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Chapter 4
A Second Furry Encounter

Chapter 4

"Sunshine I need a favor," Anthony said as they exited the council building.

"Anything," she said winging her way over from Jessica's shoulder to sit on his hand.

"Can you find the fairies in the area," he asked.

"Sure, but one monarch asking another's subjects questions without the others permission is considered rude," Sunshine explained.

"Could you take us to the Fairy Queen of the area then," he asked. When she nodded he held his hand to his shoulder and let her perch there.

"Alright just tell me the way," he said and started off into the jungle. They followed Sunshine's directions, for several hours, into the forest before they came upon a pool of water. The pool was fed by a twenty foot waterfall and emptied into a small stream winding off through the trees.

"We should wait here. They already know we are here and they have no doubt noticed my presence with you. We are close now and we don't want to seem as if we have violent intentions," Sunshine said and flitted to a small stone near the edge of the pool and slipping her tiny bare feet into the water.

"Alright if you think that is best," Anthony said and sat down on a boulder to wait. After half an hour of
waiting in the oppressive heat of the tropical forest the girls slipped off their clothes and jumped into the pool of cool water. Anthony moved closer to the waterfall and let the cool mist from the falling water push back the oppressive heat of the humid forest. He pulled his shirt off over his head and Sunshine regained her seat on his shoulder and relaxed in the falling mist with him. They watched the three naked girls swim and splash in the pool and laugh. They all relaxed in the peaceful quietness of the forest and enjoyed the time with no worry about what was to come or what had happened. After a while the girls tried to coax Anthony into the water but he refused. Sunshine flew over to the bank and slipped off her small dress and hung it on a bush before walking into the water and swimming around.

"Aren't you worried about fish," Anthony asked her. She began to giggle then her giggle turned into full wind chiming laughter. Anthony heard soft rustling in the trees around them but the sound didn't come dangerously close so he stayed alert but ignored the sound. Risa saw him stiffen for a moment and her eyes began to subtly sweep the tree line.

"No fish would ever harm a fairy," Sunshine said in answer to his question and continued her swim.

"Come on swim with us," Kylie and Jessica pleaded again. When Anthony shook his head in denial again they pouted then Jessica got a mischievous grin and leaned over and whispered in Kylie's ear. Anthony couldn't hear over the pounding fall of water but Kylie shot Jessica a surprised look then eyed Anthony in speculation. She nodded to Jessica and they swam toward the shore. About five feet from the shore was a boulder half submerged in the water. It was flat on the side closest to Anthony and lean back away from him. The water up to mid hip and just barely hiding her pussy Kylie leaned back against the rock and looked at him. Jessica moved in front of her nearly blocking Anthony’s view until they repositioned themselves so he would have a perfect view. They began to kiss and run their hands over the water glistening skin of the other.

"Won't you join us," Kylie asked him breathlessly as Jessica began to kiss down her body. Anthony didn't move or speak his attention focused entirely on the two women now, the presence in the trees all but forgotten. Kylie arched off the rock as Jessica's chin dipped below the water between her thighs. She whimpered and her hands gripped Jessica's hair pulling her in tighter to her body.

"Oh god," Kylie moan high pitched and soft. Jessica's arm was moving and Anthony could tell she was doing something under the water but not what. Suddenly movement drew his attention and he saw water piling up on top of itself in a lump. The water formed into the form of a woman. She looked maybe twenty and her eyes were focused on Jessica and Kylie. Risa didn't notice because the water woman was behind her and she was watching Jessica, her twin, and the tree line all at the same time. Sunshine however did notice the appearance of the newcomer but didn't seem alarmed so Anthony watched in silence.

"Cumming," Kylie screamed and the water creature watched transfixed as she writhed on Jessica's mouth. When Kylie went limp the water creature looked around and notice that Anthony was watching. The creature got a scared look and began sink under the water.

"Wait we mean you no harm," Sunshine called bringing the creatures gaze to her.

"Your word," it asked in a voice a lot like the elemental's soothing voice. The soft sound reminded Anthony of the sound of small waves lapping at the shore. Sunshine nodded and it rose to its former position but came no closer Kylie and Jessica leaned back against the rock and watched the water women as she watched them.

"What is your name and what are you? You aren't water elemental but you are close whatever you are," Anthony said with curiosity.

"You couldn't pronounce my name so you can call me Bri. I am a Nyad, Water Spirit, Water Nymph, or Undine. Those are the names the humans use for us, all of them pretty much mean the same thing," Bri said and relaxed some when he spoke.

"Has the water elemental relayed my message to you and your kind yet," Anthony asked her.

"Your message," she asked in confusion then comprehension lit in her eyes.

"You’re the Djinn King," she said in awe her eyes roaming his body and she flowed closer. Risa tried to moved between Anthony and the approaching Nyad but stopped when Anthony waved her back. The Nyad moved as close to the rock he was sitting on as she could and reach out one watery arm. She gently touched his face and the water began to glow where they touched. Anthony reached out and gently touched her watery cheek in return and was surprised that the water was pleasantly warm. Her skin gave a little under the pressure of his hand but remained solid, and damp. The water making up her cheeks darkened and become translucent instead of the transparent that they had been. Bri pulled back her hand over the spot where he had touched her.

"Did I do something wrong," Anthony asked in concern. Bri shook her head and the translucency spread to her entire face.

"She is blushing," Sunshine said with a chuckle. Bri hid her face in her water hands and Anthony grinned at the watery figure.

"I will see you at the meeting in your city," Bri said hurriedly and without another word sank back beneath the surface of the water. The rustle of leaves close to the edge of the tree line brought Anthony's head whipping around to stare at the sound. Out of the underbrush stepped a wingless six inch tall man carrying a spear. Behind the little man in a line five feet long and three rows deep stepped out more trolls. Sunshine quickly grabbed her dress and slipped into it and flew to Anthony's shoulder. She pressed herself tightly to his neck and shivered Anthony knew it was fright and not cold, even though she was soaking wet, because of the heat. The line of trolls let out a war cry and lifted their spears in the air and shook them. The troll in the front raised a hand to silence them and then wait for them to comply.

"Give us the fairy and the rest of you can go free," the troll leader said.

"She is mine," Anthony replied and Sunshine pressed tighter into his neck still quivering in fear.

"A bit small for you isn't she," the troll asked running an eye over Anthony.

"Leave and I won't kill you all," Anthony told the little man. His army laughed at the threat but the leader
watched them warily.

"Don't worry, we'll treat her good just like the others," the leader said staring at Sunshine with lust.
Anthony stiffened when the troll mentioned others and his gaze locked on the troll leader.

"I see you have others, then the offer to let you leave is withdrawn," Anthony said and his eyes began to glow as power filled his body. The leader not knowing what Anthony was but feeling danger ordered a retreat. Anthony waved a hand and in a ring around the trolls a shimmer appeared. The dirt leaves and sticks began to meld together into a blob of clay in a ring around the trolls. The clay ring was only two inches tall but nearly two and a half feet thick outward. One of the trolls close to the ring tried to climb on top of the clay ring but it began to crumble. At first nothing could be made out but then the clay dust settled there were lines of clay panther figurines. A wind blew and there was a crack of dry clay and a thin shell of clay fell from each of the figurines. Row after row of miniscule black panthers now stood watching the trolls. The trolls formed a ring spears pointed out at the surrounding mass of feline fury that began to slink forward and close the circle. Anthony bent and picked up a thick stick that was about five feet long and moved toward the imminent battle. Sunshine flew to Risa who was getting dressed and landed on her shoulder. He staggered slightly as the power to create the cats drained from him.

"Bring me the leader alive," he ordered the little cats with a thought and brought the branch down on the cluster of trolls. They cried out in fear as panthers poured into the gap his swing had opened in their formation. He stood back and whenever an opportunity to strike one of the trolls without crushing one the panthers appeared he took it and rammed the branch down. A few of the trolls tried to surrender but the cats and Anthony showed them no mercy killing them before they could finish speaking. Soon with the exception of the leader every troll the was ripped apart. Four of the cats held the leader down one latched onto each of the small man’s limbs. Anthony bent and retrieved the troll and two of the cats ran off but the other two leaped onto his hand and climbed to his shoulder. They curled up on his shoulder and lay down. He looked over the remaining cats and realized that he had lost half of the little beasts he had created. They were eating the fall trolls and cleaning the blood from their shiny black fur.

"Where are you holding the fairies," Anthony asked the leader in his fist.

"Go die," the leader said and spit blood at Anthony. His spit fell far too short to reach Anthony but Anthony shrugged and reached out with his mind. He felt the troll's mind and when he began to push in the little man tried to struggle in his grip but the effort was in vain. Anthony pulled everything about the trolls’ hideout and other troll hideout that he could before dropping the leader back onto the field of his dead brethren.

"He is all yours," he thought to the panthers. The troll leader ran off into the underbrush with several of
the felines after him. There was a scream which cut off short and then silence as the panthers caught him. He walked to the water and washed the blood from his hands and stood before turning back to Risa. Sunshine plowed into his neck and latched on sobbing in relief and Anthony gently stroked a finger down her back. The beating drew his attention to the canopy of the trees around them and he saw thousands of fairies watching.

"We have company," Anthony said and the others followed his gaze to the branches overhead. Most of the small being in the trees were fairies but Anthony spotted pixies in the host of winged being also. The five of them watched the trees until a group flew down, led by a fairy in a silvery gown and armed with a bow. Anthony took a step forward to place him closest to them and they sank until they were at eye level about six feet away. The fairy in front examined them all taking the most time on Anthony, Sunshine, and the two mini panthers sleeping on his other shoulder.

"You fairy come here, your safe now. Join the others," the silver clad fairy said. Her gaze was focused on Sunshine and she didn't look pleased when Sunshine made no move to do as ordered.

"I am your Queen and you will do as I say," she said in a quiet dangerous voice.

"You are not her queen. She is mine," Anthony said. He was hit by the fact that this conversation was going in much the same direction that the one with the trolls had gone.

"You are not a fairy, you’re not even female. You cannot be Queen," the little queen said.

"No I am not a Queen but she is still mine. You and the trolls seem to both be in the habit of kidnapping
people," Anthony said. The subtle threat was not lost on the Queen and her eyes flicked to the small battlefield and the feasting panthers. A mutter went through the on looking fairies when they were compared to the trolls and a few angry voices called out insults. Anthony's eyes bored into the Queen's and way down in the depths of them fire flickered causing the fairy to pale. The fairy slung her bow over her back and floated closer to Anthony and was tailed by her guard.

"I am Amaranth, Fairy Queen of this region," she said.

"Unfading flower, it suits you. Is it alright if I call you Amy Amaranth is a mouthful," Anthony asked. The
fairy nodded in agreement and Anthony grinned at her.

"I am Anthony Caine High Lord of the Djinn, King of the Goblins, and Elven Prince," he recited. The queen blinked in surprise at him but said nothing so he went on.

"We are sitting here in your territory because I wished to ask you or anyone of your people who might know where the captive Were-women are being held," he said.

"You’re the one the wind elemental said was summoning all of the supernatural beings to a meeting in a far away city," she asked and he nodded.

"Why do you want to know where the Weres are?"

"To free them," he replied.

"What will you give me in return," she asked and he smiled.

"Well I happen to have information on where fairy captives are being held, and where there are other troll bands encamped. But that information seems to be worth more than the information you have for me," Anthony said.

"What else do you want other than the information about the Weres," her desire for the information clear in her eyes even though she managed to keep her face blank.

"I want you and you’re to take care of the panthers I created and to promise to attend the meeting."

"Done," she replied and she began to tell him where to find the Weres but he stopped her with a raised hand. He held out his hand and after hesitating she landed on it her bare feet warm against his palm. He let the information she wanted flow into her as he pulled out the information on every camp were captive Weres were being held.

"Thank you for the information; we have some hunting to do as do you so we will see you at the meeting," Anthony said and Amy nodded in agreement. She turned and flew back to her people and in seconds they were gone off to rescue her captured people and kill the trolls. Anthony turned back to the other three who had dressed while he talked and now stood ready. Sunshine was slumped wearily across his shoulder asleep so he spoke quietly.

"The were-women captives are all being held in one camp. They are caged and only taken out to be abused," he told them and had to clench his teeth stop for throwing up or screaming he wasn't sure which. The memories that the queen had shared with him of the treatment the were-women had to endure sickened him and enraged him. He began to run keeping his pace smooth so as not to jostle Sunshine or the little panthers. The others followed and they ran a silent blurring race to the Were encampment. After two hours of running they suddenly burst through the tree and where standing in an open space between the encampment and the trees. The encampment was nothing more than five large wooden building that resembled barns and a large metal cage. Only the metal cage appeared to be new and well cared for the
buildings looked to be about to fall down. A female's high scream of terror and despair split the air and drew
Anthony's attention to the cage.

"No," the female voice cried. Anthony could see a man had a teenage girl probably sixteen or seventeen pinned against the cage right outside the lock cage door. The man had the girl bent forward face pressed into the bars of the cage and was thrusting into her while the she cried out in pain and denial. Anthony was suddenly behind the man he couldn't remember moving but he grabbed the man without pausing. He ripped the man away from the girl and spun the man around to face him. The rapist looked into Anthony's fiery eyes, his glowing bones were visible under his skin, and his light consuming black hair blew in a wind that didn't exist. The man began to scream in terror and Anthony reached down and grabbed the man’s now limp cock and ripped it off before flinging it into the trees and then wiping his hand on his pants. He moved over and began examining the girl who was curled up on the ground beside the cage as the rapist rapidly bled to death behind him.

"Kylie," he called out and she was there touching the girl before her name was even clear of his mouth.
Screams behind him caused him to turn and he saw Risa her power flowing freely and his mouth dropped open in awe and fear the sight. She was beautiful in a horrifying way, her eyes glowed a fire engine red, her hair was the same light eating black as his own, but her bones were glowing through her skin the color of fresh blood welling from a cut. She was moving through the Weres with Jessica at her side and they were killing any that they could catch. Jessica's eyes glowed a red almost and exact match to Risa's and blood coated the entire lower half of her face. Anthony watched as Risa cut more of the Weres down and Jessica drained one after another until she just began snapping their necks unable to consume anymore blood. The Weres shifted and tried to fight back but they didn't even scratch either of the girls. Wolf, Panther, Lion, and even a few Were-bear launched themselves at the girls but they were brought down by sword teeth or supernatural strength. Less than an hour after their arrival the encampment was silent all of those that had
not been killed had escaped into the forest. Kylie had been healing the twenty captive were-women who were almost all little more than teenagers. One of the girls didn't even look to be fourteen yet and tears of fire leaked down Anthony's cheek when she flinched away from him when he approached her. Risa and Jessica came over and began to help Kylie as Anthony stood guard outside the cage.

"Hurry, they might try to come back with reinforcements and we want to be gone before they get here," Anthony said. The women let Kylie, Risa, and Jessica help them out of the cage and start off into the woods. Anthony mental transfer the location of the rebel camp to Sunshine and she took up the lead. The injured and down trodden were-women began to run through the trees tightly clumped together after Sunshine. The teen Anthony had first saved was the only one that seemed to have to the most trouble and after the fifth time of her falling down Anthony scooped her up into his arms. She began to struggle but froze when Anthony manifest a knife in his fist in front of her face. She was rigid with terror and blinked in surprise when he offer it to her.

"Take it, if I do Anthony thing you don't like stab me with it," he said and she gripped the knife tightly in
two hands pointing it at his throat but she stopped struggling. He resumed his running pace all the while watching their surroundings. The teen in his arms gradually relaxed and was lulled into sleep the rocking sway of his stride, but the knife remained clutched in her hand even as she dreamed of a fiery eyed savior. They ran through the night at little more than an average human pace and by the first rays of dawn they stumbled into the rebel camp. They were immediately surrounded by gun wielding Weres and more than a few in animal form.

"We come in peace," Anthony said not moving. A women moved through the crowd gracefully, a wolf at her side, to stand in front of him and Anthony jerked when he met her eyes. It was the same ice blue eyes from his dream and he looked down into the eyes of the wolf at her side and saw the gold and bronze eyes of the wolf from his dream and his attacker at the council building.

"Little devil thanks for the interesting scar," he said to the wolf and turned his arm so that it could see
the scar it's bite had left. It snarled at him and bared its teeth and Anthony let his eyes flare for a second and
snarled back letting power fill the sound and it reverberated out over the crowd. The wolf jerked back in surprise and eyed him warily but remained silent. The girl in his arms jerked awake and the knife he had given her jabbed into his skin a little drawing blood as she looked around wildly. Anthony slowly knelt and set her down before backing away from her and the knife, not wanting her to accidently cut his throat. She seemed to not want him to go until her eyes focused on the women with the ice blue eyes. The knife fell from her grip to thunk to the ground and dissolve as she threw herself from a sitting position into the woman's arms and began sobbing. Anthony began backing away toward the tree line behind them and the others followed his lead. The Weres didn't seem to notice so focused where they on the two women hugging.

When the woman tried to pull the girl toward the buildings of the encampment she resisted. The teen turned back to find Anthony and the others gone only the rescued captives remained to show they had been there. Them and in the middle of the path where she had dropped the knife he had given her was a dagger in a sheath and the onyx in the hilt glinted in the morning rays. She grabbed it and clutched it to her chest and stared off into the trees with ice blue eyes the same color as her mother's.

"Are you okay with leaving things like that? We didn't even talk to them about the meeting, how do you know they will show up," Jessica asked as they climbed the short stairway up into the private jet.

"I didn't want to pressure them into coming with some feeling of debt for saving them. The elements will have told them and they will come or not as they choose," Anthony said boarding last. The captain closed the hatch and went into the cockpit and closed the door. They all took seats and the plane took off. Once they were safely in the air Jessica came over and plopped down in Anthony's lap.

"So you ready to join the Mile-High Club," she asked grinding her ass against his groin. He reached around her and cupped her breasts and bit her neck lightly. She moaned and grinding against his rock hard erection sped up and he squeezed her breasts tighter. She abruptly stood up and undid her jeans and pushed them down to mid-thigh and lean against the seat in front of him.

"Now," she demanded and he stood up unzipped his fly and pulled his cock through the opening. He positioned himself behind her and thrust all the way in with no hesitation. Anthony breathed deep and could smell the coppery scent of the blood they had washed off in a stream before coming back into the city.

"I see what has you so ready," he said and bit hard into her neck. Her thrusts back faltered and then she slammed back against his hips nearly pushing him back into his own chair. He bit her again stopping just before breaking the skin. This time her powerful thrust back met with his own strong thrust forward and she screamed in ecstasy as the tip of him made contact with her womb violently. Again and again she cried out in orgasm as he battered her womb and then she went limp. Anthony lowered her gently into the seat beside his and went over the Risa and Kylie who had been watching their hands down in their pants. He pulled Risa up and bent her over so she was face to face with Kylie. He pulled down her black leather pants and plunged deep into her and Kylie kissed her. Kylie pulled the shirt down and freed Risa's breasts and began tugging on her nipples while they kissed.

"Harder," Risa moaned when she pulled back for air. Anthony began to thrust harder and Kylie pulled on her nipples with more strength. Risa writhed and buck backward at him and moaned into her sister’s mouth as her pleasure built. Anthony pulled back his hand and let it fly forward in a single blow to Risa's ass. She froze her spine curled back as all of her muscles tensed and her pussy gripped Anthony's cock so hard he winced at the pressure and worried she might accidently crush him. Then she let loose a scream so loud the pilot would have heard it over the engines if Kylie hadn't muffled it with her own mouth as she kissed her twin deeply. Anthony was beginning to hurt from hold back his own climax for so long and he quickly help the unsteady Risa back into her seat before pulling Kylie to up to stand. He sat in her seat lifted the back of her skirt and pulled her panties down to her ankles.

"Sit," he commanded and grabbed her hips to pull her down. He used a hand to guide himself into her as she lowered herself onto his lap.

"Ooooh," Kylie moaned as her ass met his thighs. She began to bounce on him at a fast pace and soon both of their breathing was ragged and broken with gasps. She began to move her hip in circles whenever he was fully inside her and press down hard with each bounce. With a grunt he grabbed her hips and slammed her down and held her there his tip pressed firmly against her cervix. He shivered as he came and she cried out and her pussy clench in orgasm as his warmth filled her. She slumped back her head lolling back on to his shoulder and kissed his earlobe. He grinned at her before he forced her to her feet. He lifted her skirt and slid her panties back into place and stood allowing her to drop back into her seat. He then helped Risa and Jessica dress again before taking his own seat and settling in for a nap until landing time.

"Have a nice day," the pilot said as they exited the plane. They headed for the parking lot where his car was parked waiting for them. They piled in and he pulled out and headed for the Eternal Night. When they walked into Eternal Night they were assaulted by the loud music and the sight of black leather clad figures gyrating on the dance floor. They were half way to the door into the back when Anthony saw Dililah on the dance floor swaying with a woman. She must have felt his eyes on her because she looked up to meet his gaze and then with a smile at the woman she hurried towards him.

"Welcome back," she said beaming. She walked up to him and kissed him lightly on the lips before pulling back.

"How did it go," she asked.

"Alright. Where is everyone," Anthony asked.

"Liz went back to the house to get some things. Everyone else is somewhere around the club," she replied.

"Alright. Gather everyone up and ask Jenny if we can borrow her car, Jessica will bring it back either tonight or tomorrow," Anthony said and she nodded and hurried off. Ten minutes later they were on the way home with Jessica driving Jenny's car and Anthony driving his own.

Anthony pulled around a corner onto the street his house was located on and at the far end a police car, lights flashing and siren wailing, sped onto the road also. The lights and noise caught his attention and it took him a second to realize that the car slammed to a stop. A sickening feeling of dread washed through him as he noticed that it was his house the car was stopped in front of and the police were climbing hurriedly out of the car. He slammed his foot down the police turned toward the car as the engine roared and slid to a halt next to the police car in the middle of the road. Anthony leapt out of the car before it had even rocked back onto the shocks and was running, at a just barely human speed, toward the front door. The front door opened and the world seemed to slow down as his father stepped out of the front door. The blood splattered on his face and shirt caught the flashing light of the police car and glimmered wetly. Anthony could smell the alcohol from the fifteen feet he was at and he could also see the hand wrapped in the hair of his sister's still form. His father took one step dragging his sister in a jerk and she didn't react at all. The police screamed for Anthony to halt and the noise brought Anthony's father's attention up to him and sensing his danger he released Liz's hair and pulled a knife from his waistband and brandished it drunkenly at his charging son. Anthony didn't even pause he rushed in and though a punch holding nothing back at his father’s sternum but missed his target. When Anthony was within arm’s reach his father had swung the knife slicing Anthony's cheek open to the bone. The swing caused the drunken man to stumble and Anthony's blow which would probably have crushed his chest if it hit on target grazed his right side. Ribs shattered and lung punctured by bone fragments Anthony's father was thrown from his feet, sideways, into the side of the house five feet away. With a scream of agony he passed out and collapsed at the foot of the wall and Anthony turned and lunged at the fallen form. His lunge was cut short when Risa, Sar-Rah, Eliza, and Jessica slammed into him and they all went over in a heap. Anthony struggled blindly to stand and go after his father again but they held him, each latching onto a limb and not letting go as he struggled.

"Anthony calm down. Liz needs help and the longer you keep this up the lower her chances of survival are," Eliza pleaded with as she clung to his tensed arm. He froze at her word and his heart clenched at the thought of Liz and all of that blood.

"She's alive," he asked and Eliza nodded.

"Let me up," he said and they reluctantly released him. He hurried over to Liz just as the police, who had been unsure of what to do, reached her. He dropped to his knees next to Kylie who was already examining her and looked over Liz's blood coated form and struggled not to retch.

"How is she," he asked Kylie and the cop reach out a hand to put them back but froze in terror when Anthony turned his gaze up to look at the man. The cop instinctively took several steps back and his hand dropped to his gun but Anthony didn't notice because he had returned his gaze to Liz as soon as the cop backed away.

"Several lacerations that aren't too deep, a broken nose, three broken fingers on one hand, a broken thumb on the other, five fractured ribs, dislocated jaw, fractured hip, shattered cheekbone, and several fractures in her skull. She has a concussion and is almost assuredly bleeding internally there are also multiple serious bruises," Kylie said while she examined Liz.

"Can you do anything," he asked and she nodded and flicked her eyes to the cops. Anthony understood and he abruptly stood letting menace and rage pour out of him, he filled the feelings with subtle power and the police focus on him. The feeling of danger he emanated kept their eyes on him and not on Kylie as she glowed dimly as she pumped healing power into Liz. Anthony walked toward the two cops and both of their hands were now on their guns but neither of them drew their weapons.

"Officers I am pressing charges on my father and I need an ambulance," Anthony said his voice calm but enraged wildness still emanated from him. The officer spoke into his radio without taking his eyes from Anthony. Less than five minutes later an ambulance arrived. The ambulance, which had already been enroute because a neighbor had called in screams of pain to the police, took Liz with Anthony to the hospital and the police stayed with Anthony's father to wait for a second ambulance which was already on its way. The EMT's hooked Liz up to an IV and checked her vitals among other things but Anthony didn't notice anything else they were doing until one of them touched his face. He jerked back from the man’s touch and stared blankly at the man's moving lips until it sank in that the man was speaking to him. As soon as he realized this, his hearing kicked back on and he could understand again and he caught the last part of the man’s question.

"Are you hurt anywhere else," the EMT asked while his partner sped down the highway.

"I am fine," Anthony said and turned back to Liz.

"Let me look at that wound I can see the bone," the EMT said and reach for his chin but Anthony simply ignored the man and refused to turn his head and the EMT could not force his head to move. With a frustrated sigh the EMT returned his attention to monitoring Liz. Anthony stared down at his sister’s unconscious form and hatred for his father welled up and struggled with despair, anger, worry, and guilt. Guilt that he hadn't been there to protect her, anger that she had gone back to the house alone, worry that she might not live, and despair at the thought of a world with her in it. The ambulance came to a halt in front of the hospital and a swarm of nurses and doctors bustled away with the gurney that Liz was strapped to and Anthony was directed to the waiting room when he refused to be put in an examining room to await a doctor. Anthony took a seat and let his head hang forward into his palms and that is how the others found him when they entered the waiting room.
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