ones love that through the years had come together
Petals from Afar and My Neighbor by mrmovie

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Nothing doesn't seem to come simple or explained, some feelings come and go, and some just seem to change in a wonderful way. Questions that I had at one time
seem to come into more of a perspective now, of course I prefer having the mystery and emotional splendor of something, than have the, 'knowing', funny how life
is such a blur at times.

I could remember growing up and going to school with my best friend and neighbor, George. His parents and mine liked playing bridge from time to time, so we knew each other's family very well. George was an easy going guy and we competed in alot of sports together during the years.
I really didn't think much about his sister Petals until high school, although all three of us played together as kids. She seemed cute to me, but me being me, well, I just felt that it would be wrong of me, being George's best friend, to ask his sister out.
In my junior year, I had to start working and take over our family business, which was a hardware store. I was in school at the time, and during my third period, I was called down to the principal's office, and was told that my parent's had died in a car accident, trying to avoid
someone, and crashed into a tree.
Well after that, George's mom Marlo, knowing my parent's well, kind of took over my mom's role. She would have me over for dinner every evening and offer to do my laundry. I thanked her as far as the evening meals went, but let her know that I preferred to do my own laundry.
Marlo was a really nice lady in her mid forties, I could see the resemblance she has to her daughter Petals.
Anyway, by the following and last year of high school, George told me that he decided he was going to enlist in the army after he graduated and make a career out of it. I was happy for him but at the same time felt bad for myself, George was not only my best friend, but the
only person I really ever talked to about things.
A year after our graduating, Petals had graduated, and her parent's found it more economical to send her to college over in France, because in France, there is no tuition, so all they had to pay for was her airfare and apartment, their taxes are higher in France and I guess that
compensated for that, also as a plus, Marlo and her huband Dan didn't have to worry if she needed to go see a doctor about anything, because that's free to, of course, over their in France, the doctor comes to see you.
A week later when I went over George's house to have dinner, Marlo had gotten a letter from Petals and thought it would be nice to read it as we all ate. Come to think of it, I never got but a few letters from George last year, I guess he has been busy.
After dinner, before I left to go home, I asked Mrs. Gaven, that is, Marlo, if it was OK if I wrote to Petals ? She told me that she was sure that Petals would like that very much.

When I got home, which was right next door, I thought to myself, when I was sitting at the supper table, Dan seemed to be irritated that I was there for some reason ?
I soon went upstairs to go brush my teeth, and while on the second landing, that has a window there, before I had to turn to go up the rest of the steps, which was only three, I happened to look out the window at George's house a moment and pondered to myself, 'when', in the process
of turning to go up the rest of the way, I noticed a light come on upstairs, I could only see shadows tho', the shadow of Marlo taking of her shirt, 'why I didn't bother turning away to go brush my teeth', I don't know, but as soon as she took off her bra, Dan came up behind her
and grabbed her breasts and was holding her close against him, but from faint sounds of yelling and her obvious struggling to get away from him, the last thing I saw was Dan pulling Marlo away on the bed, I really couldn't tell what else was going on other than them struggling on the bed.
I didn't know what to think of it, I never went on dates, nor have I ever been married, not to mention that I'm still a virgin. So I just went to go brush my teeth and went to bed, but I had a hard time sleeping wondering if Marlo was OK, I just seemed to feel there was something wrong,
I looked at the clock and it was two and a half hours later than it was when I went to bed, so I decided to get up and get dressed and go over to George'a house.

The door was locked but I knew where their extra key was and unlocked the door, the first thing I heard was the T.V. it was up loud, strange I thought, I crept around to the livingroom and peeked around the corner, I saw Dan laying on the couch all passed out and snoring away, and the
only thing that got me to assume he was passed out, was the empty bourbon bottle on the coffee table.
I wasn't sure if I should go upstairs to their bedroom, but like I said, I just felt there was something wrong, so I went upstairs. Down the hallway I noticed a small light coming from a bedroom door that was open just a crack. So I slowly went towards the bedroom and looked in.
I was in horror and shock, Marlo was naked and tied to the bed with a gag in her mouth, her legs were up in the air, spread wide and apart with her ankles tied where her hands were, I guess she assumed it was Dan when she seen the door open, because she started to struggle to scream through the gag.
I quickly grabbed the bedspread and tried to cover her as best I could, leaving her legs visible, then put my finger to my mouth, indicating for her to be quiet, then took out the gag from her mouth and started to untie her, I told her that she can come over to my house and stay.

"Oh thank you Adam...thank you !!"

"As soon as I get you untied, I'll wait in the hallway for you to get dressed and pack whatever you need to take over to my house OK."

"OK." she said sobbing

"Don't will be OK...if you the morning you could call your mother...she would know what to do as well as be there to comfort you while I'm at work."

"Your right, I'll do just that, but what about my husband and how did you know to I was in trouble to come over ?"

"I just had a feeling there was something wrong during supper, but noticed him manhandle you earlier when I was going upstairs to bed, I tried to go to bed but couldn't sleep, thinking something was wrong, so I came over to check, and I'm glad I did, as far as your husband, I found him passed out in the livingroom."

As soon as I untied her, she hugged me and cryed a little.

"Come on now Mrs. will be OK, I'm gonna wait in the hall now while you get dressed and get your things packed OK."

"Alright." she said, then took her arms from around me, but when I got up to walk out the door, she told me I wasn't a kid anymore and that addressing her by Mrs. Gaven, made her feel old, and asked me to just call her Marlo, I said OK, then went in the hallway and closed the door.

When she came out, I grabbed her suitcase and said that it would be best if we were both quiet leaving the house, just in case Dan woke up.

We made it over my house and I let her have my parents old room and told her that, if Dan happens to ask me where you are, I'll tell him that I don't know, and if he knocks on the door, not to answer it.
She kissed me on the cheek and thanked me again, then said good night and that she would see me in the morning.
Thinking about it, even though it was late, I called up Amber, one of my workers that I made manager four months ago and asked her to open up for me in the morning. I just didn't feel right leaving Marlo alone until her mother got here.
Then I went to sleep.

Come the morning, Marlo had woke up before me and made some coffee when I came down to the kitchen.

"Did you sleep OK Marlo ?"

"I sure as hell slept better over 'here', you may not no this, but ever since Petals left for college, Dan has acted like he did when we fist got married and wanted nothing but sex from me, whenever he could get it !"

"Well...I...I really don't have any...idea about that...I mean...I get feelings or urges at times...but...I...just let it pass."

"You never even went on any dates ?"

"No...I...I had a crush one time on a girl...but..."

"You mean your still a..."

"Isn't it obvious ?"

"I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable...and it's nothing to be ashamed of...really !"

"That's OK, say, why don't you call your mom up now."

"OK, oh, you should take a shower and get ready for work."

"I called my manager before I went to bed, Amber is opening up the store this morning for me...I just didn't want to leave you here alone until your mom got here."

I drank down my cup of coffee then went up to take a shower

"No mother I'm not OK, well I am 'now' I guess...I'll tell you all about it when you get here, I'm just next door at Adam Derfy's house, you remember Adam next door, he is letting me stay here with him."

"Adam, OH yes, he went to school with George didn't he...yes Adam...alright then dear I should be there by this evening OK, bye now."

Adam had gotten out of the shower, got dressed and went downstairs.

"What did your mom say ?"

"She said she would be here by around supper time."

"OK...well, the shower is free now, maybe it will help you relax more, better still...a bath ?"

"Your right, I think I will." she said then got up and went upstairs

Adam decided to call up Amber at the shop and tell her that he would not be in for the rest of the weekend but would be there on Monday.

A few hours later Marlo had came down

"Feel any better ?"

"To some degree."

"Listen...I called up Amber and told her I wouldn't be in til Monday."

"Oh didn't have to do that !"

"Well tell you the truth...I need a little break, oh...while I'm thinking of it, do you think your mom would prefer the room I gave you, which was my parents bedroom, other than the guestroom ?"

"She more than likely would, that's so thoughtful of you Adam, thank you." she said and gave me a hug, then said she was going back upstairs to get her things and put them in the guestroom.

By ten after six, her mom had arrived.

"Hi, I'm Adam, let me help you with your bags."

"Well dear, he 'has' turned into a fine gentleman."

"And a very 'nice' one at that !"

"So tell me all about it."

"I'll tell you later, just come down the hall to my room tonight OK."


Peggy was an older lady, that when you looked at her, she looked like, I guess 'respect' comes to mind, not stuffy or stern, but just easy going to a certain extent.


"Just call me Peggy."

"Peggy, can I get you something to drink ?"

"What do you have ?"

"Coffee, orange juice, tea."

"Coffee would be nice, thank you."

As soon as Adam left the room

"Well, a very nice guy, doesn't drink, well-mannered...'that's' the type of guy Marlo, that 'you' should have married...other than that 'boob' next door !!"

"Dan was sort of like that in the beginning."

"Ya...well this is the end...the end result that is !!"

"Here is your coffee."

"Thank you dear."

They didn't talk after Adam came back, just sat and smiled. After Peggy finished her coffee, she said she was going up to change, and Marlo said she was
going to her room to do the same. Adam thought it was kind of early, not even seven yet, but decided to follow suit.

When Adam was buttoning his pajama top, he thought that Peggy might be more useful here with her daughter other than miles away.
He was going to go ask her when he heard them talking, so he thought he would at least listen a bit.

"Oh mom...I really thought I could handle this !"

"Well tell me...what all happened dear."

"Ever since Pedals went away to college, Dan would force himself on me...every time of the day he was home...oh mother...'why did I' marry a plumber ?" she said as she sobbed

Just then I decided to knock on the door

"Sorry to disturb you two ladies but I'd like to ask you something Peggy...of an idea I had...if I may ?"

"Of course...what is it ?"

"Well...I don't know how this situation is going to play out or end that is...but I think that would be more of a comfort and your daughter...I guess as well as myself...if you stayed here...permanently !"

"Come over here on the bed and sit with us."

I did as she continued

"Adam, I'm flattered that you would make such an offer but I'm sure this will iron out soon."

"Mother...I never want to go you hear me...never !!" she said then started to sob again as her mother held her

I got up and went to the door but before leaving I told her mother that if she changed her mind, that the offer is still there.
Then went to my room, turned on the small lamp by the bed, picked up a book to read and laid down.

It was only eight thirty, so I decided to take some sleeping pills and really get some much deserved rest, perhaps too much, but still, some rest.

"So Marlo...what does Adam do for work anyway ?"

"He owns the hardware store downtown."

"I thought you said his dad did at one the way...where is his parents ?"

"Two years ago or so I believe, his mom and dad both died in a car accident...they were really nice people, Dan and I knew them well."

"Why didn't I notice that they weren't here when I came over...well anyway...why isn't he married by now...he would be a great catch for any woman ?"

"You know mother...I had wondered about that myself, but he works so hard down at the store that he probably doesn't have time to get out and look around...poor guy...he had told me he never even went on dates, although he did mention that he had a crush on someone at one time...I wonder who that might have been ?"

"Why would he mention about dates to you ?"

"Well after he was nice enough to rescue me from Dan last night, I told Adam about how Dan was wanting sex from me all the time and well...he wasn't sure what I was talking about."

"What exactly happened yesterday anyway...and how did he rescue you, tell me !"

"Well ever since Adam's parents had died, I had asked him to come over and eat supper with us every's the least I could do...well anyway, after supper that night when I went to bed, I no sooner had my bra off when Dan came in, wrestled me on the bed and tied me up, had sex with me then
went downstairs to get drunk, all the while I was left upstairs tied naked to the bed, to be used at his leisure, then a few hours later Adam said he felt that something was wrong and couldn't sleep, so he came over, went upstairs and found me tied up, and was at least decent enough to cover me up
before he untied me and waited in the hall til I got dressed, then I packed some things and we both sneaked out of the house and came over here, then in the morning...I called you."

"Well now...I don't blame you for not wanting to go back to that asshole, maybe Adam had something there when he said I would be needed here with you, don't know why when he said for himself though !?"

"I believe he's lonely know mother...I think I would be lonely to if I worked all day and came home to no one there !"

"At the time...I thought he was just being is this where you'll be staying ?"

"I believe I rather mom."

"I think that you need to divorce that asshole...Um...would you 'want me' to live here with you ?"

"It would mean a great deal to me...and to Adam...if you would ?"

"Alright honey...if your sure...I'll go talk with Adam about it while you get some sleep OK, I'm sure glad I sold the house six years ago after your father died and moved into an apartment !"

"Thank you mom." she said as she hugged her

Peggy had kissed her daughter then got up, went to the door, turned off the lights and wished her a good night, then closed the door.

After talking with her daughter for over an hour or so, Peggy walked down the hall and knocked on Adam's door, but there was no answer as she waited a moment, so she opened his door ajar and called out his name, nothing, so she peeked in and saw him on the bed, then came in, she smiled to herself thinking that's how her late
husband used to fall asleep when he read a book, she thought that she would at least be nice and shut off the lamp by his bed before going to her room and retiring herself, but when she went to do so, she noticed the bottle of sleeping pills by the lamp, then looked at him and picked up his book and set it on the dresser,
then went to tuck him in better with the bedspread, but when she did, she noticed that he had made himself a tent.
Assuming that he had taken sleeping pills, She thought to herself, what's a little peek gonna hurt ?
So she pulled down the bedspread and thought how lovely it was, peeking out of his pajama bottoms, then after getting a good look at his cock, she pulled the bedspread back up and tucked him in.
She looked down at his erection before turning off the light, then went to leave, but stood at the door a moment and said to herself; "Adam should be
rewarded for what he has done for my daughter and I should at least show my's been years since I had any !"
She then went quietly down the hallway by her daughter's door and listened, she heared her breathing and knew she was asleep, then went quietly back to
Adam's room, turned on the small lamp on the dresser, then went and closed his door.
Peggy pulled the bedspread back down then stood by the bed and took off her robe and let it fall to the floor, while looking at his hard stiff cock that stood at attention, she proceeded to knead her breast while reaching under her nightgown to finger herself til she was good and wet,
then took off her nightgown, waited a moment as she took a deep breath, then climbed on top of him.
She took hold and felt his stiff cock in her hand and stroked him gently a few times before lifting her leg up and positioning his rod.
Peggy slowly came down on his shaft and moaned out in sheer pleasure, then set her leg back down.

"'Oh god this feels so good'...'oh dear god in heaven you don't know how good this feels' !!" she said aloud

Peggy leaned forward and put her hands down on the bed and started moving her body back and forth on Adam's ridged cock, loudly moaning out from deprived pleasures she once enjoyed years ago.

Of course Peggy didn't realize how much her loud moaning carried even through the closed door, until her daughter walked in the room.

"Oh good god I'm gonna come.....oh god oh god oh god uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Peggy moaned out saying as she was sitting up and jirating her hips on Adam's rocket, not knowing her daughter was behind her watching.

Peggy soon settled down from her immense orgasm and didn't want to get off, but she wore herself out and thought it best to get out and go to bed,
but her eyes widened and she froze when she heard someone clear their throat from behind.

Marlo soon came over to the side of the bed, took a quick look at Adam, then looked her mother in the eye and asked her what she thought she was doing ?

"Showing my gratitude for rescuing you."

"Is he asleep ?!"

"Look over on the dresser, he took some sleeping pills."

"Alright mother...I'm gonna pretend this didn't happen please, get off Adam and go get some sleep, and for your information mother, if anyone around here should show him any's me !!" she said as Peggy climbed off him and the bed

"I just came in to talk and then...your right dear...I'm sorry." she said as she put her nightgown and robe back on

"Alright...just go ahead and get some sleep and I'll clean him up and do likewise."

When her mother and her left the room, Marlo watched as her mother went into her room and closed the door, then she went to the bathroom to get a towel, then came back to Adam's room to clean him up.

"I can't believe my mother !" she said as she cleaned off his cock with the towel. My son for god sake is the same age and...and...and 'god that cock looks so good' !! She said to herself

Adam won't know...and surely my mother won't know...especially from the way I scolded her...why not, like I told her a minute ago, if anyone around here should show him any 'should be me' !! she said convincing herself then took off her nightgown

Marlo was on top of Adam, ready to put his cock inside her, when she realized that this was just not right, so she climbed off of him and the bed, put her nightgown back on and covered him up, turned off the lamp on the dresser and went to her room.

The morning came and Marlo went to Adam's room to see how he was doing. Still sleeping in the same position as he was when she left him, she had an idea.
She closed the door and went over by his bed, removed the bedspread, then sat down on the bed beside him and slowly and gently stroked his cock til he woke up.

"What the...

Marlo put her finger to her mouth indicating for him to be quiet as she continued to stroke his cock

"I need to show you my gratitude for rescuing a way that you really do deserve !" she told him, then looking at him the whole time, removed her hand from his cock, sat up on the bed, lifted up her nightgown and got on top of him.

Still looking at him, she raised one leg, took his cock and positioned it over her opening and said; "I'm gonna give you...what you've been missing !!" then sat down on his cock as they both moaned out

Not wanting to make herself out to look or feel like a slut, even though it may have come out that way, she said as she rode him; "I'm not gonna tell my son or daughter about this, but anytime you want more of the love I'm giving you today,
you just let me the way...what girl 'did' you have a crush on at one point ?!"

" be honest...let's just say...your the next best thing !"

"'What' ?"

"Yes...I had a crush on Petals !"

"Oh my lord...did you really ?!" she said while beaming

"Yes...but I thought it would be wrong of me to ask her out...knowing that George is my best friend."

" are a dear ."

Being that Adam had a piss hard on, and Marlo knowing he was a virgin, despite her mother last night, made love to him close to noon.

When they both collected themselves, they both went down and had some lunch.

"Where is my mother at, don't tell me she is still in bed ?"

"I'll go check."

"No Adam, you finish your lunch, I'll go see about mother." she said then went upstairs

Adam heard Marlo scream and rushed upstairs, only to see Marlo in tears, and her mother, dead on the bed.

After the funeral Marlo and Adam came back to the house and sat in the livingroom

"I was just thinking should probably write Petals and give her this address so she knows where you are to write to you and tell her what happened."

"Well I'll give her this address, but I'm surely not gonna tell her what happened, that's just too embarrassing to even mention, I'll just tell her that I'm staying here with you and going through a divorce and leave it at that !"

Two months later

Marlo was in her bedroom when she heard Adam knock on her door

"Yes Adam, come on in."

"Um...I didn't want to disturb you but had is if I um...

"Would you like me to come to your room ?"

"Yes please."

"OK, I'll be there in a minute."

As Adam walked to his room, Marlo thought about her mom, and to a certain extent she thought, if I was going to go, I'd like to go out in a bang like that to, then walked down the hallway to Adam's room.

"Hey." she said then sat on his bed

" there...more to this ?"

"You mean is there more to love making than...what we did...sure."

"Could me ?"

I'm wondering if I'm corrupting and creating a monster. she thought to herself

"You know what...perhaps it's best if I show you a video, it might give you some idea's as well as a better insight and perspective, I just happen to have one."

"I have a VCR in the bedroom."

"OK then, I'll go and get it then see you in your room."

Adam was gonna put his pajamas on but decided to just leave on his undershirt and boxers, then waited for Marlo.

A few minutes later Marlo came through the door and sat on his bed and said; "Before you start the movie...if you feel like doing anything during the movie that you see or feel the urge to's OK...alright Adam."


While Adam was putting in the tape, Marlo got up and laid down in the middle of the bed and pulled up her nightgown and parted her legs enough that Adam could get a full view of her hairy muff.
When Adam turned around to sit on the bed he noticed Marlo looking so hot and seductive but went and sat down on the edge of the bed then pressed the play button.

Marlo knew from the video what she wanted him to learn and hoped that he had the urge to want to do it as well as like it...even if it was a home video that she came across lately

The scene started out in someones home, with an older man and woman sitting in the livingroom, they both looked as though they were both in there mid to late fifties. Then there was a knock at the door and the older guy
went towards the camera and moved it to view the door, then went to answer the door.
He opened the door and welcomed this guy in that looked my age. Then as they moved forward, the older man picked up the camera as they both went back to the livingroom and sat down.
The older guy said, while still holding the camera up to who he was talking to, "Like I said on the phone, I can't get it up anymore and even if I could, I just don't have the energy anymore to satisfy my wife, would you still be able to help us out, my wife is horny and hasn't had it in sometime ?!"
"So, how long has it been ?" the young guy asked the wife
"It's at least been close to twelve years, does that turn you on to hear that ?"
"Actually it does lady !"
"Do I excite you as well ?"
"Yes...yes you do !"
"Well, let's get started then shall we...I've waited long enough !!"

The old man kept the camera on them as he followed them to the bedroom

Adam said; "You know Marlo...that looks like 'your mom' ?"

"That's because 'it is' !"

"Serious !?" he said as he turned around and looked at Marlo and Marlo shook her head

Adam turned back around and thought that Marlo's mom Peggy, even for an older lady, looked pretty good.

When Peggy took off her dress in the bedroom, she had nothing on but a pair of black thigh highs and matching pair of high heels.
She then sat on the foot of the bed while the young guy, now naked, came up to her, Peggy started sucking on this guys cock, which to me, was huge.
Once his cock was stiff and erect, he told Peggy to lay back on the bed, once she did, he grabbed her legs and scooted her butt to the very edge
of the bed, then got down on his knees, threw her legs up in the air and spread them wide, then started eating away at her hairy muff.

God damn I thought, he had her moaning like crazy, she kept turning her head left to right in blissful glee, and when she came, her legs shook like nothing I've ever seen as she loudly moaned out.

I was hard as a rock but kept watching

The guy got off his knees and put that huge cock of his in Peggy, sending her from orgasm to orgasm as she moaned like she was on fire.
When he was done, leaving Peggy, lying on the bed with a big smile on her face, he told the old guy he would stop over every weekend.

Then the video stopped, so I shut off the VCR and turned around only to find Marlo fast asleep.

Having me watch that video really got me horny, so much so, that I wanted to do that same thing that guy did. So I got up from the bed and took off
my undershirt and boxers, looked at Marlo, then got up on the bed, put my arms underneath her legs and scooted her down to the foot of the bed til
her butt was on the edge, got down on my knees, raised up her legs and spread them as wide as I could.
I smelled her aroma at first, that really turned me on, then started licking her beautiful hairy slit, and as I did, she started to moan.
God I thought, this is much better than the video, I really think I'm gonna like this !!
After awhile she came, and then I balled her but good til she came again !!

Three weeks later Marlo and I each got a letter from petals. I'm glad she was doing good in school. I decided to sit in the livingroom and write her a letter. But I really didn't know what to say, I mean I did, but...

"You writting a letter ?"

"Ya...I'm writting one to pedals but..." I said with a misdirection sigh

"You really think about her alot don't you ?!"

"Yes Marlo...I really...really do." Adam said with such great feeling of sadness

"Well listen, don't feel sad...things have a way of coming about, you know."

"That sounds hopeful I guess, but, I don't know."

A month had passed and Marlo had finally got her divorce, I still didn't hear anything from George and was getting worried. I got a letter from Petals today, so I sat in the livingroom to read it.

Dear Adam

"I'm glad that your helping out my mom even though I don't really have any details as far as that goes,
but my mom had told me something the you had said, and, truth be told, I felt the same way about you
but never said anything, thinking that, either you would laugh at me or it would hinder your friendship
with my brother."

"Well sorry so short, but if you still feel the same way, let me know OK, bye now."


Adam sat in the chair and cried, as if a spiritual fulfillment had parted the way to his soul. He read the letter over again and cried some more.

"Oh dear god is something wrong ?" Marlo asked with great concern

"Oh Marlo...thank you...whatever you said...thank you thank you thank you !" Adam said as he got up to hug her, then said to read his letter

"I'm so happy for you, I never would have thought, but I know your an honest hard working man, and I know your going to make Petals happy !"

A few months had passed and all Adam could think about was Petals, he never again asked Marlo to have sex with him, even though he was horny.
All that was on his mind was Petals and was overjoyed, even tho' it was in a letter, of her saying yes to his marriage proposal.

The months had turned into years and still not a word from george. Petals was soon to get out of college and graduate in six months and Adam and Marlo couldn't wait til she got back home.

( I hope that you have enjoyed this story. The things that I had mentioned about France are true,
if you missed it, Michael Moore did a documentary over there in France about it.
I do very much like comments about what I write to make the story better or perhaps if I left
something out or put in something that I shouldn't have. Again, as readers, I thank you )

( Coming Soon )

( Petals Reunion and Wedding Night )
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