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Comments are appreciated. Part 2 is almost done.

"Wait, what?" Jim yelled.

"Yeah, I just thought it would be nice if we got to know each other, and all my friends need a break," Lilly answered. She had been trying to hang out with him since her close friend had married Jim's father and the beach house was the perfect opportunity..

"Ok, well, I need to go and pack and everything."

"I already did, for you," she replied as she drove out of the school carpool lane. Jim went through a checklist of things he would need for the week long trip in which she casually confirmed each thing had been packed.

When the two arrived to the beach house Jim was greeted by four of Lilly's friends.

"Hey, you must be Barbs stepson! I'm Diane, this here is Olivia, Meredith, and Allie." Jim noticed Diane and the girls she pointed at were all in their mid 20's and very attractive, just like Lilly.

"Honey, grab our bags and meet us inside," Lilly said. Jim walked to the trunk and grabbed the one bag inside. He was surprised not to see at least another bag so when he got inside he opened it up and saw it was full of Lilly's clothes, and only Lilly's clothes.

"Hey, Lilly? I don't see any of my clothes?" Jim yelled upstairs.

"Oh shoot, I must of left that bag at your house, sorry Jim!" He was not very surprised, she was prone to forget things. "I guess that leaves out swimming," he said to himself.

Jim went into the living room to find everyone packing up to go to the beach. "Jim, you coming?" Olivia asked.

"No, no, I think I will just take a shower," he replied before walking into the bathroom. He undressed and turned on the shower. Before Jim could get in Angie barged in.

"Hey, what the fuck!" Jim yelled.

"Oh," she looked down at his hands covering his penis, "don't flatter yourself, I just need to grab some sunscreen lotion." Angie walked behind him and grabbed the lotion out of the cabinet, and made sure to squeeze Jim's ass before leaving.

Jim finished up his shower and hung out for a while after that. The girls came back and before long dinner was served. Lilly asked Jim at the table, "Honey, why are you wearing your dirty clothes?"

"Well, I don't have anything else to wear," Jim said, confused on why she was surprised. Lilly just gave him an unhappy, judgmental, expression as a reply.

During dessert Allie and Meredith proposed everyone go into the hot tub afterwards, for which the other three girls agreed. Everyone had their suits on underneath, so they headed straight to the hot tub. Jim was engaged in the middle of a conversation during this, and did not realize he was attending the event until Lilly reminded him, "Jim you can't wear those dirty shorts in here."

"Oh I'm not coming in, I just was-"

"Jim you need to stop being so shy! I am not going to let you go through this weekend without swimming or going into this hot tub."

Jim firmly stated, "I am not going to get naked in front of everyone."

"That's fine, we'll look away long enough for you to get in," and without waiting for him to accept the terms she covered her eyes, and the girls followed her example. Jim quickly slid his clothes off and jumped in.

"If I'm honest, this isn't that bad. Just relaxing in a hot tub," Jim told himself. After he accepted his position he got comfortable and started talking again.

After an hour everyone had gotten out besides him and Olivia. When their conversation subsided he almost got out before remembering his lack of clothing. He looked around for his shorts but there was no sign of them. Olivia realized what was wrong and walked inside before he could ask her of anything.

"Fuck, what am I supposed to do now?" Jim asked himself. After considering his options and not getting any replies from his calls for Lilly he decided he would have to make a run for it. The hot tub was on the deck and he knew he did not want to go through the kitchen. "I'll run downstairs, go inside, and get to my room as quickly as possible. Everyone should be in the living room, outside the kitchen, on the main floor," he reassured himself. So Jim took one last look, climbed out, made sure his hands were properly holding his cock and balls, and quickly walked downstairs.

When Jim reached the downstairs doors, to his horror, he saw all the girls directly inside, talking (and drinking). Before he could turn around the doors slid open. "Come on in, Jim," one of them yelled out to him. Without time to make up his mind he slowly walked inside where he faced the five girls.

"We were just talking about you. What sports were you telling me that you played?" Lilly asked in a friendly tone. Jim slowly sat in an empty chair, keeping his hands over his parts.

"I, I, I play a mix of them, really," he eventually got out. No one took note in his answer, as they had already switched topic in the conversation. Jim was amazed he sat there naked, and that no one was making too much of a big deal about it. He was not comfortable, but being able to listen to them talk about other things made it easier for him to silence his mind.

After half an hour the oven timer went off. "Oh! I forgot about the brownies! Jim, come help!" Lilly cheerfully requested. Jim wanted to tell her he was in no shape to be moving around, but any mention of his condition scared him too much. Jim grabbed his package tightly and walked upstairs with Lilly. He moved with his head down because he knew all the girls must of stared at his ass.

Lilly took out the brownies with delight and cut them into squares. "Jim can you take out the vanilla ice cream, please?" Jim faced the fridge and opened the door with his right hand, grabbed the ice cream with his left, closed the door, passed the container to his right hand, covered his cock and balls with his left hand, and gave the container to Lilly. He was relieved to succeed at that hot potato. Soon Lilly had dished out everything. She grabbed three bowls and pushed them into Jim's chest and grabbed the other two and lead him back downstairs. Jim was sweating bullets by now. He had no form of cover at all while he held the bowls. He would be exposed to four girls, and then Lilly.

As Jim entered the room after Lilly he noticed, contrary to his previous visit, the girls were obvious in their staring. He tried to walk quickly enough to stay close behind Lilly for cover, but he ended up just making his cock bounce more, left and right, left and right. As he passed out the bowls to the grinning girls he found himself still holding one. In response to his confused expression Allie piped in, "
Diane is in the bathroom. She will be back soon." So Jim stood there, next to Meredith, with his two hands holding onto the bowl. He took note at how few inches his penis was from Meredith's face. He considered taking one hand away from the bowl and covering up but he knew that would admit embarrassment. He did not want to show weakness.

When Diane returned she came in with the biggest smile of all, staring right at his penis. "Well, hello, Jim!" All the girls started laughing uncontrollably. Jim had nothing to reply. He only smiled a bit, out of nervousness. No one was really talking to him directly. Diane then asked Lilly, "Lilly why don't you keep him this way? I think we all prefer Jim in this... condition!" The crowd cheered, and Lilly laughed and smiled. The worst part about this, for Jim, was he could not tell if she was joking, "They can't be serious? Why am I being treated like I don't have a say in what happens here?" he thought.

"I can't say I don't agree with you!" Lilly interrupted Jim's thoughts.

Jim decided to just sit down, and as he did everything started to cool down. Once seated though, Meredith criticized his cross legged sitting style, "Hey, don't hide the good stuff, kiddo!" She quickly grabbed both of his ankles and pulled them out. As the girls again cheered, Meredith decided she was not done, and grabbed Jim's entire package, pulled it forward, and layer it down. Now his penis layer straight forward on top of his sack, which laid on the hard wood floor.

Nothing much happened that night. Jim sat like that until the party ended. Although he hated it, he knew the girls wanted to see it all, at all times.

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2016-08-24 01:09:03
Lucky stiff! wish it was ME!


2012-12-13 21:32:40
You're right. That theme is more more the general series (Part 2 and beyond)

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2012-12-13 17:11:56
If the girls are in their 20s, I don't think they are teens anymore. And they would probably go under older females. Just saying.

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