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Growiing up, i have always had a strong sexual drive. It is hard to think of a time when i was not really horny. I have a next door neighbor whose name is terri. I have always had a thing for her since i could remember. She is a mother of three, a older boy, a younger girl and a younger boy. She also had a husband named thad. I think the first time that i ever got interested in her was when she was out side laying in the sun. I could see no nudity but the idea of a woman lying there bathing did it for me. Then one night it all changed in a flash, still thinking about her i happened to look out my window and saw something that was either a blessing and a curse. The houses are close together and with windows opened you can hear much. Well i saw her and her husband kiss, they started of slow then like in a movie they went crazy, they threw each other clothes i could not believe what i was seeing, this was the first time i had ever seen anything like this. She was in a gold silky bra and her husband went straight for her breasts, kissing them passionately then her bra came off so quick i did not even see a tit, i could not hold it and i pulled out my dick and masturbated to it, then she jumped on him and she bounced up and down then i masturbated again, i was excited because maybe she saw me and was doing it for me then they disappeared, i could not see them anymore. However i could hear them, i could here the bed move and some moaning, then i masturbated again for the final time, then it stopped and the lights went off. All i could think was how there escasty was over, but i wanted more of terri. The next day i saw here outside and she called me over. She always talked to me before. She asked me if i had fun last night, i denied and said what she was talking about, she said she saw me and i froze. She told me that i was her fault for not closing the windows and said please do not look in on me making love to husband. She told me it was for him and not for me. I said sorry and that was that. I wanted her even more afterwards, it was bad, i went through year books and plasted pictures of her in books and would masturbate to them. It was not enough. One day a new kid came into class, he was quiet and nerdy like me, terri is a tutor and she helped students with there education. Well she split from her husband and know she was single.I thought about talking with her about my feelings for her. Then one day i saw the new kid go into the house with books, i figure she was helping him and paid it no mind. One day i decied to set a camera out side to capture pictures of the bird in the trees. Well i made the most stupid mistake, the camera in the trees not only caught birds but caught the most amazing act of love making that i had ever scene. I never felt more ugly and wanted them i felt seeing that. I had it confirmed what i only though of gor a second.The new nerdy kid like me was sleeping with terri and my heart broke. What broke my heat was i was next door,she ould have me whenever she wanted yet she wanted him. I grabbed my camera unaware what i would capture. I looked at it and saw some bird sitting in the tree, than after the birds were gone i saw straight into the living room. I shut the camera off and just ignored it until the next day, i knew there was hours of footage still on the camera so i took a look at it. Nothing much happened until the door opened.Then they both walked in the door, i knew what was going to happen, however i had to see it even if it killed me. First the kissed for a while, then they moved to the couch and the clothes came off, His shirt came off first and then hers did, she was wearing a dark blue bra, her tits were hanging out of her bra she torn his pants offs she fell on him,he was kissing her breasts and she was kissing him all over his head, then i saw the inseration of his dic into her and she leaned her neck and head back and he kissed her neck. The thing that hurt the most was her smile of escasy as he did that to her, she was in pleasure he was to, the pleasure that i should be in with her. If she wanted a younger guy i was right next door, i was not good enough. Then he lifeted her up legs wrapped around his waist and the went up stairs. I maturbated to the tape about 5 times, it hurt because i wanted better and he was getting it. Then i saw him give her a kiss as he was leaving, she looked at me and gave me a look like ha,ha. It took me a while to come to terms about it. Then one day she was having trouble with a mower. She could not get it working right so i went over and helped her.she said thank you and that is when i spilled the beans. I told her flat out about my lust for her, she said that i know and i asked her what was it about him that you desired, i am next door, i know you what could he give you that i could not. She looked at me and said, "I had no idea that you felt that way. I told here i wanted her for years and to give me a chance. She said to me ok, i fell through my mouth, i could not believe this. She invited me to talk about it over dinner at her house, we talked about about it for hours. It was a feeling of true understanding, we agreed to make love and not just that but to do things together and not be ashamed.We went on a few dates and we had a ball. Then it was time for the big night.The night we would express each other, on weather she wanted me as much as i wanted her. We went back and kissed on the sofia for a while.Her lips were like honey,her tongue wet and moist, i kisse dher neck and it was wonderful. Then her shirt came off and i sucked on her breasts that i had only dreamed of.Then i laid her back licking her body everywhere. Then she begged for me to get inside her i ripped my pants off and i inserted my dick i her vagina. The sensation was warm and pleasurable. We gazed into each other and as i thrusted back and forth my dick in and out her eyes left her head then all of a sudden she screamed to pull out and as id did she orgasimed in squirts i never knew it was like that for a woman and she yelled me for me to put it back in and again not once but 3 time she orgaismed. Then finally i got her legs around my waist and bounced her up and down until i had an explosion of cum my self all in her. We stayed in bed cuddleing with each other and talking.I asked the question so what about the other guy,she told me she was done with him. i asked why and she said he can not do what you can do. i ask what is that, you are the only one to make me cum, Not him nor my husband could do it, you can do it and i want more. Well more is what she got, she relized the best thing thing for her was right next door, my dream finally came true

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i saw a prtety low rating on this story.i iclicked on anyway.your problem is you need to space your story for easier online reading. what little i read(waded thru) is not to my taste. stories label true needs at least a little grain of truth.this is a written thumbs down. i did'nt vote yea or nay.

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