And she thought she would be alone for Christmas
Jenny had no family and normally  spends her christmas alone  at her flat , she has  brown hair and eyes ,little does she know the she will not be spending this Christmas alone at all.

There was a knock on the door and with the call carol singers with out putting the catch on she opened the door, four white men force their way inside one knocks out Jenny with a cloth whilst the others lock the door and brought  in some bags . They drag Jenny to her  bedroom and cuff her to the double bed , they cut off her jeans t shirt and film as the cut of her knickers and bra , one man says " nice likely a C" .

When Jenny woke up a man in the room called to the others "you won't be alone for Christmas and we bought you  a present and some for you friends if any come " he said with a laugh .

She was forced on top of someone so two fucked her in her ass and pussy and the other fucking her mouth ,in out in out in out , it felt like hours to Jenny , then they moved around so she was fuck by one and giving blowjobs to two with the fourth man filming it all on a camera , then one tit fucked her when the others to a break .

There was a knock on the door , the cameramen answered it, it was Sophie she has blonde her and blue eyes and pale skin the man looked at her size   D breasts before letting her in and knocking her out with a cloth .

5 minutes later she was naked on the bed next Jenny they were fucked from both ends , sophie and Jenny gave in after a while and took it  , then they where fuck in their pussys and asses , then they were tit fucked , then they got on there knees and got cum shots they  went over Jenny's and Sophie's    hair and tits 

The girls were give 10 minutes before being thrown in the shower and dressed in in a Red g string with bell nipple clamps and a red bow they sat on the laps of their captors  .

10 minutes  2 girls walk thought door only to be captured by the men ,it was Jenny's room mate Grace and her friend Rachel . They were dressed and forced fingered licked kissed by the men  . Grace has  brown hair and brown eyes and pale skin she was wearing Santa hat , shirt and jeans  , Rachel has curly brown hair and brown eyes tanned skin she was wearing a elf hat jeans and t shirt , the man pushed them to the floor closed the door and started to cut of their cloths .

The girls had a good sleep before the next round ,Jenny and Sophie and taken off their outfits and were now completely naked,  there were now 8 men , 4 black men had arrived  with massive cocks , for 2 round to the girls were split up Grace and Jenny in one bedroom an Rachel and Sophie in the other  , it was one black guy and white guy per girl it started by giving the black guy a blowjob and the white guy fucking but  20 minutes later the black men shoved their dicks in to the girls each one yelp with pain as it entered their thought pussy , there was blood by the men didn't stop pushing and pull their cocks in and out of their pussys. "I can feel my pussy stretching "Grace yelled , then they cummed it pour out over the men's cocks but it wasn't over the girls where forced to their knees and a black cock forced in their mouths , Grace's and Rachel's guy cummed in their mouths and Jenny's and Sophie's guy cummed over their tits. 

But they hadn't finished the girls were taken into the bathroom and forced into the bath on their knees "open your mouths " one man said , the four black men surround the bath and with the girls mouths open let out a stream of warm wet piss, it when in the girls mouths , hair and over the tits  .

The black men gave the other men a case before leaving . The girls were showered and put in sexy bras and knickers " I hope Emma doesn't come" Grace said , Emma was another  friend of Jenny's she had light red hair and green eyes with pale skin .

 The boss  walked into the flat with Emma with a pistol in her ribs ,they were lined up and the boss inspected them one by one and wrote down their name ,breast sizes , hair colour, age  and a number a black book , he also wrote the number on the arm 
In the book 
Jenny C brown 19 129
Grace C browny blonde 18 130
Rachel D brown 18 131
Sophie D blonde 19  132
When he got to Emma she slowly took off her jacket t shirt and jeans then he just ripped off her bra and knickers then noted down Emma C red 19 133. "now you all going to work for me making porn if you resist , try to escape or refuse you will did and that starts right now " the boss shouted , the girls were dressed in jean and jumpers before being forced out side and into a van , the van drove off.

After 20 minutes the van pulled into a garage connect to a house in the middle of nowhere , the girls were herded out of the van and down into a cell with six  beds but there was not just one cell. Emma was the only one not put into the cell she was taken up into a bedroom with a camera pointing at the bed  .
Ten minutes later she was wearing silk dressing gown and siting on the bed , and man in a Santa suit came in and Emma  said " can I have my present now and opens her gown and drops it to revival  a pair of bells clipped to her nipples and red knickers the man pulled down his trousers , he  then  unclipped the bells from Emma's breasts and kissed and suck  them , she then dropped to her knees pulled down his boxers and started to suck he's 6 inch dick ,she suck on his dick until he pulled her up and dropped her on her back on the bed he then slipped off her knickers and slipped his cock into her tight pussy , Emma lay there and tried to enjoy it until he cummed 10 minutes later , the man then slap her on the ass and said Merry Christmas 

Next it was Grace's turn she was in a elf dress costume and fuck by Santa in a freezing cold barn with her knickers by her ankles and her dress push up and down so her tits and ass were showing and it also by the him cumming inside her slapping her on the ass and said Merry Christmas .

Then Sophie and  Jenny got gang banged by a men dress as a crackers , Christmas puddings , presents and trees dress as Mary and an angel in a living room acting out a christmas party turn orgy which end with then  inside and on them  slapping them on the ass and said Merry Christmas . 

The end 

If you want to now what happens next please comment below and if you want something to happen to them of one of the  please do the same thank you for reading have a great  Christmas

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2013-02-01 05:03:33
This really is fidinng a bit a lot more subjective, but I a lot prefer the Zune Marketplace. The interface is colorful, has far more flair, and some cool capabilities like ‘Mixview’ that let you rapidly see related albums, songs, or other users related to what you’re listening to. Clicking on 1 of those will center on that item, and yet another set of “neighbors” will come into view, allowing you to navigate around exploring by related artists, songs, or users. Speaking of users, the Zune “Social” is also excellent enjoyable, letting you discover other people with shared tastes and becoming buddies with them. You then can listen to a playlist created based on an amalgamation of what all your friends are listening to, which is also enjoyable. Those concerned with privacy will likely be relieved to know you'll be able to prevent the public from seeing your private listening habits in the event you so select.

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2012-12-23 19:05:24
So badly written.
No details, no nothing.
The idea is good, but you need to work on details. This is just plain boring!

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They should get fucks dressed as film characters

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