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This is from the little girls POV.. I hope you like it,
It had been a while now since my poppy started touching my special place. I never complained boy did it feel good! I also never let him know I knew what he was doing. Of course I knew. My older sister talked about this kind of stuff with her friends all the time only her boyfriends did alot more to her then poppy does to me. I thought I was too young for that anyways but for some reason I wanted more I wanted my poppy to do more with me. I started dressing in clothes I knew he would like. Dresses and short skirts mainly so he could get to my pussy easier. I stopped wearing underwear so he didnt have to worry about that.

One day we were doing the usual. I was playing computer games and he was rubbing my special spot when his ham moved down and went up inside my vagina. My whole body shook with excitement. His finger was going in and out my tight hole it felt so good. One finger was going in and out the other was running my clit. I didn't want it to end. I wriggled down a little and his finger went deeper it made me moan. But I knew I had to be quiet or someone would come in the room. It wasn't long before he made my body shake and feel so good. I wanted him to keep pushing his finger inside me but I couldn't say anything to him.

Every day that week the same thing happened only he started putting two fingers inside me it made my pussy stretch open it felt so good. After poppy made me feel good he pulled his penis out and made himself feel good. I wanted to turn around and look I had never seen a cock before but I was scared too. So I put my hand behind my back feeling around for it! Once I found it I held it in my hand. Poppy then started pushing my hand up and down on it and when he let go I kept doing it. Why I was doing this he started to put his fingers inside me again! All of a sudden Poppys cock got harder and started to pulse and all this stuff came out on my hand. Poppy cleaned it off and cleaned himself and then just watched TV for the rest if the time.

One day I finished school and went to go get in nannas car but she wasn't there it was poppy. "What are you doing here poppy. Where's Nanna!?" I asked. He replied explaining nannas was in hospital and my sisters were there with mum and he would be looking after me for a couple of hours till mum could come pick me up. This made me a little excited knowing it would be just poppy and I alone. It was my chance to see his penis.

We got home and I went in got out of my school uniform and into more comfortable clothes and went in to see pop and play our little game. As I walked in he had no clothes on and there standing tall was a huge penis. It looked scary to think my sister said people put them in their vaginas. "Poppy why are you naked" I asked. "Sarah what we have been doing is very naughty and I could get into alot of trouble. I could go to jail and leave your Nanna all alone. Do you understand we can't tell anyone what we do in this room?" He said in a real adult telling off tone. " yeah poppy I would never tell a soul as long as you don't stop making me feel good" I said scared he was going to say we couldn't do it any more. "Now I'm naked because I'm going to show you the naughty things we can do when we are alone. I promise it will all feel good." "Ok poppy you tell me what to do and I will do it" I said with a shaky scared voice. I didn't wanna let him down.

He stood up from his computer chair and walked over to me. He was an athletic man, kept himself fit, salt and pepper hair as he called it, and as mums friends said not bad looking for an old man. He picked me up and kissed my lips. I had never kissed anyone before it made my body go tingly. He sat me down on his computer chair and pulled my dress up over my head leaving me there naked. He then kissed me again and started kissing down my neck and chest until he got to my boobs he started kissing, sucking and licking my nipples I felt them go so hard and it made me soo tingly all over. Why his mouth sucked and licked one his hand squeezed and pulled on the other he then swapped over. After a while he started kissing down my body more until he got to my legs. He pulled them Apart really wide and said leave them like that. "Fuck Sarah you have the nicest pussy I ever seen" he said making me a little embarrassed.

This is when the real amazing feelings started! He kissed up my leg till he got to my pussy and he took in a big deep breath. "Smells so good I just wanna taste it" he said and he then kissed it and put his tongue inside my pussy lips. My whole body was shaking at this point and I just wanted more. He started licking deeper inside and faster making me uncontrollably moan it felt so good. As he was licking he slowly put his finger inside me pulling it in and out. I could hear my pussy juices squelching it was so amazing I didn't want it to end. "You taste so fucking good Sarah" poppy said. "Taste this" he then put his finger in my mouth! It was a tangy kind of taste not something I would say is amazing but he loved it. He kept going till my body started shaking and I couldn't take it any more my whole body was tingling and felt so electric. I could feel my pussy juices running from my pussy to my butt. As pop took another lick to eat them all up. I sat there for a minute taking it all in. Why had he not done that to me earlier. "How was that sweety?" He asked. "Oh poppy it felt so good. Can I do that to you but put yours in my mouth?" I knew about this because I heard my sister say she did it once and she drank the white stuff that comes out and boys love it.

Ok sweety he said and pulled me off the chair. "Go on your knees and face me" he said and I did what he said. "Now open your mouth and close it on my penis but don't let your teeth touch it" I slowly moved my mouth closer and my heart was really racing. I put my mouth on and closed so only my lips not teeth touched. "Now in going to push and pull your head you suck it like a lollypop" so I did what he said. He kept pushing my head and I kept sucking. My eyes were watering as he slammed his penis in and out my mouth. I wasn't sure I liked it. He kept pushing it in and out as he groaned and made strange noises. His penis was going down my throat and in and out until it stiffened like the other day and he screamed out " I'm cumming baby I'm cumming take all Poppys cum. Drink it all" I tried so hard to swallow it all hit so much was coming out. It didnt taste very good! I got most of it and pop fell back into his chair not saying a word. "Was I ok poppy" I asked scared he didn't like it. " you suck a mean cock Sar. Your gonna be good for poppy and do that more arnt you" he asked! "Of course I will" thinking oh crap I can't keep doing that its not fun.

After catching his breath poppy looked at me with a huge smile on his face an said "Let's go to the bedroom so poppy can do something with you that is very special" "ok poppy". I followed him to the bedroom where he told me to lay on the bed which I did. He got ontop of me and started kissing me putting his tongue in my mouth. It made my body all tingly again. Why he was kissing me he reached down and started playing with my pussy making me moan and he jammed his fingers deep inside me making me want more and more. "Now baby this is going to hurt a little but you will love it once you get used to it" pop laid down next to me. " now hop on me like I was just doing to you" he said so I did. He picked me up and started to put his penis up to my pussy. I was kind of scared but excited at the same time. I could feel the juices from before still pushing out my pussy. He lowered me onto his big cock inching in slowly. I could feel my pussy stretching. He kept slowly putting more inside me then pulling out until half was inside me.

He then slammed me down and all of it went inside me. I screamed because it hurt and tears were falling down my face. I didn't want to upset him or make him think I hated this because he said it was so special. He pulled his penis outside me and kissed and hugged me. "It will be ok sweety you will like it soon" he said as he picked me up and laid me on the bed. With this he went down and kissed my pussy licking up my juices making me forget the pain and go all tingly and excited again. Once I was relaxed he took his penis and slowly started putting it inside me again! Slowly he kept putting it in and out. This time it felt amazing. I could feel it throbbing inside me and it went and in and out. "Your so tight baby. Poppy loves you" poppy loves fucking you" he screamed at me. I couldn't help but moan and close my eyes. It felt soo good. "Do you wanna be Poppys slut Sarah. You wanna make poppy happy all the time" he said slamming his cock inside me. " of course poppy just don't stop I love your cock I side me" his penis slipped in and out making my juice run out everywhere. And making my body shake and moan.

All of a sudden I felt like I needed to pee. My body felt like I was floating and I started to shake. It felt so good as my pussy juices were coming out with Poppys penis. "Holy fuck kid I'm cumming" pop screamed as his body did the same and I felt his juices flow out into my vagina. "You are the best Grandaughter" poppy said pulling his penis out from my vagina. I couldn't believe what we just did. It felt so good I wanted to do it again.

"Go have a shower and get ready for your mum she will be here soon" poppy said as I jumped up off the bed.

Remember this is our little secret! Noone can ever know.

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2016-04-05 15:39:28
2nd paragragh why did he put his Ham in her??
Sounds like a perky pie(lie) or was he just being a pig???

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It was a bit quick you should have at least ate her cunt out first it was more like you raped her.


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mmmm makes my lil pussy so wet

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can't wait for part 3 this story is hot,,,, damn good story


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This is so hot. Thanks.

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