We lived in a medium sized town, a good, clean, and safe town of hard-working citizens. It was me, my older step-sister Chloe, and her mom Jennifer. My father tragically passed away in a car crash on his way home from work. My birth mother refused to take me into her home because I reminded her too much of my dad, after an announcement that I was dead to her, she moved 3 states away and went on living a different life, a different name, and a new family. Jennifer agreed to adopt me when I was 6, her then 10 year old daughter insisting upon it, seeing as I was known as a brother to her. That’s basically an overview of my early life; time went on as we lived our life as a normal family would. I always found myself in trouble, for I viewed the world a different way, and sometimes my rights were other people’s views of wrongs. A typical boy, I played sports and had my usual group of friends. But my 10th grade winter break was one I will never forget.

I was 16 and Chloe was 18 turning 19 soon. We always hung out together, because I wasn’t the annoying, pestering little brother most siblings are. As a matter of fact, Chloe brought me everywhere with her because I was a good-spirited, cheerful guy, and all her friends loved me. Chloe’s posse were the seniors every guy at school drooled over, and all the guy’s hailed me as a king when I was caught with Chloe’s friends, who also invited to me to social events and parties.

One cold, snowy December night, Chloe invited some of her high school friends over to our house for a sleep over with Mom’s permission, because Mom was going to be on a business trip for 4 days and she didn’t like the idea of her children home alone with nothing to do. I did my usual routine whenever Chloe had friends over; grab a liter of soda and a bag of chips and camp out in my room playing Xbox or sketching, not wanting to be a bother to Chloe or her friends. Our home was 2 stories (if you didn’t include the basement) and my bedroom was on the 2nd floor, next to Chloe’s and across from Mom’s. The sound of the front door repeatedly opening as Chloe’s friend’s entered the house could be heard from my room, and I was able to match a voice to a face, Stacy, Melissa, Courtney, and Patty. And then a final, sweet voice greeted my sister, a voice I particularly favored. Isabella was, and is, Chloe’s true best friend, we grew up together from the start, even when Dad was still alive. Isabella had long, luscious jet black hair that fell just above her waist, and sweet hazel eyes that melted one’s very soul. She was a kind spirit, she often IM’d me when I wasted away on the computer whilst Mom was at work and Chloe had cheerleading (where she met all her friends and posse formulating in my basement). After about 20 minutes or so, I heard one voice question Chloe about my whereabouts. Getting up, I opened my door on cue as Chloe hollered “Hey Jake, come down here!” Waddling down the stair cases, I greeted the girls and hugged all of them before popping a squat next to Izzy, who squeezed me affectionately.

The rest of the night went on as so, conversing about various school drama and what was on the television now a days. It was about 9:30 or so when Courtney, a rather cute blonde who was on my co-ed soccer team last year in P.E, suggested we play Spin the Bottle.
“Do we have to?” I asked.
“Aww come on, it’ll be fun!” They all giggled in unison.
“Fine, fine, but I am NOT going first!” I said, grabbing an empty Coke bottle from one of my many previous video game marathons, lasting late into the early hours.
I gave the bottle a good spin, listening to it skid along our tile floors and whirl in a green blur of motion as it slowed down and pointed at Patty.
“Truth or dare?” Chloe asked, as was rules of the game.
“ about truth?” Patty responded, readying herself for whatever thoughts the asker could think of.
“Okay, is it true you made out with Johnny Burke last week?” Chloe asked as the group gasped.
“The freshman? Ew, that’s nasty! Of course not!” Patty exclaimed, and we all laughed with good cheer.
The rules, as we had created them, was that as the rounds went on, the questions or dares had to get progressively worse. In the last few rounds, I was dared to lick the floor and admit I had fallen asleep in the P.E locker room and woke up with all my clothes abducted, then walking home completely nude 3 blocks away to my house. A couple of the girls blushed at the thought of me nude, which kind of set me off, seeing as I was 2 grades under them.
Eventually that damned bottle pointed at me, and Courtney dared me something that flipped my stomach.
“Okay Jakey Poo, I dare you to kiss Izzy on the cheek!” Knowing very well my mild crush on Isabella.
Isabella blushed slightly, but only I seemed to have noticed it. Either that or it was just a reflection of the light, and knowing my luck, it was probably the latter. I looked at her and she gave the confirmation in the form of a nod, she turned her head and I placed my lips gently upon her sweet, rosy cheeks. The girls gasped and awed, before giggling as usual. The Coke bottle then turned to Melissa in the dreaded 5th round.
“Okay,” Courtney thought a most wicked dare, “I dare you to take Jake in the other room and make out with him.” She winked and giggled. My face turned red and I did my best to hide it by taking a swig of my Green River and spit it out as if I had just heard the dare. Melissa agreed and I grudgingly got up and followed her into the spare bedroom located just down the hallway. I walked in first, and Melissa closed the door behind us, followed by more mischievous giggles from the rest of the party. I never noticed how pretty Melissa was until I had time to really look at her. She had long, flowing chocolate brown hair and soft green eyes. She had a small frame, and upon gaze, she had small, perky boobs. I sat on the bed and she sat next to me and we side-talked for about a minute.
“Do you really want to kiss?” I asked.
“If you do, I’m okay with it” She replied.
I turned my head and started to lean in as she did the same, and eventually my lips met hers and we shared a long kiss when Courtney walked back in the room.
“Time’s up!” She said, and all three of us walked back into the room and joined the rest of the party, which huddled in a circle on blankets. Eventually Courtney got dared to kiss Patty, and we all laughed as they quickly pecked and faced opposite directions, faces as red as the bottle cap.
We finally ended the game and decided to call it a night. The group decided on splitting up and setting base at various parts of the house. I decided to return to my room, and I didn’t really stay to pretend to care about the plan they made up. I hugged them all goodnight (hugging Isabella especially close) and walking up the stairs.

It must have been an hour or two before I had to pee really badly, and after flushing the toilet, I walked down the stairs silently and into the kitchen for a bag of Lay’s or something. On my way into the kitchen, I heard soft giggles and other noises from the living room. I peeked my head around the corner and my jaw dropped at what stood I witnessed in front of me. Isabella was sprawled out on the couch, still in my sister’s borrowed pajama top, but bottoms in a pile on the floor. Her legs were spread wide (most likely a cheerleading move) whilst Courtney had her head in between them. Isabella moaned softly, and I couldn’t help but feel my dick pressing against my pants with increasing hardness. I had to leave, so I tried my best to be quiet about leaving. Going back upstairs, I walked down the hall until I reached my door. As I went to turn the handle, I felt a hand grab my arm and another around my mouth. Isabella softly whispered into my ear, “I know you saw what I and Courtney were doing, so we decided in order to keep you quiet, we’d make it your dirty secret too.” I opened the door and heard Courtney close it behind her as the three of us walked into my room. Isabella pushed me onto my bed and jumped on top of me with lustful hunger. She pressed her delicious lips against mine, and we started swapping spit. Our tongues rubbed against each other’s as she started to unbutton her top hurriedly. She finally got it off and threw it across the room, and we released our tongues. I found myself face-to-face with Isabella’s massive tits, which were covered in a hot pink bra. I reached behind her and unclipped her bra, and she did nothing to stop it from dropping. She had puffy, pink nipples of perfect size and shape, and I couldn’t help but place my mouth on one of her nipples. She moaned with pleasure as my increasing erection pressed against her round butt.
“I need to see this!” She said as she pushed me back once again and went down on me. She unzipped my pants and pulled them down, and my cock slapped against her face. We couldn’t help but laugh, but before I knew it, she was stroking my now hard dick with both of her hands. “I never knew it’d be this big, Jake. I’ve never seen a cock so large!” She exclaimed with pure sexual excitement. She placed her lips on the head, before opening her mouth and putting it in her mouth. I moaned softly with pleasure as her saliva enveloped my dick, as she started sucking, she continued to stroke vigorously with both hands. She did this for a good amount of time before she couldn’t handle it anymore and while she licked my cock, she took off her panties and placed them on the ground.
“I’ve never actually had a cock so big in me, so please go gentle” She whispered to me as she squatted over me and guided my dick with one hand into her opening. She gasped with pleasure as shock traveled through her body. Her insides were unbelievably wet and tight, squeezing my dick with every bounce she took. After a while, she twisted around in a reverse cowgirl and bounced on my penis some more, her perfectly round, firm ass playing in front of me, I couldn’t help but playfully slap it.
“I can’t take it anymore, Jake, give it to me hard!”
I picked her up and placed her in front of my dresser. Instinctively, she bent over and placed her hands on the dresser as I inserted again and began to thrust gradually harder and faster. She didn’t care who heard as she started to scream, “OH. FUCK. YEAH.” In between thrusts, I reached in front of me and started playing with her jiggling boobs, playing with her hard nipples. “OH. FUCK. JAKE. GIVE ME THAT DICK RIGHT THERE. FUUUUUCK YEEES” She started to orgasm, and I felt my cock getting thicker, so I turned her around and she dropped to her knees and started blowing my dick like a crazy sex goddess. I announced that I was going to cum and she stroked at animalistic speeds until I gave one final groan and released loads of hot cum on her face and in her mouth. She showed me her full mouth, and swallowed, opening her mouth again and revealing no cum.
“That was so delicious; I am so staying over more often.” She exclaimed before sucking the last of my cum out.
I never thought to look up, but when I did I completely forgot about the other people. Courtney lay on my futon, and the rest of the girls poked their heads through the door, all with the hungry, lustful gaze that Isabella had. I could tell this was going to be a long night.
The end.

-Should I make more? This was my first time ever writing porn, so I’m sure this was awful. Please give constructive criticism! Thank you (:


2013-11-26 09:43:40
Thank you all for your wonderful support! A sequel to this can be found as "A Highschool Slip-up - Part 1 of Jake Toro" for any who enjoyed this narrative. Thanks, friends! -KD

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Great Story. Especially for a first time posting.

I definitely think that you should continue writing, especially if you continue this into a series.

Overall, I found your story easy to read. A few errors, but not that many. (Which is much better than I can say of some authors and SOME OF YOUR NEGATIVE COMMENTERS here.)

Looking forward to more from you.

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