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I take no credit for this story what's so ever. I just wanted to share this story with everyone because I loved it and you should have a chance to read it too.
We had met online on a site for those interested in BDSM, etc. There had already been many emails and phone conversations as well as a meet and greet for lunch.

We were both about to embark on a new journey for both of us. She as a sub and me as a dom. We had made arrangements for a Friday evening meeting at a restaurant. At my instruction she was supposed to select a nice seafood restaurant. To my disappointment, she selected a very casual, family style seafood joint. Wooden tables and wood floors, beer and kids abounded. This was way off what I requested.

I did not express my disappointement; that would come later. We ate and left promptly. I had to regroup and change my original plan. So, when we got to my truck I told her to remove her panties and give them to me. She had followed my instructions to acquire a thong and proceded to remove it and hand it to me before we left the parking spot.

I praised her for following through with the purchase of the thong. At least that was going according to my plan. I told her that, had we gone to a nicer restaurant, that she would have been made to go to the ladies room and return with her panties in hand and then would have handed them to me at the table. So much for that plan.

I handed her a small package and had her open it. It was a small pocket vibrator. She was enthused with her gift. I pulled out of the parking space and instructed her to raise her skirt to her waist, spread her legs and put her new toy to work. This seemed to shock her visibly, but she complied as we pulled into the city traffic. She turned on the vibrator and spread her legs and started to rub her clit with her new toy. She quickly showed signs of her arousal as we drove.

She moaned and sighed as she expressed her disbelief at what she was willingly doing in public. Most cars could not see what was going on in the truck. I did allow her to cover up as a city bus approached from behind on her side of the vehicle. I had her continue as we cleared sight of the bus though.

I drove to her place and we proceded inside to really begin our journey in earnest. I grabbed my overnight bag containing some other goodies I had procured for this occaision. I immediately ordered her to strip for me while I stayed completely dressed in black.

Being a mother of three and now at age 40, she was very reluctant to fully expose herself due to what nature had done to her body over time and the effect of having three children. She was ashamed of her stretch marks and sagging 38DD tits. Being sensitive to her plight I simply told her that those were the badges of motherhood and not to be ashamed.

I proceded to take my time enjoying her body with my hands before moving ahead with our adventure. Her large nipples were full and swollen and she was already very, very wet. As she was kneeling in front of me, I leaned forward and grabbed a handful of her shoulder length blonde hair and kissed her roughly and invasively, driving my toungue into her mouth. She sighed and accepted my invasion warmly. I reached out and pinched a nipple roughly and she moaned into my mouth.

I broke the kiss and reached for my bag of tricks. I extracted a pair of lined, leather cuffs and proceded to fasten them to her wrists and then fastened them together behind her back. I began to pinch both of her nipples in earnest and she inhaled sharply, but moaned her appreciation as I continued. Her apparent arousal was now doing the same for me as well.

I stood and removed my pants and stepped into her face with my cock. She had previously bragged of her prowess in sucking cock, so I wanted to see what she had. I wasn't impressed. I moved her onto the couch on her knees and bent her over. I then began to spank her generous bottom with my bare hand. I was almost shocked at how she reacted to her spanking. While it stung, she was nonetheless very visibly and audibly aroused. Seeing her condition aroused me as well. This wench was loving her punishment!

After 20 or so swats on her ass I had her turn over and sit on the couch with her legs spread so I could check out her goodies. It was time for me to feast on my plaything. I started to play with her massive tits and nipples. I sucked them to my delight, then began to gently bite at her nipples. This too cause her to suck in a breath and exhale a moan followed by an "Oh, God."

Hmmm, this led to a few minutes of mild nipple torture. When I had my fill of roughly teasing her large nipples, I reached into my bag and retrieved a set of nipple clamps. I had gotten a set with rubber covered jaws and set screws to adjust the pressure. I could see the shock and apprehension on her face when I produced them. I carefully placed them on her nipples being sure they were adjusted so as not to be too severe in their clamping pressure. They were plenty tight as she gasped and groaned loudly at their additon. Her facial expessions were exquisite as I applied them. She was visibly relishing in the pain.

I couldn't believe how wet she was. I decided it was time to have a taste of her copious pussy juice. She was loving the ministrations of my fingers. But, when I started down to have my first taste, she tried to clamp her knees together and was verbally upset that I wanted to go down on her, complaining that that was disgusting. I was shocked, to say the least, that she had never experienced receiving oral sex.

Well, that was quite the wrong thing to do in her situation. She ended up back on her knees and bent over once again. I resumed spanking her while admonishing her for her brazen refusal of my desires. Once again she began to glaze over at my insistent spanking. I was extemely confused. How could this wench let me have control of her and not let me go down on her?

I then got out my new flogger and started to warm her ass with this new contraption. Starting softly at first, I continued to apply swat after swat while instructing her that it was now My pussy and I would do as I pleased with it. I increased the force of her whipping as she grew increasingly aroused by it. I then went for the riding crop and gave her a couple of smart smacks on her reddened bottom. She wasn't so pleased with the crop as she shouted with the ensuing pain.

Ah, finally something that actually got her attention! I again turned her over to her previous sitting position and had her reiterate that it was now My pussy. She complied, but not until I had slapped her big tits a couple of times with the crop. She truly did not like the sting it delivered and became most compliant. But, she loved when I would frequently tug on the chain of the nipple clamps.

So, I forced her knees apart and pulled her ass to the edge of the couch to allow better access to her randy quim. I teased her by softly kissing the inside of her thighs as I made my way to her shaven mound; another of my requirements. She still whined some about my oral assault, but after giving her clamps a couple of tugs she quieted down and let it happen. I licked and sucked at her swollen nether lips and began lapping at her pussy and clit. She began to respond favorably as I licked and sucked at her nub.

I added one, then two fingers to her now sloppy wet pussy as she began to squirm from all the attention to her womanhood. I even slid down to give her little starfish a few licks. That act brought protests again. I was beginning to regret not acquiring a ball gag. But, another tug on the nipple clamps and a couple of swats of the crop on her tits and she was quite compliant once again and I resumed my ministrations between her legs.

I decided that tonight was a night of firsts for her and I extended that to working a finger into her definitely virgin ass. I love ass play, so this was going to be a regular activity whether she knew it or not. I soon had my entire middle finger lodged in her little ballon knot while I continued to suck and lick her sodden pussy.

I soon had to ward off her clamping thighs as I brought her to her first-ever oral orgasm. She yelled to her god as she was wracked by her orgasm. I stopped licking and sucking when she could no longer stand me touching her anymore. She lay there in her orgasmic afterglow and praised and thanked me profusely for making her experience that. I then kissed her so she could taste herself, another first. I then had her clean my fingers and sat back to have a smoke as she recovered.

Well, after all of the preliminaries, I was as hard as Chinese math. It was time to complete my conquest of my new pussy. I made her wet my cock in her mouth and then proceded to slide into her soaking wet mound. After sliding my cock head over her lips and teasing her clit, I slipped into her very juicy hole. I slowly pushed in to the hilt as she gasped and inhaled at my intrusion.

I placed her legs over my shoulders and began to slowly pump in and out with my 7 1/2 inches of rigid meat. I increased the intensity and speed of my thrusts until my balls were loudly slapping against her ample bottom. I soon had her turn around and take a position on her knees. With her wrists bound behind her she had to place her cheek on the sofa cushion with her ass raised for my use and abuse. After a few smacks on each cheek I climbed up behind her and made my way into her now sloppy pussy. I resumed my rough fucking as I frequently smacked her now red bottom.

She was soon moaning loudly and yelling to her god once again, as another orgasm approached. I warned her not to cum until I told her to. This she would have some trouble with as she was almost too far gone. So, I pulled out, to her great discontent.

As I wanted to watch her cum, I had her lay back against the arm of the couch and I spread her ankles apart as I pushed them up near her head and re-entered my new pussy. After getting her back to near the point of no return and feeling my own orgasm approaching I then grabbed the chain of her clamps and tugged a few times. As we climbed toward our mutual apex, I yanked the clamps off of her already abused nipples. She promptly inhaled a large and audible gasp and then screamed out loud at the sudden excruciating pain. I topped it of by pulling on both of her nipples as I squeezed her tits roughly and pinched her nipples to allow the sudden flow of blood back into her nipples. She was now screaming as both of us exploded into what was one of the best orgams we had both ever experienced.

I collapsed on top of her as we both moaned and panted well into our recovery. I let her wrists free and we cuddled and kissed passionately as we regained our normal breathing. I soon pushed her head down to my cock and instructed her to clean my cock which she did with visible appreciation for her ultimate release. After regaining our composure I asked her how she liked her first experience into the lifestyle. She just snuggled into my shoulder and cooed, "Mmmm. That was amazing."

I couldn't believe the pleasure I experienced from giving her the very thing she wanted so badly. The fact was that I absolutely enjoyed every moment of our new adventure together. I never imagined that just the act of seeing this wanton slut being so visibly turned on by what I was doing to her would produce such immense personal satisfaction. I've always been sensitive to giving pleasure when making love, but this was so much more intense.
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