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An uncreative story about a unoriginal topic.
Hello, my name is Mediocrity, because I'm a fairly mediorce writer. As such, I've chosen to write a totally uncreative and unoriginal topic. A fairly short story, however, hopefully you will enjoy it! Also, it is fiction, so try not to get too crazy about it.


The party was starting to wind down, with all the party-goers reeling from a hard night of alcohol, fooling around and the occasional joint. The party was a school friend’s sweet 16th and as such as full of booze, loud music, hot teens and drugs.

Most of the people had already passed out or gone home in a stupor. William staggered from the couch and made his way towards one of the back bedrooms, hoping he could get some sleep. The first door was locked so he decided to try the second bedroom. He staggered into the room and fell onto the bed and passed out from sheer exhaustion and severe intoxication.

A few hours afterwards, William awoke to the sound of soft moans.. feminine moans. He forced his eyes open. He was now sleeping on the floor, wrapped in the beds blanket. The room was now well lit and occupied. He looked back up to the bed and saw a wonderful sight.

Intertwined with each other was, argueably, the two hottest girls from his year at high school; Helen Luu and Vanessa Tran. Vanessa was on top of Helen and was so engrossed in her, that her limbs were hard to tell from Helen's. From the look of them, they were incredibly drunk and perhaps a little bit stoned, as they both reeked of smoke and alcohol. William was more than content to just sit back and watch; Helen was now squeezing Vanessa's breasts, causing her to moan furiously. However as Vanessa opened her eyes after Helen stopped caressing her, she finally realised the two weren't alone.

"WILLIAM! OH SHIT!" she shrieked, pushing Helen back into the bed and jumping up. They both gave William looks of disgust and contempt; as if it was his fault they had decided to make it in the room he was sleeping in. He decided to set this straight. "I didn't mean to! I just woke up and you two were.." he began before Helen reached down and grabbed him by the collar, dragging him into the bed and dumping him, unceremoniously, in front of Vanessa, who was now sitting at the foot of the bed. "Uhh.." William began as Vanessa forced him to lie down on the bed.

"Alright William, how much of that did you fucking see!" she demanded, choking him slightly. Despite the compromising situation, he couldn't help but notice that Vanessa quite easily had to largest and most impressive breasts of all the Asian girls at school. She was reasonably tall, cute face and overall had a body that turned heads and tented pants wherever she walked. "I dunno, maybe the past three minutes?" he answered, breathless. Helen gave a little gasp and Vanessa swore loudly, letting him go. He now got to take a good look at Helen, who was leaning back against the wall, clearly frightened about the situation.
Her breasts weren't quite as large as Vanessa's, but they were perky. She had a pretty face, an amazing/10 body that would cause the guys at school to drool as well as a beautiful face with sweet eyes and luscious lips. The reality of the situation had now sunk into William and he couldn't help but feel aroused, his pants starting the tent upwards. Helen looked incredulously at him, however Vanessa's face lit up with sudden realisation of a solution to her predicament. She already had a boyfriend, and if the school found out about her.. relationship with Helen, she would be ruined. "William, if we let you join in, do you promise to never tell ANYONE EVER!?" she said, in her beautiful voice, smiling coyly at him.

Her words didn’t truly make sense to William until after a couple moments. Then it really sunk in. These two amazingly hot girls were going to have sex with him. William Truong. The most un-extraordinary, mediocre and average Asian that probably ever existed. Sure, he definitely wasn’t ugly and sure, he got the occasional hot girl, but two at the same time? Well… this was going to be fun.

William's erection was starting to hurt now. "You mean... like a threesome?" he whispered. Helen looked aghast at the suggestion, however Vanessa looked resolute. "Yeah, but if you freaking tell anyone, I'll kill you!" she said, threating. "Oh stop shaking Helen, it'll only be once!" she said. William could not believe his luck at all, here he was, about to do it with the two hottest girls at school.

Vanessa immediately started undressing, pulling off her bra and letting her breasts fall out. Despite being obviously scared with the situation, Helen leaned forward, over William, and started making out with Vanessa, who began undressing her as they made out. William coughed slightly. Vanessa broke apart from Helen and motioned for her to help her undress him. While Vanessa looked somewhat eager to include William, Helen looked anything but. Vanessa started kissing William, unbuttoning his shirt and letting her hands roam around. Helen, on the other hand, not knowing what to do, began unbuttoning his jeans from as far away as she could, leaning backwards. Vanessa took a small break from making out with him, to give her an appraising look that clearly said, "Stop being such a sissy, jeez!"

Helen leaned in and, with a look of absolute loathing at Vanessa, pulled down William's pants, getting him completely naked, with his penis now in her face. She gave a confused look back up at Vanessa, who sighed slightly. "She's a virgin, so try to be gentle with her," she whispered in his ear, with an annoyed look. She grabbed Helen and then lifted her up, before descending down and wrapping her lips around his dick. Helen was still a little confused and stood with her arms across her breasts, clearly embarrassed. William was already too worked up from Vanessa's blowjob to care; she was a talented singer and took the entire length in one gulp and was now humming while bobbing her head back on forth.

Vanessa's mouth... was incredible. She would suck the tip, swirl her tongue around it before taking it all down into her mouth and deep throating it. While William was only six inches, Vanessa was still a pro at giving head.
"What are you doing, make out with him..." Vanessa said, while taking a deep breath after deep throating him. Helen gave her another hateful look before wrapping her arms around William and planting her lips on him. Her lips were incredibly soft and she was a talented kisser after all. With both Helen making out with him and Vanessa sucking his dick like an absolute pro, he couldn't last long. "Uhhh, I'm coming FUCK!" he shouted, pulling himself free from Helen, who was really starting to get into it. Vanessa, however, didn't seem to hear. She forced the entire length all the way down her throat, which pushed him over the edge. He came all inside her mouth and it began dripping out of her mouth before she pulled off him and stood back up, giving Helen a French kiss with his jizz in her mouth. While Helen initially looked surprised and disgusted, she closed her eyes and adjusted quickly. Vanessa broke apart the kiss, spitting it all in Helen's mouth, who gave another dirty look at Vanessa before swallowing it.

"Wasn't that bad was it?" Vanessa said with a coy little smile. Helen gave her a sour face and sat back down on the bed, before realising she had just sat on a patch of jizz that had spilt out, causing her to jump and move away, to sit on a pillow. "You're still hard aren't you William?" Vanessa asked, as William laid on the bed, panting heavily. "Uhm yeah," he replied, looking down at it. His boner still hurt like hell, he was that turned on by the two. "Awesome!" she said, squatting down and, after a couple of missed attempts, forcing it inside of her. "You're a lot bigger than Luca, fuck, yes!" she moaned as she rode him, her breasts rising and falling with her as she went faster and faster. Helen eyed the two cautiously from her seat, before Vanessa shot her another look causing her to crawl over to William and to squat right above his mouth. Despite being a reluctant participant, she was incredibly wet and moaned loudly when William began eating her out, arching her spine and leaning backwards in ecstasy. Vanessa, still riding William as hard as she could, leaned forwards and began kissing her breasts and licking her nipples. All this was too much for Helen, who started to shake uncontrollably before letting out a massive scream and squirting in William's face. This pushed Vanessa over the edge too, who orgasmed and became so tight, William thought he might be stuck in her forever. Pushing in as far as he could, he jizzed right inside Vanessa and they all collapsed over the bed, panting and moaning.

They three of them laid there for a couple minutes, panting and shaking. Helen crawled away from the other two, shaking like a leaf. Vanessa was clearly pleased with what had just unfolded, fingering herself and occasionally pulling her fingers back to suck on the liquids.

"You did better than I thought you would William! Not bad for six inches!" Vanessa whispered in his ear, crawling next to him. William tried to ignore the nagging feeling that if Luca ever found out, he'd probably lose all six inches to a meat cleaver. She put her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek, "That was the first time I ever orgasmed.. And the first time she's ever had sex! With a guy at least," she whispered, her lips only millimetres away from his eat. William looked over at Helen, who was hugging her knees and rocking back and forth at the foot of the bed. "I think she liked it, and she'll like what’s coming next.." Vanessa whispered, getting up and pulling Helen over.

Helen and Vanessa whispered to each other quietly, while William lay back trying to get his boner back. Helen giggled a little, drawing him out of his stupor. She was smiling now, which was a massive difference to how she began. Vanessa gave her a little nudge and she crawled over to William and gave him a hug and a kiss. They started making out and just as William thought the night couldn't get any better, it did. Helen started moving down and with a little bit of apprehension, took his dick and wrapped her mouth around it. She gagged at first and almost looked as if she would throw up, before relaxing and taking it in as deep as she could. While she wasn't as skilled as Vanessa, who could take it all in and would use her tongue like a pro, but Helen was far gentler and took it way slower. Soon, William was getting hard again and was starting to get really worked up by Helen's blowjob. "Helen, keep going and you won't get to do the next bit!" Vanessa said, pulling Helen up, who gave her a nervous look. "You can talk you tell him stupid! You’re the one that wanted to do it so badly!" Vanessa said, crossing her arms. Helen turned to William, "Uhm, hi William. Uhh, will you.. Will you take my virginity away!?" she said, stuttering.

"Sure, I guess..." he replied, as she laid down next to him. He rolled over and got on top of her, gave her a small kiss, and then another, before starting to make out. "Will you two freaking hurry up, jeez!" Vanessa said from the side, rubbing her vagina while watching. Helen giggled and reached down, lining his dick up with her. He pushed into her and Helen gasped and then gave a small scream. "Keep going William, she'll get used to it" Vanessa said from the sidelines, now fingering herself. William followed that advice and Helen's gasps and winces became moans and sighs. Soon enough, William was starting to feel that he was close too. "Come on William, please make me come again! I need to come!" Helen moaned. That was all the encouragement William needed and he began thrusting as fast and as hard as he could in and out of Helen, whose moans turned into yelps and then into screams. She arched her back and pushed up against him and began orgasming, which pushed William over the edge as well, jizzing right inside of her. They collapsed on top of each other and Helen wrapped her arms around him, giggling slightly. "Well that was hot!" Vanessa said from the side, shaking, with a wet patch underneath her.

William rolled off Helen, who gave him a small kiss and then passed out, from a combination of alcohol and exhaustion. Vanessa crawled next to her and, after putting an arm around her, fell asleep too. William took in the sight before falling asleep too, happy that he had just had sex with two of the hottest babes at the school.


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2012-12-17 23:21:55
I was at a party last year ima junior now but im 18 nd there was booze and some brought weed but i was walkin around lookin for a room to crash i didnt want to sleep in the main room where who nos wht would have happened to me so i find an open room and i go in to find the cheer captain and the girls soccer captain goin at it and they were suprised when they realised i was there and im left tackle for the football team and goalie for soccer so i got some girls but most of the good ones went to the captains well these two didnt want there relationship out they didnt want to be called les bc they were rly bi but leaned more toward girls and they didnt date anyone and everyone thought it was because they were always studying because there tied for top of the class nd they alowed me to join in and then i started dating rachel cheer captain but we were all rly dating each other all through 2nd year now me n rachel r married n we got a concubine liscense for hannah so we r a legal 3wy marige

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2012-12-17 15:51:14
That was hot.
Maybe in the next one make him blackmail them?

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