Eric had thought that his student was bright, and inquisitive, and he found himself attracted to her, but he hadn't expected to be teaching her "hands on" sex ed. Boy was he in for a surprise.
Amber was excited that morning.
She was getting back her first paper that she’d written for Mr. Page’s class, and couldn’t wait to see how he’d liked it.
She watched him furtively as he handed back the papers, giving brief oral notes, and when he got to the boy in the seat next to hers she couldn’t help but overhear his short critique.

“Well, I have to say,” Mr. Page began. “That this was very imaginative, descriptive, and even humorous in a couple of places.”

Her fellow student smiled with a smug sense of self satisfaction, and Amber kind of rolled her eyes.
She had never liked this boy much, he wasn’t very nice, and teased her about studying.
That’s why she found herself grinning as Mr. Page went on with his assessment.

“However, any creativity, even whimsy, was largely obscured in a sea of bad spelling, and bad grammar.”
He took a deep breath, and then sighed, now addressing the whole class as he finished off with. “But honestly, I could overlook your technical errors if it weren’t for the fact that your characters were little more than catch phrases, so when the hero triumphs over the space robots, I don’t really care.”

There was a smattering of chuckles through the class, and Mr. Page stepped back, looking up, and pointing out at the rest of the class, moving his head along with his finger to scan the whole room as he said, “Now that might sound funny because it’s not your paper, but remember that character begins with care.”
That boy next to Amber, the one she didn’t like, he smiled and acted as if he were about to raise his hand, but as if anticipating the question/comment Mr. Page threw a finger up, and continued with, “And before some smart ass points out that the first part of character isn’t spelled c, a, r, e, I’m well aware, I do teach this stuff after all. It’s just a little play on phonetics to make a point.”

Then he quickly walked up to the blackboard, and wrote “character” on the board, turning and addressing the class, saying, “If your characters are well developed, and compelling it almost doesn’t matter what you have them do, it’s going to be interesting reading.”

Then he retrieved the stack of papers that he had conveniently dropped on his desk on his way to the blackboard, and approached Amber’s desk, and holding up her paper as he said to her, “Miss Boven.”

She smiled, and blushed, looking down at her desk shyly, like she couldn’t help doing whenever he addressed her directly, and he in turn smiled at her bashful display as he couldn’t help doing, but then he went on, now addressing the class he said, “Miss Boven’s paper is a good example of how you can write an A paper.”

She really blushed at hearing that, and as he went on she felt her cheeks flush hotter with every word.
“Spelling, grammar, the characters were well drawn, I understood why everyone did what they did, but…” and here he once again addressed her directly as he said, “There was no passion. Even when you explained someone’s feelings it felt like you were just a disinterested observer, and I know you have stronger feelings about your characters than that based on how much time you’ve obviously spent developing them.”
He lay the paper on her desk, and bent down a little, pretty much forcing her by social etiquette to look up at him, then he went on in a gentler voice, “Don’t be afraid to connect with your characters emotionally because that’s what’s going to make them come alive.”

“Yes sir.” She said softly, suddenly feeling brave, and meeting his gaze despite her burning cheeks, and he exuded a confidence in her that made her feel confident in herself.

Mr. Page stepped back, once again addressing the whole class, “Life is the ultimate experience, if you want to write about anything, or anyone, you must live. Don’t just breathe, and take up space, but really live.”
Then he began moving around the room, addressing specific students, but really talking to the whole class as he said, “Try something you’ve never eaten before. Go to a strange neighborhood, get lost, and find your way home. Go for a walk in the rain. Climb a tree,” at this point he reached Amber’s desk, and leaned in close as he said, “Make love in a hammock.”

Her cheeks flushed hot, and she couldn’t suppress a little nervous giggle.
Mr. Page suddenly looked up at the rest of the class, and he seemed to be blushing a little too as he slowly backed up, and looking around the room said, “Mmmm-maybe you’d better save that one for your collage writing course.”
Then he waved his hand in the air as he continued with, “But, you know what I mean, be present, and aware of not only where you are, and what you are doing, but how you feel about it, and what you think about. That’s going to ultimately give you the insight to create believable characters.”

As if waking from a daze Amber suddenly realized that she had been so taken away by the idea of making love with Mr. Page that she had stopped taking notes, and hadn’t really heard anything he’d said since, she looked at her notes, “…hammock.”
Without thinking she thrust her hand in the air.

“Miss Boven?” Mr. Page acknowledged in a tone of mild surprise.

“What did you say right after hammock?” she blurted out, pen at the ready, and with a look on her face that said she was sincerely afraid she may had missed something important.

There was a smattering of laughter throughout the room, and the boy in the seat next to her really hooted, but Mr. Page was having none of that.

“That’ll be about enough of that!” he said firmly, and in a voice loud enough to get everyone’s attention.
“Not in my class.”

He approached Amber’s desk, and grasped a hold of her notebook, asking, “May I?” and waiting for her to nod in the affirmative before picking it up, and looking it over.
“Well I must say you do take rather detailed notes Miss Boven.”

There were some more sniggers, and now sounding a little more irate Mr. Page asked rhetorically, “What did I just say?”
He returned Amber’s notebook to her desk, and said, “Thank you dear.” And she couldn’t help getting a little thrill out of hearing him call her “dear”, and as he walked back to the front of the room, turning to address the class again she felt all warm,and squishy inside.

“Now a lot of what I say up here may come off as spontaneous, but I promise you that I choose my words very carefully, and there is a point to it, and that is to teach you little heathens how to write.”
He paused, looking around the room to be sure that he had everyone’s attention before going on.
“Now if Miss Boven wants to write down everything I say, verbatim, thinking that it might help her learn, well I’m of the opinion that she may be on to something.”

He looked around the room, and noticed that the kids who had been laughing were shifting uncomfortably in their seats, looking down at their desks, making it clear to him that he had put them in their place.
Then he looked at Amber, and she almost seemed to glow as she looked at him as if he were her hero.
It felt good, and she was very bright, and pretty.
He found himself thinking, what if…
Then he couldn’t help but chuckle out loud a little as he thought, ‘What would she want with her crusty old English composition teacher.’

He finished handing back papers, and then continued with the rest of the class, and after the bell rang, and all the other students filed out Amber lagged behind, and asked if she could meet with him after school.
He agreed, not really thinking anything of it, but he was about to find out that he still had some life to live as well.

After his last class ended and all of the students had filed out Eric gathered his papers together, and then sat down to wait for Amber.
She probably just wanted to ask for some extra work.
He understood why she didn't like doing things like that in front of the rest of the class because they would tease her for it, but Eric admired Amber's style.
If she felt like she didn't understand something she would work on it until she did.
She understood the point of school, she wasn't there to just do the required work, she was there to learn.
He couldn't help but smile when he thought about how bright she was, it was truly a joy to have her as a student.
He glanced at the clock, hoping Amber wouldn't be too long, when she suddenly came through the door.

"I'm sorry, but I had to stop at my locker." she explained as she approached his desk.

He swung around in his chair to face her, and she was practically standing in between his legs before she stopped.
“How, eh, how may I help you Miss, eh, Miss Boven.” Eric stuttered, her sudden close proximity making him a little nervous, and he leaned back a little in his chair.
However tilting the chair, with his legs spread the way they were, had the effect of basically pushing his crotch up where one cold clearly see the outline of his erect penis down his pant leg.
He lay his arm down across the side of the desk as he leaned back away from Amber, trying hard to ignore the fact that he’d just more, or less shoved his hard cock into her face.

As it turned out this suited Amber just fine, and in fact she had charged into the room, and right up close to him because she was on a mission, and fearing she might lose her nerve she knew she had to get close to him as soon as she could.
The shape of his hard cock made her little pussy tingle, and her cheeks flushed hot as she thought about getting it out of those pants.

“Do you need some more exercises or something?” he asked, trying his best to sound composed.

‘Okay, say something Amber.’ She thought to herself. ‘Just push him a little.’
She had kind of just imagined she would walk up to him, and he’d take her right there on his desk, but now reality was setting in, and although his hard cock was a good sign, she now knew that she was going to have to do more than just stare at it.

“Well,” she began, casually leaning over, and placing her delicate little hand over his on the edge of the desk. “I wanted to ask you about the passion I need for my writing, and making love in a hammock.”

Her soft hand caressing his was really distracting him, and he could smell the sweet scent of her skin, and it was with some confusion that he asked, “What-what about them?”

Leaning the way she was her leg was against his knee, and she reached down with her other hand, now picking his hand up in hers, and placing his palm on her chest, holding it there with both hands as she asked, “Will you teach me?”

Eric’s jaw dropped, and he could feel his heart beating in his chest as his mind scrabbled to get a grip on what was happening.
She couldn’t be saying what it sounded like, could she?
“Tea-teach you?” he asked when he’d recovered his voice.

Amber’s cheeks flushed hot again, and she gathered up her nerve for her next move.
She understood the situation, if she failed to seduce him she could potentially get into a lot of trouble, and if she succeeded, she could potentially get into a lot of trouble.
The whole enterprise was fraught with peril, and she suddenly thought she must be crazy to have ever believed this was a good idea, but then she looked into his eyes.
That was what had done it, the eyes, and that was why she had such a hard time meeting his gaze sometimes.
When she looked in his eyes she felt something deep inside, and she was sure that he could feel it too.

“Teach me,” she said softly, raising his fingers to her lips, and kissing it, staring deep into his eyes. “About passion.”

Then she gently placed his hand back on the edge of the desk, and leaned forward until they were almost nose to nose, reaching down and placing her hand on his hard cock as she whispered, “Teach me about making love.”

Now Eric was seriously freaking out.
Ever since the first time he’d seen her, he had spent far too much time thinking about her, and when he looked into her eyes he felt something, something powerful, but he had never even allowed himself to consider that she felt it too.
In a way he’d almost felt safe fantasizing about her because he thought that there was no way she would ever want him, and besides she was a student, and young, and there was just no way he could see it ever happening.
Now here it was, happening, and although a part of him was trying to convince him that as the responsible adult he had to put a stop to this, it was completely overpowered by what he felt when he looked in her eyes.

Maybe if he'd taken another moment to think about it he would have stopped, but he was beyond thinking as he leaned forward, and took her lithe young body into his arms, kissing her neck, and face, suddenly panting.

Amber let out a tiny yelp, and she was a little surprised at first, but then she melted into his arms, and she felt her heart swell in her chest as he caressed her with his hands, and lips.
His kisses made her blush, and giggle as she threw her arms around him, squeezing him tight.

"Oh god Amber, we can't." he whispered in a breathy voice. "We just, we just can't."

Then he held her out, away from himself, and he could see the look of utter dismay on her face, the fear that he would reject her, and he just couldn't.
"We can't," he repeated, attempting to compose himself, glancing around the room before leaning in close, and whispering, "Get caught."

Amber's eyebrows shot up in surprise, and she tipped from the brink of despair, and back to the height passion so fast that it almost made her dizzy.
When she saw the seriousness of his expression she solemnly nodded her agreement before breaking into a grin as she suddenly realized what she had to do.
She easily slipped from his grasp, trotting to the door, and slowly locking it, then after a quick glance out the window, she pulled the blinds before running back, and almost jumping into his arms.
Their lips met, and it was like electricity ran through their bodies as their hands flew all over, rubbing, and caressing each other.
She gently probed his mouth with her tongue, and he responded in kind until soon they were kissing long, and deep, their tongues twirling, and dancing around each other.
His hand soon found its way under her skirt, and she opened her thighs a little more to admit him, and as he rubbed her thick, swollen labia he was greeted by the pleasant surprise of a little wet spot right at her crotch.
His head spun a little as he thought of her ripe young pussy already wet, and waiting for his cock, and then he noticed her hand stroking him through his trousers as she whispered, “Can I see it?”

She blushed, and giggled a little, but Eric just smiled, and without saying a word he unzipped his fly, and pulled out his hard cock.
She let out a tiny gasp, and then the cutest little lustful moan as she slid down into a crouch that put her at eye level with his erect penis, grasping his thighs for support.
Then she asked, “Can I touch it?”

She didn’t really wait for a response this time, she just reach out, a grasped the shaft of his throbbing hardness, pumping the base, and causing him to moan.
He just watched her play with him for a moment, her wide eyes as she looked at his cock, her shy smile, and her delicate little hand griping him was such a turn on that he was able to ignore the part of himself that was trying to tell him how crazy this was.
But then he grasped her hand, and said, “Loosen your grip a little.” And then he moved her hand up, and down, showing her how to stroke his cock.

He showed her the sensitive spot just under the head, and how to rub it gently as she stroked the shaft.
As with all things, she was a quick study, and soon she was jacking him off like a pro.
He gripped the arms of the chair, panting, and moaning to the sensations this pretty little girl giving him.
She suddenly stopped stroking, and when he looked down at her, she asked with a blush, “Can I kiss it?”

“Of course you can sweetie.” Eric said with a smile, reaching out, and grasping her head, gently guiding her mouth to his cock.

She gently kissed his hard dick in the sweet spot, and then darted her tongue out, flicking it with the tip.
His hips rolled a little, and he sucked in a hissing breath before asking her, “Would you like to suck my cock?”

“Yes sir.” She chirped quickly. “Please sir.”

Her enthusiasm was intoxicating, and even though he knew how big a risk he was taking doing this right there in the classroom, he couldn’t resist her charms, and besides what better place for a young girl to learn than at school, so he began her cock sucking instructions by telling her “Well then first you want to lick it all over, get it nice, and slippery.”

Amber pressed her tongue flat against the shaft of his cock, slowly licking up to the head, and then swirling her tongue around the tip.
Getting his cock wet and slippery wasn’t a problem since her mouth had started watering at the sight of his big, juicy meat.
She slipped her tongue down, and started from the base of his shaft again, but this time when she reached the head she pressed her tongue firmly against that tender spot under the tip, causing him to roll his hip, and bury his fingers in her silky hair.
Eric couldn’t help but admire her almost instinctive ability to pleasure his cock, and it was obvious to him that she had given this all a lot of thought.
When he was satisfied that she had lubed him up well he continued his instruction.
“Now just take the head of it into your mouth sweetie.” He encouraged. “Cover your bottom teeth with your tongue, and your top teeth with your lips.”

As she closed her mouth around the head of his cock, and began suckling gently she took special care to keep his sensitive spot good, and wet, rubbing it with her tongue.
Once again Eric was amazed at what she seemed to understand from the scant instruction he’d given her, and as he moaned, and panted, rolling his hips to the sweet pleasure she was giving him with her eager, sucking mouth he looked down at her.
There was a micro-second of terror as he suddenly thought about what he was doing; right here in class, with a student, and how deep he was in already, but then he looked in her eyes.
She was pumping the base of his shaft with one hand, and rubbing up, and down his thigh with the other, the head of his cock disappeared into her pretty face, and she was looking straight up into his eyes.

Her eyes, like liquid pools of lust that he could just fall into, and as he came back up for air, staring down in between his hands where he cradled her head, all fear, and doubt were simply consumed by the look in her eyes.

“Now hon-honey,” he panted, clearly enjoying what she was doing. “Why don’t you ta-a—ake I little more in, and slo-o-oly suck up, and doow-ow-n.”

And of course she did just that, slowly bobbing her head up, and down, taking a little more of his cock into her mouth every time.
She continued sucking, breathing through her nose, and rubbing the underside of his cock with her tongue.
As Eric watched, and felt all the sweet things Amber was doing to him he couldn’t help but suddenly realize that here was a perfect example of what he had always believed, smart girls are better in bed.
He had proved this to his own satisfaction years ago, but Amber was just such a shining example of how a girl armed with nothing but sincere desire and intelligence could be a proper little sex goddess in no time.
Oh, and when he looked into her beautiful eyes he saw a desire so sincere that it would have made him weep if not for the way her mouth sucking his cock was making him do other things.
She began bobbing up, and down faster, making loud, wet sucking sounds, closing her eyes, and really getting into it.

Eric rolled his hips, and panted, “Oh yeah, sssssss, yeeeaah, suck my cock like a good little girl.”

He felt his cheeks flush hot with embarrassment.
He didn’t know what had made him say that, but he soon found out it was the right thing to say as Amber pulled her mouth off of his cock with a little sucking pop, stroking his shaft as she smiled up at him before she began to really go to town on him, taking him back into her mouth, and bobbing up, and down on him fast, sucking good, and hard.
Eric knew that if this kept up he was going to cum in her mouth, and he didn’t want things to end so quickly, no, he wanted this to go on so when she came up for a breath he gently pulled her up to him, and she followed until their lips met, and he kissed her deeply.
She was kind of lying on top of him, and as he broke from their kiss she gasped a little when he picked her up, and sat her butt on the desk.
He spread he legs open, pulling her skirt up, and she leaned back on her elbows, squealing a little when he grasped the crotch of her panties, pulling them aside to reveal her wet, aroused little pussy.
He stopped, unable to move for a moment as he beheld her pink, swollen womanhood, so ripe, and ready.
Amber blushed, feeling a little self-conscious as she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Oh nothing is wrong at all.” Mr. Page cooed, sliding the hand he had pulled the skirt up with down, and spreading her thick pussy lips open with his index, and middle fingers. “I’m just getting an eyeful of your beautiful pussy.”

Amber giggled, blushing even redder, and then looking down in between her legs dubiously as she asked, “Really, you think my pussy is beautiful?”

“Mmmm, it’s absolutely gorgeous.” He enthused before dipping his head down, and running his tongue up her creamy slit.

She moaned, rolling her hips up to push her pussy into his face.
He soon had her panting, moaning, and squealing with delight as his mouth worked her pussy like it was some kind of control pad, and with it he was able to make her hips roll, and quiver.
Amber was amazed, and even though she had never done anything like this before it was obvious to her that he was good at it.
She reached out, and grasped his head, watching as he licked, and sucked on her wet, little pussy, bucking her hips, and panting.
It suddenly occurred to her that the reason he was so good at eating her pussy was because he did it the same way that he kissed her, or taught English for that matter, thoroughly, and with passion.
Yes, she couldn’t help but feel a little proud at how well she had chosen her teacher.
Soon however she couldn’t really think straight as the physical sensations of him sucking on her clitoris, and fingering her tight little hole, took all of her attention.
She could feel a pressure building inside her, almost as if she had to pee, and she rolled her hips, grunting, and panting as she rose higher, and higher, trying to hold it off, but the way he licked, and sucked on her pussy made it impossible to stop.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” she grunted hard as her orgasm broke, her tiny cunt clenching rhythmically to her ecstasy.

Eric buried his face in her juicy little pussy, making involuntary yummy sounds as he lapped up her cum.
Her soft thighs, and the musky sweet flavor of her was making him mad with lust, and as her orgasm began to come to a finish he just knew that he had to get inside of her.
He stood up, grasping one of her legs, and pulling it up against him so that her thigh pressed against his stomach as he took the shaft of his cock in his other hand, and began rubbing up, and down her swollen, wet labia.

Amber gasped when he suddenly pulled her up to the edge of the desk, and she lifted her shoulders up off the desk, staring wide eyed as she watched the head of his thick penis rubbing her creamy slit.
She bit her bottom lip, feeling really nervous, and excited, almost unable to believe that this was really happening.
"Are ya-you gonna, gonna put it in, in me?" she stuttered, and she must have sounded more scared than she was because he stopped.

"Do you want me to put it in you?" he asked sincerely, sounding a little concerned.

He could get into a lot of trouble for this, even if he felt like she wanted it too, but he didn't want to assault her, and although Amber had been a little bit unsure right up to that moment, when she heard the tenderness in his voice, and saw the care in his eyes, she knew that he would never do anything that she didn't want.
"Yes please." she answered quickly, and with feeling.

Eric sighed in relief, and then hissed, and sighed with pleasure as he suddenly pushed the head of his cock in, stretching open her little honey hole.
She sucked in a quick breath, her eyes widening, and for a moment neither of them could move, or speak, but only let out intermittent pants as they both stared at the tip of his shaft now firmly lodged inside her bald little pussy.
After a moment Amber gave a quick buck of her hips causing Eric to grunt as she took another inch in, and out real fast.
She squealed, giggled, and then did it again.
Eric gently clamped his other hand onto her other thigh, pinning it to the desk, and even as she rolled her narrow hips against his grasp, he asked, "So you think you're ready for more?"

She quickly nodded her head, trying to push her hips against his firm grasp.
"Okay baby, here it comes." he chuckled in a breathy voice, and then began slowly pushing his hips forward.

Amber tried to smile at him, but as she took more of his cock inside her she couldn't help panting, and moaning, her voice becoming louder, and higher pitched the deeper he penetrated her.
Although he had only meant to go in another couple of inches, he found that now that he had begun to enter her tight wet pussy he couldn't stop.
It had taken a lot of self control not to just slam into her when he'd first felt her squeezing the tip of his cock, and even now he wanted to shove it in, but he went slowly, almost painfully slowly.
It was just too good, and tight to resist going in all the way.
And as he finally felt his hips up against her thighs, he let out a deep shuddering sigh, the feeling of her tight, wet little hole massaging the full length of his manhood making his knees feel a little weak.

Amber let out a high pitched squealing pant as he pushed all the way in, and then lied back on the desk, panting, and whimpering at the intense feeling of having his hard cock inside her.
Eric wanted to ask her if she was okay, but found that he couldn't really speak, and so he just slid his hand from her thigh to her tummy, rubbing it as he was finally able to pant out, "O-okay?"

She reached out, gabbing his hand with both of her hands, and slowly nodding her head as she once again attempted to smile.
Once again neither of them could move for a moment as the intense pleasure overwhelmed their senses.
Suddenly Eric let out an intense grunt as Amber flexed her muscles, giving his cock a good squeeze.

Amber let out a tiny giggle, and then asked, "Did you like that?"

"Umhmm." he said with a nod, and a broad smile.

She blushed, and giggled again, feeling proud of herself, but then her eyes went wide, and she sucked in a deep breath as he slowly pulled out until just the tip was in.
Then she let out a deep shuddering sigh, her eyelids fluttering a little when he once again plunged all the way back in.
"Did you like that?" Eric asked her playfully.

She nodded enthusiastically, her cheeks almost glowing red as she suddenly threw her hands up, beckoning him in, and he obliged by leaning down, scooping her body up into his arms while she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him in close.
He began pumping his hips, slowly fucking her, and she panted, and moaned, the feeling of his hard cock sliding in, and out of her wet pussy driving her to new heights of pleasure.
It was even better than she'd imagined it would be, being held so tight, feeling his hot breath on her neck as he repeatedly thrust his stiff meat into her wet, and willing little pussy.
He kissed her neck, her cheek, and then their lips met, and soon their tongues danced, and played around each other as he began fucking her a little faster.

As she wrapped her legs around his waist Eric's head was swimming.
Here he was having sex with Amber on his desk, and he suddenly realized that if someone had told him as little as an hour ago that this would be happening he'd have laughed at them.
Oh sure he'd had students flirt with him before, a couple had even come on to him, but he had always managed to stay professional, and let them down gently.
Amber had seduced him rather easily though, and he began to realize that he felt far more for her than he'd ever allowed himself to think about before.
His chest swelled with emotion, and he broke from their kiss, and in a husky whisper he said, "I love you."

Amber tightened her grip on him, and panted, "Yes, yes, I love you too."

Tears were streaming down her face, and he kissed her tears, whispering over, and over, "Oh god I love you, I love you so much."

Eric began pumping his hips even faster, really fucking her good, and her moans became higher, and higher pitched until with a little yelp she began to climax, grunting hard as orgasmic spasms wracked her body.
If anything it was even better than the first one, the feeling of being held so tight in his arms as her little cunt squeezed his trusting prick to the rhythm of her orgasm.
She was just beginning to come down when she threw her arms back onto the desk, and in a husky pant she demanded, "Ta-take me!"

Eric instantly knew what she wanted, so he pulled his arms from around her, and grasped her wrists, pinning them to the desk as he began really fucking her hard, their bodies slapping together.
It turned her on so much to be held down, and fucked by him that she began cumming again almost as soon as she felt his hands on her wrists.
"Oh god yes, yes!" she wailed as the intense pleasure swept through her body.

Eric suddenly felt his own orgasm about to break, and he started to pull out, panting, "Oh shit, I'm gon-gonna cum."

That's when she surprised him yet again by tightening the grip with her legs, pulling him back in as she stuttered in an urgent whisper, "Cum-cum in-inside m-m-meeee."

Now his mind was completely blown, but he couldn't refuse a request like that.
He he went back to pumping his hips until he finally felt his balls draw up, and he let out a loud moan as he buried his cock all the way inside of her, and it twitched, squirting out the first blast of hot sperm.
"Uuuughh, uuughhh, uuughhhh!" he grunted rhythmically as pumped his pearly white cum deep into her sweet pussy.

The feeling of his semen spraying against her cervix made her start cumming again, and they pressed their cheeks together, both cumming right there on his desk.
It was the most intense orgasm that Eric had ever had, and it took a minute after it was over for him to drift back to Earth, to feel her cheek against his, and hear their heavy breathing.
As they lay there together, their breathing slowly returning to normal, they caught sight of themselves in the mirror across the room.
His trousers were down, and her skirt was up, but other than that they were still fully clothed.
It was oddly hot, and Amber said, "We look sexy." with a little smile.

He had to agree, but now that his senses were returning he decided they'd best straighten up before the janitor arrived to clean up, because he had a key, and the last thing he needed was to get caught balls deep in one of his students.
He quickly pulled out, and stood up, and she opened her legs, releasing him.
Then she sat up, pulling the crotch of her panties back into place, and gently patting herself as she said, "I'm gonna keep your cum right here."

Eric did a little double take, arching an eyebrow, and she bit her lip, her cheeks flushing hot as she asked, "Is that weird."

he wasn't sure what to say at first, but then he just told her the truth.
"That's really fucking hot actually." he said with a smile.

"Really?" she asked.

He slowly nodded his head, and began reaching for his pants when she suddenly hopped off the desk, dropping to her knees in front of him as she said, "Wait, let me clean you off."

He couldn't help but moan, burying his fingers in her silky hair as he watched her lick to excess cum from his cock, and he wondered if maybe she wasn't the sexiest girl he'd ever known in his life.
When she'd finished she pulled up his trousers for him, buttoning them up, and fastening his belt, and he was amazed at her thoroughness.
after straightening her own skirt she suddenly looked up at him, and asked very seriously, "Did you mean it?"

He must have looked as puzzled as he was because she looked down, her cheeks turning red again as she said in a quiet voice, "You said you loved me. Did you mean it?"

He gently grasped her chin, turning her face up to look into his eyes, and he said, very sincerely, "Yes, I meant it. I love you."

Tears appeared in the corners of her eyes, and then with a little yelp she leaped up, and threw her arms around his neck, sobbing, "I'm so happy."

Eric felt his own eye tearing up as he wrapped his arms around her little waist, holding her tight.
He wasn't exactly sure how this was going to work, but the one thing that he did know was that he would do anything that he had to be with her.
Whatever it took.

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My pussy is almost dripping wet now.

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2016-02-15 13:51:18
Heh. My Pussy is thröbbing. Mercí!! Xöxö Múnçy Xöxö

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2015-12-16 19:58:38
You just made me cum

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2015-11-09 07:03:38
anon from 9 2014 had me cracking up

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2015-05-18 21:19:35
Fucking hell this was soooo good

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