot, and even though he’s little Rob, his cock is big. I can’t imagine you not thinking about him after that.”

Lexis smiled until she thought of Laura. “Wait, so, were you thinking about him too.”

Laura then blushed and looked toward Lexis. “No, Lexie… but… I’ve wanted to tell you something. It’s about what we did before we found mom and Rob.”

“When I slapped you?”

“Ya, Lexie. It’s just… I just… I wanted…” Laura was extremely nervous, and could not get the message out. She quickly stopped her stammering when Lexis laughed a little.

“I know! You liked it, didn’t you?” Laura’s face shot up at Lexis’.

“O-M-G, Laura!” exclaimed Lexis playfully. She then got up from her position and sat down next to Laura.

“You should stop being so uptight about your desires. If you liked it, just say so.”

“Well, I… fine! Ya, I liked it. I loved it.” Laura spoke and slowly turned her face to Lexis’. “And I could do it a thousand more times.”

A smile began to form on Lexis’ face. “Well, you know sis,” Lexis started playfully, “I’m still a bit horny." Lexis did not give Laura the time to respond. Instead, Lexis quickly gave Laura a kiss on the lips.

“Lexis… you kissed me.” said Laura softly, fluids beginning to flow from her vagina as she repeated the moment in her head.

“Ya, that’s right, Laura. I did. I never wanted to tell you, but I’ve got a thing for girls, too.” Lexis then gave Laura a second kiss. This one, however, was short, and when Lexis withdrew, she waited for Laura to respond.

“You don’t think…you don’t think it matters that we’re sisters, though?”

Lexis gave Laura a cute look, smiled, and shook her head.

In an instant, the level of Laura’s excitement and horniness jumped through the roof. She began to form words, but quickly stopped.

“Fuck it.” thought Laura before making a move on her sister. Like an animal crazed from starvation, Laura lunged her body towards Lexis and began kissing her.

For a moment, Lexis was shocked that her sister acted so impulsively, but began to smile and adapt as her sister ferociously made love to her. It was as if Laura had a craving for her for years.

Laura broke the kiss and pushed Lexis back to the head of the bottom bunk. On her knees, Laura then proceeded to take her shirt off, revealing her soft breasts and swelling nipples. Lexis smiled and began to take her shirt off when Laura quickly crawled to the head and grabbed Lexis’ hands.

Laura smiled, grabbed the center of Lexis’ t-shirt with both of her hands, and began exerting force towards two opposite directions. In a matter of seconds, Lexis’ shirt ripped from the center, exposing her perfect tits.

“You asshole!” said Lexis playfully. “I liked that shirt.”

“And I like those boobs better, Lexie.” Laura quickly grabbed both of Lexis’ breasts, and began French kissing her.

The two remained in that position for a while, until Laura took her right hand from Lexis’ boob and reached under her underwear.

Lexis broke the kiss and smiled as her sister began playing with her cunt. She then raised her ass, grabbed both sides of her underwear, and began to take it off.

Laura finished Lexis’ task and threw the underwear across the room. “We won’t be needing those.” said Laura, her voice mixed with lust and excitement.

Laura then began rubbing Lexis' clit as she used her mouth to both neck her sister and suck her tits. Lexis, in response, began moaning and drooling.

“Oh my god, Laura. It’s so good!”

Laura, encouraged by the compliments, took things to the next level. She took three of her fingers and jammed them into Lexis’ vagina.

Lexis eyes and mouth widened as her sister rammed those wet fingers into her vagina. She could only let out a few gasps in response to such a maneuver.

As passion filled the air, the two sisters lost their grip on reality. They did not hear their father walking towards their room.

Tom slowly woke up from his nap with his wife’s head slouched on his shoulder.

“What a day.” thought Tom as he cleared his eyes. He looked over at his beautiful wife and thought of everything that he had to look up to – Katie, his job, his home, and his kids.

“The kids.” he thought. Tom had not spoken to them in a few days due to differences in schedules, and he immediately thought it appropriate to go check on them.

Tom patiently moved Katie’s head off of his shoulder, stood, stretched, and began walking towards the staircase.

Tom stopped at Rob’s door, opened it, and saw that he was sleeping. He then continued down the hall to Laura and Lexis’ room. As he reached for the door, however, he stopped moving. He thought he heard something odd coming from the room.

He waited for a few seconds, shrugged his shoulders, and opened the door.

“You girls alri-”
Laura and Lexis froze in their place as their father barged into the bedroom. Laura, whose fingers were still in Lexis’ vagina, and whose hand was still on Lexis’ breast, seemed to have lost all strength in a moment. Her face turned completely red, and her mouth dropped as her father stared down at her. Lexis was also dumbfounded at the sight of her father. His appearance destroyed the air of excitement and lust in the room.

Tom could not believe what he was seeing. He froze for several seconds and began blinking repeatedly, as if in a dream. His sweet daughters lay before him, one with her fingers in the other’s vagina, and the other being fondled while wearing a T-shirt that had apparently been ripped into pieces.

“D-dad…” stammered Laura nervously, in anticipation for her father to do something.

After examining the two, Tom concluded that it would be appropriate for him to look at the floor, away from his nude daughters. When he did, however, he saw Lexis’ stripped, grey underwear, with a little wet patch on it.

“Dear god… already?” he thought as the initial shock began to wear off. Tom then let out a loud sigh.

“Dad, I’m so sorry. We didn’t-”

“Lexie, Lexie…” his father began, and Lexis stopped. He let out another sigh, and continued, “I don’t know if it’s right to say this, but it’s okay.” Rob slowly walked over to the room’s desk and sat in the chair.

“I know it might not be the most appropriate time, but I’ve been meaning to have this conversation with you girls for a while. It’s about sex.”

The two girls were extremely relieved that their father did not get angry at them. They simply kept quiet and let him do the talking.

“You girls are getting older, and you’re starting to blossom.” Tom took a good look at his two girls, and actually began to notice how beautiful they were. He felt his cock get a little hard, however, and his eyes quickly shot up at their faces in an attempt to suppress such thoughts about his own daughters.

“You need to understand that boys,” a pause, “and men are out there are looking at you, and when they’re talking to you, they don’t have very pure thoughts on their minds. You need to understand that this world is changing for you two, and that life isn’t gonna be like it was when you were little girls.” Tom paused and realized that his cock was slowly stiffening. He was rambling because he was starting to lose his ability to think logically.

“I don’t know if you girls have been in and out of relationships yet, or if you’re in them right now, but you need to realize that sex is going to become an important part of your lives pretty soon… if it already hasn’t. You need to understand that safe sex is very, very important. Always make sure your partner uses condoms… and make sure you’re always on birth control.”

Tom paused again. He glanced down and noticed that his cock had grown even longer, and was starting to collide with the pajama’s fabric. He had to get out of there as soon as possible, and he quickly stood.

“I-I’ll go out and buy some of those for you two; and one more thing. It’s about you two.”

Laura and Lexis began tensing up.

“You’re young and you’re experimenting with many different things, as anyone your age should be doing. This won’t get you pregnant either, so as long as you two do this behind closed doors, I won’t mind. And please… please don’t tell your mother about this little conversation we’re having, alright?”

The two of them quickly lost their nervousness, and both smiled. Lexis nearly shot off her bed and ran the short distance to her father. Once she reached him, she gave him a big hug.

Lexis’ boobs pushed up against her father’s bare stomach, causing his cock to stiffen completely. He could feel her hard nipples pinpointing certain areas of his stomach. Through his pants, his boner rested on her stomach. He wanted to break free as fast as possible, but his daughter locked him in.

She slowly looked up at him. “Thank you so much, dad! You’re the best!”

Tom simply replied with the nod of his head.

Lexis looked back up at her dad and frowned. “Don’t be so mean, dad! Hug me!” She finished by sticking her tongue out at Tom.

Tom was too afraid of wrapping his arms around his daughter, thinking that things would be a little too physical. Under pressure from his beautiful daughter, however, Tom quickly cracked.

As he wrapped his arms around his daughter, Tom mistakenly aimed his hands too low, and did not properly control his speed. Both of Tom’s hands collided with and slapped Lexis’ butt.

“Shit!” thought Tom as he rested his hands on his daughter’s sore ass. He was utterly nervous, and at the same time, getting harder and harder as the situation escalated.

A quick shot of pain was followed by a massive jolt of pleasure as Lexis’ father smacked her ass. Its intensity caused Lexis’ legs to wobble. Her face, now red, quickly shot up at her father’s, and she smiled.

“Daddy!” shouted Lexis playfully with a smile.

“Now I-I did not mean that, Lexie, you know that.”

Lexis managed to free one of her arms from under her father’s manly grip, and quickly reached for her vagina. She used her fingers to pick up some of the fluids, and raised it up to her father.

“Look, daddy. You’re getting me wet!” said Lexis jokingly before laughing. Tom did not take this as a joke however. He began to blush a bit, and his cock reached its peak. It was so hard that it began to push Lexis’ stomach in. At that point, he broke the hug.

As he released and backed away towards the door, his cock leveled, and its shape was observable through the fabric. Lexis quickly took notice, and pointed at it.

“Dad!” She smiled, her left hand over her mouth, and her right hand pointed at his hard cock.

Embarrassed, Tom began to turn towards the door when Lexis quickly rushed her father and grabbed his cock through the fabric.

In response, a shocked Tom took hold of Lexis’ wrist and threw it away from his boner.

“Woah, woah! Lexie! That is not appropriate! No daughter should act like that with her father!”

Lexis did not respond seriously, however.

“Oh ya?” Lexis quickly turned around, pressed her ass to his boner and began shaking it. Through the fabric, Tom could feel her daughter’s ass bouncing up and down as it brushed up on his hard cock. Tom was nearly ready to cum.

Before Tom could stop Lexis, however, Laura ran towards her sister and pulled her away.

“Lexie!” said Laura sharply, as if a stern mother addressing her wrongful daughter. Lexis quickly stopped and her mood became far more serious. She stared at Laura, waiting for her to say something.

“Lexie! You’re doing it wrong!” In less than a couple of seconds, Laura grabbed the edge of Tom’s pajamas and managed to pull them down to his thighs, exposing his bare cock. She then turned around and began grinding her large ass against his boner.

Fortunately for Tom, Laura still wore underwear, but he was frozen in place by her bare ass cheeks, which brushed up against his cock. As Laura, who was now laughing with Lexis, began to pull her underwear down, Tom quickly snapped back.

Laura managed to get half of her bare ass out before her father intervened. He gently pushed Laura off, pulled his pants up, quickly opened the door, and ran out. He then shut it with force, as if trying to escape a fleet of zombies.

“Dear god, what has gotten into these girls?” asked Tom aloud, too tired to express anger, and too excited to begin a solemn mood. He slowly walked towards the master bedroom, jumped on the bed, and began to fall asleep.

Thursday, the Following Week

Tom managed to clear his schedule, and took the day off to hang out with Katie. By the time Laura and Lexis got home, the two were already gone.

The two sisters put their bags down in the foyer and walked into the kitchen. They were very bored after a long day of school, and wanted some action. They had been toying with each other the entire week, however, and both wanted to do something else.

“Hey Lexie, let’s go out to the mall.”

“You read my mind, babe!” replied Lexis with a smile. “It’s a date.”

“Ya, I just need to shower first, though. I’m so dirty. Let’s do it together.”

“I already showered at school.” Lexis stuck her tongue out at Laura playfully. “I had gym today.”

Laura gave Lexis a playful frown and began walking towards the stairs. “Fine, then, be that way. I’ll be down in like, forty minutes.”

“’Kay, Laura.” Lexis kept her eyes on Laura until she walked out of sight. Lexis then took her phone out and began to text.

Ten minutes passed, and Lexis dropped her phone on the counter. She quickly discovered how boring the wait was going to be when she realized Laura had not yet turned on the shower.

“Ugh. Something to do… something to do...” Lexis looked around the room and jumped when she noticed her brother at the entrance of the kitchen.

“Holy shit! You scared me, Robbie.”

Rob let out a small laugh and walked towards Lexis. He was not wearing a shirt, but wore basketball shorts which poorly concealed the fact that he wasn’t wearing underwear. Lexis began blushing.

“W-when did you get here?”

“I was here all along. I had a study hall last, so I just walked home and left early.”

“Oh, wow. You’re so-”

Rob reached Lexis and interrupted her with a kiss. “You were asking for something to do before?”
Lexis’ face quickly became flushed and she began to smile.

“Oh my god, Robbie!” exclaimed Lexis embarrassingly. “What’s gotten into you? Weren’t you like, shy a week ago?”

“Well, to be honest,” Rob French kissed Lexis and grabbed onto her ass, “I took a good look at you that night, and that changed me.” Rob smiled. “I think I should pay you back for not telling dad, sis.”

Lexis began smiling due to her increased excitement and responded, “Oh, really? And how were you going to do that?”

Keeping his eyes on Lexis’, Rob managed to unbutton her jeans, and gently pushed them down her leg. Soon after, Rob placed both hands on Lexis’ panties and ripped them around the ass area.

“Damn. You two keep fucking up my clothes.” said Lexis softly.

He laughed a little. “So you and Laura were fucking each other?” Rob asked lustfully as he continued to rip Lexis’ underwear apart.

Lexis was a bit shocked. “Oh my god, stop!” said Lexis playfully. “How’d you figure it was Laura?” A pause. “Maybe it was mom who ripped my shirt… or daddy.”

Rob was now grabbing and slapping her ass. “Well, Laura told me.” Rob briefly kissed Lexis’ neck. “And she sent me down here to fuck you.”

Lexis’ fluids began to drop from her pussy as she thought of it all.

Rob did not give Lexis the time to speak, however. He quickly raised his hands from her ass to her waist. He put his hands on both of Lexis’ sides, and picked her up. He then sat her down on the counter, and took his basketball shorts off, revealing his hard and hungry cock.

Lexis’ heartbeat accelerated as her body succumbed to the effects of excitement. She had been fingered many times by this sister, but she had never been fucked, especially by someone so hot.

Rob stepped out of his shorts and put his hands on Lexis’ legs.

“We’re just gonna fuck, Robbie?” asked Lexis, her voice blended with a hint of disappointment.

“What gentleman would do that?” Rob smiled and got on his knees. He then spread her legs, and began exploring every corner of her vagina with his tongue.

“That’s more like it, Robbie. Keep doing that… please!”

Rob responded by speeding up. He licked her wet pussy softly for a while, and began using his entire mouth, causing Lexis to breathe faster and moan.

As Rob ate her pussy out, he managed to reach her tits, and began fondling them through her T-shirt. In an instant, Lexis took her shirt off and let Rob toy with her exposed breasts. Lexis threw her shirt to a wall, and placed both her arms behind her back. She relaxed as her brother ravaged her vagina and played with her boobs.

As a finale, Rob found Laura’s clit and began sucking on it.

“Oh shit! Yes!” Lexis was thrown into a world of lust and pleasure as her brother sucked her clit. She did not want to have a full blown orgasm at that point however, and as her legs began to shake, she quickly took Rob’s tongue from her from her vagina. “I want your cock in my mouth.”

Rob quickly stood and sat up on the counter beside Lexis, his boner thrashing about as he situated himself. He then imitated her position and stretched his arms behind him, as if relaxing at the park.

In response to her brother, Lexis stood her knees on the wide counter, turned her body towards Rob’s cock, and rested her tits on his leg. She then went down on his cock and took it into her mouth. Rob slowly opened his mouth and let out a quiet moan.

Unexpectedly, Lexis sucked Rob’s cock like a pornstar. From the side, she used her right hand to jack off the bottom of his cock as she took the head into her mouth. She let spit and drool accumulate on his shaft. At one point, his cock had gotten so wet that Lexis slurped on it.

Rob sat on the edge of the counter-top in ecstasy as his sister sucked his swollen cock, slurped on it, and made noises. He was seconds from ejaculating, but he wanted to preserve such a sensational feeling.

He grabbed his preoccupied sister’s hair and pulled on it. Lexis let his wet cock slide out of her mouth and she look up at him.

“Where the fuck did you learn to suck like that?” asked Rob, desperate to extent his endurance for a few moments.

Lexis smiled. “I used to practice on popsicles.”

Rob let out a small laugh. “You’re such a slut.” he then looked down to her lower back, which stood up into the air, and got a great idea in his mind – one which would help keep her off his cock for a bit.

“I wanna play with your ass.” said Rob as he moved farther away from Lexis, in an attempt to give Lexis more space to lie down.

Lexis, quickly catching on to her brother’s plans, got off her knees and lay down on her stomach. She had enough space to lay completely flat, and when Rob stopped moving, she was able to crawl towards his position. She stopped when her boobs hit Rob’s leg. She then took his cock back into her mouth, and resumed her sucking.

“Oh shit, that’s so good.” Rob was quickly immersed in an undiscovered dimension of pleasure as his sister fucked his thick cock with her mouth. He took his right hand and lowered it to her ass, where he began to play around with her cheeks. After a while, he moved his hands down to her pussy and began to rub it.

Lexis started moaning as she filled her mouth with her brother’s cock, causing it to vibrate. The masturbation encouraged Lexis to speed up. Her head bobbed up and down on his cock, and as she hastened her blowjob, she accidentally took a portion of his cock down her throat.

Rob nearly jumped from his position when Lexis took some of his cock into her throat. His left arm quickly shot from its relaxed position as he subtly jerked forward. Lexis could feel the movement through her boobs, and looked up at Rob.

“I’m sorry.” She blushed and apologized as drool and pre-cum fell from her chin.

“No, no, no, it’s fine.” Rob was in a bit of a daze from the pleasure. “Do that some more, sis.”
Lexis briefly smiled and reached for his cock when Rob laughed. “I bet you didn’t practice this at all with your Popsicle.”

“No,” Lexis licked the side of his cock and kissed its head, “it’s the first thing I mastered.” In a matter of seconds, Lexis took the majority of Rob’s cock into her throat.

Rob could have fainted when he felt his sister’s tonsils messaging his submerged cock. He was about to blow.

Lexis did not stop. Without gagging, she was able to speed up her deep-throat, and began making noises as Rob’s cock repeatedly entered and left her throat.

Once more, he was on the verge of climaxing, and did not yet want to. “Shit, shit, shit!” Rob quickly grabbed his sister’s hair and took her off his cock.

“We’re going upstairs, Lexis.”

Lexis used her two arms to slowly propel her upwards, until their faces were aligned. “But I want to taste your-”

Rob quickly tongue kissed his sister. He was then able to reach and slap her ass, causing Lexis to jump a bit.

“We’re going upstairs with Laura.”

Lexis frowned, paused, and stuck her tongue out at Rob. “Fine then, asshole.”
Laura was stark-naked and about to enter the shower when the bathroom’s door flung open. She was not startled, however, and quickly smiled.

“You two came up here after all.” She turned around and first noticed Rob, who was completely naked, and whose cock was glimmering at the tip and shaft.

“I see you had some fun down there.”

“Not enough, sis.” Lexis came from behind Rob, with the same banging body Laura had been pleasuring the entire week.

“How about we all take a shower together?” asked Rob with a smile.

“After all, the both of us did get a little dirty downstairs.”

“Ya.” agreed Lexis with a lustful tone. She grabbed her brother’s wet cock and began pulling him towards Laura and the shower. Once the two reached the shower, Laura voluntarily lunged toward Rob and began kissing him. She then grabbed the wrists of both his arms and moved them behind her, towards her ass. She was pressuring Rob to grab her perfect ass as the two French kissed, and Rob was very willing to submit.

As Rob grabbed at Laura’s ass and kissed her, Lexis began stroking her brother’s wet boner.

“I think I should finish what I started earlier.” Lexis bent down on her knees and began sucking on her brother’s cock. She developed a pattern; she would suck and lick on the head of his cock before moving on and off the shaft.

Lexis took pride in her sucking skill. All she had to practice was some ice-pops, and now she was sucking her brother’s sweet cock like a pornstar. She did not like, however, the circumstances of the situation. Lexis glimpsed over to the side and noticed that Rob had begun rubbing Laura off as he kissed her, and immediately, she felt like a discarded slut – left to struggle with Rob’s cock as her sister had all the fun.

Lexis briefly displayed on her face a wicked smile as she took her brother’s cock in.

“Why don’t I speed this up?” thought Lexis. She wrapped her arms around his legs and grabbed both his tight ass cheeks. With the newfound support that was her brother, Lexis then opened her mouth wide, aligned her mouth with his cock, and pulled her brother’s ass towards her as she thrust her head forward onto his cock.

Rob immediately broke the kiss and his legs began to shake as his cock completely vanished in Lexis’ mouth.

“Oh shit! W-what the fuck?” Rob shouted in a bout of confusion as his attention immediately shifted to Lexis. He was stunned as he watched his sister force his cock down her throat repeatedly, as if her life depended on it. He became excited, and he could feel his swollen cock about to blow.

“F-fuck. I’m gonna cum.”

Lexis looked up at Rob and smiled. She then shoved his cock farther down her throat than she had ever done before, and Rob’s legs began to weaken when he released his load down his sister’s throat.

Lexis did not have enough time to choke on the sperm. She swallowed every drop of it, and after several seconds, Rob regained his posture and slowly removed his cock from her mouth.

“Holy shit, Lexie. When did you learn to suck like that?” Laura looked on with amazement.

Lexis slowly stood, pleased by the attention, and answered. “Mom’s Popsicles.”

Laura then let out a small laugh and turned towards the shower. She turned it on, and was glad that the water was already warm.

“We should-”

“We’re not done, Laura.” Rob came up behind Laura and interrupted her. He practically pushed Laura into the walk-in shower, and she ran into the wall opposite the entrance, her face against the wall and her ass facing towards her siblings. Rob did not give Laura the time to turn around or respond. He nearly ran up behind her and pinned her to the wall.

Laura was a bit shocked, but began to enjoy the rough treatment.

“Lexis told me you liked being treated like a dirty whore.”

Excitement began to develop within Laura, but she still found it necessary to resist a little bit.

Before Laura could finish, Rob took his left hand and, with great strength, slapped the center of her ass.

Both cheeks wildly bounced around as Laura threw her hands up against the wall and opened her mouth wide, shocked at the force of the slap. She did not feel much pain, however. A jolt of pleasure quickly spread throughout her body, and she was almost crippled by it. She let out a brief scream, and her wet face became flushed.

A jet of water bounced off Lexis’ boobs as she entered the shower. She quickly walked the very short distance to Laura and began following her little brother – powerfully slapping her sister’s ass and causing her to scream.

Rob stood on Laura’s left and Lexis on her right. The two continuously slapped and beat Laura’s beautiful ass, and as Laura’s ass began to redden, the situation intensified.

Lexis let her brother take over as she shifted focus to Laura’s vagina. She started rubbing it softly and gently, but as Rob’s slaps increased in force, and as Laura’s screams got louder, Lexis began speeding up, and eventually, stuck four fingers into Laura’s wet vagina.

Laura was quickly entranced by the combined pleasure of her brother’s beating and her sister’s finger-fuck. She began convulsing and shaking as her siblings’ actions intensified. Eventually, Laura reached her climax, and fell to her knees.

Lexis drew her hands back as she witnessed Laura hit the floor. She shook uncontrollably, and it almost looked as though Laura passed out for a second.

As Laura’s orgasm subsided, Lexis began to get wetter at the sight. She began rubbing her clit slowly as she watched Laura struggle to stand, drool still falling from her mouth.

Laura stood up against the wall she was once beaten on, still struggling to regain her posture.

“Holy shit… that was insane.” Laura smiled.

Rob’s cock was once again hard, primarily because of his sister’s orgasm. He was very happy when he glanced over at Lexis.

“My turn!” exclaimed Lexis, who now occupied the side of the shower opposite the jet. Both her arms were against the wall, and her pussy pointed out towards Rob, awaiting his thick cock.

Rob impatiently went over to Lexis. Instinctively, he slapped her ass. He then aligned his cock with her vagina, and slowly began thrusting into her.

Rob started off slowly, treating Lexis like the virgin she was, and as minutes passed, he sped up. Lexis was already beginning to feel the pleasure, but she grew impatient with the pace.

“Speed up, Robbie! Fuck me harder.”

Rob slowed down and smiled. “You asked for it.” Rob then grabbed on to Lexis hips, and began thrusting his cock into her like a crazed animal. As he thrust forward, he used his superior force to push her onto his cock, as Lexis had done earlier with her deep-throat.

“I’ll fuck you harder, Lexie!”

Lexis balled her hands into fists and bit her lip as her brother rammed his cock into her tight pussy.

“Oh shit! Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh” Lexis continued to repeat the same noise after each of Rob’s thrusts.

About two minutes in, the sex started to escalate as the two were coming closer to their respective climaxes. Rob began to feel his cock swell and harden to its pinnacle as he worked his cock in and out of his sister’s vagina. He did not want to end the feeling, and figured that changing positions might help.

Rob quickly released his cock from Lexis vagina, and sat down on the shower’s floor. Lexis quickly followed her brother, and as Rob lay completely on the floor, Lexis moved herself over Rob and slowly slid onto his cock.

Lexis wanted Rob to cum in her, and was tired of him delaying the inevitable. As Rob moved his torso toward Lexis, she pushed him back to the floor, and began bouncing on and off her brother.

Rob lay on the shower floor and watched as Lexis bounced on and off his cock, while Laura stood behind her masturbating. The sight was wonderful, and he was coming awfully close to his climax. He tried to clear his mind, and as Lexis fucked him, he moved his head towards the shower’s ceiling and closed his eyes.

Nothing seemed to work, however, and when Rob mistakenly opened his eyes and glanced at Lexis’ breasts waggling in the air, he could no longer hold back for another second.

Rob raised his torso, grabbed his sister’s waist, and began fucking her like a maniac.

Lexis was already on the verge of a climax and immediately began convulsing as her muscles tensed. She tried to break free from the position, but Rob simply grabbed her back and forcefully rammed his cock into her as she entered her orgasm.

As Rob sped up, Lexis’ orgasm intensified, and at its peak, she propelled off him and began squirting fluids from her vagina. She uncontrollably shook and convulsed while fluids shot from her vagina.

As Lexis’ orgasm persisted, Laura noticed that Rob’s rock-hard boner had not yet subsided. Rob never reached his climax.

Laura took her fingers from her vagina and impulsively walked towards Rob. Once at his foot, she knelt down and put his cock in her mouth. She was not as experienced and skilled as Lexis, but Laura still managed. As she sucked his cock, Laura used her tongue to massage the veins on the head of his cock, and used her mouth to create a vacuum effect on his penis.

Rob only lasted a few more seconds. The first shot of cum flew into Laura’s mouth, and she jumped back a bit. Rob’s cock left her mouth and his cum splattered all over her face as Rob’s muscles tightened for several seconds.

The three lay there, Lexis recovering from her massive orgasm, Laura licking the cum from her face, and Rob breathing heavily after the session. The three siblings had broken the boundary and fucked for the first time. How much farther were they willing to go?

R Martin Best

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