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**Finally finished another one of my stories...trying something a bit different this time..hope u like it...comments very appreciated! :) RYAN!

The experience I wanted to share is about my friend's wife Britney (not her real name) who's always been a flirt and a cock tease with me and several other guys in the past, but we never imagined she would go as far as she did one night about 10 years ago when we were all just fresh out of high school. She invited herself over to a friend's house where 5 of her husband's friends, including myself, were just hanging out drinking beer all gathered in the basement taking turns shooting some pool.

As soon as she arrived we all immediately recognized how our buddy's wife was in an extremely playful mood, flaunting her gorgeous body like she always does
when her husband isn't around, but doing so this time in front of five drinking men it's no wonder why things started to get way out of hand.

Eventually one shocking episode lead up to another, and by the end of the night every single one of us took advantage of Britney's obvious lustful craving for a room full of cock when all five of us took at least one turn penetrating her married love nest.

It's hard to explain how awkward it felt to watch our friend's wife let so many of her husband's friends just walk right up to her and make love to her that damn easy. The atmosphere that night listening to all my rowdy friends taking turns filling the hell out of Britney was something I have never experienced before, and probably will never again. Like any other guy never did I ever expect I would ever find myself in this kind of situation, because most girls (especially married ones) cringe at the thought of having sex with more than one partner at a time? Obviously I was at the right place at the right time and though I admit that gang-banging my friend's cock-crazed wife was by far the best damn experience of my life, I still haven't forgiven myself for doing what we did behind his back.

My friends and I first met Britney when one of my closest friends introduced her to us as a new student in our high school back in '93. We were all surprised when they announced wedding plans the following year when we were all still seniors, we kept trying to talk them out of it but it was obvious they were determined. Though most of the time she was a real fucking bitch towards us whenever Eric was at her side, we all know it was just an act because whenever he wasn't around Britney would always get into these extremely sexually flirtatious moods.

She is an incredibly attractive, innocent-looking brunette, and though she may only be about 5'5" but weighing no more than 100lbs by far she was one of the sexiest girls in school and she actually knew this all too well. But what the boys loved most about her, though no one ever dared told easily enraged Eric, are those huge fragin' tits for such a skinny girl. She used to brag to everyone how she easily fits into a D-cup, and whenever she gets into one of her "slutty" moods when Eric wasn't around you can almost guarantee she'll show up not wearing one.
Those pretty things would just bounce all over the damn place right underneath her shirt while she walks unlike they would if they were supported by a bra.

Just by the way she used to act you could easily tell Brtiney had known for the longest time how so many other guys love to stare at her awesome breasts, and I truly believe it was her obsession to flaunt them when she was younger that led up to what happened during that one particular night...

It was soon after they had married when some of the guys had agreed it would just be the boys to meet at a friend's parent's house who had air hockey and a pool table in their basement. It was a night Britney's husband volunteered to pull a double shift at his job and wouldn't be showing up until close to midnight, but since so many other guys were already there it was almost as if no one missed him. So it must have been around 6:00, soon after I arrived, when from the corner of my eye I noticed a short and thin figure slowly descending down the staircase. It was Britney, dressed to kill, begging if she could join us because she was bored at home with Eric working another night of overtime. Knowing all about her extremely flirtatious past, I knew that no one would object to Britney's presence in hopes that she would be in yet another one of her "playful" moods.

She looked so beautiful dressed in a high-cut white and fuzzy wool sweater that exposed her entire midriff section, and the skimpy miniskirt and high heels to match was enough to cause every guy in the room to undress her with our eyes. Within a short time Britney quickly discovered how us guys kept glancing over to look at her, but without even trying to make an effort to cover up like a "proper" girl would have done Britney instead gave us a stunning show that I never fucking imagined any recently married bride would ever even think about doing. Not expecting any of this from my friend's shy-looking new wife, I then watched as Britney looked down at her chest and slowly placed both of her tiny hands just below her tender breasts as if checking them out herself!

Surprisingly she then began to slowly unbutton the sweater while looking directly at us, probably to make sure we were still watching, right up until the last button came undone and the sweater finally fell open revealing to all of us a huge and sexy white-laced bra. I thought she was done from here, teasing us by revealing the incredible size of her bra, but when she suddenly reached up to give the tips of her big frigging tits a tight firm squeeze my mouth literally fell open when the next words out of her mouth was: "You guys really like these, don't you?". "I'd bet you boys would really love to see them, huh?"

Jesus Christ, just like the other guys at the moment I was too fucking shocked and surprised to do or say anything, and once I noticed Britney happily start to reach for the clasp in the front center of her bra my heart started racing over the fact that she was really fucking serious about showing us her plump breasts! Knowing full well that her husband was bound to hear about this Britney was obviously very determined to show us her heavy rack at any risk, and by the devilish looks on her pretty face I knew she was going to go through with it as I just stood there anxiously waiting at what I wanted so desperately to see.

Then as if it all happened in slow motion, I watched with extreme lust and pleasure when our buddy's daring wife then proudly released the single clasp holding her massive bra together as it instantly flung open and a pair of huge.... fucking....tits just simply fell out from behind their once trapped encasements. Oooh, what an incredible, cock-hardening moment that turned out to be big fucking brown nipples on the ends of huge fucking tits that my friends and I later discovered to actually measure 3 1/4" across in diameter! Of all the tits I've seen in my life, I still can't believe how fucking huge Stacey's enormous nipples are. But even more arousing than this is the simple fact that she was just married 3 weeks previous and here is our friend's wife sharing with us the sight of her luscious tits, which were only meant to be viewed by her husband's eyes. What a naughty little fucking slut, I thought to myself as I felt my already hardened cock begin to throb under my jeans, Britney just continued to stand there holding her bra open letting the boys really enjoy the spectacular sight she had to offer.

Just standing there in one spot in total amazement, I still couldn't believe Britney was actually exposing herself to us with a smile on her face I'll never forget once she realized how her big and perky tits were causing some of the guys to scream and go wild. For all I knew at the time our recently married friend might have been the only guy who knew how his teenage wife's well-developed chest looked naked before that unforgettable day, but it turned out to be the first of many more episodes over the next couple years where Britney continued to proudly expose herself for reasons only she will ever know. My friends seem to think she only did it to watch the stunned reactions she'd get from other guys, but if anything is for certain it was Britney's immaturity and frequent nights out with her many high school girlfriends that didn't agree with her married life. But it still amazes me how not a single word about any of her naughty stunts has ever gotten back to hubby as often as she had flashed her tits in public; Christ, if he only knew how many strangers in town have caught sight of his own wife's bare breasts and big brown nipples he would've defiantly become completely devastated. Though most of the time I heard she'd just hang out of a friend's car passenger side window and lift her shirt to let her big fucking tits flop all over the place just for a guy standing at a curb side, I would have loved to have seen her massive breasts jingle like Jell-O as soon as her
shirt was lifted hanging out of a car.

Britney had previously known from listening to her husband's conversations on the phone that this was going to be a house full of just guys gathered at one location that night, hanging out and probably all getting drunk. And on this particular night all the alcohol our buddy's wife started to drink seemed to settle in very quick, and all the boys and I were about to see a side of Britney we have never thought of seeing before.

Within an hour of heavy drinking we all watched as Britney became more and more "bubbly" from all the alcohol and before long she began to wrap her arms around each of our shoulders asking if we wanted to "make out" with her. God she was being such a fucking flirt, just out of the blue she decides to have a little fun with her husband's circle of friends and all the guys looked so surprised that she was willing to let us do the honor.

So after letting all 5 of us give her long, deep kisses as she let us work her already opened sweater and bra completely off her body, she remained standing there in just a miniskirt and high heels giving us a much better view of her entire upper half. It was only when I admired her for a minute or so when I finally thought - here is a tiny girl so damn skinny that you can literally see her entire rib cage seemingly trying to rip through her delicate skin, but yet tits so fucking massive in size that it takes a gigantic D cup-size bra just to encase them. "A perfect body made just to fuck" is what alot of my friends have always told me and I can't agree more. As can be expected with a room full of guys, everyone started screaming that Britney continued to tease us with what her body has to offer, but it was even a bigger surprise that she was letting several guys take it upon themselves to start fondling and caressing her, some by kissing her neck and lips while others were slowly licking the exposed skin all around her plump breasts. Britney suddenly found herself in the middle of several guys who obviously only had one thing in mind, but instead of being frightened or even trying to resist I was shocked as hell to watch Britney cock her head back and actually stick her chest out as if suggesting to the boys she wanted even more.

It didn't take long for the guys to figure out how our buddy's wife was loving so many hands and tongues all over her accepting body, and soon I watched as one of the guys suddenly drove his head forward and took part of Britney's left tit right in his mouth. What an idiot, I thought for sure Britney wouldn't like this, but instead she quickly closed her eyes and began to moan softly under her breathe as my friend continued to lick her nipple with lustful envy.

Suddenly the room filled with screaming voices at the incredible sight of Stacey's now erect nipple getting a much wanted tongue bath, and within seconds I noticed a pair of hands quickly work Stacey's mini-skirt down to the floor as the entire room erupted once again at what the boys had seen next. Right in the middle of 5 of her husband's closest friends, Britney defiantly looked somewhat bashful at first with nothing on now but a pair of these little pink g-string panties! Ooooh fuck what a sight I'll never forget, except for a real tiny see-through v-shaped patch of material in the front which revealed to us her thick fucking mound of jet-black cunt hairs from behind it, only a string not much thicker than that of kite string was all her fucking panties were made of! Ummm, holy fuck, who wouldn't fucking die to have a wife with a body like Britney's, Eric should have obviously been doing a better job at trying to keep his rare find at home!

Christ, the guy works so many damn hours who could blame his wife for going out on the town those first couple of years to find the attention she obviously adores. Everyone in the basement seemed to stand back to admire this once-in-a-lifetime sight, as Britney immediately took the advantage to advertise herself like a cheap fucking whore when she slowly began to strut around the entire basement with her hands cupped tightly behind her head. Jesus Christ, if you could have been there just to see how her massive fucking tits began to sway back and forth across her chest with every single step she took, and to discover how the thread of string Britney calls panties had disappeared into the crack of her luscious little ass - I still couldn't believe that the little girl my buddy married was really here tonight walking around the basement completely fucking naked.

We were probably watching Britney flaunt herself for about another 2 or 3 minutes, noticing the slutty smirks she made on her pretty young face each time one of us screamed out with excitement, when she then made a really stupid mistake. She actually walked over to one of my bigger friends who was almost passed out drunk in a chair, placed her enormous fucking tits right up in his face probably thinking he wouldn't notice and I'm sure she only did this just to give everyone a good laugh. But still having his eyes partially open it didn't surprise anyone to watch him slowly stand up and grab Stacey by the waist, only to walk over and plant her ass down right on the edge of the pool table.

Though Stacey defiantly had a surprised look on her face when she first discovered she was getting picked up, she now looked completely horrified as my buddy then took one of his large hands and forcefully shoved her to lay back against the green felt on top of the pool table. Continuing to be held down against her wishes, Britney began to get even more scared as she started to shake and whimper probably fearing that she was about to get raped - but what the fuck did she expect? By the way she was walking around and teasing our cocks by displaying that perfect little fuckable body of hers, she should have known it was bound to happen sooner or later that one of us wouldn't be able to resist the temptation any longer. How stupid can she be to think she could just come over here and
strut around naked like the fucking married slut that she is without one of 5 guys not getting carried away? If you want to be a cock tease and then freely walk away from it, a room full of beer drinking men isn't exactly the right place for it.

But now the simple fact was something is going to happen, whether if Britney was going to break down and let these guys have sex with her willingly, or if they were going to have to pry her legs open and
take turns fucking her cunt by force - Britney got these guys horny and rowdy as hell so there was no way anyone would be willing to help her out now.

I felt like I was in the middle of a high school party, all my friends were screaming uncontrollably at the sight of Britney being held to lay naked on the pool table, as they began urging our friend who pinned her there to just "spread her legs open and start fucking the living shit out of her". It was obvious all respect for our friend was lost when we forced his young and petite wife to lay naked on the pool table before us. But within time I was happy to see that Britney was actually starting to show signs that she was loving to hear how the guys wanted to watch her pussy get fucked, and she slowly began staring into our eyes with a smirk on her face I'll never forget as if begging to be fucked like the cock-craved slut of a wife that she is. A feeling of strong guilt suddenly lifted off my chest when I noticed that lustful smile grow on her pretty face, and I realized now that if the guys were going to fuck our friend's wife she was going to be all for it. After noticing her change of heart, my friend released his forceful hold on Britney as she began to extend her arms far above her head which now allowed her massive tits to settle down along the sides of her bity frame as they came to rest on the green felt on each side of her. Jesus, those huge fucking tits of hers!

Then while looking at my friend who forced her upon the table and still standing directly in front of her, Stacey then happily brought her knees right up to her chest and just held them there against her tits making all of us wait to see what she'll do next. A few seconds later I couldn't help but to laugh when I heard Britney started to giggle uncontrollably showing obvious signs that she was really fucking drunk, it was really awesome to see she was having just as much fun as we were, and then as if it was a gift from God everyone watched as our little party girl slowly began to open her legs far and wide apart right in front of us all.

Watching her legs slowly spread apart until she became fully spread eagle, the rowdy audience of her husband's friends now had an excellent view of a moist and a gaping red fuck hole that we weren't ever meant to see. Just laying there totally drunk with her legs spread far apart, everyone witnessed how the thick mound of black hair around her love nest was completely drenched with her cunt juices. It was so plainly visible how fucking hungry she was for cock and our friend who had laid her here never thought twice as he quickly pressed his crotch right up against Britney's married muff, actually making her entire body slide back along the table a few inches when he did. Almost immediately he then lowered the zipper to his pants only to reach in and pull out his hardened cock, and without even pulling his fucking pants down I then watched as he moved the string to Britney's panties to the side and lined the head of his cock to the entrance of her moist young cunt. Everything now seemed to be moving so quickly and everyone began rooting him on by screaming "fuck her, fuck her" over and over again, and this lasted for several seconds before someone screamed out to shut the fuck up before one of the neighbors calls the police.

Just standing there between her opened legs with the head of his stiffened cock now partially penetrating her anxiously awaiting muff, I found out later he was having second thoughts about fucking his close friend's wife; he told me all he could think about right then was how hurt and depressed he would be if any of us did the same to him and secretly fucked his woman. But all this guilt he had on his mind obviously wasn't enough to resist the overwhelming feeling the tip of his cock was now experiencing, as I then watched in disbelief when he forcefully thrusted and drove his hips forward only to bury his entire cock to the fucking balls deep within Britney's luscious cunt. I sensed in my gut that no one could believe what just happened and when Stacey realized the serious fact that she now had another man's tool other than her own darling husband's completely shoved far inside her muff, she let out this loud piercing cry of lust that could easily be heard over all the commotion my friends were making actually watching one of us begin to work his cock in and out of Stacey's love nest at a slow, steady pace.

The night went on, and we all got a change to sample her hot pussy, and to shoot loads of hot goo inside her. I will never forget that night... or other other nights we had when her hubby was at work!

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