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Tom the Postman was on the last day of work before retiring when he got to a house near the end of his route and there was a note on the door : "Tom, ring the bell when you get here!"

So he does and the lady of the house opens the door dressed in a very provocative negligee as they say , a size too low, and invites him in. "Tom, I know this is your last day so I made you a little lunch". They sit down at a candlelit table (it was a dark cloudy day) and enjoy lunch accompanied by the appropriate Pinot (what else?).

After lunch he thanks her and starts to leave and she says "There's something more, come with me" and takes him upstairs into the bedroom, undresses him and fucks his brains out.

He gets dressed and thanks her again and she then hands him a $10 bill. "Wow!" he says, you really didn't have to..." and she says "Well I told my husband it was your last day and asked him what I should give you and he said ' Fuck him, give him 10 bucks', but lunch was my own idea!"
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