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This is the final chapter of this series which I previously posted. Enjoy!
Training Mother and her Daughters, Part 4

Carol and her two daughters, Jennifer and Pamela had been gone all week, back to their own house, but packing in preparation for moving to my place. While they were gone, I was preparing for their arrival. I had bought very nice bedding and extra pillows for each of the girls’ rooms, and done some minor decoration to turn them into more feminine quarters. I had also visited a local “Spy Headquarters” shop, and bought top of the line video cameras that could be concealed in their rooms, and installed them overlooking each of the girl’s beds. They were connected to a 32’ flat screen TV in the master bedroom, but could only be viewed by activating a hidden switch.

Friday rolled around quickly, and I went to their place with a U-Hall trailer. Carol and I began to load before the girls even arrived home from school. This was their last day at their present school, and they would be enrolling at a new school near my place, on Monday. Carol was, as always, a knockout, wearing shorts and a halter top, as she sweated while helping me to load the trailer. The girls showed up, both looking cute as little dolls, but also dressed very nicely in skirts and blouses, which they quickly changed out of. I had insisted that they both dress “appropriately” when they left the house, which meant not provocatively. Once at home, and only around the house, they could dress as they liked; in fact, I encouraged it, as part of their training.

Fourteen year old Jennifer was a little sexpot, just blossoming into a young woman, and the boys were all over her. Her mother and I agreed that she needed to be reigned in, or some boy would get her pregnant and probably ruin her life. She needed to learn the “facts of life” correctly, and not just some bullshit, misleading stuff at school; and especially, not the stuff she might pick up from other, equally uninformed teenagers they ran around with.

Pamela was a darling 11 year old (going on 12, as she constantly reminded me), who had not yet started to “blossom”, but would reach puberty any day, now, and was very sexually curious. I had started to train both of them, along with their mother, who was a natural “sub” to my Dom. My home had been their training ground, and now would be their academy. Both girls had achieved orgasms at my direction and hand, and both wanted more. Their mother, likewise, liked my training and had given her consent and had turned over “complete control” to me for all three of them. I am NOT into pain or abuse, unless it is necessary and serves a purpose. Some Doms are also sadistic, but that was not my style. I much prefer when a woman submits to me, and I can give her extreme pleasure that she cannot get elsewhere; this not only excites me, but I can then get whatever I want, and as often as I want it. Three trainees in the house, at one time, was a BIG juggling act, and I would have to be very careful to correctly portion out the pleasure and training.

Once we were all loaded up, Carol followed in her car, but the two girls insisted on riding with me, and they were all giggles and laughs on the way to my place. Both told me they had been VERY good while at home, and wanted to know if they could “play” as soon as we got to my house. I told them no, laughing, because we had a lot of work to do unpacking, but if they were very good, I might visit them when they went to bed. That seemed to excite them both, but they behaved all the way home. We unpacked quickly, and I called out for pizza delivery, while everyone put their things away. The girls seemed delighted with their new decorations and bedding, and Carol loved them, as well. Once everything had been put away, which didn’t take long, and we had eaten the pizza, everyone took a shower, and we put on swimsuits and headed for the pool.

The girls had obviously been shopping, because both sported new bikinis that showed their young bodies off, and even Carol had a new number that was just as revealing. I put on some trunks, rather than the Speedo I had been wearing, because I had been away from them for several days, and I knew I would be hard the moment I saw them. I could see little nipples and cunnies through the tiny suits, and Carol looked almost as good as naked. I wanted to fuck her on the spot, but I stayed in control. Once I was in the pool, the girls started playing grabass, and tried to touch my crotch at every opportunity, and I touched them back, now and then. Carol swam up to me, and I kissed her, and under the water, slipped a finger into her; even with the pool water, I could feel her slickness.

After we all got out and dried, the evening seemed to drag, and the girls said they wanted to go to bed, early, but asked if I would come tuck them in; both had big grins. I told them I would, but I needed to change into something dry, and sent them to their rooms. I took Carol into the master bedroom, and with the door closed, showed her the camera setup I had put in the girls’ rooms, and how to work the TV and switch from room to room, so she could watch. She wanted to watch, to make sure the girls were being trained “right”.

I put on a silk kimono robe, and stuck my head into Jennifer’s room, and told her I was going to tuck Pamela in first, and then I would be with her. In Pam’s room, the little darling had only a nightshirt on, and was touching herself. I frowned at her, because she wasn’t supposed to do that without my approval, but she just grinned, and said she was only “getting ready”. I kissed her on the lips, then told her to go ahead and play, and watched, as she stroked her slit and clit and got a serious and intense look of concentration. My cock was rock hard, but this was about Pam’s pleasure, not mine. As she stroked, I reached between her legs, and with one finger, ran it up the length of her slit, from bottom to top. Her hips jumped as I flicked her little clit, and she started to mumble “ohhh…ohhhh”, then her climax hit “Unnnhhhh….Unnnhhhhh” with each spasm, as she came hard, her hips bucking. I let her finish, breathless, then kissed her good night, and left the room.

I went into Jennifer’s room, and she was under a sheet. When I approached the bed, she smiled, and pushed the sheet off, and was totally nude. Her pussy was trimmed like her mother’s, with just a small strip, like an exclamation point, right over her slit. It was very light blonde and very wispy. Her legs were spread, and I could see she was already wet.

“Have you been a good girl while you were gone?” I asked her.

“Oh, yes. I’ve been VERY good, but I’ve missed you soooo much. I don’t do it near as good as you do it for me” she smiled at me.

“Lay back, close your eyes and spread your legs, and I’ll give you a surprise” I told her. She did so, and I moved up between her legs, and took my cock out and began stroking her slit just with the tip of my cock. My pre-cum mixed with her natural moisture, and it was very slick. She opened her eyes, wide, when she felt it, but closed them and just enjoyed. In only about a minute, she began to make soft noises, and her hips began to raise up, trying to get more pressure, or perhaps to let her impale her pussy on my cock, but I kept it soft and gentle. I reached out with my other hand, and massaged her small tit, squeezing her nipple gently and she moaned and started to buck.

I quit what I was doing, and she opened her eyes, alarmed and said “Don’t stop…please!” almost desperately.

“I’m not. I’m just going to do something else.” and I moved to kneel beside her head, then reached out with my right hand and caressed her Mons, inserting about a half inch of my finger into her. This should have been in full view of the camera for her mother. My cock was sticking straight out of the kimono, and I used my other hand to turn her head toward me, and guided her toward me. She half opened her eyes, then closed them, and opened her mouth and took the tip into her lips, and began licking the pre-cum off. She let her lips slip over my glans, and I was massaging her clit, and gently fingering her pussy, when I felt the first little shudder of her approaching climax. Her hips began to buck against my hand, and she was moaning around the head of my cock. When I felt her real orgasm start with the first strong spasm, I pushed my finger all the way into her young pussy, and felt the hymen give way and pop. I had intended to break her in this week, and this was the easiest and gentlest way to do it.

She jumped and let out a little muffled cry at the brief pain, and her teeth tightened on my cock, but fortunately, not too tight. I continued stroking her clit, and finger fucking her, and her orgasm continued, wiping out any sense of the pain. When she started to relax, I withdrew from her mouth, and removed my hand from her pussy, and went to get a warm cloth to clean her up. There was only a small amount of blood, and she no longer felt any discomfort. I kissed her goodnight, and she slipped her tongue between my lips, and I returned the favor. I was hard as a rock, and needed Carol in the worse way.

As I walked down the hall, I wasn’t sure what Carol’s reaction was going to be. She had never seen me actually pleasure one of her daughters, though she had a good idea because I had told her…in detail. My cock stood straight out of the opening in my robe, and bounced up and down as I walked; a thin stream of semen dripping from the tip. When I opened the bedroom door, my question was answered; Carol was kneeling on the end of the bed with her legs apart and her ass and pussy exposed to me in “presentation”. Her head was turned in my direction, and she had a dazed look on her face. Her pussy lips were wet, and moisture dribbled down the inside of her thighs.

“My God…I have never seen anything so…sexual in my life” she whispered. “I didn’t know Jennifer was so…”

“I know” I told her, as the robe slipped to the floor. I walked up behind her, put the tip of my cock against her opening, and slid in without difficulty, She was still tight, but so aroused I could have slid a baseball bat into her, and it would have fit. “Jennifer is ready, but I only broke her hymen tonight, as gently as I could. In a couple of days, she will have recovered, and I can fuck her properly”, as I slowly stroked in and out.

Carol was stroking back against me with the same rhythm, and it wasn’t long before I felt her spasms begin. I changed rhythm and began a rapid “bunny fuck”, pumping in and out of her pussy as quickly as I could move my hips. She started to scream in pleasure, and I released, spurting a huge load of semen into her cunt, as deep as I could drive. I could feel my cock touch her cervix, but went as long as I could, before withdrawing and collapsing beside her on the bed. We were both out of breath, and it had been another incredible fuck. I wasn’t sure I could keep up with this pace; three lovely, horny ladies in the same household and all wanted to be serviced nightly. I was in good shape, but… Then I laughed at myself. What a hell of a problem. How many men wouldn’t give their left nut for this kind of problem? Carol and I took a shower together, then tumbled into bed for the night.

The next morning, I got up bright and early, did my workout and then went for a run. When I got home, I showered, put on some shorts and a tank top, and went into the kitchen where I smelled breakfast and the special coffee I liked. I stopped dead in my tracks when I walked in. All three “ladies” were completely nude, except for the velvet collars I had given to each of them. I didn’t know what to say or even where to look. Carol was smiling and Jen and Pam were grinning, ear to ear.

“What’s going on” I said, but I was smiling.

“We thought we would surprise you for breakfast” Carol said, as she pulled out a chair for me. The girls walked over and put a bowl of fresh fruit in front of me, along with a plate with turkey bacon and another with whole wheat toast, while Carol brought me orange juice and a cup of coffee. Jennifer had made sure her lovely young tit brushed against my arm.

“We just want to make sure you’re eating healthy and staying strong” Carol said, as she grinned at me. My cock was half swollen and twitching gently in my shorts and I could tell it was going to be a long day. I had already decided that I was going to have to “ration” my attentions, or it would wear out in a hurry. Too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing before you know it.

After breakfast, I took my clothes off, and we all trooped out to the pool for skinny dipping. The girls, as usual, were all over me playing grabass, and my cock was free so they could see and touch it “by accident”, and they did so on several occasions. Finally, we climbed out and took a rest, and I called both girls over to me, and had each sit on a knee, straddling each of my legs. They were wet, and I don’t mean from the water, and my cock was bobbing between the two of them.

“Girls, I need to set something straight. From now on, I will NOT be able to tuck both of you into bed every night” I told them, as their smiles started to fade. “What I am going to do, however, is allow you to play, on your own, once a night, when I don’t tuck you in” I continued.

“Why won’t you tuck us in every night, now that we live here?” Jen asked with a serious look on her face. Pam was nodding her head.

“Because, sweetheart, I will wear out” I told her with a grin. “There are you two girls, AND your mother that I have to keep happy. What I’m going to do is spend one VERY special night with each of you two once a week. In fact, I may spend a LONG time with you on that special night, and I promise, it will be better than anything you’ve had so far” I continued.

“Sunday night, is Pam’s special night” I told them. “Next Friday is Jennifer’s special night”. Jen looked upset, and demanded “Why can’t I be first? I’m the oldest”.

“Because, tonight is Saturday, and you ARE going to be first…tonight. But I am going to visit with you both, tonight, but the schedule will start next week” I told them. Both broke into smiles, kissed me on the cheek and headed back to the water.

Carol came over and whispered in my ear “Are you going to do what I think you are going to do?”

“Yes, and tonight is the first. It may make her sore, and I want her to have a day to recover. Are you going to be OK with a night off?” I grinned at her.

“Oh, I suppose so, but you’ll owe me…big time” she grinned.

The day went by fast. We all dressed after the swim and headed out to a movie and got home about dinner time. The girls wanted pizza, so we ordered a delivery and settled down to watch TV. About nine, the girls started to get “tired” and asked me if I would tuck them in. I told them to go get ready and get into bed, and I’d be there shortly. I changed into my kimono robe, and went to Pam’s room. She was spread out, nicely and had only her tank top on. Her hands were clasped over her head. I knelt beside her, then kissed her on the lips, slipping my tongue in to caress hers, and she eagerly responded back. I was stroking her tiny breast and nipple, and when she began to squirm, I started kissing down her chest, her belly, and finally found her slit with my tongue. Her little clit was firm and I was able to find it immediately. Within seconds, her body was arching and her hips were bucking in the full throes of orgasm. When she was done, I kissed her goodnight, pulled the blanket over her and left her room, turning out the light.

I moved into Jennifer’s room, and found her kneeling at the end of her bed, nude, with her ass high in the air, legs spread, in a perfect “presentation”. Her head and shoulders rested on the bed and her face was turned toward me as I entered. My cock was already hard, from my visit with Pam, but this was incredible. I simply dropped my robe where I stood, and looked at her for a moment and asked “Where did you learn that?” I smiled at her.

“I just thought you might like it” she grinned. “Is something the matter?”

“No, in fact, that is one of the correct ways to greet me on a visit. There are others, but this is one of my favorites” I told her, as I moved over to inspect her. She was already wet, and her nipples were erect. She tried to follow my cock with her eyes, but finally just closed them and started to breathe a little heavier, and I hadn’t yet touched her. I walked up behind her and looked at her little bum hole. It was pink and moist. I could see it twitch slightly, and I blew on it softly and it twitched more. My, she was sensitive. I reached around her waist with both hands, and felt her breasts and gently squeezed the nipples. My cock was resting in her ass crack, and it was twitching, as well. I pulled back, and knelt down, and using just the tip of my tongue, touched it to her little pink anus. She jumped as though hit with an electric shock.

I stood, and leaned close to her ear and whispered “Are you sure you’re ready for this? It might hurt.”

“Oh, yesss…I want you to,,,” and she just let out a soft gasp.

I moved behind her and began rubbing the head of my cock slowly up and down her slit, mixing my pre-cum with her pussy juices until her opening was completely slick. Then I placed the head in her opening and pushed gently. Only a portion of the head of my cock was in, and she whimpered; more in pleasure than pain. I pushed again, and felt her press back against me, and an inch more slipped in, covering my glans. I held still, stroking her back gently with my fingers, then her hips. She pushed back against me, hard, and another inch was in. About a third of my cock was in this young virgin pussy, and it was so tight, I was afraid I was going to hurt her. I knew that as she became more and more aroused, her cunt would gently stretch, without tearing, and could accommodate me.

She was gasping hard, and I could feel her cunny begin contract; she was near her first orgasm of the evening. Suddenly, her whole body stiffened, and she began to release in full climax, and she pushed back against my cock as I pushed forward. I felt the tip touch her cervix, but I was only in about five inches…about two thirds of my length, but it would have to do. If I rammed it into her too deep at this point, I would injure her, and I didn’t want that. I just held my cock still and let her little cunt contract until the waves had past.

Once she started to come out of her daze, I gently started to withdraw, when she cried “Oh, no…please don’t…stop”.

“I’m not. I’m just going to fuck you softly for a while. Stay still, my pet.” and I began to slowly stroke in and out of her, rhythmically. I looked down at her little anus, and used the tip of my finger to tickle it lightly. That, and my slow fuck of her pussy, set off another wave of contractions, as she climaxed again. My cock was in full erection, and I could have easily cum, but I held off until she was fully drained. I stayed still until the orgasm was over. Then I started again, this time making sure I was bumping her cervix with the tip of my cock, but not too hard. She would be sore for a day or so, but women have told me this is a “good” kind of sore. They are reminded with each twinge of the pleasure it had brought. I reached around her side, and pinched her nipple, and this was enough to set off yet another orgasm; it was good to know Jen was multi orgasmic; not all women are.

This time, she was exhausted, and dripping in perspiration. It was time to finish. I withdrew from her tight little pussy, and helped her straighten out on the bed. She thought I was going to leave, but I whispered in her ear “We’re not done yet, precious. Now you have to do me”. Her eyes opened halfway, but then she smiled and nodded.

I lay down on my back, and had her kneel between my legs and take my cock in her little hands and begin to lick it clean. Then I had her begin to suck and lick the tip, while stroking the shaft. I used my hand on her head, gently pushing her down on my cock until she was more than halfway down it; then I started to fuck her mouth, as I instructed her to tickle my balls. I felt my load start to build, but I didn’t tell her about the “surprise” that was coming. I just started shooting off into her mouth and throat, and when she started to jerk away, I held her head in place. Most of my jism went into her mouth, but some got on her face and breasts. I had her continue to stroke me until my own contractions were over.

Jennifer just knelt there, in a daze, not sure what she had done. I told her she had done quite well and then I told her that the correct way to finish the session was for her to go clean herself in the bathroom, then to bring back a warm cloth, and clean me up. She was up in a flash, and in less than a minute, was carefully washing my cock and balls with a warm cloth. I let her finish, then let her curl up in my arms in a spooning position until she fell asleep.

As soon as I was sure she was asleep, I got up quietly, and moved to the master bedroom and joined Carol, who was still wide awake. “My God! That was…incredible!” she said, when I crawled into bed beside her. “I masturbated the whole time, and I even came three times myself” she told me.

“Good, because I am completely emptied out, right now. Your daughter can fuck and suck like nobody’s business and I’m glad I decided to limit it to only one night a week. I can’t take any more” and I kissed her.

“Just wait until Pam gets a little older…then you’ll REALLY have your hands full” she grinned.

I was too tired to even think about it.

Carol and I decided we would marry, and the girls would continue to be trained until they were old enough to leave home. Perhaps they would even come back, from time to time, for a “refresher” course. At least their future husbands would benefit from having a well trained wife.

Hope you have enjoyed the series. It is ONLY a fictional story, but almost every man dreams of being able to “train” a young female in the art of lovemaking. This has been one of MY fantasies.

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