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Béla tries to teach Jake how to control pain; Lisa takes her mom to meet Vlad.
‘Now do this,’ Béla thought at Jake and showed him how her nervous system shorted out to allow her entire body to experience a tingling of sensation instead of the fierce, burning agony he felt in his stomach.

Jake, eyes closed, concentrated on making that happen.

“No,” Béla sighed. “You’re trying too hard, Hon, relax! Penetration is a female thing, I know. But you can experience it, too. You just have to stop resisting it. Resistance is what’s causing your pain! Try to embrace it! Love… Oh, never mind!”

Grimacing, Jake wrapped his hand over hers and pulled the small paring knife out of his stomach.

“I can’t do this,” he groaned. “It’s just not going to happen.”

“Evidently not,” Béla said, disappointed. “But you wanted to know how I do it, and I wish you could feel how wonderful I feel when you do that stuff to me.”

“I do feel it, sweetheart,” Jake told her. “When you let me in your mind, I feel everything you do – with my whole body, not just my mind.”

“I know,” Béla admitted. “But…”

She decided to show him, instead of arguing with him.

Béla lies on the ground, shot up so badly that her body no longer responds to her commands. Jake stands over her and empties his gun into her. She grunts as each bullet splashes into her soft belly. She radiates her sensations out to him, making him more aroused than he believes possible. He always feels that way. Releasing his rock-hard cock, Jake drops down and shoves it into her bullet-ruined cunt and begins fucking her with furious abandon.

“Yeah,” Jake murmured as his cock began to respond to her imagery.

“Now try this,” Béla said.

Béla is fighting with Beth, each armed with a long dagger. She closes with her almost-twin sister and slashes Beth’s ribs just under her breasts. Both girls, mind-linked, cry out at the wondrous sensation. Before Béla can get clear, Beth’s knife is buried in Béla’s belly. As the intense sensations overwhelm them both, the battling sisters drop to their knees, each one stabbing repeatedly and doing their best to gut the other. They both start to orgasm from the intense sensations they radiate through each other. Béla passes out, her body no longer able to spread the intense agony through her overwhelmed nervous system.

“Oh, God!” Jake exclaimed.

He grabbed for Béla and she put her arms around his neck as their bodies slammed together. They hugged each other tightly, each desperately needing the physical sensation of the other’s body tightly against their own.

“Wouldn’t you like to make love like that?” Béla whispered into his ear as she nibbled on his ear lobe.

She heard and felt Jake sigh and knew that this was something that she could never have with a human.

“It’s all right,” Béla murmured. “I know there are limits between us that just can’t be overcome in our lovemaking.” She smiled and ran her fingers through his hair.

Jake chuckled at her words. “That wasn’t lovemaking, that was sexual self-destruction.”

More in control of his bodily sensations now, he pulled back and gazed into his wife’s beautiful dark eyes.

“You usually do pass out during our more intense sessions,” he said, trying to make her understand his position.

“Yeah,” Béla admitted, “but you don’t.”

Jake laughed. “I don’t want to! I experience as much sexual saturation I can stand when you blast those intense orgasms through me. That’s as much out of control as I ever want to be!”

“You don’t like me broadcasting my orgasms?” Béla asked, surprised and hurt. “I thought…”

“Wait, wait!” Jake said hurriedly. “I love everything you do. I just don’t want to pass out from sex.”

“Why not?” Béla asked. “It’s fun! It’s intense! It’s what I…”

She paused, suddenly uncertain of what to say next.

“It’s what you live for?” Jake asked, finishing her sentence. “I know, Babe.”

He smiled at her. “I try to give you everything you want, including sexual annihilation. But that’s not what I want. I have everything I want right now. And that’s you! I want to continue just like we have been.

“I don’t mind if you bite me or claw me,” he continued, his voice serious and passionate. “That’s part of who you are. You let me hang on for the ride and I love that, too. But I don’t want sex to be so overwhelming that I can’t look at you afterwards and be amazed. You’re wild and I love that no one will ever tame you.

“I don’t ever want to be able… I mean, to not be able… to look at you,” he concluded, beginning to run out of words.

“But you have tamed me,” Béla murmured. “I’m yours, and I’ll do what you wish if it makes you happy.”

Jake very, very tenderly kissed Béla on her moist puckered lips, ‘glowing’ love (as she had taught him) at her and admiring her as hard and as hotly as he could.

“Does that make you happy?” Jake asked as their lips finally parted.

He felt Béla smile, her lips once more against his, then she kissed him; ‘Yes!’

He could see into her mind, now. She’d obviously been working on this problem (she considered it a problem) for awhile. The humans of her converted family had much lower limits of mutilation they were willing to experience. The males didn’t seem interested at all. Perhaps that had something to do with a male’s inability to master the more active psychic abilities, like teleportation and pain control. Human males couldn’t even mind-link on their own, but required active female participation – and that was limited to the females of her own species or members of her converted family. Even her father required the Praetor to mind-link with her and his other daughters.

‘Perhaps they just don’t want to mind-link with each other,’ Béla thought as she watched Jake peruse through her mind. She could feel his aversion to the whole idea of mind-linking with another male.

‘Why is that, I wonder? I like linking with other females.’

‘Hmm? Oh. Well, babe, the female is the receptacle of life. It’s natural for you to want to experience sensation. The male offers the sensation for you to experience.’

‘What?’ Béla actually laughed. ‘You’ve been reading too much Cant. Trust me, I’ve met him and he wasn’t that smart.’

‘I’ve never read Cant,’ Jake thought back, amused. ‘Besides, I don’t think he was the one who said that.’

Finally breaking from their second deep, long kiss, Béla took a deep breath. Jake gasped for air as well and blinked several times, feeling an odd sadness as she gently separated her mind from his. He placed his lips against her again, wanting more of her.

Béla smiled and pushed him down. “Who is the master and who is the slave? Who gives and who receives? And why do you care so long as I love you and you love me?”

She slid one leg over his stomach and sat on top of him, kneading his chest with her fingers.

‘Who’s giving and who’s receiving now?’

Then she slid her rump back and rubbed her pelvis against his hard-on through his jeans.

“We can both receive at the same time,” she quipped. “Is the one who ‘gives’ in control of the other?”

She presented her wrists; “Tie me up. Control me and give me what I want.”

Jake didn’t have to be told twice. When Béla wanted to be bound, she was ready to be royally tortured until he believed she would die. Quickly rolling her off him, Jake found his rope and tied her wrists together behind her back. Yanking her back a little further, he tied her wrists to her ankles.

“Who’s in control now?” Jake asked, his arousal starting to take over his senses.

Béla grinned up at him. “Who asked you to do it?”

Grinning down at her, Jake looped the end of a rope and draped it around Béla’s neck. With a short, sharp laugh, Béla pulled against it, tightening it against her windpipe. Jake gave her some slack so she wouldn’t choke. She pulled back more.

“You really want this, don’t you!” Jake exclaimed, admiring her willingness to be controlled.

His statement was answered by the lust in Béla’s eyes as she broadcast it through his body. Shaking his head in disbelief, he pulled on the rope tightening it around her neck until she twisted sideways and dropped to the floor. She lay on her side, gasping and choking as he dragged her across the room by the rope around her neck and ankles.

Jake reached down and picked Béla up. Then, leaning against her to hold her against the wall, he manacled her upper arms. When he let go, she dangled nicely, facing mostly forward so he could properly attend to her. Wanting her to hang a little straighter, Jake fed the loose end of her neck rope through an eyebolt over her head and pulled it tight.

Béla’s breath was rasping in her throat as she felt a lot of her body weight being lifted by the rope around her neck. She could feel her body respond sexually to being choked and remembered Beth strangling her into orgasm a few times.

She smiled as she watched Jake cross the room and pick up the handheld crossbow – an antique dart pistol that Frank and Tanya had given them for Halloween. It wasn’t very accurate, but the six-inch long darts would feel wonderful when they penetrated her.

Jake aimed carefully and released the lever. The little dart flashed across the room, veering to one side as it slowed and stuck in Béla’s side, barely penetrating her skin.

As it fell to the floor, Béla said, “I think you’re out of range, Darling.”

Her voice was somewhat hoarse from straining her throat against the rope around her neck.

“It’s no fun if I stand five feet in front of you and just gun you down,” Jake said, moving closer anyway.

“Who says?” Béla asked playfully. “It’s fun for me…”

The next arrow/dart penetrated in a couple of inches, but most of it was still sticking out. Béla began breathing heavier as her body dissipated the pain from her little puncture wound.

“This doesn’t do much, does it?” Jake asked, looking at the little dart sticking out of his wife’s torso.

He walked right up to her and kissed her, brushing her lips with his tongue, asking in. Béla opened her mouth and felt him caress her teeth and the sensitive roof of her mouth with his tickley, slippery tongue. She took a deep breath and moaned as he backed his tongue out of her.

Then she tensed up as she felt the front end of the crossbow press against her stomach. She felt it penetrate with a ‘Thuuck!’ as Jake released the lever with a jerk of her body and a quiet ‘Uh!’ forced from her throat, as well.. Béla looked down to see that the penetration was much deeper. She could barely see the back end of the dart sticking out of her stomach.

White-hot sensation began to flow out from the wound. A clear liquid burst out the back end of the dart and flowed down her belly. Béla gasped in new agony as the liquid bubbled and smoked against her flesh. Jake stepped back to get out of the fumes.

“Aaahh! God! What is that?” Béla gasped, turning her head away from the volatile fumes. “It stinks!”

“The darts are hollow,” Jake explained. “Frank filled them with muratic acid. He said you’d like it.”

“God!” Béla choked. She relaxed a little as the acid burnt itself out. “I do – but it still stinks! Lay me down if you’re going to do that so I don’t have to smell that stuff!”

“I think it was supposed to go inside,” Jake explained. “I don’t know why it burst out the back like that.”

“I was probably digesting the front end,” Béla said, her voice hoarse from tensing her neck against the rope. “Internal pressure from my central core probably forced it out. I’m not exactly reclining in luxury up here.”

“You don’t like it?” Jake asked, concerned. “I can let you down.” He stepped forward.

“Stop talking and do something to me!” Béla commanded him.

“Okay,” Jake replied. He reloaded the little crossbow with another dart. With one hand, he pulled on her thigh to get a better angle while he held the crossbow with the other. Unable to get the angle he wanted, he finally set the crossbow on the floor and began rubbing his hand between her legs.

“You’re really wet, babe,” Jake grinned up at her. “Let me do something special.”

Béla groaned in protest as his hand left her aching pussy and watched him release the little hollow arrow from the crossbow. She watched as, holding it carefully in his hand, Jake inserted it, point first, up between her legs. It felt strangely hard and very narrow as he shoved it up inside her.

“Ready?” Jake asked, looking up at her with a serious expression on his face.

Her heart was pounding in anticipation, not really knowing what to expect. She nodded, then raised her head to relax the rope around her neck so she could breath again.

She trembled as she felt Jake’s fingers move sensually up inside her. He had two fingers and his thumb up there. The pressure from his hand felt wonderful as he stretched her labia. She was beginning to come – everything was so sensually sensitive down there. Every feather-touch move he made brought her closer. She felt his fingers jerk inside her as something went ‘snap’! Then she yelped in surprise as he yanked his hand away and out of her yearning cunt.

Jake backed away and watched as his sexy, bound wife stared at him uncomprehendingly for a second. Then every muscle in her body jerked violently and Béla kicked a hole in the wall behind her.

She screamed and writhed in her bounds, somehow managing to brace her feet against the broken wall. In another instant, the manacles that held her arms were pulled out of the wall and swinging wildly around her. Her body jerked away from the wall, no longer supported by her manacled arms, and dropped. Her torso and legs swung wildly forward and became entangled with the loose chains of her manacles as her head was jerked back by the rope around her neck.

She struggled against her bonds furiously for a few more seconds, gurgling madly, then slumped, completely unconscious.

She lay on a large rubber raft. The sun warmed her bare flesh and played counterpoint with the brisk breeze caressing her body. Her face half buried in the soft, wet pillow, Béla waved her hand over the side of the raft, playing her fingers in the water. There was water washing up between her legs. It soothed her where she’d been burned. It made her more sensitive, as well. She could feel her body respond to the gentle waves caressing between her legs.

Something warmer than the cool water began licking against her anus. Béla moaned her approval, wondering what, or who, it was. The next sensation she recognized. Someone was shoving hard, warm flesh up inside her rectum. She pushed backwards, offering her assistance.

Her pillow suddenly giggled and said, ‘She's dreaming…’ and Béla moved, startled with the realization that she was lying on someone’s breasts.

“You awake, Mom?” the warm breasts asked her.

Béla jerked, then realized that she was stretched out, face down in her Jacuzzi. Lisa was underneath her and supporting her head so she wouldn’t drown.

Casting about with her mind, Béla realized that Jake was behind her, kneeling in the Jacuzzi and gently ass-fucking her until she woke up.

With the sensation of the water jet swirling around her pussy and Jake’s cock in her ass, it didn’t take long for Béla to come. Jake watched her ass and leg muscles tremble in ecstasy, then relax.

Béla felt her daughter tremble beneath her and realized that Lisa was enjoying the water jets, too, and was pushed into a gentle orgasm when her mom came.

Béla pulled her legs up underneath her and sat up. She moaned as every muscle in her body protested being moved.

“What’re you doing here?” she asked her daughter, hugging her ‘hello’.

“You’re kidding, right?” Lisa grinned, then she smirked. “Every telepath in town felt that orgasm when you died! I had to come and see what Daddy was doing to you now!”

“You missed the fun,” Béla sighed, remembering that burning, fiery sensation of having her cunt dissolved in acid. “That was a good cum, wasn’t it?”

She splashed around so that she could reach Jake, then ducked underwater and pressed her lips against the end of his dying cock. It jerked against her lips.

‘Forget it!’ Béla thought cheerfully into Jake’s head. ‘I am not going to drown myself just so you can face-fuck me underwater!’

She came up an instant later and blew a mouthful of water into Jake’s laughing face.

“If my darling parents are done fucking each other,” Lisa interjected. “I have something that maybe you can explain to me.”

“Sure, honey,” Béla said, turning back toward her daughter. “What is it?”

“I have to show you,” Lisa said. Her mind was sealed with that unbreakable shield she’d been born with – the one that protected them all from the nuclear energy in her mind.

“Okay,” Béla said, realizing that Lisa was going to teleport her somewhere.

‘Let’s go!’ she thought silently.

Béla felt movement in the teleportation zone. Lisa wasn’t taking her as far as Tabatha had when she’d hatched the spiders, but they were traveling at least several years. She was suddenly standing in bright sunlight. The overhead sun was brighter and angrier than she’d ever seen it.

“God, where are we?” Béla asked, unable to mind-link because of the angry roar in her head.

“I took us a hundred years into the future,” Lisa said, also grimacing against the mind-numbing power of the sun. “We’re on the edge of what used to be Nashville.”

“Why?” Béla asked, wondering why a journey of that magnitude didn’t use up any of Lisa’s body mass, then realized that Lisa had more excess energy stored in her mind than she could possibly use even in her extended lifetime.

“Because,” her daughter explained. “That’s where I brought… him.”

“Him?” Béla asked candidly. “Who ‘him’?”

“I’ll show you,” Lisa replied and led the way into the nearly collapsed building in front of them.

Béla looked around as they entered, never having been here before, wondering where they were going, but Lisa seemed to know her way. Both naked and still wet from the Jacuzzi, they walked down the deserted, dusty hallway of the cracked and badly damaged building. Bars lined the isle on each side. Every ten feet there was a gate, also made of bars. Despite the building’s ruination, most of the cells were still intact and could be used to restrain someone.

“This was a prison,” Béla remarked, knowing that her sassy daughter would probably smirk at such an obvious statement.

Something ahead of them moved at the sound of her voice. “Hello! Is someone out there? Let me out of here!”

“You lock someone up in here?” Béla asked.

Lisa shrugged. “The door was already locked. I just moved the contents of the cell up a few years…”

They arrived at the cell where the man had shouted. Béla looked in.

Lisa jerked back at the wave of instant hatred that roared out from her mother. She watched her mom stagger back with horror written on her face. Béla almost fell when she backed against the bars on the opposite side of the hallway.

“Hethemtima,” the man said, suddenly smiling. “How good to see you again. I was of the impression that you were dead.”

Béla didn’t answer. She just stared, terrified and breathing heavily.

“You two know each other, Mom?” Lisa asked, eager for the opportunity to encourage a fight.

Tommy Torque looked at the second naked young girl. “Your daughter? You told me I killed her. Obviously, we were both mistaken.”

He looked Lisa up and down. “You’re an improvement over your underfed mother. I assume you’re the one responsible for me being here?”

Lisa never got a chance to answer. Béla screamed in rage, then teleported into the cell with Torquemada. As she reappeared, her hands were inside his chest cavity as she tried to rip his heart out. Tommy Torque screamed as his body exploded.

Lisa flared her body against the tiny nuclear explosion, then rematerialized.

‘Damn you, Mom,’ Lisa thought to herself, looking around at the wide crater surrounding her where the building had been. ‘You’re getting as bad as Tanya!’

She timewalked back, second by second, until she arrived just before her mom reappeared in the cell with Vlad, whom she so obviously hated. Materializing right next to him, she grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

Béla appeared right in front of them both, startled that her adversary wasn’t where he’d been.

Recovering quickly, Tommy clambered up and grinned again. “Every time I meet you, you’ve developed a new talent. But you haven’t improved on your travel capabilities, I see.”

Lisa’s skin tingled with excitement at Vlad’s stare as he absorbed the naked image of her body into his mind. Then she was violently shoved down onto the cot by her mother.

“Why’d you save him?” Béla screamed at her.

Lisa’s eyes widened in alarm as Vlad reached out, his arm beginning to snake around Béla’s neck. She teleported both her and her mother back outside the cell, anxious now to get her away from him. No longer supported by the cot, they both dropped to the floor, mother’s hands still around daughter’s slender neck.

“Why!” Béla screamed again, not seeming to notice the change in location.

Lisa flooded her mind into her mother’s, easily smashing through the barriers Béla had erected as protection from the raging scream of the sun.

An image of Béla materializing with her hands gripping the man’s heart and tearing it right out of his body as their combined flesh exploded in protest of being forced to exist simultaneously in the same space, leaving a crater a hundred feet wide where the prison had been seconds before.

Then Lisa flared the skin around her neck where Béla was still choking her, forcing her mom to let go or burn. Béla let go quickly and sat up, still straddling her daughter.

“I’d rather have you alive, Mom,” Lisa grunted, rubbing her sore, fire-healed throat.

“How touching,” Tomas said, his oily voice smooth and condescending. “Mother and daughter love.”

Lisa turned her head and gazed at him. Vlad screamed and began flailing his arms and dancing around, trying to get out of his flaming clothes. Béla watched. Some of the insane hate in her eyes turned to amusement as she watched flaming pieces of cloth being torn off and thrown savagely across the cell.

“Be careful, lover,” Lisa said quietly. “If you catch your cot on fire, you won’t have anywhere soft to sleep.”

Béla was laughing now. Her hated enemy – the monster who’d ruined her life so many years ago was now reduced to screaming impotence, cowering in the corner of his cell and mouthing obscenities in a language she was sure her daughter didn’t know. (She did.)

“Honey,” Béla said, forcing a straight face, “this… is Tomas de Torquemada.”

“This little guy?” Lisa smirked. “Wow. Kind of small for such a legendary person, ain’t he? You two know each other? Did you save him?”

Béla stared at her daughter, her mouth hangin open in shock. “No! I didn’t save him! He drugged me and stole his immortality from me. I was his second lease on life.”

“Third, but who’s counting these days,” Tomas smirked, having regained some of his composure.

“Your life is over, Tomas,” Béla said, her voice cold and judgmental.

Béla stood, naked and regal, and pronounced her judgement on him; “You’ll spend the rest of your days on a dead world. You’ve accomplished your dream of outliving everyone. You might even live long enough to witness the death of the entire planet.”

Béla turned away from the man who was cowered away from her damning words. Lisa, for once knowing her place, quietly followed her mother out. As they walked away, they could hear him screaming at them.

“You can’t leave me in here! I’ll starve! Even you aren’t that cruel! Hethemtima! Please! Don’t leave me locked in here! Don’t leave me alone! You can’t be that evil!”

Outside the building, they could barely hear his voice. Neither could make out his words anymore.

“He staked ‘Step-Mom’ out in the sun,” Lisa explained. “It took her several days to die. The Praetor didn’t even notify us that she was in trouble. I happened to find her dreamwalking through town trying to get someone’s attention. One of those evil spider-things was following her around.”

“The Harrah’s aren’t evil,” Béla corrected her daughter gently. “They’re just… different.”

“They feed off our emotions,” Lisa said, maintaining her position. “I don’t like them.”

“You actually rescued Alicia?” Béla asked as they walked out toward the iron gate of the prison. “I thought you totally despised her.”

“No,” Lisa replied. “I let Tanya do it.”

An image of Tanya handing her daughter’s rapist a live grenade with the pin already pulled.

Béla chuckled as she stood in the dusty road outside the prison and glanced at the too-bright sun, squinting up at it and grimacing at the raucous pandemonium in her head.

“What are you going to do with him,” Lisa asked, deciding not to tell her mother who the long-lifer locked inside the abandoned prison really was.

Béla held out her hand. A metal latch appeared in her palm.

“You let him loose?” Lisa asked, surprised at her mother’s mercy.

Béla smiled at the surprised friendliness in her daughter’s voice and said, “Let’s go home, baby.”

The last two girls on earth vanished from the middle of the dusty road.

End Part 2

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2015-04-06 00:27:07
Amazing writing that you manage to keep everything in order in your head, dank. I feel like this much criss-crosding through time and characters and personalities, and also the foreshadowing that is sometimes a whole book or more in advace... I mean you had to have laid everything out in some sort of grand-plot planning, right? It's amazing work, I'm going to compile these all into single documents for each book and maybe print out and keep somewhere, I don't want to lose these stories because xnxx shuts down or some shit

Fantastic work!


2008-03-24 05:26:12
well that helps alot! i forgot who he was


2005-05-02 11:39:39
Perhaps a little explanation is in order, as 'Vlad' has had several identities throughout his long existence. He was (after being Vlad) that strange old guy in the mountain cabin who drugged Béla and stole her blood for a 'longevity booster'. He was also the 'Ranger' in the Superstition Mountains who impaled all those hikers. Frank and Tanya thought they killed him, but evidently, they were mistaken.

Lisa, who was Elisabeta in the 15th century, was Vlad Tepes first wife - the one who jumped off the Poenari castle wall to escape the invading Turks after helping Vlad escape through an underground tunnel by getting them to chase her instead of him.

Hope that helps.


2005-05-02 10:49:56
I guess that vlad was the last man wondering the earth that the Praetor mentions when Tabatha and Jake Jr. travel two hundred years into the future and end up on new edan. What a fitting end to him. Niiiiiiice! looking forward to the next installment :))) Excellent!!!


2005-05-02 01:37:27
hey kenn, if you read the chapter with the bad guy who captured tanya and frank in the second book, you'd realize that vlad is also more commonly known as vlad the impaler, who at one time was the lover of beth, so this guy is a really bad egg

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