innocence can be betrayed
I was busy typing into my laptop when I was distracted by angry voices at a nearby table. I paused, picked up my beer, and looked across at my neighbors as I lifted the drink to my lips. There were three girls, or young women, at the table. The two older seemed to be the age of college students and were looking annoyed and frustrated. The third girl was younger; I judged her to be a high school student, maybe fifteen or sixteen years old. She was the angry one.

“I’ve had enough of churches and art galleries” she was saying “I know Dad made you take me and you’re here for your college class but let’s do something different. Can’t we go to the beach?”

One of the other girls, I guessed it was her sister as their faces were similar, sighed. In a rather long-suffering voice she explained that they’d only seen half of what she and her friend, Tara, wanted to see. They had to keep up the visits if they had any chance to see it all before they had to leave in two days. Besides these were famous masterpieces and ought to be seen.

The younger girl wasn’t convinced. She said she didn’t care and she wouldn’t do anything else today. She had a headache and her feet hurt from all the walking and they could go if they wanted but she was staying right where she was and would have another coke.

Her sister was reluctant to leave her and told her not to go anywhere or talk to strangers and they’d see her for dinner at 7:30. The younger girl was furious. “For God’s sake, I can take care of myself. I’m fifteen years old. We live in San Francisco I can make my own decisions. You’d do better taking care of yourself!”

She stretched her legs out to put her feet on her sister’s chair when she got up, picked up her coke and ignored the older girls as they left.

I took the opportunity to look the girl over. She was tall and mature for her age. She was probably five foot five or six tall and with a good body. Her legs, stretched out to the other chair were long and well proportioned, their shape outlined by the tight jeans that she wore. She had full breasts that pushed against the cotton of her tank top.

Taking another swallow of my beer I continued my assessment of the girl. It was good. Her hair was full, a light brown and curled down below her shoulders. Her skin was smooth and slightly tanned. I couldn’t see her eyes because she was wearing sunglasses.

I didn’t know how innocent she was but decided that I’d make a try for her. She looked as if she had potential. Often girls who are upset are easier to seduce; they’re unhappy and want things to change. I’m always happy to provide something new in their lives and profit from it. I started thinking how I could get this cute little bitch into having sex with me. It would be challenging with her sister there as a chaperone but I enjoy being creative and finding solutions to difficult problems. As a writer I enjoy getting my characters into, and out of, complicated situations.

One thing that I’ve found is that people love being asked for advice and it’s very flattering for a child to be asked for advice by an adult. It decided me how I was going to approach the girl.

I cleared my throat and leaned towards her. “Excuse me; I wonder if you’d be willing to give me some advice?”

I don’t think she’d noticed me before and was a little started. She pushed her glasses up onto her forehead. It’s a move girls use when they’re trying to look sophisticated and it’s a good sign to what direction to go in a conversation. Girls who realize they’re still children need to be approached with authority while those who think they’re grown up like to feel that they’re treated as equals by an adult.

“Excuse me?” she answered. Without her sunglasses I could see that her eyes were a deep brown.

I smiled and explained that I’d overheard her argument with her sister and she could help me with the story that I was writing. I smiled again and this time she smiled back, rather intrigued. It’s a good sign when they smile back. It shows that they’re lowering their defenses and you’re winning their confidence.

Going into more detail I told her how I was preparing a rewrite of a story that had been accepted for a movie. Part of it was set in Venice, which was why I was here, to look for locations and get a feel for the place. Writing for the movies is romantic for most women, better than being a banker or a plumber – even if less secure – and they find it attractive.

The girl was looking puzzled but I’d been thinking out the next steps as I was talking. I decided that I should tell her that the main character of the story was an eighteen-year-old girl who’d just graduated from high school and was ready to get out from being the youngest daughter in a family that was over protective. I wanted her to empathize with the character and, making her a few years older and trying to be independent, made it more likely that she’d want me to see her as older. I hoped that she’d also be more likely to take some risks if she identified with the character I described.

I went on to say that the story had it that, after an argument with her family during a tour of Europe, the girl traveled on her own. Some drug smugglers used her as cover and she had to go on the run until she could prove to Interpol that she was innocent. The whole film was a mix of travelogue, crime story and the girl becoming self-reliant.

I explained that the problem, I thought she might help me with, was getting the family relationships developed so that the character leaving her family was believable. If the audience could accept that, and want to root for the girl, then the rest of the story would go right.

The girl was getting sucked in. I could see it as she started to nod her head while I talked. I went on to say that I’d been finding it difficult to write believable dialog and develop the characters well. I’d been an only child and wasn’t married so I had no experience of girls’ relationships with parents and sisters. I smiled again and said that, from what I’d chanced to overhear, maybe she had some experience that I could use if she’d be willing. I grinned at her and added that I might be able to get her a credit as a script advisor.

Looking doubtful, but obviously intrigued, she grinned back and asked me what I wanted to know. I felt good, she’d taken the bait, now I needed to reel her in carefully so she didn’t take fright.

First of all I suggested that she move over and sit at my table and I’d take notes on my laptop. As she got up and came across I enjoyed the feeling of getting her close. I grinned again and said that, if she was going to get a mention in the credits, I’d better know her name. She said that she was called Chris Sullivan and I introduced myself as Peter Lorre. I was pretty sure that she was too young to suspect that I’d borrowed the name.

Before we started, I said that I was going to have another drink and would be happy to get her one too. I beckoned the waiter over said I’d have a spritz and asked Chris if she’d like one too. Her eyes glistened and she nodded eagerly. I’d chosen that drink because, with a sweet liquor and bubbly wine, it was easy for a girl to drink without realizing the effect of the alcohol. When the waiter had left she said that the two older girls had drunk spritzes all week but hadn’t let her have one.

“Don’t worry” I said “I won’t tell if you don’t and, besides, it’s legal to drink alcohol at sixteen in Italy.”
Chris opened her mouth to say something and shut it again. I guessed that she had been about to say that she was only fifteen but decided not too. That meant that she wanted me to think she was older than she really was and I liked that. Also, by saying that we shared a secret, I set up a complicity between us against her sister. It meant that Chris was less likely to talk about our meeting.

While we were waiting for our drinks I asked her about her stay in Venice and heard about her being bored with trooping round all the galleries, palaces and churches. It wasn’t her idea of a vacation. She said that her feet hurt and her head ached. It was all useful information that I stored away.

Happily sipping her drink Chris told me about how she felt towards her big sister treating her like a child and how her parents were always questioning her about her friends and where she went and what she did. This trip was the worst as the college girls took all the decisions and spent their time talking about things that didn’t interest her and people she didn’t know. The only good thing was that they were in one room and Chris had a room to herself. She knew that they’d done that so they could sneak out at night to go to bars. I took notes, in case I ever wanted to write a screenplay about stuff like that.

When she slowed down I asked a few questions that led her into giving more away about herself than she realized. She’d had a boyfriend but hadn’t done more than kiss and she was rather envious of her friends who’d said they’d gone further. This led to a complaint about her parents never letting her go to a boy/girl sleepover and that they’d even been angry when her boyfriend had gone into her bedroom when they weren’t home. “All we were doing was listening to music!” she protested. I could hear the adolescent anger in her voice and thought that was an emotion I could use.

Finally I thought it time to finish as her sister might be returning soon. I thanked Chris and said that all she’d told me was really useful and there was certainly some I could use. Like a polite girl she thanked me for the drink and said she’d enjoyed meeting me. I said that she didn’t realize how helpful she’d been and I wished there was some way to thank her.

Then, as if I’d suddenly got an idea, I told her that tomorrow I was going to do a tour of some of the other islands in the lagoon. There was Murano, where they’d been making glass for hundreds of years, Burano where the houses were all brightly colored and they still made lace. I added that I was also going to the Lido for a swim later in the afternoon as it promised to be hot. I’d love to have her come along for a change from museums, palaces and churches. I admitted that it was partly selfish, as I wanted to get her impressions of these places so I could use them in deciding what the girl in the movie would do and say. I finished up by saying that I’d buy her lunch and another spritz.

Chris brightened up at the thought and then shook her head, saying that her sister would never let her. I looked indignant and said that it was ridiculous that her sister didn’t realize that she was old enough to make her own decisions. She nodded vigorously in agreement. I’d been sure that she’d like being told that. Then I said that, as a writer, I ought to be able to come up with an idea that would work. The girl sat back down in her chair and looked at me hopefully.

After a few moments I brightened up, as if the plan had just come to me. I suggested to Chris that she tell her sister she wouldn’t go to any more cultural sites and, instead, she’d found out about a cruise that visited the islands. She’d be perfectly safe on a guided tour and, if there was any problem, they both had cell phones; with luck that would work. She should say that it would be more pleasant for all of them to do their own thing.

I told Chris that it was a chance for her to show her independence. Anyway she would be safe with me so it wasn’t much of a lie. The girl still looked doubtful so I acted hurt and said that, if she didn’t trust me I was sorry I’d suggested it and we’d forget about it.

As I’d intended, she felt bad about hurting my feelings and that put her in the wrong. She hurriedly said that of course she trusted me and that she’d love to come. I told her that after she’d worked it out with her sister and knew their plans for the next day she should let me know. I gave her my room number and said that I’d be back from a business dinner by nine o’clock if she could drop by and let me know. She said she’d do that and I wished her luck. When she turned and walked away I stood there admiring her shape and the movement of her hips. She was really quite photogenic.

I went to my room and tidied it up and arranged things. Then I strolled out to a quayside bar, ordered another spritz, and spent a happy couple of hours admiring the young women in their tight clothes. You’d be hard pressed to find another city with so many attractive women as there are in Venice. When I felt hungry I went to a little restaurant that I’d found some years ago that served really well prepared, freshly caught fish. I got back to my room by a quarter-to-nine feeling relaxed and ready for the next step.

I didn’t have to wait too long after nine to hear a knock on my door. I opened it and Chris stepped in. She was still wearing the jeans and tank top that she’d been wearing earlier. There was no question. She was really good looking; a winning combination of innocent youth and physical maturity. I ached at the thought of enjoying her body – and being the first man to do so. But I wasn’t reckoning on doing that this evening.

“Well?” I asked as she stood there “Did it work?”

Chris smiled and nodded. She told me that her sister hadn’t taken much convincing and seemed rather to be relieved that her little sister wouldn’t be dragging around after her and her friend. I said that was great and suggested that Chris might like to see on a map where we would be going. I had already spread the map of Venice out on my bed and Chris bent over to see the places as I pointed them out. I’d added Torcello to the list, as it was very different to the other islands. I told Chris it might be a change of scenery for the movie.

From the corner of my eye I admired the shape of her rear against the tight denim of her jeans. I felt my penis start to press against the material of my pants and turned slightly to hide the bulge. As I moved the map to better show her the beach I let my hip touch hers. She didn’t seem to notice or, if she did, wasn’t upset.

I folded up the map while telling her not to forget her swimsuit and invited her to sit down if she wanted to stay for a minute. I sat on the bed and gestured for her to sit beside me, which she did. I asked if she still had the headache that she’d complained about earlier. She grinned and said that it had gone as soon as her sister had agreed about tomorrow. She admitted that she’d been tense and now her shoulders were stiff.

There was an opening there which I took. Trying to look embarrassed I said that I hadn’t always been able to earn a living as a writer and I’d paid the rent by being a massage therapist in a sports medicine clinic. If she wanted I could give her a quick shoulder massage that would certainly help.

I was delighted to see that she didn’t have any hesitation and said yes right away. I told her to turn her back to me and put my hands at the base of her neck. Her skin was smooth and soft but her muscles were firm underneath. To be sure that she didn’t start having second thoughts about letting a near stranger run his hands over her, I complemented her on her muscle tone and asked if she was an athlete. I learned that she played volleyball and did track during the summer.

She gasped as I found some tension and began to work on it. I could feel her relax and begin to enjoy the massage. As I moved my hands up her neck, my thumbs and fingers gently rubbing, she started to move her body with sensual pleasure. I moved my hands round to the front of her neck, massaged the underneath of her chin and the soft skin of her throat. Then I slid my hands down onto the front of her shoulders. This was easier than I’d expected. I wondered if I could move down onto her breasts but decided it was too early. Instead, after a while, I started sliding my hands down her arms, maintaining a pretense of massage as I enjoyed the pleasurable sensation of feeling her warm body against mine. I started to massage the tension out of her wrists and she gave little sighs of pleasure, leaning back against me as she relaxed. The scent of her hair filled my nostrils as the thick strands brushed against my face.

“If I remember right” I murmured in her ear “you were saying that your feet hurt after all the walking and standing around in museums. Now I’ve given foot massages to several professional runners who said my massages were the best. I’m willing to give you one too if you’d like.”

Still leaning against me, Chris said she would like. I gently swung her around so that I could lay her down on her back with her head on my pillow and her body stretched out on the bed. As I pulled my arm out from under her I let my fingers brush against her breast. I felt her stiffen slightly.

To lighten the mood, as I was pulling off her sneakers, I jokingly said that I hoped her feet didn’t smell. Indignantly she replied that she’d had a shower right before dinner and had changed her socks.

I sat on the edge of the bed with her bare feet resting on my thighs. I started to work with my knuckles on the soles of her feet. Once again she gasped as she felt the tension melt away. As I worked on her toes and feet I looked up the bed at her. She lay with her eyes closed as she enjoyed my massage. Her breasts rose and fell with the rhythm of her breathing. There was a gap between her tank top and her jeans revealing a strip of her flat tanned tummy and the hollow of her navel.

“Before long” I said to myself “I’ll be enjoying all that and more.”

Feeling that I’d lulled her into a near trance I worked my massage up to her ankle and the inch or two of her calves that weren’t covered by her jeans. Then I told her to turn over so that I could work on her lower legs. She just grunted in reply and allowed me to roll her over onto her front. I loved the sight of her long legs rising into the mounds of her arse. She was beautifully proportioned.

After I’d massaged the calves of both legs I said that I’d just give her shoulders one last massage in case any tension had come back. I slid my hands gently up her thighs over her bottom and up to her shoulders. My mouth was dry with desire at the feel of her body under my hands but, from experience, I knew I’d have more certain success if I didn’t try to go further this first evening. I still had all day tomorrow and then that evening. From how things had gone so far I was confident that I’d manage to bed a willing fifteen-year-old tomorrow night.

When I told Chris that the massage was over she moaned. Then she said she thought she’d just stay there and go to sleep as she felt so relaxed. If she’d insisted I would have let her stay and tried my luck right then but she rolled off the bed, grabbed her socks and shoes and put them on. When she got to the door she turned and said “You’ve got wonderful hands, strong and gentle. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed. Thank you. See you tomorrow.”

I wished her good night, told her not to forget her swimsuit and said I’d meet her downstairs about 9:30 as she’d said that her sister would have left for her museums before that.

The next morning I put my swim trunks and a couple of towels into a backpack and was in the hotel lobby by about twenty after nine. I found Chris already there. Today she was wearing a brightly colored sleeveless summer dress, that ended mid thigh, showing her legs to good advantage. She greeted me with a big smile and said that she’d slept so well after my massage.

We went out into the street and already the crowds of tourists made it difficult to walk. As we crossed St. Marks Square I told Chris to hang onto my arm so we didn’t get separated but, instead, to my delight, she took my hand and we continued all the way to the vaparetto hand in hand.

I bought two day passes and we waited for the water bus to take us to Murano. I loved feeling her shoulder against me as we stood in line and chatted lightly about likes and dislikes. The more I learned about Chris the easier it would be to manipulate her.
Once or twice I squeezed her hand when I agreed with her. Before long she, too, was squeezing my hand in return.

The morning went pleasantly and quickly as we visited the first two islands, I watched Chris’s eyes glisten and her exclamations of delight when she found something that pleased her. She was loving her freedom from her sister. She’d taken her first risky steps towards independence and the results were good. It made it all the likelier that she’d risk the next steps when I offered them.

By the time we arrived at Torcello it was after midday. There are a couple of good restaurants there and we found a table outside one of them under a bright parasol. I ordered a couple of spritzes and Chris drank hers so fast that I needed no excuse to buy her a second one. She started giggling at the slightest joke as the alcohol took effect.

After the meal what with the sunshine and the two drinks Chris was a little unsteady on her feet as we left. Laughing I put my arm around her waist pretending to help her. I pulled her close and felt her relax against me. The pressure of her hip and thigh excited me. I got the feeling this was going to be easy.

Torcello is the greenest and least populated of the islands and I led her along a secluded path away from the tourist areas. I wanted to be somewhere where there wouldn’t be lots of people if things went wrong. After we’d strolled for a while I stopped and swung Chris round to face me. I put both hands on her waist and pulled her towards me. She didn’t resist and, as she looked up at me, I bent and kissed her. I don’t know if she was surprised or not but she didn’t pull back. In fact she leaned against me and I could feel her breasts against my chest. Her mouth opened slightly and I ran my tongue around her parted lips.

After a while I pulled back a little and softly told her how much I was attracted to her. I said that it seemed as if I’d known her for ages, that she was now part of my life. She blushed but smiled and leant against me with her face lifted for another kiss. I kissed her again and let my hands roam over her back; one sliding up to her shoulders and the other fondling her bottom. Her mouth became more insistent and her tongue slid between my lips. This virginal fifteen-year-old was getting aroused.

When we stopped kissing I told her how beautiful she was and how much I wanted to make love to her. Her brown eyes were warm and she rubbed her cheek against my chest. I asked her if she’d come to my room again tonight and she whispered that she would. Gently I turned her so her back was resting against me. I nibbled on her ear and let my hands move up from her waist to cradle her breasts. She gave her first moan of sexual arousal.

Just then we heard the sounds of some people approaching so we moved apart but still holding hands. I suggested that it was a good afternoon to go to the beach and she agreed. We walked back to the landing stage and waited for the boat without talking much.

After we got to the Lido we walked down the main street admiring the art deco hotels until we reached the beach. I rented a changing cubicle but Chris was already wearing her bikini so I quickly changed while she slipped out of her dress. She looked even better in a bikini. It was quite modestly cut but still showed her wonderful hips and butt and the firm fullness of her breasts. I had a hard time keeping my hands off her on the beach and I could see that she enjoyed the effect she was having on me.

The water is shallow there and we had to wade a long way out before we were in deep enough water. I could sense that Chris was somewhat shy after our first kisses so I only touched her gently as I told her how beautiful she was. I didn’t want her to panic and not come to my room in the evening.

When we came back to the beach to dry off I asked Chris if she wanted me to dry her. She blushed but said that she did and so I dried her thoroughly trying to make it as arousing as possible. I could hear her catch her breath as my hand left the towel to rub her gently between her thighs.

We lay on the sand to dry for an hour or so and then I said it was time to head back to town. We went into the changing cubicle and Chris admitted that she’d forgotten to bring any underwear to change out of her bikini and she’d have to wear it under her dress. As her swimwear was still damp I said it would make patches on her dress that her sister might notice and it would be better just to take it off and just wear the dress. We could wrap her bikini in a towel and shove them in my backpack.

Chris’s adolescent shyness kicked in and she blushed at the thought. I kissed her on the mouth and told her that I’d see her naked tonight so it was all right to undress in front of me. She looked at me seriously and asked if I loved her. I said that it was crazy but I did. When she asked why I told her it was hard to say but I hadn’t enjoyed another woman’s company as much as I enjoyed being with her. She was open and honest and enthusiastic and, not to mention, beautiful. The innocent girl glowed with pleasure and said that she loved me too.

After that she stripped off her bikini and put on her dress. I could see the contours of her body through the cloth and was excited at the thought of her nakedness and of the pleasure to come. Before we left the changing cubicle I kissed her again and fondled her nubile body. We were both breathing heavily when we came out of the changing room and set off back to the boat.

Chris leaned against me as we stood it the crowded boat as it made it’s way back to the Grand Canal. She said that her sister had bought tickets for them all to go to a Vivaldi concert that evening but it should be over by 10:30 and she should be at my room before 11:00.

When we got off the boat we separated and made our way back to the hotel. I changed and went out for a light meal before coming back and getting my room set up for the evening.

It seemed a long wait, wondering if she would actually come, but, a few minutes before 11:00 there was a quiet knock on the door and Chris was standing there when I opened. She had changed into another dress. This one was of pale yellow silk tighter around her hips and ass. It was as short as the other dress but clung to her legs accentuating every movement of her thighs.

She gave me a trembling little smile. It was clear that she was nervous. Her eyes went wide as she saw that I was naked to the waist. I took her by the hands and led her into the room and shut the door. She stood there quietly as I looked at her and smiled. Then I kissed her on the lips, letting my tongue explore the inside of her mouth as my hands slid up and down her back tracing the outline of her back, bottom and thighs.

My hands found the shoulder straps of the dress and slid them down her arms until her dress was bunched around her middle. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I could feel her nipple harden against my chest as my touch roused her. I turned her round so I could slip my hands around her and fondle her breasts while I nuzzled her neck.

Next I pushed her down on her back on the bed. As she lay there my left hand stroked her hair while my right hand found its way between her legs and up the inside of her thighs, pushing her dress up as it went. Lying beside her I watched her face as my fingers found her clit though the tight material of her panties. Her face flushed, her breathing quickened and she started making gasping noises at the pressure of my fingers. I slid my fingers up, over the material of her panties, until I could hook them over the waist. I slowly pulled her panties down revealing her curly brown pubic hair. I continued pulling her panties down her legs until I pulled them free and they dropped to the floor. I could feel her body tremble as I slid my hands back up her legs until my thumbs touched the sensitive skin between her thighs.

I spread her legs further apart and she let me do it. Then I slipped down on my knees with my head between her thighs. I kissed her gently and took her clitoris between my lips to suck. My little virgin began to moan louder and rock her hips as the first wave of arousal spread through her body.

Now I was sure that she’d let me do everything I wanted. I stood back up, took her dress in my two hands and pulled it down from her waist. As it reached her hips she arched her back so I could pull it out from under her. I slid it down her legs and dropped it on the floor.

She lay there, completely naked. A pink flush on her pale skin showed that she was getting aroused. Her chest rose, and fell, with her panting breath. I took a moment to look at her. I haven’t often seen a more desirable body. Her breasts were large but firm with pink nipples just begging to be used. I stripped off my pants and lay down beside her.

I started to arouse her body to the greatest level of sexual excitement that I could. With my lips, my tongue and my fingers I explored every inch of her, taking pleasure in her moans and whimpers of arousal. I’d done this often enough that I knew what was most likely to bring a girl to climax. I kept bringing her to the edge and then letting the sensations recede while I kissed her on the lips and stroked her hair.
Her kisses got stronger and more demanding after a while and I guessed that Chris needed to go the whole way. I pulled her over to the edge of the bed so that her legs hung down leaving her pussy close to the edge. I went onto my knees and worked her clit and slit with my fingers and mouth until she was moaning and grunting loudly, her hips bucking as the arousal took control of her body.

Just before she climaxed I got to my feet and drove my stick hard dick into her. She cried out in shock with the pain of her cherry being popped but the rubbing of my penis in her wet vagina drove all thought of the pain from her, as her body responded to the stimulation of my penis throbbing in her as I shot a load deep into her vagina. Her cries and moans of sexual fulfillment filled the room.

After a few moments she looked up at me, her eyes glistening. “Oh Peter” she gasped “That was amazing. I never imagined it would be like that.”

I told her that there was more to come and I spent the next two hours using her body in ways that pleased her as well as me. I played with her as she lay on her stomach and I roused her with my finger in her arse. On our fourth climax she sat astride me, raising and lowering her cunt on my prick. She was moaning with pleasure. Her head was thrown back letting her hair hang loose and thrusting her breasts out as I teased and squeezed her nipples.

Finally she collapsed exhausted on the bed and I fondled her for a while; rolling her limp body this way and that exposing each of the beauties of her ripe young body.

Sometime in the early hours of the morning I told her that she’d better get her clothes together and go to her room for a few hours sleep before they had to get to the airport. She took some persuading but finally put her clothes on after I promised that I’d get in touch with her as soon as I got back to The States. She wrote her email address, her home address and her cell phone number on the pad beside the bed.

At the door she turned and told me how much she loved me and that she was already missing me.

When I was sure she’d gone I turned off the cameras and reviewed the film on my computer. I was pretty expert at placing the cameras and I’d got a lot of film that I could use. There were a few places where I’d have to blur my face but I easily had enough for more than an hour.

While I took down the cameras I thought of the next steps. I’d get in touch with her and introduce her to a greater range of activities. It shouldn’t be difficult to get he smoking pot and, from there, get her seriously hooked. Soon she’d just be another runaway statistic. I wondered if I’d just keep her for the movies or if I’d turn her into a full service escort. Time would tell.

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Hello! I am also the proud owner of a blenheim caveilar female (who will be six years old in four weeks), named Phoebe. Happy Birthday, Lily!! You are gorgeous, with or without the mohawk!! Phoebe also has the added beauty of having three cav pups in the house, also. They are: Bentley (tri-colored), Quincy (blenheim) and Oliver (ruby). All three boys will be one year old during Halloween weekend. Out of these four dogs, three are rescue dogs so we decided since we have no accurate records on their birthdates, we'd celebrate everyone's birthday at the same time. You live in California? We are in NY, the Hudson Valley area. Our cav's are enjoying the cooler, crisp mornings/nights for their mile walks!! We were a dog-less home for 13 years and bought Bentley at Christmas time. Fell in love with Phoebe while at the breeders home and inquired about if she might have an older dog to sell to us, as well. I felt better about going to work and leaving the puppy with a mature dog,

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a story with GREAT potential.....then the last couple paragraphs ruined it completely....Negative vote

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a story with GREAT potential.....then the last couple paragraphs ruined it completely....Negative vote


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