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Petals Reunion and Wedding Night by mrmovie

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Petals had just graduated and was on her way back home and Adam said he would pick her up at the airport in the morning.

Two months later at the wedding reception, Marlo's sister Betty had told Marlo that she was doing Ok...OK that is between the hours from four to five in the morning that is.

"What do you mean ?"

"Look over there and take a good look at my husband Chris...would you want to have sex with someone 'that' big ?"


"Exactly...I can't contemplate doing it with him anymore, even though he asks me from time to time, but thank god like
yourself, my daughter Gale also has a good lookig guy that lives with us, Jack is his name, anyway...'unlike Chris', I know 'I' can at least count on getting some relief because every morning
between the hours from four to five...

"You ladies need another drink ?"

"Sure...Marlo ?"

"Ya...why not."

"Well I was saying...between the hours from four to five every morning, I sneak out of bed and go to the guestroom and wait for Jack know, by the way...have you been getting any since your
divorce ?"

"" she said with discouragement in her voice

"I feel for could always visit...if you know what I mean ?"

"I have an idea...but if my idea doesn't pan think Chris would be OK with it if I moved in with you ?"

"I'm sure he wouldn't mind...however I'll probably have to...'appease him' by having sex with him...but your worth it, besides...he hasn't had it in sometime, so I'm sure he will get his rocks off quick and get the
hell off of me !"

" need to ask him yet Betty...but just in case...I think now would be a good time to go over and talk nice with him."

Two days later when Petals and Adam got back from their honeymoon, Marlo was in the livingroom having coffee.

"Well now, you guys really look great together, how did your honeymoon go ?"

"It was wonderful mom...just wonderful." she said smiling as they both looked into each others eyes

Marlo new at that moment, seeing her daughter so happy was more important than anything else, including her needs.
Yet while they were away, Marlo had at least one idea from watching her mom's old video that would give her at least some type of pleasure, a spy cam in their bedroom. She thought she might get off to some
extent for a few months, but was still wanting the real thing.

"Well...I'm going to get some rest, you two have fun."

"You say something mom ?" she said, being too preoccupied with Adam

"I guess not." she said then left the room and went upstairs

Five minutes or so later, Adam picked up Petals and carried her to their room then shut the door.

Marlo heard them as they passed the hall and was already in her nightgown, waiting to see the show on her computer.

I hope he eats my daughter out. Marlo said to herself, hoping he would do just that, so she could imagine it was her that he was doing it to.

Adam and Petals were slowly taking each others clothes off, until they stood there naked, stairing at one another.
Adam and Petals embraced each other and kissed very passionately for sometime until Petals felt his erection pressing against her belly.

She got down on her knees and started sucking on his member.

"Boy...I never knew my daughter would have been that experienced, damn...she's really going at it like a mother like daughter."

"Come on Adam...put her on the bed and give her a good tongue lashing !!"

Petals then stood up, went over to the bed and put herself in a doggy stle position, waiting for Adam's cock. But Adam came over to eat her out first.

"I told you I don't like that !!" she shouted

"My own daughter doesn't even like that...what the fuck is wrong with her ?!"

"Well...perhaps I have a chance yet ?" Marlo said to herself, then called her sister while she continued watching

Betty's house

"What's god, well Marlo, I guess not every women likes that, hell...I get it so often I'm getting tired of it."

"Well I'll tell you what, if I can't persuade Adam to give me a good eating...I'll live with you,'s bad enough I haven't even got laid for over three years !"

"Oh Marlo...I hope he does it for you...but if not, I had already asked Chris, and he said it was OK if you decided you wanted to live here, look, I'll talk to ya later OK, bye now."

"Boy I sure would hope he has enough energy for me, tongue energy that is...if he will give me any...but I doubt it...god my daughter is getting a good fucking ?!"

After alot of exhausting sex, Petals and Adam fell asleep and Marlo decided to go down to the livingroom to have some coffee and read a book.

After awhile, Adam got up to go to the bathroom and when he came out, he was a little thirsty so he went downstairs to get a glass of milk.

Marlo wasn't aware that Adam had past through the livingroom to the kitchen, she was too engrossed in the book she was reading and Adam wasn't aware that Marlo was in the livingroom until he came back out
and stood in the doorway.
Marlo sat reading her book with one leg draped over the arm of the chair, making her nightgown rise up, giving Adam a full view of her hairy bush, but not realizing she was doing so, as Adam kept staring at
her crotch.
Not realizing he was there and still engrossed in her book, Marlo scooted her butt a little forward to get more comfortable as she continued reading.
A few minute later, Marlo happened to breath a sigh as she pulled the book slightly down to turn the page of her book, but from the corner of her eye, happened to noticed Adam.
Without saying a word, still reading her book, she now noticed what he was looking at.
Acting now, that she was still engrossed in her book, that was in front of her face, Marlo repositioned her body by scooting her butt down to the edge of the chair and placed her other leg across the other
arm of the chair, hoping he would get the hint.

No one sits like that normaly. He thought to himself, now knowing she knew he was standing there and wanted him to eat her out.

Adam's mouth watered as he stared at Marlo's 'opened' invitation, but while contemplating this tempting offer, the sound of his wife calling him from the top of the stairs, made 'this great offer'...and his

"I'm down here having a glass of milk." he called out, as Marlo sat up normaly with her legs crossed, continuing to read her book.

Petals came down

"I think I'll have a glass myself...oh hey mom, reading ?"

"'No dear'...'I'm finger painting' !" she said in an very annoyed voice, due to her pent-up frustration.

Knowing her mother, she didn't say a word, Petals only knew that she interrupted her in someway, as she went to the kitchen.

My god...I never 'seen' Marlo get 'that' annoyed, 'damn'...she really must 'need it bad' ! Adam thought to himself

"You coming back up to bed ?" Petals asked when she came out from the kitchen

"I'm going to sit with your mother a bit, then come up in awhile OK."

"Alright dear." she said as she kissed him, then went upstairs.

As soon as Petals went all the way up the stairs, Adam walked into the livingroom, looked down at Marlo's crotch and said; "Now then...where 'were' we !?"
Marlo looked up from her book with a surprising yet grateful look in her eyes, with her mouth slighty open, then set her book aside and went back to the same position she was in before her daughter came down.
Adam got on his knees and slowly licked up and down Marlo's slit and inner walls with the feeling of love and gratefulness that she would offer something that she started him on years ago, that he enjoyed and has missed.
Marlo's book slipped through her fingers, yet realizing and not caring it fell to the floor, she used both hands to gently yet firmly hold his head as she
moved her hands and fingers about, ruffling up his hair as she closed her eyes and made small moans of pleasure.

Petals came out of the bedroom and went to the bathroom

When Petals came out of the bathroom, she was curious as to what her mom was annoyed about and thought she might tell Adam, so she went by the top of the stairs and tried to listen to them talk.

Strange she thought, no ones talking ?

She was about to go back to her room, thinking that Adam was just keeping her company as she read her book, until she heard a moan, then heard another.
Her eyes had widened as to what was going on, so she quietly went down the stairs halfway, sat down, and looked into the livingroom.
With her mouth and eyes wide open, Petals couldn't believe what she was seeing. After a few minutes from the shock of what she was seeing wore off, she slowly and quietly withdrew back to her room.

Petals was feeling mad and hurt, as she sat on the bed, yet the more she thought about it, the more some understanding took over.
So she decided to wait to talk with her mom when she came up to go to bed.

"Oh Adam...thank you, you don't know how badly I needed that !"

"Marlo...I needed that just as badly myself !"

"You don't do that with Petals ?"

"She doesn't like it."

"Well Adam...some women don't."

"Anyway I'm going to go up to bed, see you in the morning OK."

"I should get some sleep myself, I'll go up with you, and Adam...thanks again."

When Adam came through the door, Petals said she was going to talk with her mom about something and said she would be to back shortly.

"Hey mom, you up ?"

"Yes come on in, you wanted to see me about something ?"

"Yes...Um...after thinking abiut it...with great thought that is...I want you to know it's OK with me and that I understand."

"OK and understand about what dear ?"

"About what I saw in the livingroom !" she said as she looked her mother right in the eyes

"Oh honey really understand ?"

"Well I'm not exactly thrilled about it...but if he is willing to do it behind my back just to get it...I rather it be 'you' than 'somebody else' !!"

'ok." Marlo said, now feeling bad that she went behind her daughter's back and got caught.

"Don't feel bad mom...really, look I'll see you in the morning OK."

"Petals...your my daughter, and I 'do' feel bad...but I 'am glad you understand'...Um...thinking of it...I had to find some
understanding about...some certain things myself...about 'my mother' that one time."

"Grandmother...what did ?"

"Here...look for yourself, you might not believe it til you see it !" she said as Marlo handed Petals the tape of her mom

"You really got me wondering mom...I think I'll watch this before I go to bed !"

"Well...I would suggest you watch it downstairs with a low volume !"

"Really ?"

"Would you want me to watch it with case you had any questions ?"

"Is it 'that' bad ?"

"No...but I had to come to terms...with an open mind...and understandiing."

"Maybe I would feel better if you watched it with me." she said as they both left the room and went to the livingroom

After watching her grandmother, Petals still couldn't believe it, yet it got her horny.

"I think I'm gonna go to bed now OK mom."

"Alright then, see you in the morning, good night."

After a night of blissful sex with Adam, Petals felt alot better about things, so much so she wasn't mad at her mom anymore.
A couple of weeks later, Marlo decided it was best and moved in with her sister Betty.
Adam felt sad she left and really didn't understand why, but he had Petals and a business to run, so he wished her farewell.

( Coming Soon--Betty's Bang-athon )
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