This is my the next Part of what I do behind my husband's back.
I found some black men to fuck me at this private all black men gym after I left off at the end of Part 9. i did check grammar and spelling but might have missed some and some grammar mistakes.

This is where I left off at the end of Part 9. One of the ten muscular assistant construction workers from the basement had been ramming his beer can thick, ten inch cock in my ass. At the same time I had been swallowing one of my Master Vincent’s fellow black guard’s cocks down my throat.

I read the comments at the end of Part 9. I am writing from what I remembered what was said and happened. I can’t remember ever word we all said at the time. I am trying to write what I can remember. I will run this through spell and grammar check before I post it on

For the other guy who wrote. “She is a disrespectful horrible human being if this is actually true. All her husband has done is worked out to look good for her and provide for her needs and this is how she repays him? Way to treat the one you supposedly love. Then you further disrespect him by letting these toads make you call them master and get his punk brothers and their whore wives into it. You also tolerate them disrespecting your honor, your marriage vows, and your word in the same house in his bed, and let them call him a loser? You are worse than naval lint and you will probably get run up with STDs. Imagine your husband writing this about your worn out nasty cavernous crotch. Would not feel good huh.”

From Lonely Unfilled Housewife to Perverted Slut Part 10.

You have no idea what a bitch dog in heat is like. I need to get fucked in the worse way. I need cock in the worse way and my husband isn’t around. Even if he was he wouldn’t be enough for me. Like, the saying goes. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Yes Vincent is my Master because he was the first one who brought the real me out. Vincent knew the moment he saw me what I was and made me realize it in our upstairs during his and my daughter’s first year anniversary. My Master Vincent knew I was nothing but a slutty bitch dog in heat.

Steve rammed his beer can thick ten inch cock all the way in my ass. I could feel his big hand holding my hips. That’s what I loved the most about getting gang banged. None the guys were fucking me out of the need to make love. It was all animal instinct to explode their pent up cum. I wanted to yell. “Fuck me Steve. Ram that big cock in my ass.”
“Fuck yes. Take my big cock bitch. Take all ten inches slut.” Steve groaned as he rammed his entire cock into my ass and pulled it out again.
“Suck my cock, cocksucker.” Stan yelled pulling his cock out until only his cockhead was in my mouth. He held my head between his big hands and rammed his cock all the way down my throat until his big balls slapped my bottom lip.

I heard my Master Vincent beside me groan. “That’s the way bitch. Swallow Sam’s cock and enjoy Steve’s big cock rammed in your ass.”

“Hurry up.” Someone else moaned. I looked up as Stan pulled his cock out of my mouth until only his mushroom shaped cock head was in my mouth. I was surrounded by my Master’s fellow guards. They were all stroking their hard cocks.

“Shit I can’t wait until you finish Sam, Steve.” One of the black guards moaned splashing my hair and face with his thick load. Soon more and more cum was shooting on my nude body. Sam rammed his cock down my throat and moaned.

“Fuck I’m Cumming.” He pulled his cock out of my throat shooting another load all over my tongue. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

I felt Steve’s big hands grip my hips as he rammed his hug cock all the way in my ass and groaned. “I’m Cumming in that hot ass of yours bitch. Take, my cum. Take it all.” He gripped me tightly and seemed to freeze. I knew his cum was shooting directly into me. He suddenly pulled his pulsing cock out of my ass and I felt a spray of cum shooting over my back.

“My, turn.” Another of Vincent’s fellow guard said practically pushing Stan out of the way. “Get ready for my eight inch thick cock bitch.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice as I opened my mouth wide and allowed the big throbbing eight inch cock in my mouth. He grabbed my hair and he forced his big cock head in my mouth.

“Ram your cock down the bitches throat Alex.” Sam said standing beside Alex.

“Let the slut clean my cock off before I get dressed and go down stairs to send Pete up. He must be climbing the walls by now.” Steve asked, standing on the other side of Alex.

“Okay but make it fast Steve. I haven’t gotten off yet.” Alex answered pulling his entire cock out of throat and mouth. My mouth and throat felt empty without a cock filling it. I felt Steve’s thick cock slap my cheek spraying it with his excess cum. He then pulled back the same time.

I stuck my tongue out and licked his big cockhead. I had my mouth half open with my tongue out licking his big cock head when suddenly he shoved his cockhead in my mouth and down my throat. “Shit I’m still horny. Oh fuck I got to fuck that throat of yours slut.” Steve moaned as he began fucking my mouth.

“Since you’ve taken over the slut’s mouth I’m going to fuck the bitch’s hot pussy.” Alex moaned waving his big black cock in his big hand before walking behind me. I felt his big hands grip my ass cheeks and his cock head press against my puffy pussy lips. I groaned around Steve’s thick cock as Pete’s cock pushed against my hard clit and into my wet pussy. I felt myself begin to orgasm at the same time.

All of a sudden I heard the dining room door open. I looked up the same time Steve pulled his big cock out of my throat. His big cock head filled my mouth before he held my head and rammed his entire cock down my throat again. I recognized another of Paul’s young, black, muscular assistant construction worker walking toward me. “What’s taking you so long Steve?” The man said rubbing his hand over the big bulge in his pants.

“Dam you’re such a bitch getting gang banged by all these black guys while your husband is downstairs. He is the stupidest guy on the face of the earth not paying attention to you slut.”

“What did you tell our boss the reason you’re upstairs Ross?” Steve moaned still holding my head and rammed his cock down my throat again.

“I told him I really had to take a shit and I’d come up and wait for you to finish in the washroom.” Ross answered. “Hurry the fuck up Steve. You’ve had time to fuck the bitch a couple of times.”

I felt Alex ramming his hard cock in and out of my wet pussy faster and harder. He must have been really horny. He didn’t say anything he just kept pumping in and out of my pussy pushing his cock hard against my hard clit. I was ready for yet another orgasm. Then I felt Pete leaning over me and groaning in my ear. “Shit I’m dumping my big load. Fuck this is hot.”

“So am I.” Steve groaned tightening his grip of my head his big cock in my throat. He pulled his cock out until only his cockhead was in my mouth and I tasted his salty musky cum on my tongue.

I felt Alex pulling his big cock out of my puffy pussy lips. “That was one hot fuck slut.”

“Move out of the way.” Vincent said. “I’m so fucking horny watching you guys fuck, the bitch. Remember I’m the one that discovered her.”

Steve had pulled his softening cock out of my mouth and was begging to pull his jeans on. He bent over and picked his T-shirt from the floor and pulled it over his head. Then he put his sandals on. “Aren’t you going to claim her mouth Ross?” Steve asked.

“I sure am but I thought of a way of fucking the fucking slut’s mouth hotter than simply fucking her throat.” Ross said and smiled.

“You did. What can be hotter than fucking her hot throat?” Steve asked. “Believe me her throat is hot and tight Ross.”

“You bringing the slut’s husband upstairs and having coffee in the dining room while I fuck her throat. Shit that would be hot.” Ross said with a wicked smile on his face.

“Shit you have to be joking.” Vincent moaned the same time I felt his cock head pop into my asshole. “Fucking the bitch while Paul is in the next room would be hotter than when I fucked her in her upstairs washroom.”

“No guys. Its’ one thing you guys fucking me when Paul’s downstairs in the sound proof basement and another you guys fucking me with Paul in the next room. Come on guys.” I moaned feeling Vincent ram his big Italian cock in my hot ass.

“That’s fine, with me. Come on guys lets go home.” Vincent said suddenly pulling his entire cock out of my ass making my asshole feel empty. “That goes with you also Ross. Tell your buddies downstairs their going to have to jack off instead of fucking the bitch.”

“You guys can’t leave me in heat guys. You just can’t. I need to cock down in my ass, pussy and mouth. You guys got me all worked up to get fucked. Don’t leave me hot guys.” I moaned.

“Does Steve bring the guys upstairs including your husband bitch?” Vincent said.
“Yes Steve, bring your friends and Paul upstairs to the dining room.” I moaned. “I’ll do anything as long as I have some cock in me.”

“Okay slut. I’ll go get them. Don’t do any fucking until you hear my boss and gang in the dining room. Have fun fucking the bitch with her hubby in the next room.” Steve said opening the dining room door and closing it behind him.

I believe this is a good place to end Part 10.

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