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cream of the season
I fucking hate Christmas,” Piper muttered with disgust to herself.

She kicked one of the packages under the gaily-decorated tree. When she heard something break, she laughed bitterly.

The holidays had sneaked up on her. Piper was 14 year old, and Christmas no longer held the magic for her that it once had

“Fuck Christmas!” she cursed. “Who the hell needs it!”

It was all such a big hassle. The family togetherness was driving Piper straight up the wall. Though it was cool that her Aunt Chloe was visiting, Chloe was the sexiest of all her mother’s sisters. Being the youngest she was only 28 and had not been married yet.

Piper pouted as she threw herself in a chair.

Thinking of how hot her aunt Chloe was, Piper brought up the image of the skin tight jeans her aunt wore that morning,. How they clung to her cunt lips. In an instant Piper was playing with herself keeping the image of her aunt in mind. She had to relieve the pressure in her young cunt somehow.
Piper’s fingers slipped beneath the crotch band of her panties and wriggled inside the moist slit of her young cunt. While her thumb jammed her erect clit, she finger-fucked herself for a long time. But no orgasm developed. She wondered if aunt Chloe could make her cum .
The front door rattled. Someone was coming in. In a panic, Piper tried to yank her fingers from her pussy. In her clumsy haste, though, she caught her hand in the bottom panel of her tight-fitting panties.
She was still struggling to free her fingers from her crotch when her aunt Chloe walked into the room.

“Nice, “ Chloe said in a soft voice, “Mmm I remember being young and horney all the time.
Piper finally managed to remove her hand from he panties.

Aunt Chloe sat on the couch and patted the cushion, beside her, “Piper, maybe a little heart to heart with your favorite aunt will help.”

Piper went over to the couch — and sat down at the opposite end from her aunt.

“No, no, come closer, darling,” Chloe urged. “I want to get a good look at you. You’re such a lovely girl. I hope you won’t take this the wrong way, but you remind me so much of myself when I was your age.”

When Piper scooted over on the couch, her aunt ran her fingers through her hair.

“I’ve always wished I had blonde hair like yours,” Chloe sighed.

“Y-you could always dye it,” Piper stammered, nervous from her aunt’s attention.

“No, I’m talking about being a natural blonde,” Chloe laughed. “All over. If you know what I mean.”

Chloe stopped laughing, but her smile stayed fixed on her face as she stared into her niece’s eyes.

“You are blonde all over,” she said evenly. “Aren’t you, Piper?”

“Well, uh, yes…” Piper self-consciously answered.

“Mmmm, perhaps I shouldn’t say this, but that turns me on,” Chloe cooed. “All of a sudden I have this picture of you in my mind that just won’t go away. I think you must know what I’m talking about.”

“You mean… without any clothes on?” Piper gulped some more.

“Say ‘nude’,” Chloe said. “It’s such a sexy word. It fits you.”

Continuing to stroke Piper’s hair, Chloe slid her other arm around her niece’s waist.
“I’ll bet you’re beautiful in the nude,” Chloe whispered body in Piper’s ear.
“I-I really can’t say,” Piper sputtered, as her aunt’s breath tickled the tiny hairs on her neck.

“Want to know exactly what I’m thinking, darling?” Chloe pushed things farther.

Piper didn’t know how to answer, so said nothing. She wondered if her aunt could hear her pulse booming.

“I have this picture of you in my mind,” Chloe reiterated. “You’re lying on satin sheets. Nude. All alone with just your private thoughts. You spread your legs and your beautiful blonde cunt is wide open. You put your fingers between your thighs and stroke your golden pussy. Just right. The way a woman can only do to herself.”

Piper started to say something. But all that came out of her mouth was a long, throaty moan, prompted by her tingling pussy.

“Your cunt is so soft,” Chloe went on. “Wet and throbbing. When you touch your clit, you come all over your hand.”

Piper couldn’t believe what was happening. Her aunt words affected her as strongly as if her pussy were really being fondled.

“Mmmm, yes, your young cunt is so beautiful,” Chloe purred. “You wish you had someone to share it with. Someone who really understands a woman’s needs.”

Now Piper spoke.

“Oh, yes… yes,” she murmured.

“Only another woman can understand how a girl like you feelsl… what you want,” Chloe cooed.

“Aunt Chloe… would you… would you…?” Piper sighed in a broken gasp.

Chloe’s reply was to kiss her trembling niece flush on the lips. Piper answered with her tongue.
They sprawled on the couch, Chloe on top. Her hands expertly stripped her niece’s clothing in such a way that Piper felt unnatural being anything other than nude in her aunt’s presence.

Chloe broke the kiss to finish stripping her writhing niece. When Piper was naked, she instinctively spread her legs, proudly, showing her tight young pussy.

The next kiss was Chloe’s mouth on Piper’s open cunt. A long, lingering kiss with plenty of tongue. Piper came on the spot. As she climaxed, the sound of her aunt slurping up her pussy juice was music to her ears.

“Take me to bed, Aunt Chloe,” Piper moaned, knowing that the sheets would be satin.
Then Piper was being carried to the bedroom. Her aunt was all woman and strong.

To Piper, in her agitated state, it was the perfect combination for a lover.

Spread-eagled on the sheets, Piper raised her knees and let herself be eaten out as she fanaticized so many times before. Her aunt’s tongue was amazing. Piper came repeatedly. Every time she seemed in danger of sliding from her orgasmic peak, her aunt did something new to her young cunt.

Gradually, Chloe swung her body around so her knees were straddling Piper’s head while she continued to suck her niece’s pussy. Looking up under the tent of her aunt’s skirt, Piper realized that Chloe wore no panties. The silky triangle at which she was staring was pure cunt.

Lifting her hands, Piper quickly got rid of her aunt’s skirt. With no shadows to obstruct her view she could see into the pink slash of Chloe’s spread cunt. A drop of pussy juice splashed on Piper’s nose as she begged for her aunt to sit on her face.

“So sweet,” Piper gurgled as the lips of Chloe’s luscious cunt spread across her mouth, completing al sixty-nine.

Although she was completely inexperienced at eating pussy, Piper performed like a hardened lesbian. All she had to do was follow her aunt’s lead, copying the movement of Chloe’s tongue stroke for stroke. Whatever her aunt did to her cunt, Piper did back to Chloe’s sugary pussy.

Piper and her aunt climaxed repeatedly, sharing one another’s orgasmic vibrations. Their pussies oozed juice continuously, and the incestuous lovers thirstily lapped it up. Slurps filled the air, sounding as though waves were lapping on a shore somewhere nearby.

The thing about an all-female sixty-nine, Piper realized, was that no one was dominant. The partners were equal, with the needs and responses of the cunt’s in perfect harmony.

Once Piper and her aunt had started coming, there was nothing to make them stop. Each climax just prompted a fresh one. Piper and Chloe sixty-nined on and on, no ego involved, just sheer orgasmic joy.

The mutual cunt-eating stopped only because Chloe was anxious to show her niece another side to lesbian sex. As much as she loved sixty-nining, Piper was eager to move on.

With a teacher like her aunt, Piper would have been a fool not to learn everything she could about the special ways two women can express their lust, far each other.

“What are we going to do now, my beautiful gorgeous aunt?” Piper sighed when Chloe had withdrawn from between her legs and was stroking her little tits.

“Try this on for size, my darling little niece,” Chloe answered. “How does a nice, long, deep fuck sound, baby girl?”

“Sounds fucking hot,” Piper responded. “There’s only one problem. Which one of us is going to grow a cock on such short notice?”

“There are ways,” Chloe said, suddenly serious.

“I-I don’t understand,” a surprised Piper stammered.

“Ahhh, that’s one of the things I like so much about girls your age.” Chloe smiled again, but this time with a leer. “You have so much to learn.”

“Teach me,” Piper eagerly begged.

Chloe got up from the bed and left the room without a word. When she returned she backed in through the door, obviously is concealing something. Piper had no idea what to expect next.

Then Chloe wheeled around, an almost wolfish grin splitting her face. It wasn’t her aunt’s face that Piper gawked at.

“My God! What’s that?” Piper gasped, stunned by the thing in Chloe’s grip.

“I take it you’ve never seen one of these,” Chloe said. “It’s called a dildo.”

Piper’s cunt burned as she picked up the details of the device. Shiny black, it was about two feet in length, with the ends mushrooming into replicas of cockheads.

“A two-head cock!” Piper blurted with such force she started coughing.

“And what do you think of your aunt’s little toy, Piper darling?”

Piper was tongue-tied with amazement.

Her aunt came to her as Piper fumbled for the right words to express her emotions. Standing by the side of the bed, Chloe offered one end of the dildo.

“Me… are you trying to tell me that we can both fuck with this monster, at the same time?” Piper muttered as she fondled the rubber cockhead. It was so realistic she swore she could feel it throb.

“There’s a foot of prick for each of us,” Chloe said.

Piper squirmed as her aunt’s words sunk in. Just the idea of fucking and being fucked by another woman had her on the verge of a flash orgasm.

“Lie back on the bed and spread your legs,” Chloe instructed. “I want your beautiful young cunt wide-open. Your auntie is going to give you a lesson in love you’ll never forget.”

Piper flattened her shoulder blades against the mattress. Slipping a pillow under her ass, she bent her knees and parted her thighs. A glob of pussy juice tickled from her yawning cunt into the crack of her butt.

“Mmmm, love that pussy,” Chloe sighed. “Oh, to be fourteen again.”

Then Chloe was on the bed, kneeling between her niece’s spread legs. With expert fingers she stretched the soggy lips of Piper’s cunt even farther apart. Placing one huge end of the dildo at the pink center of the luscious teenage cunt, Chloe gently applied pressure.

“Oooooh,” Piper groaned, as the black bar slid into her moist fuck-hole. “Oooooh, Aunt Chloe, it’s going to go all the way through me.”

“You wish,” Chloe teased, as she carefully stuffed about half the long rod into her niece’s cunt.

The walls of Piper’s pussy stretched like elastic, swallowing the horny teenager’s share of the artificial cock. It was so tight, so deep within her.

“Ahh, that’s it,” Chloe said when she had filled her niece’s corn with twelve inches of rubber meat. “Now for yours truly.”

The free end of the dildo curved out from between Piper’s spread thighs. With the other half-rooted deep in her cunt, it appeared as if she had suddenly grown a big, black cock. It was an illusion which Piper’s fuck-hungry aunt knew how to exploit to the fullest advantage.

Chloe moved forward, straddling Piper’s hips. Her raised crotch hovered just above the jutting dildo, dripping pussy juice onto the exposed length of black rubber. Chloe smiled down at her niece as she prepared to fill her cunt with its share of the life-like prick.

“You’re going to see my pussy swallow your tool just like you were a man,” Chloe told Piper. “Only you’re going to feel it like a woman.”

“The best of both possible worlds,” Piper answered, thrusting her crotch so the free end of the dildo snapped impatiently at her aunt’s flared cunt.

Chloe brushed the knob of the rubber prick against the creamy slit of her open pussy. Then, closing her eyes in bliss, she stuffed the huge black cockhead between her pussy lips. Moaning with lust, Chloe lowered her crotch toward the crux of her niece’s sweet young cunt, jamming her cunt with ebony cock.

“Mmmmm,” Chloe rasped, as her juicy cunt slid down the black pole to smack wetly against her niece’s awaiting pussy.

The dildo had all but vanished from sight. Only a thin dark band of rubber gleamed between the lips of the joined cunts of aunt and niece. Chloe and Piper began to fuck.

“Move with me, Piper,” Chloe urged. “Shake your hot little ass. Rock your hips.”

Piper writhed beneath her aunt. The thrashing momentum of two sets of hips drove each end of the dildo savagely into the cunt it was fucking.

However, deep cock-thrusts were not all this special fuck was about. For, at the middle of the immense two-way prick, the lovers’ cunts were welded together. The erect buds of their clits poked like sharp needles.

“I still can’t believe this is happening to me,” Piper moaned as she and her aunt fucked and began to grind their cunts together.

“It’s happening all right, baby,” Chloe said, giving a brutal thrust of her crotch. “ I love fucking your hot little cunt.”

Chloe plucked one of Piper’s nipples and almost twisted it off her tit.

“Oh… yessss!” Piper hissed with welcome pain. “Oh fuck that is hot, Aunt Chloe. Do everything to me you can.”
“Not so fast, Piper darling I think it’s about time to put some of your youthful energy to work.”

Without further warning, Chloe grabbed the cheeks of Piper’s little tight ass and flipped her niece over. All of a sudden the fucking positions were reversed, with a surprised Piper looking down on her aunt.

“How do things look from on top?” Chloe asked her niece.

“So fucking hot!” Piper quickly adjusted to the situation. “Oh auntie, this cock is so deep in my little cunt.”

“Well, then take advantage of it,” her aunt prompted.

“Beg me bitch,” Piper leered.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder! You hot little slut, fuck your sexy aunt!” Chloe cried on cue. “Split me in two with your big, black cock!”

As she rammed the end of the cock she controlled into her aunt’s pussy, Piper realized what it was like having her own cock.. The power that came from driving between a woman’s spread legs was electric. Now she knew how it felt to dominate a woman’s cunt with a hard-on.

But, at the same time, she couldn’t ignore the female viewpoint. And that was what made the whole thing so extraordinary. Because, for every cock-thrust Piper delivered in her aunt’s pussy, the other half of the dildo stabbed to the core of her own right young cunt.

Half-man, half-woman, Piper relished the unique experience of simultaneously giving and receiving twelve inches of stiff cock. The two sides to fucking added a flavor to sex that would be stamped in her mind forever.

But the learning had yet to exhaust itself. Piper’s aunt was full of tricks.

Chloe had just finished shrieking from an orgasm, when she struggled out from beneath her pumping niece. Slithering out of her cunt, Chloe’s share of the dildo suddenly lashed in midair like an angry black snake.

Piper didn’t know what to think. Just when she’d thought she was in complete charge of the action, her aunt seemed abruptly to be taunting her. She couldn’t understand it.

“What did I do wrong?” Piper blurted, confused. “Wasn’t I fucking you right?”

“You can always do better,” Chloe replied, hoisting herself to her knees.

Instantly Piper felt better. Her aunt’s ripe ass could be spreading in her direction for only one reason.

It was so logical. Piper was embarrassed she hadn’t thought of it on her own. But, thank God, she thought, for Chloe’s direct approach.

“Fuck me in the ass baby girl!” Chloe commanded. Piper’s aunt opened her cheeks as far as they would go. Her asshole stretched invitingly, its dark center begging for the huge cock her niece controlled.

“Yes, I’ll fuck you in the ass, Aunt Chloe,” Piper panted lustily. “But I warn you, it’s going to be hell. I’m going to use every inch of my big cock.”

“Is that a threat or a promise?” Chloe laughed. “The more you hurt me, the harder I’ll come.”

Kneeling at the shrine of her aunt’s ass, Chloe slipped the head of the dildo into Chloe’s gaping ass. The black cockhead resembled a force of evil as it pushed against the feminine anal blossom.

“Shove it!” Chloe yelped. “Hurt me bad you hot little bitch! Don’t take it easy!”

Unleashing the beast within her, Piper gored her aunt’s ass with the head of the dildo. The cockhead ripped inside Chloe, pulling several inches of ebony shaft along with it. With wide eyes, Piper watched six thick inches of brutal dildo disappear up her aunt’s asshole with a singe thrust.

“More! More!” Chloe begged. “I want the whole thing! Every inch of your big, black cock up my ass! Pushing! Ripping! Killing me!”

“You horny bitch,” Piper screamed, enjoying the power that came from shafting her lovely aunt’s butt hole with a cock. “You can’t get enough can you?”

“Shove the rest of that prick up my ass and we’ll see who can’t get enough,” Chloe snapped back.

Piper pushed. The last part of the dildo didn’t go in as smoothly as the first six inches, but the struggle was an eye-opener.

For with the forced entry of the final inches of the dildo up her aunt’s tight ass, Piper was reminded with every surge that for every action there is a reaction. In this case, it involved the second half of the dildo. The end anchored in Piper’s cunt.

Each additional shove of one end of the dildo in Chloe’s ass jammed the other half all the more tightly in Piper’s pussy. Piper couldn’t butt-fuck her aunt to the hilt without punishing her own tight cunt.

Suddenly Piper was the one groaning with pain. And doing everything she could to increase it. The hurting orgasms were the best, as she already knew, but it was sheer joy to be reminded of it so. “Piper, don’t forget,” Chloe said, picking up on her niece’s growing agony. “It’s as much my cock as it is yours.”

“Amen!” Piper gasped, then buried the last of the dildo in her aunt’s ass to the painful delight of her own young cunt.

Now the lovers were pussy-to-ass. Their fingers joined at the junction. They could feel the swollen ridges of Chloe’s asshole buried in the lush folds of Piper’s cunt lips.

Their climaxes were just as close as their fuckholes. Piper and her aunt groaned loudly as they absorbed the constant orgasmic vibrations flowing through the dildo.
“I love it! Love it!” Piper cried, as she drove a foot of cock up her aunt’s ass at the same time she took the same length of hard prick to the depths of her cunt.

“I knew you would, baby,” Chloe rasped in reply.

“Did you really, Aunt Chloe?”

“We wouldn’t be fucking each other if I hadn’t been — shit, I don’t like to force any thing on anybody. No matter how good it might be for them.”

Piper was too breathless from coming to follow up on her aunt’s statement while they were still fucking hard.

But later, when the overworked dildo had finally been put away, Piper brought up the subject of her sort mastery of her mind and body again.

“It’s a funny feeling when somebody knows you better than you know yourself,” she told while she and her aunt nestled in each other’s arms. “ I never dreamed we’d wind up as lovers. How did you know I wanted it so bad, when I didn’t realize it myself?”

“It was in your eyes. In the way you moved your hot young body when you were near me,” Chloe explained. “An experienced woman is always on the look-out for someone who’s young and eager to learn.”

“You make it sound so simple, Aunt Chloe.”

“It is.” Chloe grinned. “When you know what you’re doing. And I learned from the best…”
Piper sighed, ”And who was that?”

“Your lovely mother of course. And I think it’s high time you two fucked!”.

Piper looked at her aunt in wonderment, and grinned at the thought of cock fucking her hot sexy mom. .

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