Consanguity refers to genetic relationships between people and is often used interms of mating. Consanguity comes form the Latin meaning same blood. This has been another longtime fetish of mine. I
Saturday, Aug 18, 1973

Steve Murphy was a skinny 18 year old with long greasy blonde hair and a scraggly beard. He was wearing the uniform of a hippie, tattered blue jeans, a peasant shirt, a vest festooned with buttons and patches advocating, peace, love and drugs. His eyes were bloodshot and the smell of patchouli and marijuana hung off of him. He was carrying a tired duffel bag he bought used from an Army Navy Store. The bottom of the duffle bag had a crooked peace sign painted on it and the words "Ban the Bomb!" painted on the side in cracked white paint. He also carried a battered guitar case with a guitar he didn't quite know hot to play.

He was hitching his way across the country, trying to make his way to Berkley where he was enrolled for the fall semester. His last ride had left him Albuquerque. When he had set out from Yonkers three months ago, his plan was to hold up a sign that said "California" and hope for the best. By the time he got to Dallas he realized just how far north Berkley was to LA which is the direction that most of his rides took him. Now he was in New Mexico in a classic, "You can't there from here." bind. He was going to have to go almost all the way to LA before he could go north.

He checked his pockets and realized he was flat broke. He was done traveling for the day. It was getting late and he knew that he wouldn't be able to catch a lift until morning. He looked around the square where he had been dropped off and saw a seedy little bar called the Lone Saguaro. He walked into the dimly lit bar and saw a woman behind the bar.

"Excuse me ma'am. I'm on my way to school in California and I've run out of money. I was wondering if I could wash dishes, or clean in exchange for a meal and something to drink."

His eyes were accustoming to the dark interior and he realized that what he had assumed was a middle aged woman was in fact a girl about his age. She looked Mexican with dark skin, long black hair and coal black eyes. Her large breasts strained against a white tank top. A small piece of turquoise and silver jewelry hung between them. She pulled him a beer, and said, "Let me check." She walked back into the kitchen and Steve admired the curve of her hidden under a long black skirt.

Steve could feel his cock harden. It had been a couple of days since he had had real food but a couple of weeks since he had had any pussy. Modern women were alleged to be open for free love, but all of the women that he had met along the way were attached or just not interested.

The woman came back with a plate of enchilada's covered in green chile. She put it down in front of Steven and said. "You eat this quick and work in the kitchen until we are done cleaning. We close at midnight. Expect to be here until 2."

Steven dug into the plate of food and said, "This is delictious. I've never had anything like it before in my life. It's so flavorful and spicy."

The young woman offered her hand. "I'm Claudia Sanchez."

"My name is Bob Roberts." Steven lied, and he wasn't sure why. He had never seen the woman before and was sure he would never see her again. He had no plans to even go to New Mexico again, but for some reason he was afraid of her knowing his real name.

After Steven finished his dinner he went back into the kitchen where he cleaned glasses and plates until closing time. When the bar closed he was sent out to clean the dining room with Claudia. She had him washing down tables and mopping floors while she stood behind the bar washing glassed.

"Where are you from?"

"So you are going off to school?" she asked.

"UCLA." He lied again. He wanted to fuck her more than anything he had in his entire life, but he couldn't stop himself from telling her stupid lies.

"So you are 18?"

"Just turned 18 in May." Finally the truth he thought.

"It's a good thing the war is ending. I would hate to see someone as cute as you dying in Vietnam."

The cook came out with some food wrapped in foil and set it on the bar. He said something to Claudia in Spanish and headed out.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine. I have Bob here with me."

"He's what I'm worried about."

Claudia hopped up onto the bar and turned to face Steven. He legs were slightly spread but her ankle length skirt covered everything. "Was my father right to worry about you? Are you going to ravish me and take away my innocence?"

Steven dropped the mop and ran over to the bar. He quickly tore off her tank top revealing a pair large breasts with large chocolate nipples. He started to paw at her right breast. His fingers kneaded the soft flesh while his mouth attacked the other one. He sucked on her left nipple and felt it crinkle in his mouth. He bit her and she gasped. With his left hand he pulled on her nipple.

Claudia grabbed a tequila bottle and took a big swig. Then she took a double handful of Steven's hair and pulled his face up to hers and kissed him hard and deep. Steven could taste the tequila on her as her tongue pushed into his mouth.

Steven took the bottle of tequila and took a swig as Claudia worked his pants open and freed his teenage cock. She started to stroke him, running her hands up and down his shaft. She milked a drop of precum out of his cock and started to spiraled it around the tip with her finger.

"That feels so wonderful." She took another swig of the tequila and started to hike up her long skirt. She pulled aside her plain white panties revealing a furry bush with full lips oozing cum. Claudia lined his cock head up with her pussy and he slid in an inch and hit an obstruction. He pulled back and pushed harder.

Claudia took another pull from the bottle and wrapped her legs around Steven's ass and pulled him in. This time his cock plowed through her hymen and he was bottomed out in her formerly virgin pussy. He pulled back almost to the point of popping out and slammed back in.

Claudia's pulled on his back with her hands her fingernails digging to his back. She threw her head back and screamed. Steven was pounding into her harder. He was sliding back and forth unimpeded. She was wet and pulling him in as hard as she could. Suddenly she squeezed him tightly. He could feel her pussy throbbing around his dick, milking him. That was all he needed and he started to orgasm. He was shooting off inside of her. She was covered in sweat, and panting, lying on the bar.

Steven was all of the sudden overcome with guilt. He had just taken advantage of a young virgin. She knew nothing about sex and he maltreated her. He panicked and put on his clothes and she was lying there on the bar. She seemed half passed out. Steven grabbed his duffle bag and started out. He looked back and quickly grabbed Claudia's necklace and her dinner and ran out into the night.

Thursday, May 11th, 1995

Steven Murphy had just turned 40. A regular at the gym he was fit. He did some short distance running and played in a softball league. He had a moderate amount of muscle tone and stood about 6 feet tall. He had short blond hair that he wore moussed up. It was starting to recede a bit at the temples but nothing too bad. He was visiting Albuquerque to try and right a wrong.

It began 3 weeks ago when he and his wife, Brittany were in bed. She was fit, her lithe body had recovered admirably from their two children, and the only real signs she bore were some nipples that were slightly chewed and stretched. Steven had his face buried in her shaved crotch. He was tonguing her pussy while her landing strip of hair ticked his forehead. He loved to eat her pussy. He didn't think he would at first but after 10 years of blow jobs she insisted that he return the favor. What at first was a chore was a delight.

Steven gently spread his wife's lower lips and then licked between them. He licked up one side and then down the other. When he reached the bottom he drove his tongue into her sopping snatch. As he licked her, Brittany became more and more excited. Her clit started to emerge from its fleshy cocoon. That was Steven's sign to move in for the kill. He slowly lubed up his fingers in his wife's pussy. He had three fingers ready to drive into her pussy and one more on the other hand prepped for her asshole.

He tickled her asshole with the one finger and started to drive the three in and out of her pussy. After a few strokes on her pussy her asshole loosened up and his finger went in.

Brittany arched her back. "Why do you always do that, you dirty nasty man! Uh! Uh! Uh!" She was starting to grunt and Steven felt her pussy tighten around his fingers and her bowels try to suck in his other hand even though it only had one finger. This was his final cue. He kissed her throbbing clit and she exploded.

She screamed in pleasure and kept shaking for almost a minute. As she was coming down Stephan heard a knock on the door and quickly covered himself and his wife up.

"Is mommy okay?" his seven year old daughter Morgan asked as she walked in.

"We were playing a game."

"Can you teach me how to play?"

"They were having sex, squirt. You'll find out about it when you are older." Their fifteen year old son said pulling the girl away. "Also keep it down. Old people sex is nasty.

When his son had closed the door, Steven wasted no time mounting his wife. He pushed his dick into her hard and she started to grunt again. Steven raised up on his hands and tiptoes and then used his weight to quickly slam his cock home.

He pounded his dick into his blonde wife's trimmed pussy. In and out he went changing the pace. He would get close to coming and then ease back and change his pace. His dick went in and out and he stared at her pert b cup breasts and small pink nipples.

When he finally finsihed he collapsed and she rolled on top of him. She was playing with his slimy softening dick with one hand and asked, "So you want a 3 way for your birthday? Any woman from the past you have in mind?"

That was when he remembered Claudia. He told his wife the whole story, the one night stand on the bar top, stealing her necklace to sell it for a bus ticket, the fake name, everything.

"You have to find her and apologize and pay her back for the necklace. Even better, get her a better one and pay her back."

Steven was sent on specific instructions that he was to pay her back and nothing else. He wasn't being given a hall pass, he wasn't to have sex with her and he might end up forgiven. He now found himself back at the Lone Saguaro.

He walked in hoping to find Claudia still working inside. Unfortunately none of the staff looked over 20. Some he could swear were 15. He walked over to the bar and sat down. He ran his hand over a spot that the last time he was hear was covered by Claudia and her freshly popped cherry.

"Sam Adams." He said.

"We don't have that. Coors or Coors light?"

"Coors" He sighed.

The woman behind the bar looked tired. She seemed to be in her mid twenties, with black hair pulled back showing a bit of brown roots. She had three earrings in her right ear and none in the left. She was wearing a black shirt over a white tank that did little to hide her ample bosoms. She was wearing skin tight black jeans.

She smiled at him as she handed him his Coors.

"I have to play a set now." She said and stood up and walked to the stage. On the stage was an electric guitar and a stool. She sat on the song and played competent rock. Her voice was excellent and untrained. Steven realized that she would make a good lead for a cover band and with training and hard work might have been able to make it as a professional.

When she finished she put the guitar up and bussed dishes back to the bar.

"I was here a long time ago and I had the most incredible plate of enchiladas."

"That hasn't been on the menu since I was 10, but i'll see what the kitchen can do."

"Thank you."

Steven sat at the bar and ate his plate of enchiladas. He spent the whole night sitting there talking to the bartender. He name was Roberta and had lived in Albuquerque all of her life. She had only just turned 21 allowing her tend bar, but previously she would wait and bus, and play for tips. She said she got her love of music from her father, though she confessed she had never met.

Steven told Roberta about his wife and kids. He told her about being an environmental lawyer with a house in Chappaqua. He told her how his life was essentially dull and pointless. That high powered lawyering was mostly moving massive stacks of paper around. He told her how he essentially killed a forest of trees to prevent another forest from being clear cut.

When midnight came the two of them shutdown the bar and she asked, "Do you want to come up to my place?"

Back at her place she wasted no time jumping on Steven and kissing him passionately. His hand grabbed her ass and lifted her up. He was carrying her around her loft until he reached her futon. He fell back and she landed on him giggling.

She started to pull off his chart and then started kissing his navel. She worked her way up his torso, raising his shirt as she went. When she reached his nipples she bit and then pulled.

"Ow!" he shouted and Roberta laughed. When she had his polo over his head she started kissing him. She the sat up and allowed him to start undressing her. He took off her outer shirt and then her tank top and finally her black lace bra. She straddled his crotch, rubbing her clothed pussy over his engorged cock. He had his hands on her waist and slowly moved them up until they were over her breasts. His hands lifted her heavy boobs and his fingernails lightly traced over her areola and nipples. They crinkled up and Roberta sighed.

"You are very good at this." She said.

"I've had practice."

"I need to be with more mature men. I've had enough of kids. They are all Wham! Bam! Thank you ma'am."

Roberta stood up and undid her jeans revealing a lacy black thong and a narrow runway of hair. She pulled off her thong and threw it into Steven's face. He inhaled deeply getting intoxicated on the smell of her arousal. He sucked lightly on the crotch of her panties and tasted a salty taste. As he was transfixed with her panties she had undid his pants and was lowering her pussy down onto his cock.

He felt his cock penetrate her smooth tunnel and he was in heaven. They fit like a hand in a glove. When her pubic bone rested against his she lifted her feet up and rocked back driving his cock just a little bit deeper.

Steven's hand kept working her breasts as she rocked forward and back. Her rocking motion eased his cock in an out of her.

"Mmm, so nice" she said as she rocked his cock in and out. He started breathing heavily as he massaged her breasts. It was nice he thought not being in charge as she rode him gently.

Roberta sped up her rocking and returned her feet to the floor. The she started to lift up off of Steven and slam back down on top of him. She sped up even more lifting off of him and he started to follow her up. She would rise up and he would catch her at the top and then fall down and she would race back down and slam into him just as his ass hit the futon.

Steven removed one hand from her breasts and started to rub her clit. That was what did it for her and she started to orgasm. She collapsed and then went back to slow shallow rocking. Steven was close and needed releief. He started to drive his cock into her hard. She rested her feet on his shoulders and leaned back resting her hands on his thighs. As he lifted her up the head of his cock ground against her G-spot and then he dropped and she slammed down on him. He kept pounding into her until he could feel his cum building up and shooting out into her.

She rolled off of him and then kissed him on the cheek. They fell asleep snuggled like that. When he woke up in the morning he saw an old acoustic guitar in the corner.

"Where did you get that?"

"It belonged to my dad. He left it after he knocked up my mom. He was her first and only. Kinda sad. What's really sad is I think he stole it. I found a draft card inside for a Steven Murphy, but his name was Bob Roberts, you know, like the movie."

Steven's heart sank. "Where is your mother now?"

"She's at an artist colony in Taos. You never told me why you were in town."

"It's funny, I was looking for my buddy Bob. We travelled together from New York and I lost track of him here in Albuquerque back in the 70s." Steven said thinking fast. He didn't want a woman who literally held his balls in her hands to suddenly find out that not only was he her father, but that he fucked her and her mother under false pretenses.

"I guess he didn't make that left turn."

"Something like that."

Steven managed to extricate himself from her apartment, but he got her address and promised to get her in contact with some music industry people he knew.

Steven rented a car and drove to Taos and found Claudia. He introduced himself as Bob Roberts and apologized profusely. Claudia was surprisingly okay with everything. The necklace had been a cheap trinket. She was trilled with the gold and emerald necklace that he gave her. She had hoped for another fling but Bob explained about his wife at home and how he would never cheat on her.

Friday February 14th, 2014

Steven Murphy's life had gone to hell the past year. The son of hippie had volunteered for and then died in Afghanistan, three full years after Obama had promised that all troops would be out. His daughter's fiancee had dropped her like a hot potato the week before the wedding and ending up taking the honeymoon trip with his best man. It all began the year before when his wife died in a tragic car accident coming to surprise him at the office on Valentines day.

Steven was sitting at the dinner table with his daughter Karen. She was 26 years old and had a soft body with round hips and large boobs. Over the past 6 months she had let herself slide. She put on twenty pound which gave her a slight paunch, but on the plus side increased her breasts to a full D cup. She had shoulder length blonde hair held back in a pony tail. She normally dressed in Ann Taylor business suits, as befit a corporate lawyer, but tonight she was wearing an old Berkley sweatshirt that was 20 years old and 4 sizes too big.

Karen had planned a special dinner for her and her father tonight, pizza and bourbon. She hit the liquor store on the way home and picked up a big bottle of Maker's 46. When she got home she dialed a pizzeria and ordered a thick crust meat lovers. She then stripped down to nothing, admiring herself in her old bedroom mirror. She hefted her breasts with large pale areola's and nipples. When she wasn't excited, she almost looked like a barbie doll they blended so well into her skin tone. She ran her fingers over her belly and down to her crotch. She kept it shaved smooth. She didn't really shave it for anyone, it was a habit she had gotten into in college and never stopped. She idly ran her fingers over her lips, spreading them slightly to let them air out, relishing the smell of sex that started to fill the room. When the doorbell rang she threw her fathers old sweatshirt over her body and ran down stairs. He had changed into boxers and was paying the delivery man.

The two of them sat down at the table and started to eat the pizza. They had dispensed with all formalities. They pulled a slice of pizza out of the box, took a bit and rested the remainder on the lid. The bottle of bourbon sat between them and they took turns taking a swig of it letting the cooling fire ease it's way down.

"It's been a year hasn't it?" Karen asked knowing the answer.

"A long hard year." Steven said.

Karen giggled feeling the bourbon. "You said long and hard."

Steven chuckled and looked down at the fly of his boxers that was gaping open. "Not long and hard now.

"It's been a while for you too, hasn't it? 6 months? or has there been another guy."

"Sadly no, longer than that actually. You see, he hit for the other team and while we did it a few times, it was never often or well. It's been over a year for me and that was a quickie while Bob and I were on a break."

"Bob." Steven chuckled. "I was a guy named Bob who got quickies once."

"Do tell."

"It was actually a mother and daughter, though not at the same time." Steven took a swig. "I was hitch hiking my way out to California and I met this girl, Claudia, in a bar. She had this long dark hair and the most luscious tits. I could have sucked on them for days. We were drinking tequila and I ended up fucking her right there on the bar."

Karen had slid the hem of her sweatshirt up and was rubbing her clit while sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy. When Steven saw this he grew instantly hard and his cock popped out of his fly.

"Anyway I did some terrible things. Just about everything I had told her was a lie. I told her my name was Bob Roberts. I knocked her up that night. I stole some of her jewelry and ran away. You remember when I went out to New Mexico when you were little? I was trying to track her down."

Karen got onto her knees in front of her father and began to kiss his cock. She was stroking him up and down with the hand that had been fingering her pussy. His daughters juices were lubing his cock. She started to gently lick the head as she pumped and her other hand was working her pussy.

"I went out to New Mexico to track her down and ended up talking with a woman, Roberta, in the same bar. I had hoped she could lead me to Claudia, but we ended up back in her apartment making love all night. I never told your mother about her. In morning I found out that Claudia was her mother, and that she had been named after her father."

Karen gasped and lifted her mouth off her fathers cock. "Really, Daddy? You fucked your own daughter?"

"Yep, and I am not proud of it."

"Daddy, I need you to fuck me. I need to be fucked badly." Karen stood up and straddled her fathers lap. She guided his cock into her gooey snatch as she sat on his lap.

"That feels so good sweetie." Steven said as he lifted his daughters sweatshirt off. He leaned forward and started to suck on her nipples. He sucked on her left breast marveling at how invisible her nipples were and how he could only seem to find her areola when they were puckered.

Karen was rocking up and down feeling her fathers cock rise and fall inside of her. "Fuck me! Fuck me dad!"

Steven was shocked at his precious little angel using such words and found himself strangely aroused. He stopped sucking on her breast and started to kiss her in a most unfatherly manner. His tongue darted into her mouth and danced with hers as she ground her pussy around his cock.

"I'm going to cum baby."

"Fill me daddy. Fill your little girl."

Steven couldn't hold back any longer and he started to squirt cum into his daughters pussy. Karen settled onto his lap and kissed his forehead.

Steven woke up the next morning naked in bed next to his daughter with a pounding headache. The empty bourbon bottle was next to the bed and he was fairly certain that they had had sex at least one more time during the night.

As he was trying to figure out what to say to his daughter he heard a knocking on his front door. He knew he looked like hell, but he threw on a bathrobe and went downstairs.

When he opened the door he saw a young woman whose head was shaved around the sides with a rainbow ponytail poking straight up. She wore a crop top that exposed her pale brown nipples as she shifted and torn jeans that showed patched of pussy hair sticking out. She had blue eyes and seven earrings in her right ear. She was carrying a drab green duffle bag and smelled strongly of pot.

"Let's cut to the chase. I'm Stephanie and you're Steven slash Bob. You're my father and my grandfather. I'm a dyke. I want a baby. I'm a big fan of symmetry so I am here so you can fuck me pregnant. I figure there will be zero complications to this."

She walked into house like she owned it and tossed away her top. She grabbed her breasts and squeezed them together pinching her nipples. "Oh! You men don't know how good it feels to get that off. She wiggled her hips and her torn jeans fell to the floor revealing and round succulent ass the same pale tan color of her skin. She walked over to the sofa and lay down with her legs obscenely spread. She ran her hands through her thick bush and grabbed her pussy lips and pulled them apart showing her father deep into her womanhood.

Steven closed the door and walked over to her in a state of shock.

"Come on, come on. Man, woman, fuck. I know you have no problem fucking family. You fucked my mom."

"That was different. I didn't know she was my daughter."

"You must have suspected." She said rubbing her large clit.

"Does your mom know where you are?"

"No, she's too busy with her rock career. It's actually because of that, that this came out. There was some skeezy guy she was banging who thought he could get some money by claiming to be my father. When the DNA results came back that, not only was he not my father, but that my father was a relation, mom was able to figure it out. Reading her diary, I don't see how she didn't figure it out before."

Stephanie was working four fingers into her pussy now while her other hand worked her clit. Suddenly she started screaming in pleasure, "Oh! Oh! OH!"

Steven walked away to the kitchen. He threw out the left over pizza and started to make some coffee. When he got back with the coffee Stephanie was still sitting on the couch masturbating. "I can keep this up all day. I'll keep this up until you fuck me."

Steven sipped his coffee and saw Karen coming down the stairs naked.

"Honey, this lovely young lady says that she is both my daughter and granddaughter, and that I should carry on the family tradition and fuck her."

He turned to face Stephanie. "Stephanie, this is my fiancee Karen."

Karen smiled and walked to the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee. She took a sip and slid a hand in the front of Stephan's bathrobe. She felt his rigid cock and started to stroke it under his robe.

"Do you think I should fuck her?"

"Is she your daughter?"


"Look at me! I am right here!" Stephanie screamed as she rubbed her clit with one hand and pulled on a nipple with the other.

Karen smiled. She was enjoying making the other woman squirm. "She does look a little bit like you. I think it would be hot if you were to fuck your daughter." Karen rubbed her bare pussy and undid Steven's robe.

Steven shrugged the robe off and walked behind Karen. He wrapped one arm around her breast and squeezed highlighting her nipple. The other arm reached down and spread her pussy lips apart while the middle finger teased her clit. She leaned her head back and he started to kiss her neck.

"Oh, Steven." she moaned. She had almost said dad which would have given away the plot. "Would you fuck me if I was your daughter."

"Karen, I would fuck you if you were my mother."

Stephanie was going crazy. She was torn. She wanted to be fucked, to get pregnant. She also wanted to bury her face in Karen's crotch and lick it until creamed all over her face. She wanted to drink Karen's nectar. She wanted to do all manner of disgusting and perverse things to this blonde beauty whose charms we on display just feet away from her. She rubbed her clit and started to pull on her pussy lips stretching them. "Fuck. Me. Fuck. Me."

"I think I would like to see you fuck her. But I want to be fucked first. She led Steven over to the couch and sat him down with his ass on the edge. She slid her soaking pussy down his cock. He slid in easily and started to moan and was disappointed when she got off of him.

"Steven, I mean Daddy, I didn't tell you this before, but my ex Bob loved to fuck me in the ass. I didn't like it, which is why I never let you do it to me before, but right now that thought of fucking my own father has me so horny I want to do it."

"Go ahead sweetie."

Karen slowly guided her father into her waiting asshole, all the while staring at the increasingly frustrated Stephanie. "Ah." she sighed as she lowered herself down. "I forgot how good it can feel."

Steven pushed up into her ass as she started to masturbate. Steven joined in the masturbation. His right hand was slowly fingering her pussy in counterpoint to his thrusts into her ass. Her left hand meanwhile was alternating between rubbing her pussy lips and massaging her clit.

Steven's left hand meanwhile was holding Karen's left breast and her right hand was working her right. They were pulling and squeezing her tits, but doing the best to show off her nipples.

"This is so hot Daddy!" Karen screamed. "It would be even hotter if I had a sister to watch me fuck you."

That was all Stephanie could take. She jumped off the couch ran over and started to lick Karen's pussy. She pushed the hands out of the way and dove in. She started by sucking on Karen's clit and driving two fingers into her pussy. Stephanies fingers went straight for Karen's G-Spot. Karen grabbed Stephanie's head and pull it in as she orgasmed.

Karen's asshole tightened around Steven's dick, threatening to rip it off. The sudden tightening was all he needed to have his orgasm. He was shooting off into Karen's ass. Stephanie was undeterred. She kept licking Karen's pussy, trying to get herself off by getting Karen off.

Stevens dick softened and came out of Karen's pussy. Stephanie started to lick lower, rimming her half sister's asshole slurping up Steven's cum. When she had licked all of the cum out of Karen's ass she started grinding her middle finger in to the asshole while plumbing the depths of her sisters cunt with her other hand.

"Oh! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me!"Karen screamed. She started to cum again and harder this time. Her vaginal juices filled Stephanie's thirst mouth. Stephanie was drinking like a woman lost in the desert. Finally Steaphanie collapsed exhausted.

"Ok Stephan, I guess she deserves to have you baby now." Karen said with a satisfied smile.

"Run upstairs sweetie and get one me one of my little blue pills. I am in no condition to fuck right now."

Karen ran up to the bathroom and grabbed a Viagra from the medicine chest. She brought it to her father and in fifteen minutes he was fucking the hell out of Stephanie. Karen not feeling like being left out, straddled her half sisters face and had an epic tongue lashing. Stephanie was an expert at oral sex and gave Karen multple orgasms unto Steven dumped his balls into her.

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