This will be chapter by chapter

The sun was peeping into my review mirror as dawn rapidly began taking over the landscape. I had pushed it all night with just a few stops for food and “pee breaks” the girls called it. Both Shelly and Sam slept curled together in the back seat of my old 72 Chevy Impala, a gleaming jewel that I spent many hours restoring. Occasionally, I would glance back at them checking in disbelief they were really mine. Shelly, my little olive skin beauty with dark hair, and Sam, her stark opposite, with her angel like thin long strawberry blonde hair with milky white skin, both a true treat for the eyes, were so beautiful sleeping their preteen dreams.

As I crossed the New Mexico border, my fuel gage warning of impending “get out and walk mode” made it clear it was time for another stop. I pulled off the highway, exiting on a little two lane road that contained one small gas station and a quaint motel tucked behind it. Eats, flashing at the diner located towards the front of the hotel, urged my stomach into a nice loud protest.

After pulling in, coming to a stop at the pumps, I put the car in park and shut off the motor, I looked back over my shoulder looking at the happiest sight my eyes still doubted could be real. Both girls slowly began to stir in the silence of the car, stretching and groaning their eyes fluttered open. Sam greeted my gawking with a big smile as she stretched her right arm out from underneath her head.

“Good morning precious little sleepy heads," I said.

Shelly’s head popped over Sam’s shoulder, “Good morning lover” she cooed in the cutest wee voice, still all squeaky from her sleep.

Sam could only manage “mornin’” with her thick southern drawl.

Shelly continued, “why’d we stop”?

“Well we need gas sweetie and I am getting very hungry, how about you two, you hungry yet”?

“Very, and I gotta pee”, stated Sam more awake.

We all fell out of the car rather unceremoniously, me all stiff from the long night drive and the girls shaking off their slumber. I began to load my credit card into the gas pump stopping just before sliding it in. “Hmmm”, maybe not a good idea I thought. Would the authorities ever put it together that I had the girls once Shelly’s mom got her letter? A card use would give them an indication as to where I have taken them, best pay cash for now. I strolled towards the gas station door shaking my stiff legs and arching my stiff back as I approached the door.

Inside I was greeted by an elderly gent, “Welcome to Standard”, he spouted.

“Thank you Jeb”, glancing at his name patch.

“Fifty on pump 4 please”, handing him the cash.

Jeb grinned saying, “Would that be all? You may want to check your oil and top off any other fluids before heading out. It’s gonna be another scorcher today! Probably hit 120 - 125 by this afternoon”, he added.

“Woo, that is a scorcher” I returned. “How’s the diner out back Jeb”?
“Best in 100 miles” Jeb informed me. “My wife cooks everything to order and all is very tasty, ‘cept stay away from the woman’s biscuits, damn things will chip a tooth”, he snorted!

“Thanks”, I waved as heading out the door. My two spitfire angels were running across the parking lot from behind me as I approached the car, Shelly leaping up on my back and Sam slamming into my side.

“We’re hungry Daddy”! They said in unison.

“Daddy?" I returned.

“Yes Daddy”! Sam retorted. “We figured it’s the best way to explain things” she continued. “Since Shelly and I are cousins in marriage we figured we would now be sisters, each of us having different mommies. Shelly’s mom divorced you because you were cheating on her with my mom who worked with you and became pregnant with me”.

“Oh that’s it, huh”?

“Yep” Shelly said. “You couldn’t keep your dick in your pants”, she giggled.

“You two have this all figured out”, I said returning the nozzle to the pump. “Sounds perfect”, and smacking Sam on the ass as she scuttled for the car. Pulling into the lot I noticed it was slow and quiet, a perfect little diner from maybe the 40’s attached to the front, and next to the office of an “L” shaped motel. As we approached the door, the girls were skipping hand in hand, they both seemed very happy. Walking in, the place was small and clean, a nice respite from the road.

“Welcome to Jeb and Jolleen's”, a sprite older woman shouted, while pouring another guest a cup of coffee at the bar. “Have a seat any place you like.”

We settled in near the front window, the girls were already eyeing the place mat menu’s that rested in front of them.

“Howdy doo” Jolleen grinned, “Coffee”? I nodded. “You girls want milk, orange juice, apple juice, or soda”?

Sam requested milk, Shelly the orange juice.

“You need a minute or you ready to order”? We summarily ordered the breakfast specials and off she went in a flurry.

As I sat there, the last two days began playing through my memory as the girls began drawing on their place mats . The seduction Shelly had planned, Sam’s plan of running away with me, and I couldn’t help but think that eventually they will begin to miss their mommies.

As I stared out the window I felt a dainty foot snake up my calf. Sam broke our silence, “what ya’ thinking Daddy”?

What a heavenly sound, “Daddy”. “Yeah, I’m your daddy alright” I thought to myself.

“I was thinking about the long drive we still have ahead of us, at least 20 hours to the west coast of Mexico”.

They both groaned. “Can’t we make some stops along the way? Take our time as we go, I’ve never been out this far west and I’d like to see some stuff”, Shelly said all excitedly. “Where are we anyway”?

“New Mexico”, I returned, “and I guess once we are over the border we can take our time a bit”.

“Oh, we’re not in Mexico yet”? Sam chimed.

“Nope, not yet honey”, Jolleen said as she returned to our table with breakfast. “Headin’ to Mexico huh”? She inquired setting our plates down.

“You girls must be outlaw fugitives makin’ a run for the border. Did y’all rob a bank”?

Shelly looked stunned, as Sam giggled, “noooo, we’re just taking a vacation with our Daddy because our Moms' have custody during the school year”. Such a smart little con I thought watching Sam grin big at Jolleen.

We devoured our breakfasts, the girls giggling and fidgeting all the while. They were full of energy and excitement of our adventure. As I began paying the bill, Shelly said, “We’ll wait outside”.

“Ok, stay close”, I said as I watched Jolleen fumble with the bill and change.

I exited the diner, I looked towards the car, no girls! Of course, I thought why would two preteen balls of energy do what I asked and stay close? I looked down towards the motel and there they were, both standing halfway up the fence, Sam’s bright pink ruffled skirt billowing up in the light wind giving me glimpse of her cute butt gripped by her matching pink panties. The panties wrapped her ass cheeks in contrast to her milky white skin. Shelly’s muscular thighs strained as she was doing toe points lifting her up and down the fence. Her olive skin highlighted by her tight white short-shorts, my cock stiffened at the sight of them, my angels. I continued towards the girls, the light wind carrying hints of their voices to my ears, I knew I was in for an argument.

“So much for staying close”, I said as I reached them.

“We want to stay here today and tonight”, Shelly began.

“Can we, can we, can we please”, continued Sam.

“Besides you know we’ll just talk you into it so you might as well give up”, Shelly went on. “And you’re so tired from driving all night, and I want to take a shower, and I want to swim and play with Sam, then lay out in the nice hot sun”.

“Ok, ok, I give in”, I returned.

They both rushed me leaping up into my arms, raining kisses on my cheeks as they squealed in their delight. “Now go over near the car while I get a room and this time stay at the car or we’ll just leave”!

They both bolted off towards the car, the air filling with their whoop’s and screams. I sauntered over towards the office feeling my heart swell at their joy. As I opened the door a bell rang that was attached to the top of the door frame.

“Welcome to the Dew Drop Inn” a cute female voice chimed from an office door slightly cracked.
As it swung open a darling girl with auburn hair, green eyes, and a shining smile bounced towards the desk. She was wearing an orange and white striped jumper with no shirt underneath, the left strap falling to its side unbuttoned, the right had a name tag sewn on, pressed out by her large round breasts that read “Jessie”.

“Hi, I said, “one room for tonight please, Jessie”.
The sweet little inn keeper asked, “just one’?"

“No, for three, myself and my two, uh, daughters”, I answered.

“Wonderful, two queen beds then”, she went on. “Please fill out this card, it will be $89 for the night, that includes a 10% coupon for any meal at Jeb and Jolleen's Diner.”

“Cash ok, Jessie”? , I asked.

“Perfectly fine”, Jessie answered.

“So, are you Jeb and Jolleen’s daughter”?

“Nope, I’m their granddaughter but I get that all the time. I am staying for the summer working for them during the busy season”, she rolled her eyes. “It’s fun though, I get to meet all kinds of people”, Jessie continued. “Some are nice like you, others are rude, some loud, some weird, others I am not allowed to say, as she handed me a room key.”

“Oh, uh, can I have the room all the way at the end, I need some sleep and prefer being away from the mad rush” I smiled.

“Well, that room is kind of the honeymoon suite”, Jessie informed me. “It’s two regular rooms together and it’s all fancy and stuff with a huge king bed with mirrors above it, silk sheets, a whirlpool tub, cool neon lights around the ceiling, a massive shower with a cool stainless steel pole mounted in the middle”.

“Wow. That sounds really cool. Can I still have that room? It wouldn’t be the first time my daughters and I shared a bed and I sure do like it quiet.”

“Let me check the reservation book”, Jessie rifled through a small booklet on the counter.
"You can have it but that room’s extra. One night is $159.”

“No problem”, I said as I shelled out the extra dollars to Jessie noticing she was glancing at my crotch. Damn, I was sporting wood!

Jessie made the adjustments to her book and handed me the key. It was on a big heart shaped key ring that read, “Love is all you need”.

“You are a delight Jessie” I said walking toward the door, I could still feel Jessie’s eyes on me. I spun around at the door catching her checking out my ass. She blushed!

“Have a delightful day”, I said as I exited the office.

Returning to the bright and hot morning I could tell Jeb was right, it was going to be a scorcher. The girls were leaning against the car, their arms behind them, “God you two are so cute”, I said as I approached. “Into the car and we’ll drive over to the room”.

Both skipped and danced around the car, “we get to stay, we get to stay”, they chanted.

"I love you Robert”, Sam said as she gave me a half hug with one arm and a squeeze of my still half hard cock with her free hand. “Mmm, why are you hard”? Was the woman in the hotel hot or were you thinking about having us both in bed’?

“Both”, I said, “but she’s no woman, she’s probably about 13 or 14 and cute like you two. Does that make you jealous”, I queried?

“You whore dog”, Shelly blurted with a smile. “Pussy, pussy, pussy is all you think about”. Sam and I are going to have to watch you close and keep you out of trouble."

I laughed, “that’s funny trouble makers keeping me out of trouble, that’s rich"!

I threw the car in park, shutting down the engine in front of our room at the end of the big “L”. The door had a big heart engraved into its solid form. Inside the engraved heart the words “The Honeymoon Suite” were written in a fancy script of gold lettering. The girls giggled and danced at the door in much glee and anticipation.

“Ooh, the honeymoon suite, you need to carry us across the threshold Robert”, Shelly began.

I slid the key into the door and gave it a push. Our eyes were met with a finely appointed sitting room of pink plush furniture, velvet walls and thick white carpet.
I stepped into the room with our bags, the girls just stood there. “You coming in or what", I asked.

Shelly just stood there tapping her foot, Sam with her hands on her hips,” you’ll have to sweep us of our feet and carry us over the threshold," she cooed.

“You’re serious aren’t you”, I said, as I stared at both of them. Bright, gleaming smiles displayed on their cute little faces.

I dropped the bags and rushed at them grabbing each into my arms, they wailed with delight, giggling, and kicking their feet as I walked them into the room, kicking the door closed with my left foot. They burst from my arms and ran throughout the motel room screaming out in high shrill voices full of joy at each discovery.

“We have a huge bed here Sam”, Shelly shouted.

“Wow. Check out the bathroom Shelly! It has a dancing pole right in the middle of the floor like the one in the dance studio back home. Gawd, the shower is as big as the shower at school Shelly’!

I could hear the valves squeak as Sam started the shower flowing as I collapsed into a big pink fluffy recliner that drank me into its soft cushiness.

My eyes opened, my ears noting the silence in the room. “Where the”, oh, the motel room as my mind kicked back an answer. I found a small piece of paper on my chest from the girls explaining they were at the pool. I stood and pulled back the curtain, Shelly on a lounge chair wearing her skin tight blue one piece, Sam leaping from the diving board in her overly large two piece. I laughed as I saw Sam’s bottoms float to the top. “Got to buy that girl a new suit”, I said aloud making my way to the shower.

Sam wasn’t kidding, the shower was massive. It was built with glass blocks coming out from the walls and a fantastic open bay window looking out over the New Mexico landscape. I walked back out stripping down out of my three day clothing, my body very noticeably feeling in need of a good scrubbing. I walked back into the shower room reaching for the shower valves to find one pair of cute panties on each valve, another note stuck to the wall. “You missed us all naked”, it said, with two little hearts drawn encircling their names.


I took Sam’s panties off as I turned the valve bringing them to my nose. I inhaled deeply, the smell of sweet preteen pussy lightly tinted with odor of urine and I felt the crusty dry spunk from my loins at the ass of her pretty pink panties.

Turning on the valve that was covered by Shelly’s panties, I removed hers noticing that they had been washed, a slight stain of blood remained at the crotch of these tiny white panties. Memories of taking her virginity just yesterday coursed through my brain bringing me to a full hard on as I inhaled deeply of Sam’s panties again.

Walking out of the shower room I walked to the curtain to check on my girls again, I looked out seeing Sam, Shelly, and now Jessie frolicking in the water. “Nice”, I said to myself, they have made a friend. It must be boring for Jessie, I continued to think, stretching out onto the luxurious bed. I glanced at the clock, 10:12. I have time for another quick nap.

I was wakened by the sound of running water and the delightful sound of playful giggles. My eyes opened and caught a figure dart from the room into the shower. I lay on the bed fully nude from my earlier shower. I took a moment taking in the delightful sounds coming from the room just feet away. I glanced at the clock, 4:45. I really zonked out. My cock erect with a piss hard on, I straddled the edge of the bed pushing myself up towards the bathroom to relive my bladder. The sound of my piss like a roaring water fall surrounded the small water closet, “aaaaahhhhhh”, I said aloud. I shook off the last drops feeling my thickness increasing as I thought about my two preteen sweethearts naked in the shower.

I stepped out of the water closet heading for the shower room and came to a crashing halt! My eyes met with Sam sucking on one large tit while rubbing her hand furiously between her legs. Shelly, was squatted down, ass out and head buried between Jessie’s legs.

“Oh my god”, what am I getting into here? Not only am I on the run with two preteen girls that I had mercilessly fucked, but now they had brought the motel owners' granddaughter into the mix. My cock throbbed at the erotic sight of my two preteen sluts gorging themselves on this fantastic 13 or 14 year old girl. Jessie’s mouth hung open moaning sounds of her pleasure, her full figured sweetness gyrating over Shelly’s mouth.

“Hi daddy”, Shelly muttered, “we, we, brought you a new play toy”!

“You aren’t upset, are you” she finished as the other two girls looked over at me.

Jessie’s eyes immediately fell to my cock, “oh you are huge”, she blurted.

Shelly and Sam giggled as I chuckled saying, “Ha, it’s you two that need me, keeping an eye on. You have seduced yet another person, what am I going to do with you two”?

“You’re going to spank us daddy, and suck us, and f’...fuck us”, Shelly said, still not used to the word, she looked up at me with such an innocent face blinking her eyes rapidly feigning more innocence.

I walked over to the trio of vixens saying, “On your knees girls and pleasure daddy’s fat cock”.

Each girl went to their knees at my command, facing me, Sam to my left, Shelly to my right, and Jessie in the middle all looking up at me with pleading innocent eyes. My right hand grasping my cock, my left on top of Jessie’s head, I guided her to me, her mouth open and ready.

Jessie hummed in delight as the crown of my cock slipped past her lips. She began working my cock in and out of her mouth, taking 4 inches, 5, gag! Jessie backed off my cock, and then she continued with a consistent 4 inches in and out of her stretched lips. Sam and Shelly had dropped lower licking and sucking on my balls, each with a hand between their thighs, diddling their fingers between puffy slits. Shelly and Sam are proving to be a treasure. Not only have the seduced me, given themselves to me, ran away to be with me, now they’ve brought me a fresh big breasted teen to fuck.

Grabbing a hand full of Jessie’s hair I pulled her up to me, I bent to kiss her, her lips parted. She tasted of juicy fruit I thought, as my tongue found her gum she rolled it forward into my mouth pulling back and smiled.

“I’m glad you have it, it kept choking me as I sucked you”, Jessie said, dropping back down taking my cock into her hand guiding it to her mouth. She sucked me into her, four inches, five, seven, her nose met up against my pubic hairs, her hands grasping each of my ass cheeks as she deep throated me. Jessie head bobbed up and down, each time bringing all of me deep into her throat holding my cock there for five or six seconds while working her tongue back and forth up my shaft in a terrific slurping motion. As she had my ass pulled apart Sam worked her way around and I could feel her hard tongue working its way around my asshole. Shelly was behind Jessie licking her ass. Sam pressed past the ring of my ass, darting her tongue in and out pushing her tongue upwards against my prostrate. I erupted down Jessie’s throat as she held my cock deeply with each load exploding again and again straight down her gullet. My asshole had clamped down trapping Sam’s tongue as the orgasmic rush of having two preteens service me.

Releasing my hold on Sam I stepped away nearly collapsing in the afterglow of an earth shattering orgasm, I found my way to a glass brick bench and sat watching my two little girls kiss and lick at Jessie’s mouth. Each girl had their hands wandering, rubbing, pinching, and tweaking some part of the others bodies. My cock stiffened at the sight.

Grabbing a towel I whistled at the trio of girls and walked to the front room. Standing there they all came walking around the corner dripping wet.

“Now, line up along the back of the couch bending over, it’s time for more punishment of three naughty girls”, I said.

Shelly’s face had the look of concern, “Now”, I demanded again.

Each girl scurried bumping into each to the couch as commanded, each pointing their gorgeous asses into the air. Jessie’s more round and full with delightful tan lines, Shelly’s cute and widening hips accentuated by the angle, and of course Sam’s pre-goddess ass that I doubt will ever meet its equal, all poised for my pleasure.

I smacked Shelly's ass, the sound reverberated around the room. Then I gave Jessie a solid whack on her right ass cheek, she squealed and danced on her toes. I stepped behind Sam giving her a punishing smack that made her cheeks jiggle.

"Now for further punishment", I said.

Reaching between their thighs I guided their legs farther apart exposing their tiny pussies. I stepped up behind Jessie guiding my cock to her swollen entrance. Her body quivered as I parted the lips of her pussy rubbing her juices over the head of my swollen head. Her body tensed, I sensed she was nervous.

“Are you ok Jessie” I asked.

She said, “Yes, I want you to fuck me, it’s just that...".

Shelly broke in, “She’s still a virgin daddy. I told her how you took me, how you fucked my little pussy so hard. How, how you made me cum fucking my pussy, fucking me silly, how it hurt so bad but felt so good, Daddy”.

“It’ll be ok baby” I said soothingly as I rubbed Jessie’s lower back, pressing lightly pushing her stomach down rotating her hips upward.

How could this big breasted cock slut still be a virgin, I pondered only for a second. I pushed the head of my cock forward into Jessie’s wet pussy. She moaned and arched up on her toes as I pushed two inches further, her pussy wrapping tightly around the shaft of my dick. Fuck she was tight! Then again, all pussy this age should be I thought.

I pulled back a little then slid five inches into her, Jessie pushed back taking more of me into her, her walls tightly gripping my cock were on fire, the warmth of her wet pussy radiating into my shaft. I began thrusting in and out, giving her all of me, my hands working Shelly and Sam’s tight little assholes. My fingers pushing past their anal rings, the animal instinct swam over me as I began pounding Jessie’s tight cunt. Slapping sounds filled the room with moans of pleasure and delight as I manhandled this bevy of little girl flesh.

Jessie was returning each thrust with a heightening urgency, her pussy squeezing and releasing with impending orgasm. Jessie’s body quivering, her big boobs bouncing back and forth I removed my fingers from my two angels assholes gripping Jessie’s hips firmly. I drove my cock ruthlessly in and out of her pussy, her screams gaining strength and power. Jessie’s breath turned into bursts of pants, she held my cock clamped by her convulsing pussy as she squirted. Orgasm after stunning orgasm rocked through her entire body, I pulled my cock from her twat spiting a glob of saliva onto her exposed asshole then sinking my rod immediately deep into her ass and only after several thrusts I blasted my load into her bowels.

Jessie’s scream of anal pain and orgasmic pleasure rang loudly through the room. Sam and Shelly’s wry smiles twinkled across their faces as they watched me skewer their new friend.
Spunk spent, little cunts, and asses pleased, I stumbled back and over to the recliner, plopping down into it's outlandish comfort. My stomach rumbled with hunger,

“God dad, we could hear that over here”, Shelly blurted. Sam and Shelly giggled as Jessie, still panting, gave a weak smile.

"Let's go eat", I answered.

The diner’s fluorescent lights were obtrusive but efficient. I glanced over the paper menu mat as all three girls chatted and giggled looking over what was really nothing but a long list of comfort foods. Jessie pushed up from the booth and headed over to Jeb. I watched from the corner of my eyes as she seemed bent in a serious conversation, Jeb giving the occasional look my way made me nervous. Jeb and Jessie made their way back towards the table, the hairs on the back of my neck standing as I managed a small smile.

“Hello Jeb, and how are you on this fine summer night”?

“Err, well uh, just dandy” he said. “Say, Jessie was telling me that the girls here were begging for her to spend the night and she said you were alright with that. Jessie doesn’t get many kids out this way her age and she could use the break from me and Grandma over there, you sure this is ok with you”?

“Absolutely great with me”, I said glancing towards Jessie. “She is a sweet girl and no trouble at all, I have plans on making it an early night."

Jeb smiled, “well that big old pink sofa is a sleeper, just pull it on out. The girls can watch any of the movies at no charge, there is popcorn and other snacks next to the mini-fridge, just help yourselves and have a good night”.
"I’m sure we will”, I said smiling, thinking to me myself. “Oh YES we will”.

Jeb leaned over close as the girls gabbed with excitement,”There’s a mini bar in the bedroom, fully stocked, with liquor and there’s some adult DVD’s in there”, he winked. “The room key will unlock it and you just help yourself at no charge”.

“Standing up straight and looking over at Jessie in a louder voice, “now if she’s any trouble just give her a good spanking and send her home”.

“Oh Grandpa”, Jessie squealed, “I haven’t had a whoopin’ in years”.

“Yeah, and you’re about due”, he winked, “be good girls and let the man get some rest, ya’ hear”.

The rest of dinner was mostly uneventful. A few other patrons came and went. As I paid the bill Jessie ran to her room to get her pajama’s and her swim suit as the girls wanted another romp in the pool before settling down for a night of who knows what, but I expected it would turn out to be one for the record books.

We made it to the pool. Jessie’s light green bikini barely covered her 36 double D breasts. We played some rounds of Marco polo, and shark, where I, of course, was the shark. I grabbed and groped at these tawdry little minx’s. Occasionally, I would be on the receiving end of some wild hand to cock and ball play. Jessie even dove in once while Sam and Shelly kept me distracted and pulling my swim trunks down around my ankles.

I laughed, “Ok, alright I see how it is”.

As I began to pull them up they all pleaded don’t as Sam disappeared under the water wrapping her mouth around my cock sucking wildly then releasing to come up for air. Next came Jessie treating my cock to her mouth and up she went, followed by Shelly. This went on for about ten minutes, each taking turns using my cock as a snorkel until Sam took me deep into her mouth sucking hard and wiggling her tongue back and forth until I exploded into her mouth. Swallowing greedily taking all my cum I could muster.

“Fuck, am I going to survive this”? I wondered.

We got back to the room and the girls took task of finding something on TV. I unlocked the cabinet containing the minibar and DVD’s to find it well stocked with all manner of goodies. I made myself a nice scotch neat and sat back enjoying the warmth of the decent Scotch, I remembered my Vegas stash bag. I grabbed it, rummaging through it's contents finding what I hoped was there. In a black zippered bag I kept assorted party favors just for special occasions. A couple grams of coke, a bag of weed, and there to my delight, my little blue dick pills for extra special nights. Taking one out, I swallowed, thanking the God of all pedophiles for my remembered stash just as three sweet horny tarts popped into the bedroom.

Jessie dove onto the bed exclaiming, “I love this bed”. The other two followed her lead, grabbing, wrestling, and tickling each other. Soon the wrestling became more serious as the girls tickling became groping and petting, moans replaced laughter, while passionate kisses began searching body parts.

Clothes began peeling off. I sat in awe of this hedonistic wet dream going on in front of me. The little blue dick pill or just the raw sexual perversion mere feet away was working its magic. I stood and dropped my suit to the floor, as if on key, each girl scrambled to the end of the bed. I climbed in between these hot little beauties, feeling their young flesh. Kissing, licking and small bites ensued on any body part that came close. We were a mangled, grouping pile of sex! Where one girl ended another began. Shelly had her head between Sam’s legs sucking her preteen pussy perfection. Sam had her ass deeply covering my face, her hunger for anal action never seemed sated. Jessie was licking Shelly’s tiny puffy pussy like a girl on life support.

Sam rolled over, “Daddy please fuck me”. “Let me ride you, I need you daddy”.

I rolled over onto my back. Sam mounted me, slowly taking me into her ever so sweet and tight love hole. This time she was slower, more deliberate in taking my cock into her. She was looking into my eyes, her hands on my chest balancing her hips taking only a few inches of me into her. She worked my staff slowly and as she slid me all the way in she leaned forward kissing me deeply. The sweet taste of her saliva mixed with the hint of pussy and cum from earlier was incredible. The passion we shared was intense. I felt my heart swell with love for my strawberry blonde angel.

Sam broke our kiss rising up and arching back accentuating the beautiful shape of her thin and flexible body. As I turned my head looking at Shelly, she was squirming on her back under the full attention of Jessie’s tongue work. I could feel Shelly’s breath on my face as she panted with pleasure, her eyes partially opened our lips met, and my tongue searched the deepest recesses of her mouth. Shelly began to moan into my mouth, inhaling into her nose and exhaling her moans into me. I could feel her body shudder with orgasmic pleasure as Jessie brought Shelly off.

I could feel Jessie’s right hand move up my thigh reaching my balls she began squeezing them in a delightful, evenly pressured way. Sam’s own moans and breathing was reaching a crescendo. Sam was cumming, Shelly was cumming. I reached my left hand to Sam’s engorged clit and began vibrating my thumb with perfect pressure. She went off like the Apollo space rocket. Her sweet little pussy convulsing on my shaft, sweet Sam fell forward onto me, nuzzling into my neck, whispering her love for me over and over again.

Shelly had pulled away from Jessie’s slime covered face tucking into a fetal position again, her cute butt off the edge of the bed, eyes closed, her face flushed with her exertions.

I smiled kindly at Jessie, her eyes glimmered with lust, and she slid off the bed motioning for me to follow her to the shower room.

As I walked in Jessie began twisting the hot water valves to full blast moving towards the whirlpool she bent over pulling the single handle spout releasing water into the tub. Her young, full ass, up in the air, the room filled with steam. Again she motioned for me, I walked over and she guided me into the whirlpool following me in, she straddled my face pulling my head into her wet and musty pussy, her aroma that of a woman in heat. Her taste was pungent and strong, god was she wet! Driving my face into her pussy I ran my tongue up and down her slit covering my face in her juices and sweat. My hands gripping her ass, I sucked down onto her sensitive clit, her body arched and quivered at the thrill of me sucking her pussy. Her gyrations increased, Jessie was riding my face, forcefully cramming as much of my tongue into her pussy as she could get.

Her panting moans turned into orgasmic screams yelling, “Suck my pussy, suck my fucking cunt”!
Her body went limp in my hands sliding downward across my chest into my arms. Our lips met.
The heat of the whirlpool and the steam of the showers had filled the room, Jessie slowly squatted over my cock, guiding it to her, sliding it past her swollen labia.

She mounted my cock whispering into my ear, “Fuck me hard, fill my cunt with your cum”!

Jessie began bouncing up and down on my cock, sweat pouring down her chest, our sweat mingling and rolling down our skin into the churning whirlpool tub. Her massive round tits pressing into my face, my mouth engulfed her left breast, sucking each breast equally. Her breasts seemed so large for her short thin frame. Teasing her right nipple with my tongue I playfully bit on her nipple, she squealed with pain and pleasure. I lifted Jessie off me, then climbed from the tub pulling her behind me to the bedroom. I shoved her soaking wet body down across the bed and mounted her. My animal instinct turning into a blind fuck rage, I began pummeling her precious pussy. Thrusting into her with all my strength, I would give this girl the fuck of a life time, all other fucks would be measured by.

With each thrust I hammered into her cervix, looking down I could see my cock head press up into her tummy. Her wild pants became “yes, yes, yes, fuck me”. Yes, yes, yes, fuck me”!

Looking down at her I said, “I’ll give you all the cock you can take you dirty little cock slave”! Say it, say, I’m a dirty little cock slave”!

Jessie groaned, “I’m a dirty little cock slave, a dirty little cock slave, fuck my fucking cunt, fuck you’re dirty little cock slave”!

Somehow I found more strength than I thought I possessed as I slammed harder and faster into her cunt, my thick cock stretching her tiny hole.

Giving Jessie a new command, “Say, I must have cock”. Say it. Say, I must have cock”, I repeated.

Jessie shouting, “I must have cock! I must have cock! I love cock, I need it, I love it, fuck me with your cock!"

I exploded load after load deep into her. The sound of her panting and screaming accented by the slapping of our skin as I continued hammering into her was overwhelming. The sloshing sound of her cum filled pussy was so erotic combined with her sweet teen voice yelling such nasty and naughty things, I continued fucking her battered pussy, ramming my cock over and over waiting for it to shrink but only seemed to get harder, her body glistening with sweat, her mouth hanging open soundless now except for her continued panting. I pulled out of her cunt flipping her over.

“Daddy's going to fuck your ass again baby”.

Before she could protest my cock had found her asshole, my cock slipped past her anal ring, gliding into her bowels I pulled her hips burying my cock to its fullest stretching into her darkness.

Jessie’s screams of pain and pleasure were deafening. I continued my assault on her body, her arms flung out over her head, her hands tearing at the bed sheets. I have never fucked someone so hard before, ever! The thrill of it all ran through my brain like a hurricane that only seemed to increase my strength as I fully launched into her with what seemed like twice my earlier efforts. My eyes filled with the sight her. Jessie’s long wet and tangled auburn hair clinging to her neck and shoulders, my eyes traveled down her slim back to her tiny waist expanding out to full womanly hips. Jessie’s limp body showing each rippled wave rolling forward up her flesh with every impact. I fucked and fucked her ass. One more time I pulled out flipping her over, I straddled her chest I pulled her mouth to my cock. Her willing mouth taking me full down her throat my cock erupted again, pinching her nose shut I throat fucked this wide eyed darling girl. I was in a state of total animalistic fever.

Pulling out of Jessie’s mouth, Shelly lay watching with fascination a twisted grin on her face.

“You fucked her good daddy”, she said.

“Yes I did and now it’s your turn baby girl”. Give me your tiny pussy”.

“Yes daddy”, she answered timidly, as the twisted smile dropped from her face.
Shelly moved up into a doggy style position, I stood behind her and eased my aching cock into her super tight body. Shelly groaned as my cock stretched her tiny love walls. Her silky smooth vulva wrapped around my cock, I was totally out control. In my past I had fucked women twice, three times at the most in one day, I had never fucked like this before. I was madly possessed, driven to pound these child pussies into painful bliss.

Shelly being small could only take about 6 inches of my cock before reaching her already bruised cervix wall from the pounding I gave her yesterday. Shelly moaned, and panted an orgasm already well on its way, her body quivered, tiny girl screams escaped her mouth as she bit hard on her lower lip as I watched her face reflected in the dresser mirror against the wall. Shelly fell forward off me spent.

“Sam, where’s Sam”, I said aloud.

Looking over at my strawberry blonde elf girl she smiled.

“I’ll finish your cock Daddy. Come fuck me hard like you did Jessie”.

Sam spread her long thin child legs wide, feet up in the air, I moved over to her side of the bed taking her legs into my arms she guided my cock to her pink pussy, skin glowing from all the previous attention. Sam was swollen. I felt the resistance pressing my cock past her lips into her glorious cunt.

“Fuck me Daddy, fuck me like a dirty little cock slave Daddy”, repeating my vocal instructions I had given Jessie. “Fuck meeeee….ee…eeeeeee.”!

Wild energy flowed to my loins and thighs as I tore into her like a man gone insane. How these little angels took what I was giving and asking for more was beyond comprehension. Sam’s swollen cunt gripped my cock and she was in full control as she would clamp her pussy walls down around my shaft then release. Her pulsating muscular control mixed pleasure and pain as I drilled her silky flesh.

“Fuck me harder Daddy, fuuu…uuu..uck meeeee”! She screamed.

My cock erupted again. The lights in the room grew dim as everything began to shrink down around me. My cock had launched yet another prolific load of cum, my body on fire in an orgasmic eruption. Sam continued ramming and lifting her hips up at me, slamming my cock in and out of her war torn pussy, I fell forward onto the bed, passing out.


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that is not love, it is almost rape. spoiling the story already..

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what a load of bullshit, at least try to get some reality into the story.


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Nice where's the first two

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No woman is gonna reach your prostate gland with her tongue!!!!

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