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Sandy finds a way to get revenge for her mistreatment
Mike and Sandy are your normal couple in their late fourties. With two teenage kids and full time jobs they were very busy but seemed happy. Living on a decent salary they had a nice 4 bedroom house and nice cars. They were even able to afford both a gardener and a maid to help with the cleaning and landscaping. With after school events and keeping up with everything going on around the house they rarely made time for each other. Mike often worked late leaving Sandy feeling lonely most of her spare evenings. They rarely had sex anymore and when they did it felt more like a routine. This didn’t stop Sandy from trying. She would often try to rouse Mike’s attention by wearing revealing clothes or just simply grabbing his crotch sometimes. Nothing seemed to work. Mike seemed cold and disinterested in her. Because she put so much effort into it, it really pissed Sandy off when he didn’t respond to her advances. She missed the romance of her earlier life and she missed the sex. Good hard spontaneous sex. All those times they had pulled over for a quickie on the side of the road and even that one time he took her on the bathroom sink in the ladies room of a gas station. She would never forget the look on the ladies’ faces as they both left the restroom together. She almost couldn’t believe that he was the same man she was married to now. However, she put it out of her mind as she got ready for her evening doing her makeup and prettying herself up for her husband. For tonight was date night. Another concoction of Sandy’s in attempt to breathe some romance back into their lives. She sent the kids to stay with friends for the night and her and Mike were to go out to dinner and then catch a movie. After putting herself together she took a step back to admire her work in the mirror. Her long red hair came down over her pale white shoulders as her beautiful blue eyes stared at herself. She wore the darkest shade of red lipstick that complimented her hair wonderfully. She looked down to see a black low cut tank top that gave a glorious view of her heaving breasts from above. She complimented this with a very short blue jean skirt, a few inches of pale white legs and knee high black boots with four inch heels. Well done Sandy told herself as she left the restroom.
Mike was running late and Sandy was starting to get pissed. She knew he was probably still working and wondered if they would even make it to dinner at all. This thought had no sooner entered her mind and there was a knock on the door. Good, thought Sandy he actually made it close to on time for once. She hurriedly answered the door but it wasn’t Mike. It wasn’t Mike at all!
The man standing at the door was Richard the gardener. Richard was a huge and impressive man. Black as coal and standing 6 ft 4 with no shirt on at the current time. He had been working in the yard and asked if he could use the bathroom. Sandy looked at his chest and watched as tiny beads of sweat were running down the mans stomach and into his pants. She also took notice if his muscular chest and six pack abs. Her eyes traveled south to see the sizable bulge in the front of his pants. Sandy’s panties began to moisten instantly. She composed herself only enough to point toward the restroom and Richard left the room. The phone rang and Sandy seeing it was Mike gathered herself quickly and answered the phone. For whatever had just come over her she was loyal and faithful to Mike. Mike where the hell are you? I’m sorry Sandy I’m just finishing up he replied. I will be home as fast as I can listen, I don’t feel like going out tonight honey lets just make some popcorn and watch a movie on tv, and hey don’t fuck it up this time extra salt and extra butter on the popcorn ok. And with that mike hung up the phone before giving Sandy any time to respond.
Sandy was pissed, all this time getting ready and now they were staying in for the night. She walked into the kitchen opened a bag of microwave popcorn slammed it in the microwave closed the door and pushed the button. Rage and resentment was radiating from her as she stood there. He had talked to her like it was just another business deal he hadn’t even told her he loved her. The microwave dinged and she poured the popcorn into the bowl and slung it on the coffee table. She sat in the sofa removing her boots when a flushing sound came from the bathroom. Richard walked out into the living room and asked Sandy if she was ok. Sandy in her rage at Mike quite forgot that Richard was even there. In a stroke of inspiration she rose from the couch and walked over to Richard. She fell to her knees without speaking a word and loosened his belt. She pulled down his pants and removed his boxers to unveil the most magnificent cock she had ever seen. She took him in her hand to inspect it. It was still quite soft but filled her hand completely. It was delightfully warm to the touch and it began to swell. This mans cock was slightly bigger than her husbands and was still half soft. She leaned it closer and planted her soft wet kiss on the head with those ruby red lips of hers. Sandy’s panties were so moist she could feel her juices flowing into them. She could see a small drip leaking from that bulbous head of his. She stuck out her tongue to retrieve it. It tasted of sweat and urine. She loved it. He smelled of sawdust and the outdoors. Something she could never smell of her office setting husband. She opened her lips wide and took his semi hard rod into her mouth. She took it all at first but as he continued to grow she knew that would no longer be possible in a few seconds. She sucked him feverishly using as much spit as she could muster. When Richards cock was fully erect she removed it just long enough to take in it’s full beauty and size. When her eyes were full she returned those ruby red lips back on his throbbing cock and sucked him as deeply as she could. Her mouth was producing copious amounts of spit as she began coughing and choking on him. He was threatening the entrance of her throat and his cock was only half way in. She loved it and she hated Mike and she was going to hate suck Richards cock until he came in her mouth. She pulled off of him and began licking his balls. She loved the taste. The salt and the sweat and the musk of him drove her wild. She once again tried to swallow him whole but she could only manage half. That would just have to do she thought. With her mouth full she looked up at the clock on the wall. It had already been thirty minutes since she talked to her husband. She kicked it into overdrive. She sucked hard on the monster shaft still releasing as much spit as she could muster. She was attempting to finish him quickly but part of her wished her husband could walk in right now. She wanted him to witness the scene. The darkness of his cock disappearing into the paleness of her skin. The black dick disappearing into those ruby red lips. Sandy wrapped her hands around Richards ass pulling him into her face as he started to moan. She felt his head swell to the max and felt the flood of hot creamy cum gushing into her mouth. She held him into her mouth until he was finished. As Richard withdrew his cock they heard a car pull into the driveway. Richard quickly pulled on his clothes and told Sandy he would return tomorrow to finish his work. As he left Sandy quickly grabbed the popcorn bowl and spat the entire contents of Richards load into the popcorn. She then mixed up the popcorn and ran to the restroom to compose herself. When she returned she found her husband placing a DVD in the DVD player. They sat down on the couch together and Mike reached in and grabbed a handful of popcorn, placed it into his mouth and ate it. Mike and Sandy watched their movie and Sandy watched as mike ate the entire bowl of popcorn himself. Sandy wanted him to choke on it. She wanted to see him cough and gag as she had coughed and gagged on that monster cock minutes before his arrival. After the movie sandy asked, did you enjoy the popcorn honey? Plenty of salt, plenty of butter? Mike replied yes, glad to see you didn’t fuck it up this time. Sandy replied with a smirk , That’s good honey I’m going up for a bath. Good night . As sandy lay in the hot water she sent two fingers deep into her throbbing cunt. Remembering Richards cock deep into her throat and knowing his cum was deep into her husbands stomach sent her over the edge in seconds.

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Very good to read your story.Real excited. So good and attractive.

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so good story! We like it.

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2012-12-18 01:31:56
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