Twin Japanese Nieces Pt17

Kayko gave me another bath to clean me up before returning to the downstairs. For the first time in almost 13 years of marriage, Kayko did not wash out her pussy. After we got up from the bed, she reinserted her egg into her cum filled pussy before tending to me in the bathroom. It was a little odd, but I figured she had her reasons. Besides, Saki was sleeping in my office at this very moment with two loads from me plugged up inside her, so maybe Kayko wanted the same thing. I didn’t give it a second thought as I enjoyed my bath. But I was rather tired, and doing any more screwing, in the short term, was definitely out of the question.

Once back downstairs the events in the kitchen were winding down. Jennie, Erin, and Shiori were just finishing up the cleaning job after making whatever kind of surprise for me.

“Go wake up Saki,” Kayko said as she headed over to the three other girls. “It’s time to start the games.”

This was going to be interesting. I had no idea what they had in mind, or what kind of games were going to take place. But knowing my wife it was going to involve their pussies. Saki was still lying on the couch when I walked in to my office. She was awake, but still curled up into a little ball.

“Hello pet.” I said as I walked across the room and sat down next to her. “Did you have a nice nap?”

She smiled up at me before she stretched out with her arms over her head. “Mmmm yes.”

“Come on,” I said as I stood up and offered her a hand up. “Your aunt says it’s time to start the games.”

Sakis’ eyes got really big and a huge smile came over her face. “All right!” she exclaimed before she jumped up from the couch and bolted out of the room. There is that enthusiasm I was telling you about.

When I got out into the living room all five girls were lined up on the far side next to the patio door. All of them, except for Jennie, were wearing only short T-shirts, leaving their pussies in plain view. “Come on birthday boy,” Kayko said as she gestured toward the door. “Let’s have some fun.”

In the back yard there were several things set up in various places. Right next to the edge of the patio was three 5 gallon buckets turned upside down with a half quart mason jar on the center of each. About 30 feet away was the small kiddie wading pool we had from when Mark was really small, and it was full to the brim with water. Directly adjacent to this whole set up were three of the five traffic cones I had purchased for Mark when he was learning to ride his bike. On top of each cone was an egg. Real eggs. And to the far right was the long low table with three identical dildos standing straight up and spaced about 2 feet apart. And between all three of these arrangements was a patio chair with an umbrella set up next to it and small table with a glass of Scotch on the rocks. My four girls escorted me to my seat while Jennie pulled up another chair next to mine and sat down. One by one each of the girls stepped up to me and spread their legs so I could pull their vibrating eggs out. With all three eggs sitting on the table, the girls lined up in front of me and waited for Kayko.

“Ok,” Kayko said as she stepped around in front of me and stood with her feet apart. “For your birthday we have come up with a fun set of games to show off the girls talents. First is the water race. The girls will start here by the buckets. They will run across to the pool where they will dunk their bottoms in and fill up. They will then come over here and fill up their mason jar till it is full. The next step is the egg.” And Kayko pointed to the three cones that were lined up a few feet away from the pool with Mark standing close by. “The girls will then run down to the cone and pick up their egg. The eggs are raw and oiled so they will have to be careful. Once they have picked up their egg they must go and swim one lap in the pool before returning here and dropping the egg in their perspective jar. If anyone drops an egg or breaks one, Mark will place a new egg on their cone and they have to start that part over. Once they have their egg in the jar of water they will then head over to the last event. Each girl will pick up a dildo and make one lap around the yard before racing back here to drop it in your lap. If they drop it anywhere along the way, they must start that part over. The winner gets to spend the night with you alone.”

All three girls were smiling at the prospect of getting to show off what they could do with their pussy. Erin had a hungry look on her face while Saki jumped up and down in anticipation. Shiori looked like she was ready to show off, but did not have that killer look in her eyes like Erin and Saki. But I was sure of this; all of them were going to do their best.

“Ok girls,” Kayko said in a loud voice, “Get ready.”

The three girls turned around and lined up next to their perspective bucket and crouched down like they were in sprint trials. Erin was to my left, with Saki in the middle, and Shiori to the right. Kayko leaned down and pressed the play button on the small boom box we have. The Rollercoaster of Love by RHCP started to play as Kayko hollered out the command, “On your marks! Get set! GO!” The girls took off running as the music began blasting out across the yard. It was a real sight to see three little asses wiggling back and forth as they bolted away from me. Erin seemed to be the fastest as she reached the little pool about a half a step in front of Saki and Shiori. With a quick spin she squatted down and stuck her ass into the water followed closely by the twins. For a few moments it looked like all three girls were peeing in the pool outside. Shiori was the first to stand up, and she started the trek back with water trailing from her crotch and dripping off her ass. Saki and Erin both got up at the same time with similar results. Back they came with water trailing everywhere. It was a virtual dead heat when they got back to their jars and squatted over them. Erin gave a little grunt and a decent amount of water squirted out of her pussy. Not a lot, maybe a quarter of a cup, but she got all of it into the jar. Saki pushed down with her muscles and a large squirt of water and cum shot into her jar as well as on the top of the bucket. There was actually more cum than water, but her capacity would have been more if her aim was better. Shiori squatted over her jar and pushed. She had a bit less than Erin and Saki but her aim was true, so all of the water she had went into the jar. The girls spun around and raced back across the yard. Jennie, Kayko and I all cheered as the girls sped back across the lawn. Again Erin made it there first, followed by Saki and Shiori. As they filled up Mark began clapping his hands in appreciation of their efforts. This time Erin bolted away first followed by Shiori. Saki was taking her time but appeared to be concentrating really hard. Erin and Shiori were both almost half way back before Saki stood up and started the return trip. She was moving a little slower this time, but still at a really quick pace for a girl with a pussy full of water.

Erin reached her bucket first and squatted down over the jar. Again, almost a quarter of a cup of water flushed out of her pussy and filled the jar more. At the rate she was going, I figured it would take her about 6 or 7 more trips to fill it. Shiori deposited about the same as her first trip, but there was a clear difference in the capacities of the two girls. As the two of them spun around and headed back on their next trip Saki squatted down over her jar and pushed. A huge squirt of water came from inside her, along with the last remnants of my cum, and the level in her jar surpassed Erins. Saki had brought back almost half a cup!

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Jennie as she watched the level in Sakis’ jar rise above Erins. “She’s big!”

“Yea,” I replied as I took a sip of my drink and watched Saki race back to the pool. “I’ve been working in her on that one.”

Jennie looked over at me and gave me one of those sideways grins that said, ‘I can’t believe you just said that.”

The girls made 3 more trips without incident, but the lawn was starting to become wet and slick. Saki had a pretty good lead over Erin when it happened. On her return trip to the pool Saki was carrying just a little too much speed for the wet grass. When she hit the brakes, her feet slid and caught the bottom edge of the pool. Kayko, Jennie, and I all burst out laughing when we saw Sakis feet go flying over her head and she did the most perfect face plant in the middle of the small pool. A huge splash of water came up followed by a small tidal wave that washed out over the side and onto the lawn. Erin and Shiori both started laughing as Saki pulled herself up and turned around to look at us. She looked like a drowned rat with her hair plastered all over her and her shirt sticking to her like a second skin. Erin did not slowdown in her quest to fill her jar first. She stuck her ass into the water and filled up again before Saki could even step out.

“Don’t let that bother you sweetie,” I hollered. “Keep going!”

Saki stepped out and squatted down, pulling her wet hair from her face while she filled up. As she stood up, Erin had just returned for another fill. The race was getting really close now between those two. Shiori just kept plugging away at her end of the line. By the time she had finished her discharge she was almost even with the other two. It was going to be close. Saki and Erin both dug in hard to try and finish the first event. Both were breathing hard by this time, but their jars were almost full. The last run for Erin made the difference. When she got to the pool, she did what Saki had done on her second lap. She kept her ass in the water and concentrated really hard for a few extra seconds before standing up. I could tell she was full because she did not run back, she walked. When she was in position she pushed down and let the water flow. There was just enough water to make the level in the jar go over the top and run down the sides.

“Good job sweetie”, I said as Erin stood up.

“The egg is next,” Kayko said as she pointed toward the next task.

As Erin headed off for the cones and Mark, Saki finished her last load. When the water flowed over the top of the jar, Kayko pointed toward the cones.

“You’re doing good honey,” she said as she urged her on. “You can catch up.”

Saki turned around and bolted for the cones about 6 or 7 steps behind Erin. These two were going all out to win this race. Erin got to the cone and lined herself up. The eggs were just regular sized chickens eggs but they had been coated in cooking oil. Picking one of those little buggers up was probably going to be a real trick. She squatted down just as Saki arrived, taking an inch of the cone inside her as well. She wiggled her hips a little and stood up. The egg was still in place. Saki lined herself up and squatted down on her egg. She did the same thing, she wiggled back and forth to try and grasp the egg as Erin sat back down on hers. The two girls looked like they were doing some kind of strange dance when Saki stood up. She had hers, and she turned to go to the pool. She made it about 4 steps before the egg slipped out and broke on the lawn. Dejected, she looked at the broken mess before returning to her cone where Mark had set down a new oil covered egg. Meanwhile Erin had tried to stand again but still did not have hers. She pushed down on the cone again and twisted her hips to the side before her expression changed. It was a hard expression to describe, but you could tell that something had definitely gone wrong. She quickly stood up with broken egg yolk, egg whites, and pieces of shell dribbling out of her pussy. I guess she tried a little too hard.

“Go wash out!” Kayko hollered as she pointed to the small pool. Erin looked like she was going to puke as she gingerly walked over to the small pool and stepped in. I can’t imagine what that would feel like, but it had to be nasty. Erin repeatedly stood and expelled water before squatting back down while Saki made her next attempt. She got the egg again and headed for the pool at a much slower pace. As she passed Erin she said, “Better hurry up.” Erin jumped out of the pool and headed back to the cones where she joined up with the now caught up Shiori. The two girls squatted on their eggs and twisted their hips back and forth. Erin stood up first. She had her egg but she did not move. As Shiori stood up she dropped her egg before her knees were even straight. Mark quickly replaced hers as Erin lowered herself back down onto the cone to twist a little more. When she heard the splash of Saki jumping into the big pool she stood up. She had her egg. With almost world class speed she ran across the yard and dove into the pull at full speed. Apparently the second trip down the cone had pushed the egg far enough into her to let her run at top speed. Her momentum carried her under water till she emerged just ahead of Saki. The two girls swam hard, completing their lap before climbing out to race back to the jars. Saki made it back first and squatted over her jar. She pushed down hard but nothing came out. Again she tried but still nothing. Erin squatted over her jar and pushed down. Almost instantly her egg emerged and dropped in to the water. Saki looked over at Erin just as Erin turned to head for the dildos. She had a sorrowful look on her face as she frantically pushed at the pit of her stomach. She pushed down again, still nothing.

“Can I give her a hand?” I asked Kayko as I set my drink down.

“That’s not fair to the other girls,” Jennie quickly protested. “If you help her you have to help the other two.”

“She has to do it on her own,” Kayko quickly added.

They were right, I couldn’t help. I looked up at Saki who was still pushing on her belly with a great deal of anxiety on her face. “Sorry sweetie.” I said as I leaned back in my chair. “I’ve been over ruled.”

Saki looked over at Erin just as she stood up with the dildo hanging out of her pussy and started on the final leg of the race. I don’t know what made her think of it but she quickly stood up and brought her feet together. With one quick little move she jumped straight up and landed straight legged. The jolt is all it took. When Saki squatted over the jar again, the egg popped out and dropped into the water.

“Good job,” Kayko said and she clapped her hands. “Now hurry up. You can still catch Erin.”

Saki turned and bolted for the table like she was on fire. She really wanted to win. Shiori, in the meantime, was just making her way over to the pool. She had managed to pick up her egg and was getting ready to swim her lap. I knew she really did not want to win, but she had been able to complete her tasks on the first try each time, so her skills were quite impressive. As she jumped into the pool Erin scooted past her on her way around the far side of the pool. She was making good ground, but the dildo was starting to slowly work its way out. Only time would tell if she made it to me first. When I turned to look at the low table, Saki was just standing up with her dildo. Apparently she had pressed it in deep because it was almost not visible at all. Once she was fully erect she took off across the yard in an attempt to catch up and pass Erin. It looked like it was going to be close. Erin came around the far side of the pool and started on the last home stretch. She looked up at me and smiled really big as she could see the end in sight. Saki, who was almost at a full run, raced around behind the pool, looking every few seconds at Erin. As she made the last turn from around the back side of the pool the disappointment appeared on her face as Erin stepped onto the patio and walked up to me.

“We have a winner!” Kayko hollered out as Erin spread her legs and dropped the dildo into my outstretched hand.

The smile and happiness on Erins face said it all. She threw herself onto me and hugged my stuffing’s out. “Good job sweetie,” I said into her ear as I hugged the half-naked and wet girl. “You did a very good job.”

“Thanks daddy,” she replied as she sat on my lap and looked me in the eyes. “I did it for you.”

Saki came walking up on to the patio and stopped a few steps away. She looked like she was about to cry as she spread her feet apart and pulled the dildo from inside her. “You did a good job too,” I said to Saki as I motioned for her to come over to me. Saki took the few steps necessary and stopped by my side. She looked at Erin sitting on my lap.

“Congratulations,” she said with a bit of dejection in her voice.

“Thank you,” replied Erin with a distinct sound of appreciation in her voice. “At least you didn’t break an egg inside your pussy!”

Saki smiled really big as Erin stood up. I don’t know what kind of cord that struck in her, but the two of them began talking back and forth in an excited exchange about the events of the race. They laughed and smiled at each other and pointed at the various places in the yard as they recounted their personal experiences of the race. Their friendship was showing through when Kayko cut them short.

“Head in the house and get cleaned up for lunch.” Kayko instructed the two jabbering girls. “The rest of us will be inside in just a few minutes.”

As the two headed into the house Shiori was just coming around the last corner from the back of the yard with her dildo. It was amazing to me that even though she had finished last, she still finished. When she walked up to me and stopped I looked up at her.

“You did a good job sweetie,” I said as I reached for the end of the dildo that was sticking out of her pussy. Shiori spread her feet apart and allowed me to pull it from inside her. “But you didn’t have to loose on purpose.”

A look of astonishment came over her face and she quickly looked over at Kayko and then back at me. “What do you mean?” she asked in an innocent voice.

“I talked to Mark,” I said to both Shiori and Kayko as I set the dildo down before looking her straight in the eye. “He really loves you a lot. And since I don’t want to hurt either him or you, I told him that I would not do anything else with you. I have to respect his feelings.”

Shioris’ eyes got big for just a moment and a smile came across her face. “But what about my training?” she asked as she first looked at me and then at Kayko.

“You will continue your training,” I said as I looked up at Kayko who nodded a yes of approval. “But you are now training for Mark. And you will follow everything that your aunt tells you. Understood?”

Shiori looked over at Mark who was walking across the yard carrying the carton of oiled eggs. She smiled at him before turning around and throwing herself onto me in the lounge chair. “Thank you Uncle Mike!” she exclaimed, “Thank you so much!”

“Alright,” Kayko said, “In the house and get cleaned up.”

Shiori waited for Mark to set the carton of eggs down before the two of them went inside hand in hand. “That was awfully nice of you,” Jennie said as she stood up and stepped over next to Kayko.

“Yes it was Mike,” Kayko said with a bit of astonishment in her voice. “But it’s your birthday today. All of us are your gifts.”

“I know,” I replied as I took a huge pull from my glass. “But how selfish would I be if I had all of you to myself at the expense of my son?”

The smile that ca

Because of the incompetence of an 18 year old who was driving and texting, My wife Kayko, my niece Shiori, my son Mark, and his friend Eric were killed in a head on collision Saturday night December 1st on the way home from Christmas shopping. All 6 were killed at the scene. Kayko was pregnant with our second little girl. I am not sure if I am going to delete the stories or not, there is so much up in the air right now. My world has ended and can never be replaced. Remember my Kayko and my kids and hold on to your loved ones.

There will be no more stories from me. Thank you all.


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2013-06-14 09:23:14
This is not a true story! Don't believe me? Look as this accidentinDOTcom/illinois/chicago/archives/201212.htm

Put periods where DOT is.
These are the car accident archives for December 2012, nothing in there even closely resembles what this lier says happened to his 'real' family. Read it for yourself.

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As if you fucking idiots belive this, he just doesnt qant to write about them anymore. I just lost all respect for this author.

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oh mike ...i am so sorry....i lost my boys in '80 because my wife was drunk and couldn't get them out of her appartment when her landlord torched the building.....i understand the pain you feel and can only offer hope for a brighter tommorrow ...may God watch and keep you gpham1

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My sincere condolances for your loss.


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I am so very sorry for your loss of Kayko, Mark and Shiori, especially having such a loving and happy family that you had. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Erin and Saki. Thank you for writing about the great life that you had.

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