The weekend with Alexandria continues

Chapter 3. Alexandria’s new Adventure.

Sometimes life is a bitch. Sometimes it is wonderful. Since I met Alexandria at a restaurant yesterday evening it has been awesome. Alex is a waitress at the family style restaurant and agreed to meet me after work. Through circumstances not totally her fault, she ended up sleeping at my house. Being a “dirty old man” at age forty, I undressed her and put her in my bed naked.

Her petite body is wonderful. Her face is very pretty with a pixy nose, startling blue eyes and kissable, pouty lips. Her legs are long and her tits are very proportionally large compared to her short height. I took all that in when I undressed her and kissed her boobs and pussy. When twenty year old Alex woke alone in my bedroom, she made the decision to not run out of my house.

We ended up back in my bed after breakfast and Alex did what I really love; fucked me and swallowed a big load of cum. For all practical purposes, she was still a virgin, telling me she had only one guy in college and none in high school. Why she met me after work is unanswered. As we relaxed after sex, she grinned and talked a bit slutty and admitted she had never put anything up her ass. I told her she will get ass fucked and she was my cum slut. Alex took to dirty talking like a baby to a tit.

So I said, “If you learn all that and are a really good little slut, I may let you play in a threesome.” She quivered against me and said, “Oh no?” Then she asked, “Do you want me to be your slutty little girl? “Only in the bedroom,” I told her, “let not go crazy, but a little playing can be fun.”

She asked, “Can I call you Daddy?” Her hand squeezed my cock as she said it and she rubbed against me like a cat in heat. “Yes baby, because Daddy wants to fuck you hard and push his cock down your throat and feed you his cum every morning,” I admit my fantasy.

Alex gave a little girl giggle and snuggled against me and I told her, “Lets rest a bit first.” That is how earlier today, we both end up asleep intertwined under the blanket.

It’s about an hour later when we wake and Alex snuggles back into me. I had told her she had to swallow another load of cum before going to the movies. When she strokes my cock she learns another lesson. Guys have to take a bathroom break first. LOL. I get us two colas from the kitchen and we sit on the bed. She laughs at me when I walk around naked with my cock swinging in the breeze. After we sip a bit of cola, I give her a kiss. “Thank you Alex, for being here. I want to know what you thought when you woke up this morning?”

She tells me it was really strange. The alarm going off was a good thing because when a woman wakes up naked in a strange place; she assumes the worst has happened. The alarm made her think of turning off the damned noisy clock; not her nakedness. Then she saw the notes and remembered meeting at the bar; but not how she got naked. In the shower she figured out she had not been raped. So what happened?

My earlier explanation about her falling asleep made sense to her. “And you already kissed my naked body; probably a whole lot more than you said,” she laughs. She adds that if we would have dated it probably would have taken at least two month before she got naked. “So maybe a higher authority made you available for me to fuck,” she tells me and giggles more. I give her another kiss and she keeps talking.

“I don’t understand why I talk dirty with you. That’s not me. I have always been the ‘good girl’ in school. You are a bad influence,” she laughs and gets another kiss. “Do you want to know what I liked best?” she asks. I tell her she has to tell me everything.

She puts her face next to mine and I hug her, “Your cock feels so good in my pussy. It’s just the right size and you let me play the way I wanted. On the porn shows the guys are always so rough; I don’t think I want to do that.” Her mouth finds mine and we spend a couple of minutes tonguing each other. Good grief, her dirty talk and fevered tongue is getting me hard.

“Do you want to ride Daddy’s hard cock again,” I ask her and she smiles and straddles me as I lean against the headboard. She pulls her knees forward and high up. Then leans into me and lowers herself on my cock. My cock head misses at first try and she reaches back and puts it at her pussy opening. She looks me in the eyes, smiles and impales herself for a second time. “Daddy, Daddy,” she moans and pushes down hard. When I push up against her she says, “Fuck your baby hard, Daddy; but don’t cum in my pussy. Baby has to swallow all your nasty Jizz.”

Holy shit, I almost cum right then. Alex does the little pelvic rocking again. Her boobs rub against my chest and the hard nipples tickle my chest hairs. Her pretty face gets scrunched up in concentration as she rocks. My cock pushes up and drops back down probably no more than an inch and I feel it hitting her cervix area. Alex tightens her muscles and punishes my cock head. When I groan she smiles and says quietly, “Baby does a lot of Pilates just for my Daddy.” Then she giggles when my cock twitches deep in her pussy. She is really getting into the mood and she says, “Baby really loves her Daddy’s hard cock deep in her pussy. I bet I’m the best little girl you ever fucked.” My twitching cock and groans tell her she is absolutely right.

I whisper back, “I’m going to make Baby shut up and stick my big cock down her throat.” She laughs and rocks, “Promises.” Her nose touches mine and I give it a quick kiss and Alex says, “This feels so good. I feel your hot cock all the way up in my tummy. You are in baby making land.” With her hands on my shoulders and her knees drawn up, I’m in her pussy root deep. She massages my cock with her muscles and she is right; it does feel good. She rocks and rocks and it feels like hours go by. My cock has calmed down a bit and I don’t feel like I am going to shoot any second. Ha, relax and enjoy the fuck.

My hands go to her pretty boobs and I massage them gently and Alex smiles with her eyes closed. Taking her nipples between my fingers, I pinch and pull harder and harder until she moans, then I ease off; but start again. Her nipples have gotten hard and her small areolas are bright red. She hums on each down stroke and squeezes me.

When Alex rocks faster and harder, I know she is getting close. She wraps her arms around my head and drops down hard and groans loudly, “OMG, I did it again.” I can feel her climax ripple through her body. I push her hips down and hold her in a tight lock while she pants her slow recovery. I can feel moisture draining from her pussy down my balls. Wonderful. Alex is real quiet and I hear a sob. “Oh Baby, its Ok,” I whisper to her and hold her. A few minutes later she giggles and says, “Baby had a really, really big cum on her Daddy’s cock.” I push my cock up hard and tell her, “Daddy really likes it when Baby has a really, really good cum.”

“I bet I can make Daddy have a good cum, too,” Alex says and lifts off my cock. She crawls between my legs, pulls her hair to the side, smiles and drops her mouth over my wet and slimy cock. She tries to take it all in but comes up coughing and laughing. I tell her to take it slow and not hurt her throat. She giggles and locks her lips around my cock head. Her tongue swirls around it and she strokes me with her small hand. It feels terrific and she swallows me a bit deeper and sucks harder. I don’t last all that long, maybe five minutes when I’m ready to shoot. “Clamp your lips around my head and hold tight,” I tell her and hold her face to my cock. When she looks up at me, I blast her mouth with ropes of hot Jizz.

She jerks a bit when the hot cum hits her mouth and tongue. One hand is on my leg and I can feel her nails dig in until she relaxes and takes the last of my cum. I hold her face against my cock for one more minute and say, “Ok Baby, show Daddy what you got for a special snack.” She grins and opens her mouth and crawls up next to me. Her face is close to mine and she shows me her cum cover tongue and slowly lifts her head up to let the cum slide down her throat. She swallows twice and makes a smacking sound.

She really has turned into my cum swallowing slut. I love it. “Uuhh, thank you Daddy for the big load of cum,” she bats her eyes and smiles. We kiss and her tongue has traces of my cum as she works my mouth hard. Holy shit. She adds, “Baby needs a shower, do you want to cum help?” I laugh and tell her she better shower alone or we would never get out of the bathroom.

I show her the drawer with brand new tooth brushes and remind her that after the movie I want to take her to a nice dinner. We still have to get her car also. She reminds me she does not have to go back to work until Sunday night. “I have to do some homework for my Monday class,” she mentions. While she did not say it loud it looks like we are fucking all night Saturday and Sunday until noon.

As she closes the shower door, she wiggles her ass at me and grins over her shoulder, “I hope you really want to eat my pussy when we get home!”

I guess that solves the problem on what we are doing all weekend. Seems Alexandria is going to catch up on years of no sex. Works for me, if I don’t die first. With a grin I head for the other bathroom’s shower.

Alexandria’s apartment is just what you would expect for a college student. One bedroom, cramped and on the third floor without an elevator. We got there after we picked up her car from the bar. The small living room has lots of school books everywhere. On a table are a bunch of small photos in frames. She tells me it’s her family when they went to Disney World for her high school graduation. She looks very cute in tight blue jean shorts standing beside a smaller version of herself. Her sister is four year’s younger. Mom looks cute and young. Dad must be taking the photos.

Before we left my house, I had mentioned an upscale restaurant where the waiters hover to fill your every need. Alex was impressed and I put on a suit; but leaving the jacket in the back of the truck. She shows me a sexy, short black dress and a classy pantsuit. “Which one do you think?” she asks my opinion. I know that in the short dress my hands would probably be underneath it. Or all the waiters would really be hovering. “The pantsuit looks very fashionable,” is my opinion.

Alex digs around in her chest of drawers and comes up with a red bra and panty set. The bra is a sexy strapless number and I’m impressed. She must have wanted to impress someone, I imagine. I stay at the other side of the bedroom and just watch. She acts like she has no clue how her naked body affects me. When she puts the bra on the tops of her boobs are pushed up nicely. “Ah, just like advertised in Victoria’s,” my mind goes.

Alex goes into her bathroom and works on her make-up. I watch from the door and she does not mind. A quick look at my watch tells me we have forty minutes before the movie starts. When she applies the blue eye liner, I say quietly, “Not too much, your eyes are so sexy without it.” She smiles and keeps it light; but surprises me when she put a touch of glitter on. In the bright light it makes her eyes sparkle. She sees my smile and asks, “You like?” I nod and she runs the glitter make-up brush between her boobs and leaves a trail to her belly. She grins at me in the mirror.

I thought the pantsuit would make her look like a lawyer; boy was I wrong. She stepped into three inch bright red heels and buttoned the jacket over her bra with one button only. There is a mile of sparkling cleavage showing. Her face looks her twenty year age with nice blusher and bright red lips. She oozes sex and when she bent over to put her heels on I saw lots of tits. “Baby, please don’t bend over for the waiters,” I tell her and she laughs, “I want top notch service.” So I tell her I will give her all the service she wants at home. We laugh and hold hands like kids on the way to the mall.

The movie was good and Alexandria really liked the action star. A couple of times her hand rubbed my leg hard and there were a few screams when people were being thrown off rooftops or shot. The restaurant was even better. The food was great and the waiters hovered. Funny, without being sexist, I think I could pick out the only straight guy in the bunch. He had a good time standing behind Alex and looking down her cleavage until I signaled him to knock it off. Before heading home we made a quick stop at a pharmacy for things we would need during the night.

Back at my house, I take a bottle of Mr. Jack Daniel’s finest into the bedroom and pour two glasses. She had admitted she liked the taste as long as she could mix it with sparkling water. We clink and sip and I hand her three extra strength pain pills. Alex pops them in her mouth and sips more booze. “That will hopefully lessen the pain she will probably experience shortly.

I hug Alexandria and kiss her romantically while unbuttoning her suit jacket. She gives me a wicked smile and hands me a coat hanger. I tell her she is a slutty bitch for ruining my fantasy of stripping her naked. “Oh, you are being a naughty Daddy,” she coos and reminds me not to wrinkle her pantsuit or I would not get the pleasure of her unfulfilled holes. She smiles and upends the drink glass and asks for more. A few minutes later she stands before me in her sexy red bra and panties and I have her put her high heel red shoes back on. My suit is off also. “I’m going to take a picture of you,” I tell her and she does not complain.

Alex smiles and does a couple of standing poses and I just let her have fun before I direct her onto the bed. She kneels on the bed and strikes a few more poses and I tell her to get on her hands and knees. Her boobs are pushed out of her bra as they dangle. It’s a sexy pose a lot of guys like; because it’s what they see as the girl goes down on their cock. She smiles up at me and jiggles her tits. I pull her bra off and shoot a few more shots. Panties come next and Alex rolls on her back as spreads her legs wide. She needs no encouragement to spread her pussy lips wide and show me all its pink sweetness. Her fingers tug on her skin and pop her clit up. She rubs and pinches it and gets herself hard and red. When she smiles at me and crooks her finger, I put the camera away and put my tongue where it belongs.

Alexandra is positioned with her butt on a pillow and her legs spread wide. All the items we purchased at the pharmacy are on the night stand by the bed. The bottle of booze and ice are on the floor, just in case of “medical emergency”; meaning Alex needs more help to get mellow. She has drunk two glasses and is on number three. Starting at her knees I give her little butterfly kisses up her legs and gently rub her mons. When my lips near her pussy she lifts her knees up high and grabs them. Her anticipation is working on Alex and I smell her womanly smell and the fragrance she has spritzed on her pussy. It’s a heady sensation drawing me into her middle.

Alex moans quietly when I start my assault on her outer lips; kissing, licking and tonguing everywhere. “More, Daddy, more,” comes a quiet plea as she makes up for years without real hot sex. Using my fingers I spread her outer lips wide and see her pink inner flesh. A small dark tunnel pulses asking for my tongue to enter. My tongue slides into her and Alex moans in appreciation. Light fluids coat her flesh and I taste her sweet nectar. “OMG, yes, Daddy,” she moans when my tongue moves up to her clit. Have I told you she reverts to teen “OMG’s” when she gets excited? It was a sign she loves being pussy sucked; too bad for her she had not experienced it much before. Great for me.

Small pelvic rocking moves her ass up and down and I move in tandem with her. When she pushes up, my tongue pushes into her tunnel and one finger rubs her clit. Alex moans a few more OMG’s as we tongue fuck. I can see the muscles in her belly ripple and her nipples are hard as little pebbles. They have turned bright pink again as blood floods them and they pucker. I guess we have been rocking for about ten minutes and it’s time to help her reach her peak.

My tongue is on her clit rolling it between my lips and sucking it harder and harder. Alex leans forward and grabs my head while her legs lock behind my back. The scream starts deep in her throat as a growl and when her climax hit she yelps loudly. She quivers and shakes and holds me tight into her pussy as wetness spreads across my face. She holds me for a few minutes before she lets me go with a laugh, “OMG, Daddy. Why has this never happened before?” She laughs self-consciously and tells me to lie next to her, “Come up here please.”

We cuddle and kiss and relax for a few minutes. More drinks follow and Alex cuddles into me again. She is nose to nose with me and asks quietly, “Are you really going to fuck my ass?” I tell her of course unless she wants to stop. She shakes her head ‘No’ and asks what does she have to do. I tell her she can say ‘Stop’ anytime; but first she has to put a condom on my cock. It is a simple enough task until I explain how to do it. There is a box of twelve on the night stand.

Alex takes a condom, opens the foil and unrolls about a quarter inch and puts it on the tip of my cock’s head. “Baby, I’m not hard enough. You have to get me a bit harder,” I tell her. She looks at me and puts her small hand on my cock and stokes it once or twice. I shake my head and tell her to use her mouth. She smiles and sucks me into her mouth. Her tongue does a great job sliding up and down the sensitive underside and I’m fairly hard in a few minutes.

Back to the starting line. Alex puts the condom on my cock and bends over to push it down my cock with her lips. The condom slides off to the side. I hear a murmured, “Shit.” Try two and three have the same results. I tell her to use a new condom and unroll it just a bit more. She does and with a determined look centers her lips over my cock and pushes the condom down. It encircles my cock head and does not slide off. Alex chuckles and looks at what she has done. “Now unroll it all the way,” I instruct and she does a fairly good job using only her lips, teeth and mouth. I am not going to tell her she is the first girl who has done this for me. “You did a great job and you are going to get better with a bit more practice,” I tell her and she smiles. She assumes all girls know how to do it.

“You can open your new toy now,” I tell her and Alexandria opens the pink box we purchased at the pharmacy. Out comes a six inch pink dildo; batteries included. At the pharmacy I had teased Alex by picking up a gigantic twelve inch long, very thick black one first. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head and her mouth made a big ‘No”. Then she got embarrassed and would not go to the check-out with me. I am still laughing. I tell her to grease the dildo and she puts lots of lube on it. The medicated lube contains anti-pain features. “Alright baby, get on your hands and knees,” is my next command.

Alexandria takes a big gulp of her Mr. Daniel’s finest and finishes the glass. She gets on her hands and knees and puts her face down on the pillow. Her hands wrap around the pillow with a tight grip. Her anticipation is making it worse than it will probably be. I put a big gob of lube on my finger and spread it on her puckered hole. She jerks and says, “Oh, cold.” I laugh because it will warm up quickly with friction.

Rubbing it around her hole for a minute seems to relax her just a bit and then I push my middle finger into her up to the knuckle. Alex sucks a deep breath as I finger her more. When she seems to relax again, I push deeper and repeat it. More lube follows with two fingers. About five minutes goes by and I have three fingers into her ass. She has not moved and inch. When I pull my fingers out of her ass, her hole remains open and I can see into her tunnel about two inches. It closes slowly as I watch. Sweet.

The pink dildo slides into her easily about an inch before Alex moans. I set the vibration on low and hit the start button. Alex looks over her shoulder and say, “Wow, it feels pretty good.” Her speech is a bit slurred and it makes me chuckle. It’s when I push it into her to the four inch mark the pain starts. Alex grabs the pillow and moans into it and her ass vibrates along with the dildo. I can see her clench her teeth as her face disappears into the pillow. I let the dildo do its work and after a few minutes she comes up for air, “Ok, I think I can take it.” I move the vibrator’s setting to ‘High’ and watch her ass rotate. Sweet, and again I will not tell her she is the first girl I have played this fantasy with.

Alex’s ass rotates slowly as the vibrator works inside her ass. I get the camera and shoot a few more pictures. I tell Alex to smile over her shoulder so I can get her face into the picture with the dildo in her ass. She smiles sweetly and shakes her ass at me. I tell her she is a good little cum slut and will get a big load as a reward. She smiles even more. I put the camera on a tripod and tell her it’s time to change position. “Daddy, I got to go pee,” Alex tells me and runs to the bathroom. When she comes back the dildo is still in her ass. She brought several hot wash cloths with her. Alex sips her sparkling water and I see she did not put more booze into it.

I tell her what we are going to do next and she lies on the bed and spreads her legs wide. After pulling the dildo out of her ass, I wipe her cunt and butt with the hot wash cloth. Situating the pillows against the headboard, I lean against it and tell her to straddle me; but facing away. Alex straddles me and I pull the condom off before she impales herself. Mr. Cock wants to go into her wet pussy so I hold him tight and line up with her anal opening. Alex pushes down and grabs my cock head with her anal ring. She exhales hard, “OMG.”

Her anal ring grabs me hard and squeezes my cock head. I tell her, “Relax there cowgirl.” She giggles and I can tell she is trying to relax. Pulling her hips down, I slide deeper into her ass. Alex inhales hard again and when I bottom out I can hear her moan in pain. “Don’t move, Daddy,” she moans trying to get used to my cock’s deep invasion. I pull her body back against me and tell her to lift her arms over her head. My fingers are in her pussy spreading it wide; then I pinch her nipples and make sure they are hard as rocks. She is all set, impaled and posed on my cock. I reach over and hit the camera’s remote control. It will shoot twenty pictures; five seconds apart.

“Baby, smile for me,” I tell Alex and nuzzle her hair. The camera flashes and I lift her knees and spread her wide open. I count the shots and make sure I get a few showing my cock sliding into her ass. Life is great.

By the time the camera quits, Alex is used to my cock deep in her ass. “Go ahead and ride, if you want,” I whisper into her ear and Alex begins her pelvic rocks. Well, it was great when she did it with my cock in her very tight pussy; but being up her ass was totally different. Her ass cheeks bounce against me and her ring tries to strangle Mr. Cock. She was going to have a great climax and me also. As she rocks I lift her ass and drop it back down several times. She gets the message and moves up and down on my cock hard. Our fucking gets frantic until she explodes dropping down hard on my cock. It goes deeper than she had intended and her scream sets me off too.

My arms lock around her belly and we spasms together as streams of Jizz shoot into her ass. As Alex quivers and moans I shoot several more loads into her. She moans, “OMG, I can feel it burn in my ass and belly.” She collapses against me and we recover slowly. I keep her against me with my cock in her ass.

A few minutes later Alex turns her head and we kiss and I play with her tits. “Thank you baby, how do you feel?” I ask. She thinks a minute, “Wow, very intense. I never did anything like it before.” I remember the conversation when she admitted she never put anything up her ass. “Guess we solved that little problem,” I whisper into her ear. Alex whispers back, “I remember you mentioned a three-some; but I have a request. I don’t want another guy. I really do not want to fuck other guys. Just you.”

Well that works for me; but my bad devil says, “I saw a pretty candidate in your Disney trip pictures.” Alex’s eyes go wide and she stammers, “You want to do …. my mom?” I chuckle and tell her, “Oh, she would be number four.” Alex gasps, “Oh shit, you want to fuck my little sister?” I admit, “It’s just a fantasy; but did you girls ever play together?”

Alex is quiet for a few minutes and says, “We used to play spin the bottle and then feel each other up a bit. Fairly tame considering what these ten year old girls do on the internet.” I tell her, “You could invite her to spend a few nights at your apartment and let me meet her.” Alex giggles and tells me, “She is still a virgin, I think.” My cock twitches in her ass and she says, “Oh, you are being a very bad Daddy.”

So I answer, “How about this, instead of marrying you, I marry your mother. Then I can adopt you two girls and make all three of you my very own cum slaves?”

Alex bats her eyes at me and squeezes my cock hard with her ass. “If you marry me, I may just let you fuck both of them. I know mom needs some cock since Dad died.” Mr. Cock has found his second wind and is getting hard again.

Some girls have guys wrapped around their little finger. Seems Alexandria has learned a new way of doing it.

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