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After a late dinner, Pam and Josee sat up, watching an chick flick on television. Pam had searched for a coolness from her daughter, but had found none. Instead, Josee seemed more animated than usual. They left alone what had happen between them earlier in the day.

Pam looked straight at her daughter. “I didn’t know you were frustrated Josee. I guess we’re both in the same boat.”

“Not anymore, Mother,” Josee said, giving a smile to her mother. “I hope you don’t mind if I borrow your dildo again. I had a wonderful fuck.”

Pam swallowed, then said in a whispery voice, “Hold me a little, Josee.”

Josee sat beside her mother, wrapping her arms about her. Pam rested her head on her daughter’s round little tities. . They held each other for awhile, then silently, their lips pressed together and they were kissing gently.

Drawing back, Pam gazed into her daughter’s eyes, and with a small, soft whimper, pressed her lips to Josee’s again, kissing her with passion now. Pam whimpered once more as Josee tightened her arms about her, holding her tightly, hissing back.

Pam slipped a hand over Josee’s lovely young breast, and when her daughter failed to protest, she curled her fingers into the girl’s perky tit, squeezing it. Josee now moaned with rising heat and slipped her tongue past her mother’s lips, delving into the wet heat.

Pam began to suck at her daughter’s tongue hungrily, fondling Josee’s perfect little tits, shoving her hand into the girl’s blouse.

“Ooooh, mommy,” Josee mewled with pleasure as her mother played with her tits. She pulled her hand between them, and when her mother shoved her tongue into Josee’s mouth, Josee began to squeeze her mother’s big tits. Mother and daughter squirmed together, each feeling the bubbling heat swelling about in their stomach, radiating to their inner thighs and their cunts.

Josee didn’t protest when she felt her mother’s hand starting to slide up her thigh beneath her skirt. It felt good to her, hot and slightly moist. Neither spoke now, but their breathing was heavy, coming in excited gasps as they kissed and licked at the other’s mouths and lips.

Pam slowly shoved her hand along the satiny flesh of her daughter’s thigh, afraid that Josee would, at any moment, stop her. The feel of her daughter’s thigh was so hot and velvety smoth to her hand, and she inched her fingers higher.

Finally Pam was brushing the soft hairs of Josee’s cunt, making Josee twist and squirm her ass with pleasure. Josee opened her legs invitingly, and Pam slipped her fingers between them. She felt the wetness on her daughter’s inner thighs,” Oh baby, are you wet for momm?” Pam sighed
Josee nodded. “Oh fuck mommy, knowing you watched me fuck myself has me so wet for you..”

“Ohhh, nice, very nice,” Pam moaned, running her fingers in the slippery juices near her daughter’s cunt. “you show me your pretty cunt baby, will you spread your lips for me?”

Josee nodded, pulling away from her mother and sliding her skirt up. She lifted her rounded ass and pulled her skirt to her waist, spreading her knees. Pam gazed down, seeing her daughter’s cunt, seeing the soft triangle of curling hair, the pink and still wet lips of her pussy. Her thin, puffy cunt lips glistened and her little clit stood at attention.

The curves of Josee’s ass, too, were wet where the juice from her cunt had dripped.

Josee saw her mother’s expression, saw her eyes gleaming and the way her tongue licked across her lips. Pam ran her fingertip Josee’s cunt lips, then brought it to her mouth. Josee watched her mother lick it away.

“You like my cunt juice, mommy?” she asked in a throaty voice, feeling excitement building inside her body.

Pam made no verbal answer, but she plunged her finger into her mouth, stabbing it in and out as though it were a cock. Josee spread her legs very wide, scooting her ass to the very edge of the couch, letting her asscheeks hang over. She twisted her hips, watching her mother. Pam’s gaze moved to her daughter’s exposed cunt. She rested one hand halfway up her daughter’s thigh, her fingers tight. Josee wiggled her hips, arching her crotch up and down in a teasing, openly obvious suggestion.

Pam glanced at her daughter, saw the heat steaming in her eyes, saw that Josee was willing. More than willing, she was eager, wanting it.

“I can’t help it!” Pam groaned. “I just can’t help myself, Josee!”

“Do it, mommy,” Josee invited. “I want you to eat my tight little cunt.”

Making whimpering sounds, Pam lowered her head, sliding her tongue through the warm juice on little girl’s creamy, sugary sweet thighs. As Josee watched her mother’s tongue lapping and licking at her juces, her clit swelled into hardness, throbbing again as her cunt pulsated.

As her mother’s tongue came close to her clit, to lick at her juices there, Josee moaned with increasing passion, writhing her hips. Pam slipped to her knees, then moved between her daughter’s thighs. Glancing hotly up at her daughter’s face, Pam shoved, her long tongue out and licked the juice away that clung to Josee’s exquisitely creamy asscheeks.

Pam licked it all away, then gently kissed a rounded asscheek. “Thank you, honey,” she said softly. “Thank you so much.”

Josee held her mother’s face in her hands, looking down at her, seeing the boiling desire in Pam’s eyes. The two looked at each other, the tension heavy. Pam’s chin rested now at her daughter’s cunt, and she could feel the hot wetness of her pussy lips, the throb of Josee’s clit. Pam pressed her lips into her baby girl’s cunt hair, kissing her daughter’s pussy openmouthed. Then she licked her tongue into Josee’s cunt hair.

Josee gently moved her mother’s face, positioning her mouth between her legs and just an inch or so from her cunt. Pam looked again into her daughter’s eyes.

“Oh mommy I need your tongue in my pussy, Mother,” Josee whispered. “I want you to taste the hot girl juice inside my young cunt.”

A soft whimper came from Pam as her eyes smoldered.

Josee slowly pulled her mother’s mouth against her cunt, and holding her this way, the girl rubbed her hairy cunt up and down, smearing her mother’s mouth with the seeping wetness.

Pam slipped her hands along the backs of her daughter’s thighs, feeling the smooth heat of her flesh. She cupped her palms against each cheek of Josee’s ass. Josee wiggled her cunt against her mother’s face as they stared at each other, their eyes smoldering with hungry desire.

“Eat me, mommy,” Josee murmured. “Eat my little cunt.”

“You’ve come, and you’re still hot and want more. I understand, that, baby, very much. I’ve felt that way for years. I can’t get enough, either.”

“Suck me, Mother,” Josee replied.
“Ohhhh, please, eat my cunt, mommy!”

Josee arched her pussy, grinding it into her mother’s mouth as she held her face with her hands.

Pam opened her lips, then pressed them at the fiery lips of her daughter’s cunt. She sucked hard, tasting the juices of Josee’s cunt. She moved her tongue along the girl’s puffy cuntlips, licking at them, whimpering with pleasure. She swiped her tongue up and twirled it about her daughter’s steaming clit, then began to chew gently at it.

“Ohhhh, that’s good, Mother!” Josee squealed, squirming her hips. “Eat me… suck my cunt!”

Pam slipped her mouth down again, her lips wide. Pressing them to her daughter’s cunt, she shoved her tongue as deep as she could, swirling it between her sensitive pussylips. Josee squealed and started churning her hips, banging her cunt against her mother’s lips and fucking on her tongue. Pam clung to Josee’s swinging asscheeks, thrusting hard with her tongue.
Josee twisted wildly against her mother’s mouth, squealing and groaning, gripping the back of Pam’s head. She pressed her hot thighs on her mother’s cheeks, scissoring them as the ecstasy swirled and swelled inside her body. She stared with steamy, clouded eyes. Her mother’s face was surrounded by the silky curls of her cunt, her nose almost buried.

“Fuck me with your tongue! Ohhhh, mommy tongue fuck my cunt!” Josee wailed mindlessly. “Ahhhh, suck my pussy! Tongue my cunt, mommy! Oooooh, fuck my cunt with your tongue!”

Pam plunged her tongue in swiftly, licking and sucking as hard as she could. The taste of her daughter’s sugary cunt juices, was creating spasms between her thighs. She held Josee’s grinding asscheeks tightly, her fingers almost inside the deep crack. Pam slurped with whimpering ecstasy, sliding one hand off her daughter’s ass and up over her trembling stomach. Scooting her hand under Josee’s blouse, she clutched at one tight round tittie, massaging and squeezing it.

Her eyes flashed her hungry desire to her daughter as she squeezed the girl’s rounded tit and ass. Her tongue plunged deeply into the fiery heat of Josee’s wet cunt, fucking her in a frenzy.

Josee clung to her mother’s head, banging her wet cunt harshly against Pam’s open, sucking mouth. She wailed and moaned and whined with passion, bucking up and down, then making tight circles with her hips.

“Fuck!” Josee screamed down at her mother. “Fuck me! Ohhhh, suck my cunt, mommy! Oooooh, shit, I’m about to… to come! Tongue fuck me, mommy! Eat my cunt, fuck it, suck it, eat my pussy!”

Digging her hand into her daughter’s little tittie, the girl’s pink nipple searing her palm, her other hand clutching the shaking cheek of Josee’s ass, Pam fucked her daughter’s fiery cunt hungrily with her tongue. She sucked hard, drawing the sweet juices into her mouth and swallowing greedily. Feeling her daughter’s cunt starting to spasm, Pam sucked and thrust her tongue as fast as she could. The silky haired lips of Josee’s cunt suddenly quivered, clutching at her mother’s tongue, gripping it, releasing it… gripping… releasing.

Josee screamed loudly with tormented ecstasy, her head tossing about as she gasped for air, her body trembling in a violent way as a torrent of her creamy girl cum filled her mother’s mouth to overflowing. Josee’s cum came in waves, washing out of Pam’s mouth and splashing over her face.

Josee’s legs had shot up, then closed about her mother’s head. The hot smoothness of Josee’s inner thighs increased the orgasm rumbling through Pam. Feeling her daughter’s cunt starting to calm down, Pam withdrew her tongue and licked gently up and down her pussyslit, along each hair rimmed her cuntlip, then lightly upon the girl’s still throbbing clit.

Pulling Josee’s clit between her lips, she flicked her tongue from side to side, causing Josee’s hips to jerk upward. Josee moaned and caressed her mother’s hair, her eyes glassy from the intense pleasure of her orgasm.

Slowly, Josee relaxed her thighs, letting them spread apart as a soft giggle escaped her throat. She smoothed her tangled cunt hair with one hand, stroking her mother’s face with the other.
Pam’s eyes gleamed as she ran her tongue along the inside of her daughter’s thigh, tasting the sweet smoothness of Josee’s flesh. Then, kissing Josee’s cunt one final time, she leaned back, her hands resting on Josee’s legs.

“Now we know about each other, don’t we, Josee?”

Josee, feeling exhausted, nodded, but her eyes shined with a fiery brightness. “It’s a good thing we talked, Mother,” she whispered softly, leaning forward and kissing her mother on her mouth. “Maybe neither of us will be frustrated anymore.”

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