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This is the continuation of a published story but I am including the entire text here.
Today was his 20th wedding anniversary; his wife had informed him in the morning before work that he needed to come home right after because she had a very special night planned with an amazing gift. It had been driving him crazy all day long. He was unable to concentrate. He seemed to be lost in a world of thought. So many times he would get pulled back into reality by one of his students saying, “Mr. V. Hey Mr. V.” And suddenly he was in a room of different students not knowing where that one class period had gone. It was not a good day.
Finally five o’clock came and he was off. John grabbed his bag and almost ran to the school parking lot. Often he enjoyed visiting with his fellow teachers in the halls on his way out. No students, noise, or interruptions. Mostly because 95% of his coworkers were women, so he loved chatting with them and taking quick glances at their cute feet. He got to his truck and turned the key. Thankfully the 23-year-old bucket of bolts started up and he drove home.
As he pulled up into the driveway he couldn’t help but notice all the lights were out and the curtains drawn. His mind raced with ideas of what could be awaiting him. His wife had begun their marriage as somewhat of a prude. Considering she was a virgin and very inexperienced he expected as much. But in their 20-year marriage she had come a long way. Still not quit where he would like but at least better. He had no clue what could be awaiting him inside. But there was only one way to find out.
He took his key and slid it into the door. He felt a shiver go through his body. He was so excited the anticipation was powerful. He opened the door and the entire house was dark save a line of glowing candles along the floor leading from the door across the family room and to the hallway. He guessed he was expected to follow them. So he did so. They went down the hall and right into the master bedroom. It was all he could do to keep from running into the room.
So John quietly stepped into his bedroom. There were lots of candles; she loved candles, so did he actually. There were two chairs at the foot of the bed about 2-3 feet from each other. He stepped into the room and heard his wife’s voice. “Take off everything but your underwear and then lay in front of the chairs on your back.” So John did just what he was told. He stripped down to his boxer briefs and laid down about four feet from the chairs. “God how you men function sometimes is beyond me” came the normally sweet voice of his wife again. Move closer to the chairs so that your head is by one and your crotch by the other. Men are so dumb simple creatures.”
So John scooted into the correct position, he had no clue what was happening. But he was excited to find out. If anyone could see they could tell that too as his cock was beginning to harden, and press against his underwear. He lay down as instructed and waited. After what seemed like a million years he again heard the voice of his wife. Okay here comes your gift. Are you ready?”
“Oh god yes I am. I have been thinking about it all day.” He said trying hard not to sound like a little boy on the way to the candy store.
His wife spoke again. “First is my friend from college, Jennifer, she is tall and gorgeous. Super sexy eyes, soft creamy skin, long dark brown hair; she has been in leather pumps all day without stockings. Where would you like her to sit, top or bottom?”
John was unsure if he remembered Jen. If she was who he was thinking she was super hot. He said, “Top please.” She walked in and stood over him for a second then walked to the chair near his head. She was beautiful; her amazing long hair was just lying on her shoulders. John so loved long hair on women. She was in a sexy purple camisole and panties to match. She had no stockings on and the sight of her smooth skin was just about all John could take. She sat down but sideways in the chair so her legs and feet were parallel with John’s body. So he could not see or touch them. This he figured had to be his wife’s order; she knew he liked to be teased.
Jen was a very tall sensual woman, the type that just drove men crazy, and women too for that matter. She was just an absolutely stunning creature. If John was honest she always made him a bit nervous. Her looks and her personality was so over powering he sometimes feared he would be unable to control his desire to just grab her and kiss her. Needless to say his anticipation of what was to come was overwhelming. So much so that John could feel his cock growing in his boxer briefs.
His wife spoke up again. “As you know there are two chairs. So there is another woman joining you and Jen. Are you ready to meet her?”
John could barely speak his mouth had lost its ability to form words. But he swallowed and managed a very weak and quiet, “Yes.”
“Okay next is one of my dear friends from work. You remember Marisol don’t you?” said the sweet voice of his wife.
John feared that his excitement was showing. But now he knew there was no hiding it. He had always had a major crush on Marisol, and his wife knew it. Marisol was a dark beautiful woman. She was of Puerto Rican decent and her hair was long, thick and dark. Her skin was dark and soft. John had only see her feet once before. It was when she had come over to help his wife with a project and she slipped out of her pumps. John remembered by completely transfixed. Her toes were so dark and sweet looking.
His wife continued, “Well she has been wearing black leather boots and sheer white nylons all day. I know how you love the contrast of her dark toes against the white silky nylons.”
John could no longer hide his excitement. His cock was pushing hard against his underwear. He reached down and tried to adjust himself, as it was very uncomfortable. He was shocked by the curt and quick words that came from his wife.
“Don’t you dare touch your cock!” he had never heard her speak to him in that tone. It made him even harder and the pressure was now greater. He was in heaven.
“Okay then now that we all understand the rules. Do you want me to ask Marisol to come out, or ask her and Jennifer to go home? I can do that you know, ladies this doesn’t seem like it is going to work….”
John’s begging cracking voice interrupted her. “No please, dear god no!”
“Are you sure?” came the demanding reply.
“Yes, I promise.” John was a total submissive at this point, totally under the control of these three women.
“Okay then let’s continue, Marisol you may come out now. She entered the room. She had on a silky white teddy with white thigh high nylons held up by garters. His wife knew him and his fetish so very well.
Marisol too sat in the second chair parallel so that her feet were hidden from his view. John’s excitement was now easily visible to all. His cock was hard and standing straight up, pushing the limits of his underwear. His wife spoke again. “So we don’t have anymore misunderstandings I will go over the rules. Any breaking of these rules even slightly will result in both women leaving and your birthday gift will be over. Is that understood my unworthy foot servant?”
John so loved when she called him that. She had often tried to play the dominant role toward him. But her temperament was just not built for it. It frustrated him but he loved her for trying. But this was going well; John was excited for what was to come.
His wife continued. “Rule number one: Your hands must remain at your sides. Rule number two: You must do as you are told, and only as you are told. Rule number three: You will speak only when spoken to and asked for a reply. Any deviations from any of the stated rules will result in the girls stopping and going home, leaving you to your own devices.” God he loved when she took control and talked this way. “Now do you promise to be a good foot slave?”
“Yes Mistress I promise.” John said obediently. This was driving him wild. He was dying to know what was going to happen. His cock was now so hard and pushing so strongly against his underwear that it was actually a bit painful.
“I think I will have Jen begin the night.” Said the haunting voice coming from nowhere it seemed. “Jen would you begin by kindly removing your shoes? And place your bare feet just under John’s nose but do not allow them to touch him at all.”
Jen took off her shoes. It didn’t take too long for the scent to reach him. God he loved that so much. The mix of feet and leather was the best smell ever! Jennifer slid around and did as she was told. She placed her very wet and soft feet just above his mouth. So close that if he stuck out his tongue he could lick them, but he didn’t dare. He fought the urge with all his might.
“Do you like what is happening now you sad little slave?” His wife had never talked like this before it was making him so hot. If anyone had looked they would have seen a wet spot forming on his underwear from the precum that was starting. He was shocked he was doing that with out anybody touching his cock. It was perfect and it was only beginning. “Jen is he being a good slave?”
“Yes he is.” Jennifer said in her smokey sultry voice that always made John hot.
“Fine then you may reward him. Place a toe into his little mouth and let him suck it. But slave your hands will remain at your side or this all ends. Do you understand?”
“Yes I understand.” came the excited and shaky voice from John’s mouth.
“Remove your feet now Jen!” replied his wife in a strong voice.
“What did I do wrong?” John asked frightened that he had blown it before it even got started.
“When you address me you will always end with Mistress! Is that understood?” came the wonderfully harsh voice of his sexy wife.
“Yes Mistress! Please forgive your unworthy foot slave.” said John.
“That is much better you little worm. Jennifer you may continue.” His wife said.
Jennifer then placed her big toe into his mouth. He greedily sucked it in. He was in heaven. He could smell the foot so much better with it in his mouth. It was his favorite scent, clean feet just out of leather shoes. Although it made most people gag, he loved it. He sucked the sweat off her toes he was dying to take more of them into his mouth. But he didn’t dare do anything without being told. Suddenly an angelic voice answered his prayers.
“Jennifer you may now do as you will with your feet and toes just remember if he touches you or does something you don’t like you may refuse him.” His wife stated. Jennifer must have known a footman before, because she knew what to do. She rubbed her feet all over his face. Slowly and gently, she would slide a toe or two into his mouth and then remove them quickly. John was dying. He was mumbling “more, more, more please!”
John was in heaven. He could feel his hardening cock pushing even more so against his underwear. It was uncomfortable, even a bit painful but he didn’t dare touch them for fear of losing this amazing gift. Jennifer’s feet tasted so good. He had often thought about sucking them those sneaky mornings in the shower while he masturbated. He fantasized about her letting him suck her toes while he slid in and out of her wet pussy. She was so hot. God this was wonderful. His wife spoke again, “Remember Jen all over his face and chest too he likes bare feet across his broad chest.”
Jennifer did as she was told and moved her right foot wet still from the sweat and now mixed with John’s hungry mouth. He had a very broad chest and wide shoulders interesting for being a pretty short man, only 5”4’. John was getting hotter by the second. His hand moved without thinking and was just about to grab Jen’s foot he caught himself and slid it back to his side. He hoped without being seen.
She spoke up again, “Marisol are you ready to join in the fun?”
“Oh yes I am.” came the deep sultry voice that always made John quiver with excitement. He honestly knew that she could arouse him by reading the phonebook. Just the sound of her voice was always enough to send him over the edge, god how he wanted her.
“Well then you may rub your nylon clad feet on his stomach and his thighs, but be careful not to go near his cock. I know him and I am sure it his raging hard and he has spilt some pre-cum.” his wife didn’t know that he had spilt a great deal. He was so amazed how much was happening to him and as of yet nobody had even come close to his cock.
Marisol shifted in her chair and lifted her very dark soft feet wrapped in silky white stockings and began rubbing them across John’s stomach. Meanwhile Jennifer continued her assault on his face and mouth. This was one of his most desired fantasies coming true. John was at this moment the happiest man on the face of the planet, or even the whole Galaxy. Marisol’s silky stockings felt so soft against his skin but they too were wet from being in her boots all day, how he loved that. His growing excitement could be heard in his rapid breathing, and she in the bulge of his underwear.
Marisol was a brilliant tease; she kept coming close ever so close to his cock. He took in a deep breath every time she did so. As best he could with Jennifer’s perfect toes in his mouth. More than that each time she shifted from his stomach to his thighs or thighs to stomach she would just lightly ever so lightly brush his hard cock thru his shorts. John felt as if he might explode right there and then. He wanted this to last forever.
The super stiff cock was now very visible underneath John’s shorts. The spot was getting bigger and wetter. He was getting close to losing all control. This was a true dream come true. He kept sucking Jennifer’s bare soft toes into his mouth, fighting with all his might not to touch them. Marisol was still teasing him over and over. Sometimes she acted like she was going to brush those nylons across his aching cock. Then at the last second she’d pull away. John was just thinking to himself that this could not possible get any better. Then his wife spoke up again.
“Okay ladies stop what you are doing and put your feet back to the sides of your chairs, thank you.”
John was devastated, this couldn’t be over, please no the thought. Then he made a big mistake he spoke out loud. “Mistress no please don’t end this I didn’t break a rule did I?”
“How dare you!” came the angry reply from his wife. “Who do you think you are foot slave? You think you are worthy to speak to your Mistress without permission? I decided when this gift is over and only I will decide when it ends. Is that understood you worthless little slave? You should be punished. Ladies stand up and walk away.” John panicked; he tried hard not to beg her to change her mind. But he knew he needed to keep quiet.
Jennifer and Marisol stood up and were just about to walk out. John’s wife spoke one more time. “Wait ladies. Maybe we can give this unworthy little one a second chance what do you think?” They both nodded. John let out a large sigh and a large smile swam across his face.
“Okay then ladies you may sit down but please switch places. Thank you.” As she said this both ladies turned and walked around John. His eyes follow their perfect feet.
They sat down in their new chairs and again had their feet to the side. John’s heart was racing just with the anticipation of what was going to happen next. His wife spoke again. “Okay please continue what you were doing before, but now John will have the nylon clad feet in his warm little mouth and Jennifer can use her bare feet to do as she wishes. Yes you lucky little bastard if she wishes she may even rub your cock, but only thru his shorts. Understood?”
John’s excitement was very visible, in both his face and his crotch. He was a very happy man and could not wait for these two beautiful women to continue. Marisol began slowly lowering her feet to his face. The mixture of her hot wet feet and the silky nylons was almost too much to bear. He sucked them into his mouth like a man just out of the desert. Just as he was getting lost in the taste and scent of Marisol’s dark feet he felt Jennifer’s delicate soft feet touch is stomach. He shivered with joy; he was fighting with all his might not to cum.
As Marisol’s rubbed her other foot across John’s face she forced her other foot deeper into his eager mouth. He took her toes willingly, sucking every bit of her perfect digits. John was so focused on Marisol’s nylons that he almost didn’t feel Jennifer move her feet to his upper thigh. His body jerked with sexual pleasure. Again he had to fight the urge not to cum. Because he knew that if he did so before given permission he would be scolded.
His wife spoke up again. “So my sweet little foot slave are you enjoying yourself? She asked, “Do you like what your Mistress has given you? Do you feel as if you are going to burst?”
John remained silent as Marisol removed her toes from his mouth, the wetness was very apparent on her nylons. She moved that foot to his chest and rubbed her silky stockings on his bare chest. Meanwhile Jennifer continued to tease his cock. She as Marisol did before gently brushed his swollen cock now and then with her feet. His wife gave him permission to speak. “You may answer your Mistress you lucky slave.”
John swallowed tasting the scent and flavor of both women’s feet sliding down his throat. The quietly spoke up “Yes Mistress I truly love what you have given me. I know that I am so unworthy. I’m loving every single minute.” John continued. “Thank you Mistress for allowing your silly little foot slave this wonderful gift. Their feet are so soft and tasty, I just love it, can’t wait to see what is next.”
There was a moment of silence. It was making John nervous his fear that this all might be over was haunting him. The sound of an opening door turned every head. They all saw John’s luscious wife walking in barefooted in a matching string bra and panty set. She was carrying a chair. John’s excitement grew more wetness was showing on his shorts; his cock so hard now that one could make out the size and shape thru his straining underwear, the thick head very visible.
Marisol without out really thinking about it was marveling at just how thick his cock was. She had never really thought of him that way. He was a sweet guy but definitely just friend material, until now. She licked her lips and put that idea in away in a file she would find later when needed. She knew of the open marriage agreement between John and his wife.
His wife placed her chair next to John just opposite Jennifer’s. John was just weak and lost in his pleasure. His mind was racing a million miles an hour with the thought of what would happen next. His wife spoke up. “Okay you silly little slave the best part of this gift is coming up. Are you ready?” John shook his head yes god he wanted something to happen before he lost it.
“Okay then” continued his wife. “Ladies please slide your chairs so that we are all close to his crotch. But first Marisol would you kindly remove your stockings?” Marisol lifted his feet letting them dangle just inches from John’s face. God this woman was so fucking sexy and really knew how to tease. She reached down and slowly began rolling her silky stockings from the top of her thighs down to just above the ankle. Then proceeded to remove them completely. Reveling what John easily knew were the darkest and softest feet he had ever seen in his life. She then did the same think with the other stocking. They were now both dangling softly in her hands, the shape of the foot still visible in the stockings. His wife spoke again. “Okay Marisol you may place them into his mouth. Make sure that he gets them rubbed into his nose and breathes in the scent first.”
Marisol being the amazing and sexy tease that John was learning she was did just as told. She first rubbed them under John’s nose. God he loved that smell. He rarely talked about it or showed interest in that. He understood that his foot fetish was strange to most as it was. But revealing that he liked the smell that would just creep them out he thought. Although to be honest he only like the smell when the feet were very clean and well kept. That had a very different and pleasing odor, dirty or unclean feet just were gross. Either way John was feeling wonderful. His cock was growing and straining his shorts so much he feared he might rip through the fabric. The spot was growing wetter and larger by the minute. After teasing a bit under his nose she finally told him to open his mouth. He did and she pushed the nylons in feet first and he just sucked them with all his might.
He loved the whole situation; he was dying to know what was to come next. If the truth were known if he had known what was to come next he would have shot his load right there and then. For it was his most desired fantasy ever. The silence was almost too much to handle. He was just about to speak up and ruin the whole night but luckily his wife spoke up. “So my worthless little slave. Are you ready for what is to come next? Although you are so deeply unworthy of it.”
John was silent for he understood that although he had been asked a direct question he had not been given permission to speak. His wife finally ended his painful silence. “You may answer me slave.”
“Yes mistress, yes I am dying to know what is coming next. I am sure it will be amazing and wonderful. You are the most perfect mistress a silly little slave could ever ask for. Please oh please continue.” Came John’s weak shaky little voice.
His wife went on “Okay ladies here is the situation. We will the three of us use our feet to end this poor little slaves suffering with this strained hard-on he has developed. Please join me in rubbing your feet anywhere and everywhere. But note that the main goal is to play with his hard cock.” With that said the best part of the night began.
John was moaning and begging for more as six soft bare feet rubbed his stomach, thighs, and cock (through is underwear) At one time he had all three ladies rubbing his cock he just about burst. “Please more, more he begged.” at this point not caring about the no speaking rule. And since the play was still going on he guessed it had been revised and he could cry out all he wanted. “God yes you all have suck perfect and soft feet. I am so hard please rub my cock more, more.”
As prior all three ladies began rubbing his powerfully engorged cock. He was now lost in pleasure. His ultimate fantasy was finally in play. As they played with his cock now and again one of them he knew not which one, and honestly at this point did not care, would rub her toes across his dick so has to have his cock between her toes up and down she would go up and down his thick shaft.
They continued this for quite a while. Also John noticed they were giggling and trying to push the other girl’s feet off as to get their own feet on his dick. This was turning John on in a major way. He knew it would not be long now. As if on cue after that thought was passing his mind he felt the rush in his balls being too much to contain. He cried out. “Oh my God this is so fucking wonderful. All your feet are perfect. I love this. I can’t hold back any longer!”
At this the women giggled louder and all rushed to push their feet on his cock to help him along. As they did so John cried out again, “Fuck yes! I’m going to fucking cum right now! YES!” and John finally released his load. His cum erupted in his shorts. It was without a doubt the largest, hardest, and most he had ever cum. He didn’t realize there could be that much cum inside him at one time. He felt the sticky cum fill his shorts and even creep up out of his shorts thru the waist band. The women continued to rub his spattering cock. He cried out again and again as the bursts continued.
He felt the feet rubbing all around his crotch knowing that even though his underwear was on the sticky goo was still clinging to the soft delicate soles and toes of these three beautiful women. He heard them oohing and awing over how much cum was actually spuing out. The laughed and tried to guess who’s feet had more cum on them. In the end they decided they were all about equal.
With that his wife spoke again. Okay ladies lets go clean up. Slave boy if you would like you may come to the bath and help us clean off our feet; however not until we are all clean and done you mistress will decide if you may clean yourself. Is that understood?”
John followed the three women into the bathroom finding it hard to walk with the gooey shorts clinging to his body. They took turns running their feet under the running water as John washed them and then gently dried each pair with a gently hand. Then he rubbed lotion on all. His wife thought a moment and then spoke. “Well slave I was going to tell you to clean up, but I see all this foot washing has gotten you excited all over again.” John looked down and could see his cock again super hard pushing against his wet shorts. The women all smiled and laughed as they covered their mouths.
“Well ladies,” his wife began. “Shall we give him some more? He has after all been a very good slave.” The others nodded in agreement. “Okay then lets return to our chairs. But slave you must follow us on your hands and knees repeating how beautiful we all are and how deeply you love our feet.”
As the women turned and began walking John got to his hands and knees and begin tell these amazing women what they wanted to hear. It was a night John would never forget.

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