Mothers Aid 3: Jerry's Kid

Fiction , Hardcore, Mother and Daughter, Reform School, Pregnant, Friend

After three months had passed, Lisa was pregnant again, and she thought that it was better to tell Fred what really happened but not in front of her parents.

"Fred...I hate to tell you this because I never really gave you a reason to 'why' I wanted Jerry sent away to that group home...I thought that I could deal with this myself in my own way without upsetting you because
what the doctor told you, but I can't and I at least want to tell you and I hope you don't get
upset OK ?"


"Well you know that the doctor told you to refrain from things that excite sex ."

"How can I forget !!"

"Well anyway, three montha ago, not realizing the time, after I laid Jill down for her nap...I went to our releave myself, if you know what I mean, well sometime...during that time...Jerry came in and
took advantage of me, I'm pregnant !"

"That little..."

"Please don't upset yourself !!"

"Well...what do you want to do ?"

"Well for one, I don't want to press any charges against my own son because it would be known, we have to consider our reputations as well as your job !!"

"That still doesn't answer the question Lisa...well...let me rephrase the can we fix this in order to make this come out like there is no scandal ?"

"People...that is our neighbors...with your job...would no better knowing we don't have the money again for artificial insemination, plus the fact some know about your vasectomy...however."

"However...what ?"

"Well...the only thing I can think of is...if you give me your permission to sleep with someone ?!"

"That's your solution ?!"

"Alright Fred...tell me then, since I don't believe in abortion...tell me what else is there...besides...some couples do it that why when one can't, besides, I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those downtown tell me !!"

"Well...for the moment I can't think of anything...Um...did you have anybody in mind ?"

"Well I'm not sure if I told you this or not, but it just so happens that your best friend Mark that you haven't seen in awhile got divorced six months ago."

"Mark...really ?"

"Well do you know any other single men, because in my opinion, I rather do it with a single guy than have some irate wife wanting to kill me or me be the cause of someones divorce ?!"

"Alright have my permission...but now you need his...but what's going to happen if he tells someone ?"

"Well why would he do that ?"

"Honey...guys like to brag !"

"Well...I'll just tell him not to say anything that's all !"

"Good luck with that one !"

"Ha ha very funny...all I can do is ask...however if he did say anything...well at least our neighbors would somewhat understand, compaired to the truth !!"

"Ya...that they when do you figure on doing this ?"

"Well I first have to ask Mark, then if he said it's OK, well...the sooner the better !"

"You know...come to think of it...if any of our neighbors ask about it, we can just say that someone slept with you to have this child, other than really doing it !"

"And if someone asks who it was...who you gonna say did it, without that other party finding out ?"

"I never thought about that, but I see one more problem !"

"What's that ?"

"Even after you ask Mark, and him knowing that I can't have kids, what happens if he want's custody rights, what are we going to do then ?"

"That's a good question...and your right...let me think...I've got it, remember at our wedding we had a witness, well that's what we will do, besides, at least one of our neighbors will know what we are doing,
that will make 'us' look better if anyone else asks !"

"First I see what your saying but I'm still not clear, secondly...what neighbor, so can you give me a play by play ?"

"It's simple, if Mark agrees to this, we ask our next door neighbor Ralph to be a witness and tell him why we need one, then when we agree upon an evening when both youand Ralph are home
from work, like say tomorrow night, then we all meet here, then when we are all in the livingroom, Mark and I will go upstairs while you and Ralph sit in the livingroom, your sitting there with Ralph representing
your consent to do this and Ralph will be here with you as a witness to it all."

"Well...I guess that's a sound plan honey."

"Well first I'll call's better I ask Mark in person first, then if he agrees, you go over and talk with Ralph OK."

"Where are your parents going to be when all this is going on ?"

"Oh crap...I forgot all about them...well...we can have them go out to a movie or something."

"Well you need to go to work in ten minutes, in the meantime I'll get Jill dressed and go ask Mark, then when you get home, if he agrees, you go ask Ralph, while your over Ralph's, I'll send my parents out to a movie with Jill."

"Alright, I'll see you tonight then."

"Have a good day dear."

Meanwhile at Mark's, Lisa had told him the whole situation, 'minus Jerry', and he of course agreed.

Later on that evening when Fred got home, Lisa had told him he agreed, so when Fred went to go talk to Ralph, Lisa sent her parents along with Jill to a movie, saying that
it was a must see movie that they can't afford to miss, once they left she called Mark to come over, then waited.

Ralph and Fred were sitting in the livingroom, Mark and Lisa were standing. Lisa brought Ralph a drink and Fred a soda.

"Well then...shall we go upstairs and get started ?" Lisa said then walked to go upstairs as Mark followed

"You know Ralph, I never would have thought that I would be going through this just to have a kid, but a year and a half ago I had a heart attack, well,
to be honest, I think tonight is more for her benefit than mine because my doctor said I had to refrain from any excitment, which includes sex, it's
been a year and a half since neither one of us had any, you your opinion...that I'm a little selfish by having my wife do without since I can't ?"

"Hell no, not at all...of course...if that happened to me...I think I rather make my wife happy than have her bitch all the time at me...come to think of it,
it has been a couple of months since I did anything with my wife, and to to be honest, she 'has' been irritable lately."

After Ralph had told him what he thought, he took a drink of his cocktail and then they both started to hear loud moans coming from upstairs.

"Oh god I needed this...fuck me fuck me...Uhhhhhhh...oh yes...Uhhhhhh...fuck me fuck me...Uhhhhhh...Ohhhhh...oh god oh god...Uhhhhhh...oh yes yes...ohhhhh
dear god...I'm gonna...Uhhhh...come...ohhhhh...oh god oh god....Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Lisa screamed out very loudly so they could hear

"Well Fred...perhaps you should let her Um...get some relief once a month or more !!"

"You really think so, but what do you mean ?"

"Oh...I definitely think so, especially now because come the following months...well...pregnant women do get...horny...and bitchy, see what I mean !!"

"I never thought about it, in so many ways...yet if she really loved me, she wouldn't and stay true !"

"Well Fred...that is a point well taken, however you should at least make her the offer just the same, if she does, then you know she doesn't love you that much,
and if she doesn't...well...let's just say you know OK."

"Uhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh...fuck me fuck me...uhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhh good god...yes yes yes uhhhhhhhhh!"

"You know Fred...on second thought...I think 'your wife' might 'love you even more' if you did let her !!"

"That settles it...I'm gonna let her !!"

"So how long is this going to take ?"

"Oh my god...uhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me fuck me....Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

"Um...I'm not sure Ralph, but if you have to go home, that's OK, your at least aware of the situation as well as a witness, so I guess that's what counted most."

"Alright Fred, you have a good night then."

"Thanks Ralph."

When Ralph left, Fred couldn't help himself, he went upstairs and stood next to the bedroom door, Lisa's moaning was starting to excite him, the sounds of
Mark's balls slapping into his wife made Fred imagine it was him making love to her.
He undid his pants and started to stroke himself, wishing so badly it was him and imagining it was...but then...he felt very lite headed, and his chest
started to tightened up, he fastened back his pants and went to sit down on the top step on the stairs and caught his breath til his body went back to normal.
He returned downstairs and thought to himself what him and Ralph had talked about, especially when Ralph said that women get horny and bitchy when they are
pregnant, Fred could just picture it, Lisa would get horny and since I couldn't help her, she would then start bitching. He returned to the livingroom.

After an hour, they finally came down, Lisa of course had a big ass smile on her face and Fred couldn't help but smile back even though it was killing him to do so.
Fred asked Mark and Lisa to sit down and talk before he went home, he said he wanted to tell them both something.

"You know, Ralph made a good point when we were sitting down here, which made me 'really' think about it, Mark...if I said it was OK from now on for you to give it to my wife whenever she needed it, especially when she's pregnant...would you help me and her out by giving it to her, taking in the fact of my
condition...that I can't ?"

"Well that's up to Lisa !"

"Well Lisa ?"

"I'll tell you what...I'll only do it through my pregnancy, because I love you and I really don't wish to hurt you, because I'm sure it does...but if I feel the need,
I'll go over Mark's house, I don't want you hearing it which would hurt you and make you feel bad, does that sound fair ?"

"That sounds fair, but your parents are going to ask questions and find out sooner or later, what are you going to tell them ?"

"I'll talk to my mother about it, matter of fact, I won't feel so bad if mom goes with me when I go over Mark's, it would almost be like when she used to take me to go see the doctor."

"Do we have a deal Mark ?"

"It's a deal know...I really miss those weekends that we sat down and watched sports."

"Ya well...anyway I have to get to bed, good night Mark." He said then went upstairs

When Fred came upstairs and laid down on the bed, he had a hard time sleeping, not long ago on this very bed they were doing it, the smell of sex still lingered, and it drove him nuts.
Shortly after Mark left, Lisa's parents had come home and Lisa put Jill to bed then went to go talk with her mom.

"Well how was the movie ?"

"Never mind that jazz, I'm your mother, I know better, what's up ?"

"OK then...well...Fred had not only agreed to let Mark get me pregnant, but is letting me go over his house when I feel the need to get some, only during my pregnancy, but I said that
I would feel better if you went with me...that's what's up !"

"How the hell did you ever manage that ?"

"I just said stuff that made alot of sense to him."

"Never mind...good night dear."

The next day was Saturday and since Fred and Tom were watching Jill in the livingroom, Lisa and Cathy decided to go over Marks but told Fred anyway so he would know.

"Honey, can you do me a favor and not tell me, just go, because it does hurt each time you ask me, OK."

"Alright dear, sorry."

They had left, but two and a half hours later, Tom wanted to talk to his wife Cathy, so Fred dialed Lisa's cellphone number on the house phone then handed Tom the phone.

"Is your mother there ?"

"Hold on."

Lisa handed mom her cellphone, and during the whole time Cathy was talking to her Husband, she was lying on her back getting fucked.

"I swear that father of your acts so helpless !" she said as she got off the phone

"We should head back anyway, come on Mark, give her a good balling and make her come so we can go home, we will be back tomorrow."

Meanwhile at the house

" everybody keeping something from me, where is Lisa and her mother going all the time ?!"

"Look...we had a little problem with having another child and my friend Mark is helping us out, and Lisa wanted Cathy there for companionship."

Just then the phone rang. The group home had informed Fred that his son Jerry had run away and if he came home to let them know.

"That was the group home, they said that Jerry had run away."

"Why is Jerry in some group home ?!"

"Jerry is a case all by itself which I don't care to discuss !!"

"Well I care about my grandson...out there somewhere, perhaps cold and alone...and you just sit there doing nothing !!

"Tom, the group home is a ten hour drive at best, I don't think he will be around anytime soon, even for me to go looking for his dumbass !!"

"I want to know right now, and your going to tell me, what the hell did he do so wrong that you would even speak about him that way ?!"

"If I have to tell you the whole story I short...let's just say that my friend trying to help us cover up a scandal, 'caused by Jerry' !!"

"Scandal...I guess it must have been really something for you to be that angry at your own son...perhaps it's better I don't know !"

" they are now."

A week later Jerry had made it back to town, he wanted to go home but knew that they didn't care for him anymore so he went over his friend Jay's house,
Jay had told him that some guy down the street wanted him to go through his parents bedroom for some tape and told him that he found it and gave it to
him, Jerry knew too well why he wanted that tape. Jerry asked Jay where this house was, and as they were walking for Jay to show Jerry, Jerry saw his mom and grandmother walking down the street
to the very house Jay was going to show him, when they both seen them go in.

"That's the house Jerry, the one your mom and grandmother just went into !"

"Thanks Jay, I'll take it from here, I want to see what my mom and grandmother are up to, can I sleep over your house tonight ?"

"Ya sure Jerry, no problem."

"OK Jay, later."

Jerry waited for a few minutes, fearing he might be spotted. He then went to the back of the house and tried the door, locked. He waited a few more
minutes and went to the front, he noticed a light on but know one was there so he tried the door, locked again. Looking down he bent down and looked
under the welcome mat, a key. He unlocked the door and went in. Looking around and listening he heard voices coming from upstairs. He walked softly and quietly upstairs and started hearing his mother moan.

"I guess I could understand my mom being here, 'the bitch who sent me away', but why would my grandmother be here ?" he thought to himself

Jerry went down the hallway to where the sounds were coming from and peeked around the bedroom doorway. He couldn't believe it. The sight of his
mom and grandmother, side by side on the bed in a doggy style position, each getting balled as Mark went from one to the other.
Even though the sight of them not to mention their moaning was turning him on, Jerry was more pissed than aroused to care !
Jerry wasn't sure if this was about the tape or what, but he figured that it really didn't matter anymore, he was mad !

"I'll fix them all !" he said to himself, then went downstairs.

Jerry went out to the garage and picked up a full can of gasoline then came back in and set the can down in the kitchen and looked for matches.
Noticing there was some on the stove, he also decided to open the stove door, turn on the gas and blow the pilot light out.
Jerry picked up the gas can and went up the stairs, but thinking they might smell the gas that would tip them off before he could pull this off,
Jerry only went halfway up the stairs then started moving backwards as he poured the gas.
He next poured whatever gas on the couch and other furnishings that were around the area, then dashed what he could on the walls.
He then went back to the kitchen to look for some lighter fluid but couldn't find any, so he grabbed a rag and started to wipe off the gas can
of any fingerprints, then went to the front door to do the same then locked the door back up then finally went back to the kitcken, opened the
door and after he wiped the doorknob he left the door open, went back to the foot of the stairs and lite up the whole matchbook and tossed it,
then quickly but quietly walked back to the kitchen and out the back door, closing it behind him.
He was going to go over to Jay's house and spend the night but he smelled of gasoline too badly and Jay would have been asking him too many questions,
so he went down to the train tracks and hopped a freight out of town.

Within the aftermath of it all, Jerry never knew that his mom was carrying his child, if he did, then he probably would never have burned Mark's house down, killing them all.

Jerry not really caring one iota was still on the run. He never called home nor set foot in that town again. To this day, no one knows where he is.
Tom and Fred were devastated at both their losses but neither one of them married again.

( Coming soon--Petals From Afar )

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well I guess the little shit did get even with his mother............ nothing like a good fire to make things even.......... I think his mother deserved it by telling her husband what she did abiout ther son and then sending him away like that and that fucker Mark deserved it also

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