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The main character Andrew goes to a club and meets a beautiful woman who holds secrets he knows she has...
I stared into her beautiful deep blue eyes as my hands gripped at her sexy little waist when she grinded into me. All i felt was excitment and giddiness take over my entire body. This was the most beautiful girl i had ever seen and now she was in my grasp. Her beauty was unexplainable and almost unreal to me, it was like she was from another world.

I was amazed at myself for having such a great idea to go out to the hottest club in the city, Club Alien. If i hadnt have come out tonight i never would've met Arianna, and that is something i would never want to miss. Even though i was mesmerized by her insane beauty, with her captivating eyes, long blonde hair wrapping her body all the way down to her waist, a shimmering little white dress dancing on her sexy curves, and having this aura to her that almost made her look as if she were glowing gold, the 22 year old man inside me was screaming in excitement for what i hoped tonight would bring.

With each move she made, grinding her hips harder against me, i felt even more excited and the package in my pants felt it too. I was hoping Arianna would want to leave the club soon and let me take her to my place or even take me to hers, i didnt really care where i was just hoping for something with this insanely hot woman.

Arianna began to seem even more perfect and other worldly when each thing she did had no mistake. I could have sworn she had too many Vodka shots to keep her on her toes, but she didnt look even a bit tipsy. And when a husky man bumped her she should have gone flying to the ground, but she was perfectly fine and didnt budge an inch. There was something mysterious about this girl that i wanted to find out. But then again what do i care, shes sexy and about to leave the club with me any moment.

Right as i was about to lean into her ear and whisper if she wanted to head to my place or hers she whispered into my ear "lets go to your place," as if she had read my mind before i said anything, another mysterious thing about her. But none the less i was more than excited and wrapped an arm around her waist and guided her out the door.

"It's just a short little walk to the apartment." I said with her on my arm.
"It should be a shorter walk." She gave me a dirty little grin and winked at me.

Next thing i know we are at the door to my apartment room and i dont know how we got there so fast, but i dont doubt that Arianna had something to do with this. I had no recollection of walking the five or ten minutes it usually took or even taking a taxi here, we just arrived out of thin air, it was like a piece of my life was now missing.

"What just happened?" I asked her with a shocked face hoping id get some kind of answer to who she is.
"What do you mean silly?" She giggled and poked my chest, slipping her finger down my stomach and giving me chills.
"You know what, nevermind, lets just get inside." I said, too excited for this to even care what just happened, or didnt happen.

I led her in and shut the door behind us, gave her a quick tour and ended it in my bedroom where she sprung onto the bed and splayed herself on it in a sexy little pose. I felt really hot and giddy as i knew it was about to happen. I was about to fuck the most beautiful woman alive. She hooked her finger in the air and gave me the sexy signal that screamed "come here baby."

I sat down on the bed close to her and she locked her arms around my neck, pulling her face up to mine and planting her soft wet lips to mine. Her kisses were soft and peaceful at first, then they turned passionate and had me ready to rip her clothes off. Her tongue waggled in my mouth with my tongue in hers and i slipped my hand up her white silky dress, feeling her swelling bare breasts.

They were the perfect size and extremely soft under my hands. I fingered her hard nipples and she let out a beautiful moan that rung in my ears, and she straddled my lap and grinded against me each move i made on her breasts. I could feel her wet pussy against my hard on growing in my pants and it felt so amazing.

I lifted her dress over her head and through it across the room, taking in her naked beauty, it was the most captivating thing my eyes had ever beheld. With one hand playing with her breast I leaned my head up to her chest and licked her hard nipple as she moaned loudly.

Then i kissed down her belly and her inner thighs, teasing her with my tonued until she let out whimpers.

"Please lick my pussy baby!"
"Only 'cause youre begging, you dirty girl." I said with a grin.

I licked at her wet and dripping pussy lips and could already taste her wonderful juices. I stuck my tongue in her and she moaned so loud, gushing juices into my mouth. It taste so sweet, sweeter than any other woman i had been with before. I licked her a while longer and her back arched, pushing herself into me more.

She backed away from my face with a grin and unbuttoned my shirt, pulling it over my head, and taking off my jeans and throwing them with her dress. Her eyes bugged out when she saw my cock and she licked her lips.

"You are so big baby, i want to suck you so bad." She moaned at me and my dick sprang up in delight, feeling like it could explode any moment.

Her pretty little head went down on me and she kissed the tip of my cock and licked it,swirling her tongue on my head. Her tongue lapped up and down my shaft and she wrapped her lips around it. She took my cock in her mouth inch by inch until my head was touching the back of her throat. It felt so damn good, i didnt even know how she did it. She waggled her head around causing my dicks head to rub against her throat and i let out a groan of pleasure.

She pulled her head back and looked down at me layed there in amazment and smile at me before straddling my pulsing dick again. She placed her dripping sweet pussy over my cock and rotated her hips so my cock massaged her wet pussy. She moaned and then slammed herself down on me causing my entire cock to fit inside her tight wet hole, with my balls touching her firm sexy ass. It was a feeling no other woman gave just mere seconds into sex and we both moaned together.

She road my cock, boucing herself up and down my entire shaft faster and faster. Her pussy was so tight and wet and kept getting wetter with each orgasm she was achieving. She moaned louder each time she started cumming and it was music to my ears. I could feel myself about to cum when my balls tighted underneath her ass.

"Baby im about to cum, you might want to-" i started to say but her moans cut me off.
"Ooh baby i want you to cum inside me. I want to feel your hot load shoot into me!" Her voice sounded so sweet and sexy.

I did what she asked and shot my hot load into her when she bouced up and down my cock once more. It felt like my cum was never ending, it just kept shooting into her and it felt so amazing and she moaned ever second of it, she own pussy juices milking my cock inside her.

When i finished i pulled my now sensitive but fulfilled dick out of her and wrapped my arms around her. I panted into her chest, trying to catch my breath from that amazing experience, as she layed within my grasp not making any sign of tiredness or sweatiness. She still looked as ravishing and perfect as she did the moment i saw her. What is with this girl?

I layed back down after catching my breath and tried not to think about how mysterious this girl was and i shut my eyes. I felt her soft hair tickle my back and her long fingers brush my hair out of my face. Those were all normal movements of a woman after having sex, but then i felt something new that sort of frightened me. A soft feathery feeling blanket like thing enveloped my entire body and i shot my eyes open with a gasp.

I stared deep into her eyes and she could see how frightened and shocked i was. I looked her entire body up and down. Where her golden blonde hair sat on her head now had a gold glowing halo floating just above, illuminating the dark room and showing me her other possesion. Her bare back of silky skin now had a pair of glimmering white feathery wings that were just encasing my body moments ago, but now hung out high for me to take in.

"Dont be afraid. I wont hurt you." She said softly which left me nothing but afraid.
"But, but how can this be? You were just.."
"Each time i have sex with a human my angel characteristics show, that is why you see them now. Relax, Andrew. Please."
"How can you be on Earth? Dont you live in Heaven or...?"
"I used to live in Heaven, but i escaped because i longed for human interracted. Once i had sex with i human i was no longer welcome in Heaven. I am stuck here."
"Arianna, this is all very confusing to me."
"Just calm down and embrace it. You can still be with me even if i am an angel."
"I can?"
"Yes. Now shut up and kiss me, you sexy human!" Arianna threw herself at me and my dick propped up hard faster than i have ever regained an erection.

To Be Continued...

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Not bad, I enjoyed it. One thing, there is no such word as grinded.


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we cant wait to read the next chapter

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