This is my first story. This is about two consenting adults. Enjoy.
I find myself standing in your doorway again, admiring you laying there in bed asleep. This is not the first time I have watched you sleep. I know it won’t be the last either. How can I resist coming to look at you? You have such a peaceful look on your face. Your hair in pigtails, just a little messed from sleeping. You are so beautiful, so innocent. My heart melts when I see you like this. I also fill with an uncontrollable desire.

I find that I’m now standing at the edge of your bed. I’ve walked over without even realizing it, drawn to you as if a moth to a flame. I pause for a moment, debating whether to continue. Looking at you I simply can not resist. My decision made I pull back the covers and gently slide into bed beside you, careful not to wake you. Not yet, that will come later.

I simply lie there for a time admiring your peaceful beauty, until eventually I can no longer resist the urge to touch you. As if of it’s own accord my hand reaches out, first gentility brushing the hair from your face. Your face is so soft I can't resist. I run the tips of my fingers across your forehead, down your cheeks, admiring how soft and perfect your skin is. How can you be so soft? I gently kiss your forehead. “My sleeping beauty” I think to myself. Your neck is next as I snuggle up right next to you. By now I am so hard, I can think of only one thing now. Being inside you. But not yet, there is no need to rush. I want to take my time and enjoy this.

My hands slowly begin to explore your body. Your neck, your back, your lovely ass, and lets not forget your tits. Your oh so fine tits. I love how they are so soft but firm at the same time. What's this? Your nipples are firm, aroused even in your sleep. I chuckle quietly to myself at this discovery. This also gives me encouragement to proceed further, not that I was going to stop anyway. Oh no, there is no stopping now.

I begin now to slowly work the bottom of your shirt up. I want to feel your skin, no, I need to feel your skin. I run my hands over your mid section slowly inching the bottom of your shirt up just a little at a time, then retreating to admire what I have exposed so far. Inch by inch I do this, sneaking my fingers up a little further. Finally with your shirt bunched up around your neck I can truly enjoy your tits.

As I play with your perfect little tits my other hand begins to work your Pyjama bottoms lower. They are in the way and need to go for what I have in mind. I do this just as I did with your shirt. You suddenly stir in your sleep. With a quick movement I have your bottoms down past your fine ass then my hands freeze where they are as I wait for you to settle. My luck couldn't be better, when you moved you actually made it easier for me. I wonder for a moment if I have woken you too soon but your breathing is too regular. I realize that I’ve been holding my breath and let it our slowly. I wait a few agonizing moments to be sure you are fully settled. With your bottoms now down to the top of your thighs, the rest is easy. I've learned that if I use my foot to pull them the rest of the way down I can do it without moving much. I don't want you awake just yet. Very soon though.

With one hand exploring your tits and upper body the other begins to explore lower. First down your side and your upper thighs. Working slowly toward your hot little pussy. Around the outer edges, slowly working in. Your body begins to respond. Now it's time. I gently roll you the rest of the way onto your back and spreading your legs further to get into position. I'm already naked and more than ready. Placing my throbbing cock at your entrance I take a moment to take in how peaceful you still are after all of that. Then I thrust home and you are startled awake.

Your eyes fly open as you take a shocked gasp. You have no idea what is happening. The look of shock and fear on your face is amazing. I wish I were able to capture the moment on film. I would want to watch it every day. You are stunned and for three or four heartbeats you don't know how to react.

"No daddy!" Then you begin to fight, to try and push me off. I was prepared for this though. I already had a hold of your wrists, pinning you down. I begin to move, thrusting into you hard. Slowly the fight goes out of you as you realize this is happening weather you want it or not. As I take my pleasure from your body I can see how your acceptance slowly changes to enjoyment. You may not want this but your body has other ideas.

As both of us build towards release you moan. At first I can't make out what you are saying but as you get closer you get louder and I can make out "oh daddy, yes daddy, harder daddy" . This encourages me to go all out. As I'm at the edge I say in your ear "come for daddy, baby". "Yes daddy", is your answer. Almost instantly I feel your orgasm, your tight little pussy pulsating around my cock. This pushes me over the edge myself and we both find amazing release together. "Good morning babygirl", I say. And with a contented smile you answer "good morning daddy".

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2012-12-28 08:23:38
sick fuck you need help

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2012-12-22 03:27:46
while its not an epicly fantastic story its still a good one.... however if you could readjust your tags it might result in better ratings.... people come here to satisfy a fetish and are let down by it being the complete opposite of what theyre looking for. that would be like me posting a story that says its felatio... and turns out to be scat and pissing... yea that would piss people off. long story short. use proper tagging

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2012-12-19 17:17:18
The tags you have:
Dark Fantasy , Incest, Male/Teen Female, Non-consensual sex, Older Male / Female, Rape, Reluctance, Young

The tags you should have:
Incest, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance

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2012-12-19 17:16:24
Drahon - rather than be a whiny bitch about the people dissing you & your story, why don't you work on picking relevant tags? I came in expecting something completely different (something that would work with my fetishes), & was very let down. In this case, the story was shit
on it's own merits, it's a good story. But the tags have lead people to believe it's something it's not.

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2012-12-19 14:59:31
To all you frustrated critics if all you can do is say it is pathetic shut up fuck off and get a life, it takes a lot of effort and a certain amount of courage to write something, post it and then wait to be torn apart by faggots that do not have the balls to write themselves. If you find this style of writig so pathetic the answer is simple go and find read something else.

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