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continual of my first story me and my servant...
I am meena as u knoe already. It was ... next day morning i woke up... i saw i am lieying nude with my servant ram...he too nude...i donnt remember when we slept...i felt little ashamed to be with my servant...but everything was finnished...
I got up from bed...took my clothes and weared over my nighty only and left my bra and panties.
i went to bathroom and took shower. after bath i my bed room wearing just a towel up to my breast and came into my bed room.
There he was lieying still but he woked up...He seems to be not caring for his nudity...He was still
enjoying to be nude b4 me on bed. His smile told me that he was very happy ..and felt satisfactory that he attained me.
He called me...'meenu' 'meenu', little frustation i said, ' donnt call me like this, call me mam. Mind u r my servant. Everything that happened in night was past...forget it as dream.'
' Mam. Stop stop can i forgot the past. How can i forgot that u sucked my cock saying thirsty? How can i forgot the night that u treat me as ur hubby? how can i forgot ur moaning when i forgot u yesterday'
I bend my heads down. He came near me and said, 'Donnt forgot the promise mam, U r my wife in the absence of ur hubby. Its not blackmail but order.'
He touched my shoulders and zipped the water that was like dew drops on my neck.
I said, ' Leave me Ram. I already took bath'
' Its ok mam. We can bath together again'
saying this, he hugged me and start kissing me.
rubbed my wet skin and fondle the wet hair.
He bite my earlobes
and cupped the boobs over my towel...
His bare thighs rubbing my thighs.
He holded my buttocks and pressed it..and made his kiss strong over my lips..
I was screaming ,'No no ram no '
But he said , 'Oh meenu, its not new to us, come on'
He lift me up to bathroom, and make me sttod under the shower.
Opened the shower, watching me becoming wet again, he joined me.
He catch the running water over my boobs cleavage , thats seen over the towel
and burried his face over there and licked it. Pulled the towel and made me nude,
and hugged me....and kissed me and caressed me all over my body.
I to hugged him tight enjoying this new play that i havent done anytime b4, even with my hubby.
But i murmur, " ram oh, leave me, leave me na.. i already feeling guilty and shame...donnt do ram"
"oh! mam from today i am ur hubby, u have to obey me and ask my permisson if at all u have to have sex even with sir..."
saying this he angryily pulled my thaali out of my neck and kept it aside.
He started his play biting my lower lips and pinching my nipples...turning me on...
His activities made me melting more and more in his arms...
Oh!...ram i moaned under shower....
' meenu...mcccccccchhhhhhhh' He kissed me.
By this time his hard cock bothering me much over my pusssy..
rubing and roling over my pussy..
Then i bend and kneeled to hold his cock....and kissed his shaft..its hard and wet...under shower.I had it my mouth licking gently and playing with his balls..rubbing his balls in my palm and sucking his cock.... He holded my head and caressed my shoulders and pinched my ear lobes
and pushed my head to and fro...
He swing his hips to my rythm...i seem to be playing him as flute....I sucked hard and hard...
He started moaning ...mmmm meenu mmmaahhh meenu..shhh ohhh chh...
I am excited by his moan continued the suck hard and fast...Finally he is to cum his load...
I just thought of taking my head away..but he pressed my head against him and delivered his load fully to my mouth and i drank it completely...then licked his cum filled cock fully.
He made me get up and took soap and applied on me.Standing behind me he applied over my boobs , pressed my nipples as if breaking pea nuts and rubbed the soap all over my belly and over my dripping pussy. He made me soapy squeezing my fleshy thighs and boobs.
Then turned me and put soap on my ass and back by hugging me and rubbing his body against my soapy body so that he gets soapy too...I liked his play.
Lastly he handed the soap to me and asked me to apply him.I caressed his chest then over his stomach with soap in my hands. Then finnaly to his manly hood. I went behind him and started masturbating him, and press my pussy to his ass.I put soap on huis face and put on his eyes to make him blind. I asked him to catch me.When he touched me i slipped and we played like this a while.
Then he turned on the shower, we hugged each other and washed and took bath. Then we both being nude come out and dryied each other wtih new towel. After changing dress , he took me to pooja room and tied the thaali , saying i am married to u now meenu..and kissed me.
I said lets start the normal work or neighbour might doubt, so i went and open the door and started normal work. I was in kitchen, he came and always disturbing me touching my hips and boobs.He was very naughty.
Then morning tiffin over and everything went normal. Then in afternoon, he came to me.
' Meenu, meenu'


'lets have some interesting thing now'

'i cannt understand'

'I want onething from u now'


'Meenu, today afternoon u prepare food na'


' U prepare it in nude'

'what? nope'

'No one here meenu , i close the door and come , u prepare food b4 me standing nude'

'nope ramu, i will feel uncomfort'

'no , u should, its ur hubbys wish dear, now no nieghbours will come too afternoon is fine time'

' ok '

He closed the door and came. Made himself nude.
'hai, what r u doing'

' Let me watch u in nude too'

I smiled at him and took off my saree. Then went in too kitchen. I was in blouse and bra and peticoat. He followed me back.

' meenu, i asked u to be nude'

'let me do it slowly, cooking will take one hour, so lot of time is there'

I put rice and dal for cooking and started roasting the cabbage.

Kitchen is hot and power too failed so i am sweating.

He kissed my sweat over my shoulders and in my belly and in hipps.

' hai naughty leave it ram'

He stood and undo the buttons of my blouse and took of the blouse and then pulled down the peticoat. I was standing in bra and panty both white and continuing my cooking. He passed comments on my boobs and bare body and touch me now and then.

Then he is very eager and took of my bra and panty too and huged me from behind and watching me doing the cooking.

' oh ram if u hold me like this how could i cook'

' meenu , i love what ever u cook'

'ok leave it will take ten minutes to get boiled'

' mmm..ok'

He then started rubbing my ass...gently and smoothly...

' Hai ram no ..u naughty'

' meenu just concentrate on cooking and let me take care of ur ass'

Saying this he inserted his one finger into my ass...

'meenu bend forward little' He started thruting the finger deep and making it in and out...

'Oh....shhh" i leaned forward

He then made two finger and three
and started fucking my ass with his fingers. I started moaning. 'ohshhh mmammhhh'
He careesed my back and ass, and now started to slide his manlyhood over my ass.
when i started feeling it , i got aroused and my pussy is becoming wet.
He thrusted his cock in to my ass and started taking me from back. Huging me thight on boobs and rubing my bare body, started his swing to my ass.I am moaning like anyhting.
I shouted loudly to my best. He ravaged my ass.. Dish was boiling , as my body. He increased his speed of thrusting his dick in my ass , he made it hard and hard, fast and fast, caressing my hair from behind and kissing my back...he too leaned over my back and thrust his dick deep and deep.
Oh! I felt like traceling to heaven. He finaly oozed out his cum in and over my ass...
and leaned over my back hugging me and i too leaned on the kitchen table. We was in the same position for few minutes. Then i quicked up as rice is cooke and dhal is ready. I took it and keep it aside and offed my gas stove.
' ram let me wash my ass and come'

'meenu no need come on serve as itis'

saying this he kissed me and hugged my sweaty body and i feel his comfort and i too hugged him and kissed his bare chest.

Then he asked me to serve it on dinning table. I did. But its very hot, no current so no fan, too.

' meenu come sit near me let it cool down'

He asked me to sit beside him. Making me sit beside him and he started rubbing his cock.

' hai ram r u still hot'

' yeh meenu'

He stoped rubing his cock and took my hands and put on huis cock.

'masturbate me and let me masturbate u'

He started rubbing my pussy lips..which was already wet.He masturbated me and i stroked him.

Ohh..shhh..mmmm we both moan at same time , its erotic... masturbating face to face.
When he is to cum , he said stop stop. I said why?
Stop. lets have luch first he said...But i was hot, i said let me cum and then serve u.

HE said no, serve meenu lets have fun later.
I am bit annoyed but served the food. Then he asked me to stand and placed his plate b4 my pussy and now started fingering me.... oh...ram what u do...ohsshhhh
He masturbated me and i cumed over the food in his plate.
Then he asked me to hold my plate under his cock and masturbate.
I became over joyed and masturbated him and made his cum fill my plate.

Then he feeded me , my food with his cum and i feeded him his food with my cum.
We shared and exchanged each other cum. Oh its my life time lunch i never had again.After fininshing our lunch. we huged each other and he fucked me in my pussy.

And in night we ate chappathi with our cum in it... We had a nice lonely full day...enjoying each other.

Pass ur comments pls.thnks for ur comments for my first story. I try to improve my english, forgive me for my poor english.
thanks xnxx.

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