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First story, so tell it how it is.
Part 1:
I took a moment to reflect on what brought me to this point. And by "this point", I mean a 4 foot 11, dark brunette girl, with a pixie cut wearing only panties straddling my lap and grinding against my rigid cock like it was the first time she was getting any action in three years. It all goes back to ordering two coffees at the shop down the street. I never figured something like that would lead to my current situation.
I was standing in line at the local coffee shop wearing my best suit in a depressed daze. I'd just come from my best friend's funeral. Jared died after a three year battle with leukemia right as he was told he had a good chance at full recovery. It wasn't raining out, or even overcast, but I thought it should be. By the time I reached the front of the line, I'd decided to recreate our weekly tradition one last time. I ordered two cups of coffee from the barista who'd been working there longer than I'd been coming.
She asked me if I was meeting my friend like usual, but I couldn't say that he was dead. Nodding glumly, I picked up the two mugs and started toward the corner table we'd used every week. It was the perfect spot, right near the bookshelf, close to the shop's board games, and none of the chairs squeaked or tipped as you shifted weight. We'd loved this table ever since we rousted control of it from some local teens who always harassed the staff and never tipped. All of our coffee was on the house the first day we got them to clear out.
The shop was unusually empty today, but I didn't really think much of it. Every time the bell above the door rang, I glanced up from the warm mug in my hand. Part of me hoped it would be Jared, dressed in the ratty old jacket he insisted made him look like a professor. It didn't. It made him look like a hobo. Anyway, it wasn't him or any of the familiar faces of the other usuals. The only face I recognized in the whole place was the barista, and I didn't even know her name.
I wasn't really the type to be forward and talk to girls. Every girl I'd dated or even hooked up with had been the machinations of Jared. He wasn't the best looking dude and I'd been told repeatedly I was just above average. The thing that set us apart was the fact that Jared had this way about him where women just seemed to throw themselves at him. He set me up with the girls he couldn't get involved with, but not in a condescending way, in a brotherly way.
The shop emptied out around 4pm, closing time was at 4:30 because it was a small, independent shop that really didn't make enough money any more to be open 24 hours like it used to. I downed the cold dregs of my coffee and glanced at the untouched mug across the table from me. Part of me wanted it to stay there, part of me wanted to dump it out so I didn't have to think about it any more. Just as I went to pick it up, I heard a voice.
"Hey Kevin, did Jared stand you up?" It was the short barista, cleaning the last of the mugs. "Kinda shitty of him. You two fighting or something?"
"You know our names?" I asked, a little shocked.
"You guys are the most regular customers in this shop, you read every open mic night, and I went on a couple of dates with Jared," she said stepping out from behind the counter, "but he was a little too detached for my taste. Honestly, he spent the whole time talking about you."
"Oh, sorry about that. We've known each other since we were kids," I said, "And he probably knew I thought you were cute, but I can never talk to girls I think are cute." For a moment there was an awkward silence, then I realized what I'd just said. "Sorry for just saying that unsolicited. I'm just in a weird mood."
"Is it cuz your friend stood you up on your weekly tradition?"
"Actually, he died. Cancer and all that. His funeral just ended."
"Oh, oh my gods," she stammered, blushing bright red, "I'm so sorry. I was wondering what was up with the suit, but I didn't want to ask. I'm so sorry."
"It's okay," I said sitting back down. I didn't want to leave just yet. The barista went back to cleaning up after watching me for a moment in silence. The tradition was over after this. I knew I'd be back, but I probably wouldn't sit at the same table. Before I knew it, most of the lights were out and the girl was sitting across from me in front of Jared's cold coffee. "I don't even know your name."
"It's Elicia," she said smiling, "and I'm sorry, but I have to lock up now."
"I understand, thanks for chatting."
The bell clanged and the lock clicked. The sky had finally started to cloud up like I wanted to. Lost in my thoughts, I went to walk to my car when I heard a knock from behind me. Pressed up against the window was a note saying: Thought this might cheer you up! xxx-8354. Also pressed against the window was a pair of tiny titties, each one with a pierced nipple. Turning bright red, I stared at Elicia's tits. After a minute that felt like an hour she tugged her shirt back down and winked at me, then turned back into the shop and continued closing up.
Dashing down the street to where my car was parked, I tried to stop thinking so much. My sad thoughts about Jared were interrupted periodically by thought's about Elicia's pierced nipples. These thoughts were fighting for the front of my consciousness and making it so I couldn't concentrate. It was only when I was back in my car did I realize I forgot to write down her number. Mentally, I kicked myself before starting up my car and driving back to my apartment.
The next week passed by in an odd mix of time moving too quickly and time moving very slowly. My job was, as usual, drudgery. I wrote and reviewed grants for a charitable foundation. The drudgery was in the writing up reports on whether or not the grant should or shouldn't be awarded. I wasn't the final say, but my reports were taken into consideration at the board meetings. The English major I'd worked four years on was serving me well. I always got bummed when I had to write a straight up denial note based on various small technicalities. Upon occasion I doctored these up when I really felt strongly about an organization, but couldn't do it too often or risk arousing suspicion.
The thing that kept me going was the memory of Elicia and trying to puzzle out her phone number from foggy memories. There were sheets and sheets of numbers lying around my apartment, but none of them looked familiar enough to try. The few days I'd gotten a chance to get to the coffee shop Elicia hadn't been working, which was quite disappointing. The dating profile I had on some site had turned up a few dates, but none of them went well enough to get me to forget about Elicia.
The weekend arrived just in the nick of time. Some friends and I were were going out to a bar and then a club in what they called "Jared-fest 2012" which I thought was kind of silly, but they were enthusiastic about it. My outfit consisted of a short-sleeved collared shirt, a vest, and a black tie. It was the only outfit I'd ever gotten my own date in, so I figured I might as well wear it out. I looked in the mirror with half-hearted enthusiasm. My clothes were nice, but my face was average. My muscles were the thin wiry kind built from carrying set pieces for a local theater company. My hair was perpetually messy, and not in the dashing bedhead way. The whole package that was me was unlikely to attract much attention.
The bar we'd picked was Jared's favorite. We all ordered a whiskey sour, again Jared's favorite, and toasted to his memory. The conversation was alright, but I'd always been kind of an outsider in this group, so I kept to myself. I considered leaving when they all decided to hit the club, but stayed just to avoid heading back to my empty apartment just yet.
The Scarlet Unicorn was this weird dance club that played a mix of classical music remixed to grind to and what they called "Fantasy House" which sounded exactly like house music to me. The group all danced together for awhile and I even got to grind with a couple of the girls even though they were all in relationships. No one really considered me sexually intimidating, so their boyfriends didn't mind. It was nice to get some female attention after I no longer had a wing man, but I knew it wouldn't last. Before too long I ended up at the bar drinking some frou-frou cocktail the bartender told me someone had bought for me. The alcohol had me in a daze, so I forgot to ask who.
Eventually drunk instinct took over and dragged me back onto the dance floor. Being more forward, I danced with girls I didn't know and had a few of them give me aroused looks, but it always ended up with them leaving to dance with bigger, more handsome looking guys. This pattern continued until I realized I'd been dancing with the same girl for half an hour. She was short, which was one of my biggest turn ons. Her hair was styled in a short pixie cut and her metallic blue dress was riding up occasionally. The combination of all of this had me pitching a tent in my jeans.
After another song, the girl took my hand and dragged me into the ladies room. All but one of the stalls were occupied by what was obviously girls blowing guys or being eaten out by other girls. Another thing the club was famous for was promiscuity in the bathrooms. Never go into the guys room though, unless you're looking for some dude on dude or were a girl who liked to watch that kind of thing. The girl pushed me down onto the toilet and began to undo my belt and fly. In the low light, I couldn't make out the little details of her face, but I could tell she was cute.
When she finally managed to free my dick, she went right for the kill and licked it from base to tip before taking it into her warm mouth. Her lips left a slight smear of blue lipstick as she bobbed up and down. Her tongue swirled around the head of my dick and I felt a smooth tongue piercing which drove me crazy. I ran my hands through her hair and basked in the heaven that was being blown by a total stranger in a club. The sounds off pleasure from the other stalls around us heightened the sexiness of the whole affair.
After a few minutes of rapid bobbing up and down, she began to take me deeper and deeper until my full7 inches was down her throat. Her hand ran down my chest then across my hips. I felt her begin to play lightly with my balls. It all became too much as she slowly raised her head again to the head and then sank right back down into a full deepthroat. I felt my whole body begin to spasm as I shot cum straight down her throat. For a moment I felt guilty that I didn't warn her, but that was lost in the post orgasmic glow.
The girl, now the girl of my dreams, wiped the little cum she hadn't swallowed from her lips and licked it off her fingers. After, she slithered up my chest and pulled down her dress revealing her small tits with pierced nipples. "Kevin... You never called me," she whispered in my ear before licking it. Leaning back, she began to gring her pussy into my waist. All of the sudden I recognized her through my drunken haze. Elicia tugged at her nipple rings and winked at me seductively.
The two of us stumbled out of the bathroom,my vest rumpled and undone, her tits still half hanging out, and began to wind our way through the crowd. A few guys tried to take her from my hands and feel her up as we went. Surprisingly the sight didn't bother me. Watching her as she played with them then slipped away after grabbing their crotches turned me on even more. We finally made it to the door and flagged down a cab, which was normally impossible in this area, but Elicia hiked up her dress and let her nipples show which eventually did the trick. She was acting like such a slut, and I was going to take her like in all the ways I'd always fantasized about.
We made it into her apartment building and began to make our way up the stairs, taking a couple of breaks to make out at the landings. She was so short I had to pick her up, but the flip side of that was she was so light it didn't even matter. Her lips were soft and she kissed with an intensity that I'd never experienced before. Once a group of teenagers going down the stairs stopped to hoot and holler for a minute or two. One of the girls jokingly asked if she could join in. At this, Elicia hopped out from my arms and walked up to her.
"You couldn't even handle me, much less this piece of man," she hissed before pulling the girl down into a deep kiss. All of the teenagers just stared as the girl began to reciprocate. A minute passed before the two broke apart.
"Best... kiss... Ever..." the girl panted.
"Apartment 304 if you ever feel woman enough to try me out," Elicia said throwing her signature wink at the poor defenseless youth. We left the whole group shocked.
My recollecting ended as I smiled and looked deep into her eyes. She'd asked me if I minded that she was poly-amorous sometimes when we finally made it into her apartment and she's ditched her dress. I answered by picking her up, cupping my hands around her butt, and kissing her neck before we retired to her couch. She pressed pressed her forehead up against mine and we stayed like that for a time.
"I'm so sorry but do you mind if we don't have sex tonight?" she whispered to me with an edge of anxiety, "I don't have the energy to make it as good as you deserve. I can blow you again maybe?"
My eyes were heavy too, and my body could barely move at this late an hour. I kissed her again and lost my concentration on restraint. My cock shot on my stomach with her final silk panty clad thrust. She chuckled and said something about having her answered, I couldn't quite make out her words through the overwhelming thought that I must be dreaming. Her tongue lapped up the semen from my belly, making me half hard again, but not enough that I'd get blue balls. We went to her bed and fell asleep, me cradling her small, soft body against mine.
Part 2:
The sun... The sun was the enemy. I decided that when it decided to shoot through the curtains and attack a poor, defenseless, hung-over Kevin. I groggily pulled myself out from under the cover and rubbed my eyes. My head was pounding, I felt kind of sick, and apparently I had decided to sleep naked last night. It wasn't exactly uncommon for me to act erratically when drunk, but this time it felt a little different. That's when it hit me, the sun came through my window in the evening, not the morning.
The room around was unfamiliar, the walls were off white and everything seemed really organized and well placed. This was a stark contrast to the bedroom in my apartment, where every surface either had a pile of books or a pile of papers on it. I rolled out of the bed and began to look for my clothes or at least the rooms owner so I could apologize but had not look. The only thing my search turned up was a note.
The handwriting on the note was familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on where I'd seen it before. It read: "I hid your clothes, you have to find them throughout the apartment!" It was official, I had no idea what was going on, but apparently I was stuck here until I puzzled out where this mysterious captor could have hidden my clothes. The dresser in the room was full of girls clothes that wouldn't have fit me as a young teenager, much less a 26 year old man. I'd have to go at it in the buff.
I peeked through the door, but didn't see anyone. After I was sure the coast was clear, I slipped into the living room and began to look around. Hazy memories of the night before drifted back into my mind, but not enough to piece together the whole story. Something had happened on the couch. A vague recollection of an orgasm floated to the surface, but the girl's face was foggy and out of focus. There was something about her tits that I loves, at least particularly more than I loved most tits
Ten minutes of turning the apartment upside down and replacing things exactly where I'd found them turned up nothing at all. I wondered if I was just stupid or if the note was a lie. But if it was a lie, where the hell did my clothes go? The ideas that occurred to me were to either throw on a pair of the girl's underwear or to go get a towel. That first one wasn't an option, so I made for the bathroom.
In the bathroom I found another note, stuck to the towel racks. This one read "I used the towels to dry off after my shower then threw them in the laundry downstairs, but good try." Again, I couldn't shake the feeling that the handwriting before, but I had no idea where. Going back to searching didn't yield any results again. This time I was a little more hasty and didn't straighten up as much as before, which I felt bad about, but I was more worried about finding ANYTHING to wear.
I went back into the bedroom to check the drawers for anything that could possibly fit me when I heard a key in the door. The quilt would have to do, so I grabbed it off the bed and wrapped it around my waist. Whoever was in the apartment went about straightening the apartment I'd left askew the last time I was around. Then I heard paper bags being emptied and a sink running.
"I know you're awake in there," the person called. The voice was high pitched, a girl's voice, and it was familiar too. "C'mon out so I can take a look at you." Maybe she didn't remember who I was either. That would definitely ease my embarrassment about getting trashed to where I did last night. "Kevin,if you ever want to wear clothes again, you'll come out here. Though I wouldn't mind the alternative."
Shit, she knew exactly who I was. I gathered as much of the quilt around my waist and made for the door. Outside I heard tapping toes. Gods, I wished I remembered whose apartment this was. As I opened the door and took a step through, I tripped. The quilt fell away from my waist and I was fully exposed. Whoever it was started laughing hysterically. I looked up and saw Elicia and the previous day came flooding back to me in waves, the funeral, the coffee shop, the dancing, the blow job, the humping on the couch, and the falling asleep.
"Oh my gods, this is the cherry on top of a perfect weekend," she said, her little frame shaking with laughter, "So I take it you didn't find your clothes?"
"Nope," said said, quickly moving to cover my junk, "Can you give me a hint or something?"
"Cook me breakfast and I might be inclined to help you," she said still laughing, "theres and apron hanging from the hook if you're shy."
I looked up at her and was amazed that of all the guys in the world, this short, beautiful goddess picked me. The feeling was overwhelming enough that I went along with her little game. There was a griddle and pancake mix in the panty, easy enough. I got them set up and Elicia handed me a pile of painkillers and a glass of water.
"So I forgot to ask, but what brought you to that club last night?" she inquired pearching herself on a stool.
"We were celebrating Jared's life," I responded mixing up the batter, "as cheesy as it is, his dying words were forbidding anyone from crying or mourning for more than a day." The batter hissed as it his the griddle but I couldn't really think of anything to say. Elicia looked at me with a mixture of sadness and happiness when she glanced down at my butt. "As he said, no mourning."
"Good man," she said, raising her glass of water in cheers. Silence settled in the room as the cooking continued. The urge to say something was strong, but I couldn't think of anything. I realized I didn't actually know this girl. "So, it just occurred to me," she said, breaking the silence, "You are naked, in my kitchen, cooking me breakfast, but besides what Jared has told me, I know nothing about you. Inform me of the dark little secrets of Kevin."
"Well first I need to know what Jared told you."
"He said you were an office bitch by trade and a poet author by birth. He called you, and this is a quote, 'the most timid, best guy you'll ever meet' which I can actually believe with that type of room entry. Finally, he said that you can lift almost anything, which I don't quite believe."
"All of that is true enough. As for the lifting, I've moved set pieces for local theaters. So yeah I can lift most things," I said blushing slightly.
"The boy blushes," Elicia replied, "So lift the couch."
"Wait, what?"
"Lift the couch! If you can lift anything, lift the couch!"
"I said most things."
We went back and forth like this for the next couple of minutes. It didn't even occur to me that I still lacked clothing until I felt a draft on by butt as I pulled the pancakes off the griddle. I passed a plate to Elicia who began eating like a wolf eats it's prey. Even though her mouth was full, she kept urging me to lift her couch. After ten minutes of watching this beautiful little creature gorge herself on flapjacks and needle me about the couch, I decided to do it.
Still almost completely naked, I got my hands under the edge of the beige three person couch and easily lifted it to about chest height. Elicia called out from behind me to see if I could lift it over my head. Again, it was almost no effort, but I almost dropped the whole thing when I saw what was on the floor. Firstly, all of my clothes were there, but there was also a set of bondage cuffs, black leather boots, and a collar.
Elicia shot off her stool and around my legs, snagging everything from under the couch before I knew what was happening. The door to her room slammed shut and the lock clicked. Her laugh was audible even from the other side of the door as I set the couch back down. I still didn't have any clothes, but I got the feeling that wasn't going to be a problem when dark and sensual music started blaring through the whole apartment. Sitting down, I noticed that my member was fully erect and waiting for whatever was going to happen next.
The door lock clicked again and one last flurry of noise eminated from the room before total silence fell. I waited a moment in case anything else was going to happen. "Get in here and put your penis in me," Elicia called out. I guessed that was my cue. Inside the room, Elicia was cuffed to a ring at the top of her head board, the collar was around her neck, and the long black boots went all the way up to her mid thigh. "The cock, put it in my pussy, I've wanted it since I saw you trashed at that club. Be rough with me, gentle boy."
The stream of kinkiness pouring out of this girls mouth took me by surprise for a minute, but then I remembered the previous night. She gave me a public blowjob, she let herself get molested on the dance floor because I liked to watch, and she kissed that girl on the way up the stairs. I remembered how badly I wanted to take her. The animal that was born inside me that night reared its head again as I took a few steps toward her.
"So you want me?" I whispered getting close to her, "If you want me, tell me what you are."
"I'm Elicia, fuck me," she said shaking her cuffs.
"Nope, not who you are. What you are," I hissed in her ear. This controlling side of me was new, but I enjoyed it immensely. "Call yourself what you really are."
"I'm a girl who loves to get fucked," she moaned rubbing her legs together.
"And that makes you?" I asked, loving the look of desperation I saw on her face.
"It makes me a dirty little bondage loving slut toy, please please please fuck me."
Relenting, I hooked a finger into the metal loop of her collar and pulled her face to mine before kissing her lips. She responded even more furiously than she had the previous night. Her whole body tensed up and relaxed as our tongues inter twined and explored each others mouths. Repeatedly she tried to push herself closer to me, but I decided to play with her a little more and began to walk my fingers down her stomach to her shaved sex. Just before my fingers reached her clit, I dragged them back up her skin. She wanted rough and I intended to go with that eventually, but gentle teasing just seemed to come more naturally.
I repositioned myself at the foot of her bed and began to crawl toward her. She looked down at me with eyes completely full of desire and lust, but also something softer. When I began to kiss my way up her leg, she tried to use it to push my face into her waiting pussy, but she wasn't strong enough to move me. My kisses trailed up her hips, then her stomach till I finally reached the pierced nipples I so adored.
Taking one into my mouth, I used my tongue to play with the ring and occasionally used my teeth to tug lightly. It really seemed to work. Each time I made a little move her whole body spasmed and when I switched to the other nipple she let out a moan that was like music to me ears.
"Please, I'm going crazy, I need to do this now," she mewed, trying to drive her pelvis into mine. Without a word I complied, guiding my throbbing dick to her warm, wet hole. Truth be told the teasing was driving me crazy too. It was fun, but it had been so long since I'd had sex it took everything in me not to explode at that very moment. My hips pushed forward and sank the head of my cock into her. "OH MY GODS. YESSSS," she howled the moment I penetrated her.
Slowly, I began to sink deeper into her. Every inch made her moan harder and harder till she was practically screaming. When I finally got in up to the base and began to pull out, I could already begin to feel her body tense up and quiver. The girl was bout to come from a single stroke. Is there a female version of a premature ejaculator? Slowly I began to move back and forth which contrasted with her erratic quick thrusts. After a few strokes, I began to thrust faster and her pussy tried to clamp down on me. Elicia rattled her cuffs against the loop she was hung on till I pulled on her collar, bringing her into another passionate kiss
All of the sudden, on a particularly deep thrust, Elicia came hard. She let out a scream that I was sure the neighbors heard and her body began to quiver like she'd just been electrically shocked. her leather clad legs instantly wrapped around my waist to try and keep meas deep in her as possible. It all became too much for me and I started to cum as well, letting loose deep in her pussy. After a minute that felt like a life time, both of our orgasms subsided and I collapsed. Elicia was next to unconscious and my whole body was tired. It was only about noon, but it looked like we were both going to fall asleep again.
I unhooked the girl and cradled her in my arms when I realized two things: I still didn't know anything about this girl and I still had not clue where my goddamned clothes were. But then again, there would be time for clothes and acquaintanceship later.

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