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Finding your fantasy
I have always had strong sexual feeling for my aunt deb.She is sexy and seductive. One new years eve party i had fallen asleep just before midnight. When i woke up i saw her sleeping right next to me. She was wearing blue jeans and a white silk dress shirt. I could see her white bra through her silk shirt with her large breasts. I could not hold it and i grabbed a pillow and began to hump and thrust on it.Well i thrusted for about a minute then i cummed. Out of the times to wake up she woke up when i unloaded my hidden passion for her. I froze,she looked at me and said to me "What was i doing", I was honest and said "masturbating to you", she looked at me and smiled and said "I have always known you had a thing for me, wait a few days and we will talk about where we can go from here. We found a hotel room, one of those seedy ones. I was nervous and did not know what to do. I wanted her so bad,however how long do you keep a thing like this secret and how long do you go with it. I was not sure but my lost for her moved me on. She said that we can do it for a while but it can not go on for forever.So we agreed to once a month for 6 months. We would start off just masturbating with each other before we got into intercourse. We talked about our fantasies. I have a smoking fetish and she smokes newport cigerettes.First time i told her what i wanted was to see her in while linger smoking while i masturbate to her.So that is what happened the first time. we went into the room and she changed that she came out in a white bra with a newport out her mouth.She took one of her tits out and i began going to town.she watched as i jacked off. I humped the bed as she began to touch herself too. I felt so good just enjoying her. Then i finally cummed and she rushed over all over her newport and face. When it was over i felt so good,not ashamed or filfthy but glad i was finally able to give my sexual desires to her. After words we laid in bed putting our clothes back on. We looked at each other and we talked and about what was to come next. we decied we should kiss. We made a date for the next time. When the time came around we began kissing. We laughred alittle bit but that soon tampered off. We kissed, her lips her tongue everything about her was good. I sucked on her neck for a while and she sucked on my neck. There was not any taking off the each other clothes,just plain kissing. We did this for an hour or more. After we got done tasting each others mouth we needed to discuss the next step. something was bothering her. Then she had to confess something. She was unsure if we should have actual sex, i relized that maybe that would be going to far. so i said to you want to end this. She looked at me and said, well it may be a little too far.So we agreed that we would not have actual intercourse. Then she said something that had me curious. I have a little surprise for you. she told me to meet her at here house next month and she would let me know what the surprise is. I could not imagine what it could be. Then it the day came and she told me to wait one more month. I was disappointed to say the least, so i waited again and then i waited some more. Finally was getting upset and was going to giveup. Then i got the call that changed everything. She said she was ready to give me what she had promised. I went into the room and into the kitchen. Then i saw here in a red bra and red panties smoking a new port. I said is this my surprise and she looked at me and said no, got up to my room and you will recieve the rest of my surprise. so i went in there and sat on the bed just waiting to find out what it was going to be. was it going to be dirty, was she gonna give me something i was not sure. I waited and waited for about 15 minutes when all of a sudden i heard to you girls coming up the stairs. They were my two very hot cousins erin and alice. I froze. Was she doing this on purpose to embassess me i froze again. Then they opened the door and they saw me. My heart pounded and then i got a look that i was not expecting, two smiles and they said are you ready for us. Then deb walked in and said i am sorry i kept putting it off but i wanted alice to turn 20 before we did this. They want to watch us have sex and then they want to have sex with you. I could not believe that this was going to happen.Then the lights were dim and we began. when i put my dick in debs warm sunt the sensation was unbelievable.we went for about 45 minutes just going back and fourth on each other than i cummed inside and i was ready for the next round. Then erin took my cock, she had a black bra on and her tits are huge,porn star huge, we kissed and she was as good as her mother, then it was alices turn and she was the best of all them.So tight and slimy, she had a nice blue bikini on, she has small tits but very nice. Then it was over, the sex was done and my fantasy fufilled. We talked about and agreed it was a one time thing. Deb is doing ok alice is college an erin has had a kid. Not mine of course. well things our fine,= now that my fantasy has come true.

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2013-08-16 08:11:23
Aunty wasn't too horny, she should have given him the full 101 on Pleasing a Woman;
Using his mouth
His Fingers His Penis
And even his toes
Most men never learn the Art of making Love, they barely learn how to fuck.
The only woman that told me, I could not get into her body again, was that woman that told me I was too self centered foreall I was doing was trying to please her, but not allowing her to please me. I learned a great lesson that day.

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