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ok so to begin with i was driving homw from school one this afternoon and i was looking out fo the window and i noticed some cattails. i had seen them before but i donno i just got an idea what if i fucked myself in the ass with one of those. now im straight , but i do LOVE IT when i stick toys or random objects up my ass hole, this is by far my favorite. so ill tell you all about it.

so i was driving down the road by my house and i noticed a little bunch of cattail"s,( the plant) . i wanted to shove one ofthose up my asshoel right as soon as possible. so iwent home to check if anyone was home and i saw that no one was . so i walek down the street and grabbed the biggest one that i found. it was 8 inches lone and 4 1/2 around. i waqs alfredy exited to stick it up my ass. i got inside and went to my room and undressed. i got a condom out and slid it onto the cattail. i laid down and started to strock my cock. it was rock hard in seconds. i was soo secited to shove that huge thing up my ass. i bent over and started rubbing my asshole with my finger and then i just took the catail and just shoved the whole thing up my asshole all at once.
it was the worst and best pain my asshole had ever felt. i was sooo horney i moaned loudley . then i let it rest there up my asshole for a few minuites while i laid there rubbing my cock and balls. then i got up and started pulling it in and out of my ass slowley at first and gentley strocking my cock .i could feel it hitting my a spot OHH! it would feel SOOO GOOD every time i rubbed that huge thing against it . i coule feel warm preecum dripping out of my hard throbing cock. i laid over on my back and started pulling it in and out as fast as i coule i was moning soo ong now


i could feel that i was about to cum so i lifted my legs above my face and jerked my cock slowley and pulled that cattail in and out fastar and faster . then all of a sudden i i felt my body tremble


i sprayed warm sticky cum all over my face . i could feel it dripping down my cheeks and all over my mouth. then i shot another load staait into my mouth and i swallowed it all . i kept cummming and my face was covered in cum when i was done i laid there and left the catail up my asshole. after about 15 min i took the cattail and rummed a little cum off of my face on it and then i stick it up my ass hoel a little more and then i came again and by now i was spent . i laid there and fell asleep with cum all over my face and a cattail up my asshole. i work up a few hours later and i stil had the cattail up my ass . i got up and cleaned up and my im stiiing here typing this .

that was the best orgams that ive ever had. i have to do that again.

i reccomend that you try this if you like this kind of stuff.

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2009-06-17 09:49:38
i reccomend you get some vibrators or dildos
they feel so much better then plants and i know ive tried both

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-28 13:06:07
oh yea! i wanna take the cattails place and watch as u jerk off on ur own face. yeaaaa.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-12-14 10:16:23
you should buy a toy
there the best
i dont have my own but my dad and mom have some so i use theirs when they're not home

Anonymous readerReport

2008-05-22 19:08:59
sounds fun i like vibrators up my ass and wipeing cum all over my cock


2008-02-04 02:20:13
learn to spell, fuck!

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