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Sorry it took so long! But here's the second part or Alex --n- Ricky
When i arrived home it was it was about 8:00, i walked in and took a hot long shower. I was thinking of what Alex and i had just done, i then started to get hard and i moved my hand towards my 8 inch hard dick and started stroking it slowly as i closed my eyes and thought of alex sucking on my dick. I bit my lip and started to stroke faster, i was so turned on right now, i started going faster and faster i was close to cumming and i gave one last long stroke and shot breathing heavily. I then finished washing up my body and hair then went to get dressed, i checked my phone and i saw a text from Alex saying "heyy whatchu doing;)" i smiled at this i don't know why and i text back

"nothing just got out of the shower ;p"

"lol i was just about to get in :)"

"hope you think about me while ur in there ;)"

"oh i will :)"

"lol ok have fun text me when u get out"

"ok :)"

No one is home. I just noticed. and its a friday night and I'm here doing nothing.

"hey wanna come over no one is home and I'm bored out of my mind!"

about 10 mins later he texted back.

"feel all alone without me :)?"

"yes :0"

"lol ok i'll be over in a little lemme get dressed"

"okk :))))"

i was sitting in my room watching tv and i heard the doorbell ring. yay! Alex! i opened the door and hung on to alex as if i hadn't seen him in forever.

"well hello there!"


"haha" he smiled and hugged me back tightly

"do you want anything? hungry...thirsty?"

"nahh not really"

"want a sprite?"

"ok sure" his smile! oh. my. god. he's always smiling and it's so gorgeous!

"head up!" and i tossed the soda to him and he caught it " SCOREEEE!"

"hahaha you're such a dork"

"thank you, thank you very much" i said trying to sound like elvis

"haha come here" he said with a huge smile in his face

"don't mind if i do" i thought i ran over to him i opened my can of soda and rested my head against his chest, he kissed my forehead and put his arm around me. My god he was just..i don't even know.. it's like he's perfect,he made me feel..good, i just couldn't take it any more so i got up and took his drink out of his hand and mine and put it on the table, i jumped on his lap and kissed him passionately i put my hands on his chest as he put his hands on the back of my head, he bit my lip as we kissed and i was just in heaven! He then started moving his hands to my chest and went lower, he took my shirt off and started kissing me again i was so into it and i started to take his shirt off he then picked me up and carried me to my room as we were kissing. We stopped for a second and he looked at me, his eyes met mine and he smiled that made me melt. He opened my bedroom door and started kissing me as he laid me on the bed and started undoing my pants first the buckle, then the zipper, and completely off, he then started to nibble on my dick through my underwear. Oh. My. God. it felt so amazing i slightly pushed his head down more and he got up and took my underwear off then his pants and underwear. He started licking my nipples slowly while looking up at me and then he went down and started to play with my balls and started to suck my dick. i was moaning as he started to go faster

"you like that?" he said

"ughhuhh yes" i moaned out and he smiled. I was close but i didn't want to cum yet. I pulled him up to my face and started kissing him but as i did that i rolled him over on top as our dicks touched i started kissing him going lower and lower till i met his dick its was about the same length as mine maybe a little thicker, i grabbed it and started to stroke it slowly and then i put my mouth around it and started at the tip then started wrapping my mouth around the whole thing and started bobbing my head faster. He grabbed my head and pushed down and i was now deep throating him i started to gag a little so he stopped and asked if i was ok, i was of course so i just looked up and continued to do what i was doing as i was bobbing my head going a little faster he started to thrust.

"ughhh i'm about to....cum!" he said and then came in my mouth it tasted good i liked it i made sure i swallowed all of it and licked up around my mouth. I was still hard so i started to jerk stroke my dick and Alex came over and grabbed my hand and put his own on it. I smiled and let him he picked me up and put me on my back and he started to suck me fast i couldn't help but thrusting, i was deep throating him and he seemed to enjoy it. "ughh Alex" i forced his head more he gagged a little so i stopped to see if he was ok, i guess he was because he just continued doing what he was and started to bob faster. " ughh I'm about to cum!" he then started to jerk me off while he sucked and i came. "UGHHH!" he swallowed it all and came up to kiss me passionately. We both laid there naked kissing. I moved up to my pillow as did he and he was holding me as i started falling asleep he kissed my forehead and i tried to move as close to him as possible. I've known him for a few weeks but i had this feeling when i was with him i felt as if i was loved and i like it i know this is kinda early but i think i love him.

"Alex?" i whispered

"hm?" he said i was thinking whether or not to tell him i loved him..i think i should give it some time i don't wanna rush things.

"uhm.." i didn't know what to say..."nvm goodnight" i can tell he was curious to what i was going to say i think he might have an idea for what i was gonna say.

"night" he said as he kissed me and smiled

"i love you.." i hope he didn't hear me...he pulled me in closer and kissed me " i love you too"

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2012-12-19 16:52:50
continue with it...u already have a great beginning..


2012-12-17 22:00:37
So another one or something new? and i will make sure to add some butt fucking in the next story :)

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2012-12-17 20:26:54
It's a good story but needs some butt fucking

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2012-12-17 13:37:13
not bad... but way too subtle...
i recommend u to spice things up abit... but other that good effort... hope to read ur next post soon!!!

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