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Some harmless strip poker fun leads to a circle jerk with a girl in the middle when we were young teens.
This is an experience I had when I was in my teens. All true.

I was about 14 and there was a girl in the apartment complex that was 12. She used to hang out with us and one Summer day she was with me and two of my buddies in my apartment. It was the early 70s when no one watched where their kids hung out. GREAT time. One buddy said we should play strip poker (he read about it in Playboy). We were all for it but when he explained how it worked to the girl she said no way. But then she said she didn't mind if we played.

So we all played poker until each of us was stark naked with boners. She sat on the sofa with a huge grin the entire time. I then told her she needed to play. She said she wasn't going to take any of her clothes off. I said that if she lost, she had to sit on one of our laps and kiss us. She asked what we would have to do if we lost. One of my buddies said the loser had touch the other two guy's dicks. She giggled and said okay. We were fine with that too.

To make it easy, we just all drew cards and the one with the lowest card lost. One of my buddies lost. Without a word, he quickly rubbed our dicks once and said let's deal again. We did, and I lost. So I rubbed their dicks, but slower since I'm a switch hitter. The girl is just giggling away. We play again and finally she loses. I thought se was going to back out, but she says she'll kiss one of us, but no tongue. I said she had to use some tongue, She hesitated then agreed.

I said the three guys would draw card and highest one got to kiss her. Luckily I won. So I sat on a chair and she sat on y lap careful not to crush my dick. She giggled again as my erection rubbed against her ass cheek and thigh through her shorts. Felt great! We began to kiss and it was obvious it wasn't her first time. She was damn good at it. My dick was throbbing big time.

Then, going for broke, I took her hand and put it on my boner. To my surprise -- and delight -- she kept it there. I moved her hand up and down as we kissed and she soon got into the rhythm. She stroked my dick while we tongued kiss. I slid my hand into her shorts and began massaging he r butt cheeks. And she let me. I tried to slide my fingers between her legs, but she clamped them shut and said no.

So we went back to kissing, stroking and massaging. She did let me feel her nipples though she had no beasts yet. I looked over and the other two guys were on the sofa jacking off. It was too much to handle. I soon shot my load (and it was a lot) all over her hand, my body and her clothes. She jumped up all pissed off. She started yelling at me about not warning her. She said something about how her brother always warns her before he cums.

Cum stuck to her legs and the front of her short. I started laughing and she got more pissed off. The other guys laughed too as they sat there with their boners in their hands. She said she needed clothes to changed into. I said I'd get her some of my sisters (about the same age) and she said to hurry. I walked naked to get them, then brought them back. I was about to hand them to her, but then I said she had to change in front of us.

She started yelling "No way"! So I said no clean clothes. She could just walk home covered in cum. She waa still pissed, but after a moment, she said all right. Then she pulled off her shirt, careful not to get cum on her face, and pulled down her shorts and stepped out of them. Wearing only her panties, she held out her hand and asked for the clothes.

I paused to look her over and so did the guys who had resumed masterbating as they stared at her. I said I'd give her the clothes, but she had to strip off her panties first. She started yelling that the panties weren't dirty. I said that was the deal: No panties or no clothes. She threatened to tell my parents, and I said, "Go ahead, I'm sure your mom would like to hear how you were kissing some guy and paying with his dick."

She got a look of horror on her face. I knew that her mom was a hardcore bitch who would slap her silly if she found out what we had been doing. So she fin ally said she'd take off her panties too. The rest of us had huge grins on our faces when she slowly pulled her panties off and held them up. No pubes, but great ass. "There! Happy?" she asked. We all nodded.

Then we all walked around her and stared at every inch of her. She just stood there and let us. No shame at all.Then one of the other guys said she had to strand there while we all jacked off. She started to say no, but then I said I'd tell her mom. Finally, she said "fine." So al three off us guy stood there surrounding her naked body as we jacked off.

She didn't complain any more. She just turned slowly looking at our dicks in turn. I think she really liked it. We soon shot loads all over the tile floor. She was surrounded by a river of cum. She then asked for the clean clothes, so I gave them to her. She dressed and left. Thankfully, we all got together again soon after and had some real fun. ;-D


2016-04-02 19:55:10
"judging by the infantile way this is written i am guessing your 14th birthday was yesterday?"

Yes. And thank your mom again for sicking my dick as a birthday gift.

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2014-06-17 20:16:18
You are quite simply, an idiot. Great plot, horrible writing!

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2013-02-03 01:35:41
Good story but kinda short. I hope you'll continue it in a sequel. Surely there must be a lot more to tell.

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2012-12-24 01:04:09
YOU asked why the three had boners when you that young if a girl is in the room you get a boner!

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2012-12-21 17:02:29
what happened next? do you all do the deed with her?

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