In this chapter Robert gets away for a bit to make a little money playing poker.
CHAPTER 5 Playing Poker

After a quick shower keeping the girls off my cock, man did they love teasing me. I was speeding down the road towards the casino rolling the last three days through my mind. Being seduced by Shelly and Sam, their contrived plan to run away with me, their new lover. Our wonderful stroke of luck stopping at Jeb and Jolleen’s perfect hideaway motel tucked behind their gas station. The girls meeting Jessie and seducing her, then treating me to Jessie’s hot 14 year old body with massive breasts and tight pussy. My day and night filled with hedonistic adventures only to be capped off with a great fuck and cock cleaning by Jolleen.

My smile must have been contagious as I walked through the casino, everyone returning my grin except for the few slot machine junkies wandering the floor aimlessly hoping to hit that one big jackpot, sad thing is if they hit, they’ll just pump it back in seeking that next big rush.

I stopped a cocktail server asking, “This casino have a poker room”?

She returned with, “Best in the State, right there in the back”, she pointed with her free hand.

I handed her a dollar and scooped a miniature bottle of water from her tray, I have to get my fluids up.

“Thanks and good luck sir”, she said, as I strolled towards the back.

The casino appeared small, yet well appointed. It seemed to have all the newest electronic bandits, a few Black Jack tables, craps, and roulette. The familiar sounds and smells teasing my senses. I turned past a bank of slots and right into the desk of the poker room. For a weekday the place was fairly busy.

I strolled up to the desk and said, “What seats do you have open”?
A pudgy little man with pale skin and greasy hair spun around on his chair staring at a computer screen fed me the data, “I have three seats at a $1-$2, two at a $1-3 and one at a $5-$10 table”.

“Nothing at a $2-$5”, I inquired. I prefer warming up a bit before jumping onto a larger stakes table.

“Nope”, pudgy returned, “You can go the list”, he offered.

I glanced up at the flat screen mounted on the wall, I would be fourth on the list for $2-$5.

“I’ll take the $5-$10, do you have chip runners”? I asked.

“Yes, but only after your first buy at the cage”, Pudgey informed me, “Minimum is $3,000, max is $6,000 or 85% of the big stack, you’re seat number 7 on table 35 up on the riser.”

I walked over to the cage peeling $5,000 off my 20k roll sliding it under the cage window. The teller deftly laid out the racks of chips and I was off to the table.

I arrived in the middle of a hand. A man in seat 3 was loudly taunting a man in seat 9 to make the call. Obviously loud mouth had went “all in” over top what looked like a weak $700 bet into a $3000 dollar pot after the turn.

“Clock” loud mouth said to the dealer.

“You have 60 seconds sir”, the dealer announced as I sat unloading my chips, thinking “excellent, he’s loud and a bully”.

About 20 seconds seat 9 folded.

Loud mouth guffawed, “Stay out my pots Wilson. You know I always have you smashed”.

“Great, regulars” my thoughts rolled through my mind as I watched loud mouth stacking his chips.

Loud mouth glanced over at me saying, “Welcome to the table, you been watching some poker on TV and thought you’d give it a wing”? He continued.

“Yeah, I play in a home game back east, thought I’d try my luck”, I said.

“Lucks what it’ll take”, loud mouth returned.

“Welcome to the table sir, you’re the big blind. Do you have a player’s card?” The dealer asked.

“No, what’s that”? I asked, playing the part of a newbie.

The dealer shouted for a runner explaining the player’s card and how you can earn points for time spent at the table. I handed over my ID to the runner as the dealer dealt the cards to a now full table.

I glanced down rolling my fingers under the cards ducking low as if hiding my hand, loud mouth watching my every move. Ace of diamonds, I squeezed, a 3 of clubs was my second card, a horrible hand. Seat 8, 9, and 1 called, seat 2 folded and loud mouth announced a raise. He shoved $100 dollars in chips out, each and every seat folded to me. I glanced down at my cards again and making the appearance of a nervous call, everyone else but seat 1 folded.

The flop came, Ace of hearts, 10 of clubs, and Queen of spades. I checked. Seat 1 checked. “No checking here boys, $500”, loud mouth announced.

Once again I squeezed my cards glancing at them and back at the flop as loud mouth watched me,
“I call”.

Seat 1 folded, the turn card was the Queen of diamonds. “Check”, I stated.
“Didn’t ya’ hear me? No checking here, this ain’t TV, but since you’re new I’ll be nice”. Loud mouth grinned, “Check”, he announced.

The river card was a 2 of clubs. I looked over at a grinning loud mouth, “check”, I said.

“No more Mr. Nice Guy”, he said, “$1,000”, pushing the chips out in front of him.

I immediately announced a raise, “Make it $3,000”.

Loud mouth hooted. “That’s it there back east” he named me. “Fire back at me, you learn that one on TV”?

I looked at the dealer and said, “Clock”.

Loud mouth’s face went red, the others at the table started laughing. “I’m all in”, loud mouth returned. “I don’t need a clock, grab your balls boy and call me”!

Loud mouth had me and I knew it, Ace with a Queen I thought, but little did he know….
Squeezing my cards I glanced down at them again, “I call”.

Loud mouth hooped, smacking cards down on the table, I weakly turned mine over as I wanted him to see me playing a weak Ace.

“Well, reload there back east”, loud mouth spurted dragging his chips.

The dealer looking at me asked, “Are you done sir or would you like a rebuy”.

“A, rebuy”, I asked? The dealer began to explain what I already knew, a $3,000 minimum or up to 85% of the big stack.

“Wow, 85% huh, “that’s a lot of m-money”, I stated.

“Ha! Don’t do that back east. Your wife or girlfriend will have your ass”, loud mouth laughed.

“How much is that”, I asked the dealer? He glanced over at loud mouth’s stack and said, “About $12,000 sir”.

“You ain’t got that kind of money to blow back east. Just get $3,000 so I can get that too”, loud mouth said condescendingly.

“Ok dealer, 12 grand please”, I said.

I peeled off $12,000 handing it to the dealer as he called for a chip runner, loud mouth just howled while grabbing a server for a rum and coke.

The dealer announced $12,000 back for seat 7 and dealt the cards. I folded my small blind, as the play continued, loud mouth pushed seat 2 off the pot with another “all in”.

Over the next three and a half hours I watched and planned carefully, losing a few or folding but winning several hands that loud mouth wasn’t involved in that were substantial pots but no all in risks. At the moment I had about $18,000 in front of me, not keeping organized stacks adding to my newbie persona.

Gathering up the cards the dealer placed them into the auto shuffler taking out the other deck and dealt, loud mouth no longer scrutinizing my every move. “Good”, I thought, he has finally made up his mind about me that I am not dangerous. My first card, the King of clubs, my second the King of hearts, pocket Kings and I was on the button.

Seat 1 called, seat two called, loud mouth raised to $200. Everyone else after folded except for seat 6, I raised, “$700”, I announced, placing the chips out in front of me.

Seat 1 called, seat 2 folded and loud mouth re-raised me, “just make it $3,000 flat”! I had to admit he sure knew how to apply pressure in a game.

Seat 6 folded, I called, seat 1 called. The flop came 10 of spades, King of spades, Ace of hearts. A possible straight, flush, or with a rare royal flush also possible on the table.

Seat 1 opened with an “all in” bet of $43 hundred, I put him on two pair, an Ace with a 10, as he was trying to push out the flush draw. Loud mouth smooth called the 43 which I thought was out of character telling me he was on a spade flush draw or landed a set of 10’s. I simply called.

The dealer pulled the burn card and turned the 3 of spades and loud mouth checked while staring me down. I bet $5,000 awkwardly setting my chips in uneven stacks out in front of me. As the dealer straightened up my mess, loud mouth stared me down looking for any sort of tell. I stared unmoving at the cards spread on the board then gave him one glance toward his chips and quickly looked back at the cards.

“I call”, blurted loud mouth.

The dealer took the final burn card down and turned the final card, “the river”. The card that will sometimes drown you or send you floating down the Nile of wealth, I feigned disappointment as my eyes saw the King of diamonds! Four of a kind! The star spangled banner going off in my head as I knew I had this hand, but I needed to maximize the possible winnings. I almost had loud mouth. Loud mouth I was sure had a full house, and in loud mouth fashion began to yak, making me sure of my assumption.

“Well back east you ready to reload there boy, I think you missed your four card flush as you tried so hard to convince me to fold on the turn”, loud mouth started. I’ll let you keep some gas money for the ride home, what ya’ got over there about $11,000”, he mused.

I sat there looking like a poor kid who just got new socks for Christmas. Loud mouth announced an $8,000 dollar bet. I leaned back in my chair pulling my hands up behind my head.

“You’re two pair or flush ain’t good boy, just fold and take what you got there in front of you back home”, he added.

I had him, had him by the short hairs and he wasn’t the wiser, the smug bastard.
I looked at my cards again, the two Kings smiling back up at me, I paused, then announced “all in”.

Loud mouth burst into laughter, “you should have went home back east, I call”, he said smacking his pocket 10’s down on the board, “I told you you’re flush ain’t no good”, said loud mouth laughing all the harder.

“Damn shame I don’t have a flush” I smiled slowly turning my cards over showing only one King as I pressed the top card over showing him his downfall, the second King in my hand!
The dealer’s face exploded with a huge smile as he announced “Four Kings, beats 10’s full of
Kings”, and began shoving the pile of chips my way as seat 1 just mucked his cards.

Loud mouth stood up rapidly, his chair flying backwards, “How the fuck’? How did a newbie suck me down the road like that," he bellowed, his head snapped towards me, his eyes wide, nostrils flaring! “You ain’t no newbie motherfucker” he shouted.

“Flooooor” yelled the dealer but there were already three casino employees around loud mouth and two more heading our direction.

I simply smiled while stacking chips, his chips. I rolled four chips in my fingers as any deft pro would while fiddling chips absent mindedly and broadening my grin.

“You motherfucker”! He renewed his rants while the casino staff attempted to calm him down, he started my direction, I stood and moved back from the table my arms displayed in a non-threatening manner saying to the dealer still backing away, “I will protect myself”.

“You fucking better motherfucker” loud mouth exclaimed as two security guards grabbed him.

The floor boss standing in front of him saying, “Pete, calm down or we’ll have to bar you from the casino again and it’ll be a year this time”.

Loud mouth, or Pete I just discovered, glared red faced at the floor boss, his shoulder slumped. It was over. “You best go walk it off”, the floor boss continued as he gently persuaded Pete to walk with him towards the entrance of the card room.

“Nice hand” the dealer said to me.

“Can I get a few racks and a chip runner I think I’m done today”, I smiled at the dealer tossing him $750 in chips.

“Thanks” he smiled dropping the chips into his tip box, “chip runner to table 35 please for the gentleman”. I tossed him another $100 laughing.

A nice day I thought, exiting the parking garage, not only did I clear $24,000 I knocked Pete the loud mouth down a few notches. That last hand will haunt his sleep for weeks, maybe months to come, god I love regulars, they stand up so tall, but tumble so easily when properly goaded.

I sped up to 75, powering up the road and past curves, I couldn’t help but notice a heavier traffic pattern, but all I wanted to do was see my girls.

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