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The mortician decides to relive some of his favourite memories by dressing a fresh hot corpse with the clothes of past beauties...
Name: ?
Age: 21
Cause of Death: Asphyxiation due to suffocation
Other Injuries: Nil
Time between death and delivery to mortician: 12 hrs
Notes: A night out at the club turned tragic for a pretty young woman when a stampede resulted in her being suffocated to death. Luckily, her sweet body remained unscathed when she was delivered to the mortician.

All dressed to party
Crushed by people, air deprived
Your hot body, limp

(All the costumes featured in this story have been featured in past Memories of Mortician chapters. Please search for my previous stories if you want to read about the original victims.)

Over the years, I have kept many of the clothes of the beautiful women who have been through my hands to remind me of them.(At least those that that have not been taken by the police or their relatives) I thus decided to wait for a suitable body, dress her up in the various clothes I have collected over the years and try to make her look like the dead women who have by now been dead and buried for years.

I got my chance when a young woman who was out partying one night got caught in a stampede at the disco because of a false fire alarm and was suffocated to death. Her body was totally undamaged besides a bluish tinge on her face and lips. I also noticed that someone had tried to take off her clothes as her spaghetti strap was off one of her shoulders, revealing a sexy pink bra covering her shapely breasts. I stripped off her clothes, leaving her clad in her bra and undies. She was slim and fit looking and it was a real pity she dies so young. At least she will serve me well in death. I will dress her up in 7 different set of clothes left by former patients as a tribute to my favourite ladies. Before that of course, I had great pleasure having sex with her hot and unresisting body, the smell of perfume still fresh on her cooling body. She was a virgin and her hymen ruptured with my initial thrust, with her blood flowing out between her legs. She gave me a very good blow job as well, without any gagging as she obediently swallowed all my cum. When I was done, I wiped her clean and prepared to get started on my little fancy dress party.

First, I decided to dress her up in the clothes of the woman who was strangled, raped and left dressed up in her house by the Kosmetics Killer.. She fit the clothes quite well and I help her apply a thick layer of make up so she looks just like the original victim. I even used cosmetics to give her neck a bruised appearance. I gave her some intense post mortem mouth to mouth kissing and breast compressions in a mock attempt to resuscitate her but of course it was to no avail.

Next, I put her in the sports bra and shorts of the female student who drowned when her raft capsized. They smelled dank and unpleasant but looked great after I dressed her in them. They were a bit small for her but it made her look very sexy. I also tied up her hair in a pony tail like the student and proceeded to French kiss her and flicked her cute tongue around her mouth.

The next set of clothes was the cheerleading costume worn by the lightning strike victim. I could still detect a sweaty smell coming from the costume and it increased her allure. When I was done, she looked so pristine yet helpless wearing that skimpy outfit. I could not resist it but to carry her and swing her limp body around for a while before pulling up the short cheerleading skirt and thrusting my penis into her, ejaculating almost instantly.

The fourth set of clothes was the bikini worn by the tsunami victim. I have not washed them since 9 years ago and they smelled really bad but then so had the tsunami victim when she was first brought in so it recreated her nicely. I remembered that she was quite grossly bloated up so I decided to use my hose to force water into her mouth. Soon, her belly was bloated with water. As I lay on her body, my weight forced out water from her mouth. I kissed her and swallowed the water that she vomited into my mouth. I fell asleep after that.

The next day was a Sunday so I had the whole day to myself with her before her relatives came back to collect her the next day. She was dead for a day before she was delivered to me and I had spent one day and night without embalming her (her family did not want her to be embalmed) and I did not put her in the freezer so she has started to decompose a bit. I could smell a slight aroma of rot coming from her mouth and body. However, this did not deter me from my task and instead aroused me even more. She had 3 more sets of clothes to go through before I start dressing her up in her own burial clothes.

Next up, I decided to dress her up in the clothes left by another drowning victim since she already had a distended belly. I took out the clothes of the woman who was knocked unconscious, raped and left to drown at the beach. Her clothes too stank of sea water as I pull them over the woman. They fit her snugly. Her belly did not look bloated enough as I have forced out too much water the previous night so I forced more water into her mouth I think I overdid it as she looked pregnant but extremely attractive, given my liking for pregnant corpses. I hugged her body close and stroke her swollen belly anyway as I entered her and filled her with my lust, forcing out water from her mouth and nose as I did so.

The 6th costume was the one worn by the woman who was raped and drowned in her bath, and then had her body made up and dressed and placed on her bed for her boyfriend to discover. I dressed her up in the black top and brown skirt worn by the victim and applied a lot of make up onto her face. She got a lush and ripe look when I am done, with her water bloated belly and over made up but still attractive face.

The final clothes I planned for my dead beauty was the one by the depregnanted lady. When I received her body back then, her fetus had already been removed. I wanted to see how she would have looked pregnant so I clothed her in the maternity dress and still blood stained pants worn by the original victim. I then pumped more water into her belly to make her look heavily pregnant. Finally, I gave her a 'bruise' on her neck with cosmetics. She looked lovely indeed. I lifted her body up and licked her pretty, sleeping face. Then I had sex with her hot corpse again, enjoying the slight aroma of decay and her slightly greenish complexion. Remembering how I drank the milk of the original victim, I sucked on her beautifully perky breasts which were, of course, milkless but still enjoyable.

Finally, I am done. I stripped her off all her clothes and gave her a good wash, making sure I left no trace of myself on any part of her body. I also forced out the water that is still swelling up her abdomen. I then dressed her up in the white tank top and jeans that her family wanted her to be buried in. She looked worn and tired (I felt the same too after the pleasure we had) and her belly was slightly bloated with gas from decomposition. She had also turned slightly greenish. After a few more hours, I had restored her slim look and made her look alive and pretty once more. She looked so pretty I entered her once more, leaving a part of me inside her forever. She may have died a virgin but she would be buried pregnant with my sperm.

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Very nice man. You did great.

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This is sick, sick, sick - you life should be ended without mercy

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