The fantasy about this girl became real, but it also became Magical and mysterious each new day, each new experience...
The fantasy which became romantic reality when finally I met her….but it was destined to be it seems….
Something new had started….might it last Forever….but, in truth, what was this Reality which became more Magical every minute?
Part 1

(From Ch. 1:
Long stood, wrapped her towel around herself, covering breasts to knees and then came around to me and reached to find my t-shirt.
“Put this on, Khun Steve; we are going across the road to a cabin I just rented for the afternoon, well for one night actually, and we are going to – you don’t really like me saying ‘fuck’ do you - so we are going there to make love.
She took my hand and we went....)

My car was ok, parked where it was, so we just walked across the road from the beach; the cabin was one-roomed essentially, with a double bed; a small bathroom with shower and 2 towels, toilet and basin, table and 2 chairs and a hot water maker, 2 cups, 2 sachets of cafe and sugar and milk, and a small fridge with some soft drinks etc – and a sign with the prices.
Long went first to the bathroom, not closing the door, letting me see her body again, but in a totally new mode: water cascading down her hair and body. I hadn’t yet been really able to see her whole naked body easily, to study it slowly and minutely as I so wanted, but the tantalising views I had been fortunate enough to have been gifted were so erotic.

She was so beautiful, so intoxicating; she so mesmerised and enthralled me; I stripped my t-shirt off, my shorts and briefs: I wanted to join her, to join with her....
A gentle knock on the door and it opened! The young restaurant girl came in, holding a tray of everything we had had on our table and more beer for me, another bottle of water for Long and our bag of clothes from the table we had been sitting at; automatically, I had turned towards the door.
She couldn’t move – if she had, she would have dropped the tray – so she just stared at my cock and, a minute later, at the gorgeous body of Long as she finished and exited the bathroom, her towel dangled in front: not hiding herself, just the way she held it.
I had missed my chance to join Long but the girl had not missed her chance to see both our naked bodies – and she clearly loved us, our bodies, both.
Long said “If she desires you Khun Steve, you should fuck her; what I want from you I know will come second time.”

She then spoke in Thai and all my brain registered was “ problem, nong, you can have him first....” How could Long do this; how could she know it was better for her to have me fuck this girl, so she could have me fuck her second? It wasn’t natural, not comprehensible, but Long was as calm as ever, so clearly she knew what it was she, and I, and the girl, should do.

The girl never spoke, put the beer and water in the fridge, the tray near the door and began removing her t-shirt....if I was going to do this – stupid: of course I was going to do this, Long had told me so – I wanted a shower, so I left Long rubbing her hair dry....and stepped into the bathroom and under the water.

I only rinsed my hair but before I could wipe the water off and open my eyes, a small hand was holding my half-erect cock and a small voice said “so beautiful” and began to stroke it lightly, smoothly, but stretching it to erection on every one of those strokes. I knew it wasn’t Long by the voice, so obviously it was the girl, and she was here with me in the shower for a fuck of her own.
I opened my eyes; she was a head shorter than me, slim and pert and she had her eyes closed to the water splashing off my body and into her face.
I turned her around, back to the wall and put my hands under her buttocks; it wasn’t her fault and I was going to try and make it exciting and wonderful and orgasmic for her – but Long had said I should do this first, when what I wanted was what came second: making love with Long.

Meanwhile, there was a girl’s body; I realised: she is indeed a girl; she is probably not even as old as Long! But she had done this of her own accord and so I lifted her up with my hands under her, spreading her buttocks wider, spreading her cunt wider and then I gently brought her down on my upright, throbbing cock, letting it slowly enter her as I bent my knees a little to allow her feet to come down to the floor, until she could accept most of my length: her limit at this point.
Well, she wasn’t a virgin but she was small and her cunt was very tight around my shaft as I held her hips and lifted her slightly up and allowed her to come slightly down; she squeaked constantly and her lips plastered themselves to mine when I raised her high enough, her tongue darting out, seeming to want to fuck me there, as my cock was doing to her below.
Her excitement was evident and, perhaps unused to this, she came right to the boil and squealed as I let her down the next time, and her cunt muscles spasmed as she came.

While her cunt rippled and jumped around my prick and her head thrashed, her teeth bit my chest until she calmed down and went fully down now on my shaft: plenty of her cum juice lubricating an entry to her furthest reaches of her canal.
Her nipples were hardened and rubbing up and down on my chest as she held her arms tightly around me, pulling her body as close as possible to mine; the rasping of her nipples through my sparse chest hairs, over my own nipples at times, was as stimulating as all else: such a simple contact of nipples against nipples felt very erotic (and I could well understand why women love to fuck other women face to face, breast to breast.)

The water was becoming almost drowning down on to my face, so I shut it off and the girl sank down to the floor, off my cock; she was somewhat overcome and she just lay there: her arms splayed – but also her legs splayed and a cunt wide open, and I hadn’t finished if Long was to get the ‘2nd’ of me.
I sank down on top of her, careful my weight wasn’t too heavy on her slight body, but she didn’t care – she clasped my back with her slender arms and pulled me down, wriggled her buttocks to line up her cunt and pulled my cock back inside her hard, and now fully to her depths and to my whole length; she screamed this time, but tugged at my back, scratched my back, but wanted me in her like this: so I fucked her now voraciously.

A hand, an extra hand, was put on my back and slid up and down my wet skin, and then a mouth whose lips kissed me from my neck down to my arse-crack, beyond to my legs and back up again, Long’s tongue now searching through my spread legs to lick the back of my balls and my scrotum; the sensation was magical and sent shivers through me and through the girl under me, under the pole of my cock spearing in and out of her.
Whether by the magic or by some design I couldn’t begin to understand, the girl began writhing, her climax starting through the end of my cock in her cunt and my balls began swelling and I knew they were about to burst forth with a load of my juice as they churned and began to pump the semen – oh heavens, if I have sperm now! – going up my shaft, ready to burst forth and spray the girl’s insides, but I couldn’t stop now: it was inevitable and irreversible without cutting my cock off right this second....
Her mouth fastened on my scrotum, Long seemed to do something which, to this day, I have no understanding of; she let me fuck this girl, encouraged me to fuck this girl – letting her own lover, as I hoped I would soon be, have sex with this girl – and she didn’t stop me now as my cock grew to its maximum flared head and did indeed pump my juice into the far reaches, the cervix surely, of this young, squealing, writhing, panting, hip-thrusting girl under me.

I cradled the girl, hoping my desire for Long, my need for Long had not meant I hurt her or didn’t do the right thing by her – she had offered herself to me, so now I was trying to at least embrace her and give of myself willing as my cock spurted into her, and my body gave her of itself and of Long it seemed as she was integral to all this, this threesome.

The girl collapsed and I kissed her tenderly and stroked her body lightly, letting her come down at her own pace; Long released my scrotum, kissed me there and back up my spine, the shivers non-stop in me from this Woman, this Woman like no other.

When the girl smiled and panted a heavy sigh, she said she must go, get back to work, and I rolled away; she took a last longing look at my body, my cock, glistening from her wetness, but spent and rather deflated.
She asked Long and went for a quick shower, dressed and was ready to leave; she wasn’t a prostitute but Long gave her a large tip for bringing the beers etc, and Long gave her both her own and my mobile phone numbers: her name was Pung and she and Long kissed as she exited.

We were alone again; I went for a shower, cleaned my teeth and came out, naked still as Long was holding my shorts in her hand, swinging them in front of her breasts; she threw them away into a corner chair and came over to me, her nakedness as attractive to me as if she had a shimmering light surrounding her, like a Goddess come from Heaven just to me.

As we embraced, her phone rang; it was her mother and I understood it was about the time now and the importance of Time – but I couldn’t understand the significance and felt confused.
“Do we have to go home soon Long – is that why your mother called?”
She smiled and shook her head, “No, Steve; it was just a reminder to complete something before the crucial time.”
That was so enigmatic I was left more confused than a minute ago, but that was pushed to the back of my subconscious when Long finally placed her body against mine and we melded together standing there in each other’s arms.

Her kiss to my lips was a fleeting whisper of her desire for me, but did little to appease my hunger for her; my cock was throbbing – and how it had recovered so quickly I didn’t know, after these many years when I was sure it had retired and gone out to pasture – but my body was shaking with the sheer want for her joined with me.

Her smile told me she knew these feelings of mine, but she held me at bay wordlessly and I meekly complied, doing as I would for anything she asked, intimated, suggested, told me to do: I waited for her to let me into her world at the time of her choosing.
She suggested I have a cafe. “It’s a stimulant Steve, did you know?” I did, but didn’t need any further stimulation!
But she clearly had an agenda and she made me a cafe: how did she know I liked a little sugar and milk with my sachet of coffee?
She took an orange juice for herself from the fridge and came and we sat in the chairs at the table; she rose and went to find my cigarettes and the ashtray; “its ok, Steve, I don’t mind; I know you like one with cafe.”
Long knew my habits, my likes, my thoughts even better than any of my wives (except perhaps my Vietnamese wife).
I drank the cafe and smoked quite quickly, though she sipped at her orange juice; I needed to kiss her, but now I rushed to the bathroom and cleaned my teeth and used the toothpaste to gargle.

When I returned, her orange juice was gone from the table and she was splayed face down along it, her hips and bottom (‘arse’ for Long somehow denigrated the perfection of everything she was for me) and her legs spreading her vaginal lips wide.
“Now fuck my cunt right here, Steve!” (I winced at her words and mentally substituted ‘make love to my body, my vagina, Steve’ – though I accepted her words conveyed better the rawness of the act she wanted me to perform: a fuck.)

She was a flower, opened, displaying her stamen for my cock to impregnate her pollen – my brain was so confused I couldn’t be sure even of my terms and memory of lessons learned in my childhood – and I walked unsteadily closer behind her.
Long reached behind and grasped my cock so gently, but so electrifyingly it stood out ramrod straight and she had only to steer it to her vagina’s lips, red and engorged I noticed, and as soon as my cock’s head felt or smelt the juices of her, it pulled my feet forward and it went down and down inside this Woman I loved so deeply.
I had to tell her, to say it again “Long, I love you.” She only replied “I know, Steve, I know.”
It might have been disappointing not to hear her say the same words to me, and I knew from my heart she had yet to say them, but that didn’t matter as her love canal swallowed me – just as her throat had swallowed my cock earlier this day, her body was something special and unique in the way she could suck me in and make my size grow seemingly abnormally at the same time.

Long fucked me, that’s the only way I can describe what she was doing; I was sucked in and pushed back to her entrance and sucked in yet again, never the same rhythm.

It was as if I was lying prone on the floor, perhaps like a passive woman, and she was ploughing me –no, not like a rapist – like a very physical lover, and this lover’s cunt could make my cock grow in length and girth, ease off and grow all over again.
It couldn’t be possible, of course, but the state of my mind and the state of my cock accepted I was in some new dimension of love making, never experienced before, but I hoped fervently would be repeated ad infinitum.

She controlled everything and I had no idea how long it was for; in one moment of clarity, I knew I wanted to lie up along her back and for my hands to hold her breasts.
Without a doubt, they had grown in the 3 days since we had first touched and her nipples were even longer yet again; they were magnificent in my hands – her whole body was, her whole being was magnificent - but I was now only able to just hold the whole mound and let the nipples slide up and down through my splayed fingers; she liked this and made the first sounds I could recall: a satisfied groaning, so it seemed to me, and then she began keening as my cock was driven at a furious pace in and out, and Long said “Now”.

So began the ‘coitus eruption’ I had envisaged for this first time we made love.

My balls swelled to bursting, and they did, semen and sperm bursting forth, travelling up my greatly swollen cock, deep inside Long’s cunt, pushing at her womb surely and I felt the bursts out of my cock’s head hitting her insides, time after time, more than I had ever cum in my previous life, an outpouring so immense not even Long’s wonderful body could contain it, and she moaned as if sad at losing some of my essence as it dribbled out of her cunt and down my balls and my legs to the floor.
I had not reached the Clouds and the Rain moment of ecstasy for many years, but now I flew with Long over the Clouds and above the Rain, and it was our Galaxy we reached in this Blissful love-making.

“You have done it, Steve” Long cried out and somehow she gave me my own will back and I took over and fucked her, made love to her, and poured my entire life into her body: I gave my Being to Long, my Love for her in its entirety was expelled from my own and joined in hers; it was the most precious element of myself I could give her, and I gave it all willingly, freely: she was Love incarnate; and she was in my arms and we were joined in a holy coupling.

(If that all sounds too much to believe, all I can say now, at a later time: you weren’t there experiencing these minutes and hours with Long, but I was lucky enough to be sharing the Beauty which was Life just then....)
Even Long collapsed down on to the table and I had to slide my hands from being pinned under her breasts as I eased up my cock at the end of my outpouring.
I stroked and caressed her back and kissed her everywhere I could reach with my lips, my love so acutely conscious that she was the object of it and she was there, in front of me and still joined with me.

But Long recovered as I withdrew and she turned over, presenting the front of her body to me; I almost buckled at this new view and Long said “Steve, I want you to sleep now, for an hour; recover and then we need to make love again before sunset. Go and lie on the bed; I need to call my mother, so I will go outside for a few minutes: you go to sleep.”
“I love you Long, with all my heart and my soul.”
She rose from the table, pressed her body to mine, felt my cock responding, but kissed me deeply and pushed me backwards over to the bed; when I slipped on to it, she urged me to a comfortable position, and I fell asleep – just as she had said.

But it was a sleep of dreams: 2 years of fantasising about Long from a young age, 3 days of reality with the youngest true woman I had ever known. What I had experienced in this short time was surreal, yet my heart and my body told me it was actual reality; my body was still covered in the aromas of her, my cock and groin were still slick with juices of her, and my mouth tasted of her – but, most tellingly, my whole body was still tingling everywhere with the magic of her which she seemed to have shared with me, that electrifying jolt she gave me every time she touched me.

But I must have slept because Long woke me sucking my cock; it had never lost its full erection and now she returned it to full strength in a matter of a few short mouthfuls of it.
My eyes opened to soft afternoon light as I remembered her words about ‘need to make love again before sunset’, but now she said “We don’t actually need to do this again, but I want to, Steve – do you?”
That was pure rhetoric.
My answer came when I rolled her on to her back, but then I stood up at the foot of the bed, drinking in the long, lithe perfection of her, her breasts bigger certainly, perhaps her hips slightly more rounded, but I needed to memorise the whole of her again, to mentally capture every molecule so I could always piece her together again, slowly enough so I could feel yet again every part of her which I had shared.
“You don’t need to memorise me, Steve, I am not going anywhere yet; you need to come down here and make love to me again, please.”

I was relieved; I seemed to have had a premonition she was going to disappear and that is why I needed to remember her so closely. I kneeled between her feet and lowered my mouth to her groin, to her cunt as Long would say.
Her clitoris was engorged and stiff and I could easily suck it with my mouth like a little prick; she stiffened and I moved my mouth to her cunt lips and sucked each one, each side of her, trying to draw the blood from them into me, before I let my tongue free to roam about her whole erotic and Long’s erogenous areas.

But as much as Long said we didn’t need to do this, she wanted it done without much foreplay and, as she had done in the car on the side of the road this morning, a slurp of my tongue released her juices to flow unendingly out to my mouth and face and down my body to the bed below: she was so erotic a lover with just a few touches of me on her cunt.

She took my will from me and when she pulled at my shoulders, I knew what to do, so I slid up her body, defying her urgency to kiss everywhere on the way and it was impossible for even the power of Long to prevent me delaying my mouth at each breast, those impossibly larger mounds and lengthened nipples, but when my cock waved at her vaginal opening, she flowered herself open and devoured my cock’s head, sucking it from its aimless bobbing and into herself, even as my mouth reached hers and we were perfectly in union everywhere it was possible to be.

But she had given me this new cock and with it came new strength and staying power – no longer just a retired old man whose cock took so long to get aroused, by even porno videos on his computer, that it was no longer exciting by the time he might have released his cum.
This body and cock was rejuvenated by this woman beneath me and, no matter how quickly Long herself wanted me to cum, I wanted to make love and make it last.
She wanted me to plunge inside her, so I did, and she screamed “Yes!” But when I wanted slowly, I pulled my length back, such a long way now, to her opening and I very slowly felt my way back inside her canal, moving all around her sides, and she whimpered and begged me to bury it in.
I even smiled a little as I had regained a modicum of control and I made Long wait for my seed a good while longer – Long and longer...I knew before her name fit her body, now it fit my cock, my strength, my desire for her and my need for her.

Eventually, her hands scratching my back, Long usurped my own will yet again and I gave of myself as she and I both desired and my seed - as now I was sure this was her true desire - flooded into her and my cock sealed her entrance and let those swimming little sperm fight amongst themselves in order to be the one or two or 10 thrust themselves at her womb’s wall and plant that seed within her egg or eggs.

I didn’t scream, but groaned with a delight never before felt, while Long wailed and keened so loud as to hurt my ears until I covered her mouth and kissed her wholly again and again.
There we both slept, as the light outside went from the last rays of sunlight to the beginning of a twilight evening.
It had been so long since I had slept with a woman in my arms, or indeed within a woman’s arms: we did them both together, joined at the groin and held within the embrace of the other’s lover; it was being at peace.

We woke to the sound of Long’s phone; it was dark as she gently rolled me out and sideways, standing in her magnificence in the starlight, perhaps moonlight, coming through the still open windows and curtains – perhaps we should have closed them – and answering...her mother, of course.
“Yes, Mum” Long said “I can feel them; everything is ok, I promise. See you when we get home....yes, I know Mum, and I will bring Khun Steve in.”
I didn’t understand – well, Long’s words of course I did, but not their significance at the time. But there were so many things adding to a list of ‘don’t understand’ I couldn’t keep them all in any coherent thought process, and I just left them to the filter of my brain and hoped to make sense of them, or get answers to them, eventually.

We showered, the bathroom too small to really allow 2 in together, so Long went first and I stood in the doorway and again focused on memorising her from the top of her hair to her toenails, the water running down her body as captivating as she was herself.
I handed her towel to her, she stepped past me and I washed myself hair to toenails; I had clothes to dress in, from our bag when I had changed into my new costumes, but Long’s clothes were in the car, so I went over to it and came back with them – but only after seeing the young girl I had fucked in our cabin earlier; she smiled broadly at me, asked “Where is Miss Long?”
I vaguely showed her the clothes I held in my arms, “We will be back for dinner in a few minutes, nong – you have dinner here?”
“Oh, Khun Steve, no, not here, but just over there is my mother’s evening restaurant; you should come there. Shall I come and get you in 5 minutes and take you there – I would love for you to eat with us.”
I nodded, smiled at her, noted the grinning faces on her co-workers as they cleaned and began packing up for the day, “5 minutes should be fine, nong, thank you.”
Returning to our cabin, Long was waiting – stark naked! “You can’t do that to me Long!”

“Put your clothes on and the girl will come and take us to dinner; you are so beautiful!”
She smiled at me, covering her vagina with panties and asking me to help with her bra: a mistake, as how could I ignore handling her breasts at the same time; she leaned back against my body as I fumbled with the hooks, deliberately dropping it.
Long bent down to retrieve it from the floor, pushing her buttocks against my groin where she felt the straining cock in my pants; “See what you keep doing to me Long; how do you keep doing this to me?”
I kept my hands on her breasts, fingers around her nipples and she leaned back up, her bra forgotten in her hands held below....
And then the quick knock and the opening door, and the girl – Pung, I just remembered her name - caught us rather similarly to earlier in the day, but this time she was expecting something – it was clear on her smiling face – and she came over and took one of Long’s breasts from my hand and began sucking on it: a child seeking milk from her mother.
The difference was: she was perhaps younger, same age, even older than Long, yet Long was like a mother and crooned and cradled her to that breast, leaving my hand on her other one.

But the girl wanted what my hand held and her mouth pushed me aside, as if she hadn’t eaten, and Long’s breasts were her sustenance: a desire I well understood.
She pushed Long back to the bed; Long lay down, the girl groped and mauled and suckled her; I was behind the girl and she reached back and felt my shorts, rubbing my cock therein and motioned for me to bring it out, and then she un-clicked the clasp of her shorts, un-zipped her shorts and whimpered for me to take them off: she wanted Long’s breasts; she wanted my cock to fuck her again.
Long’s hand stroked my hip; she understood the girl had been privy to a special, unique day, and she was giving me permission again.

So I took my shorts off again, removed the girl’s also, and my cock went straight to her cunt and straight to her core; she screamed, Long groaned as the girl’s hands involuntarily tightened on her breasts, and we were a threesome for the second time this day: This Day of Days.

The girl – Pung, I must remember - was lovely and she had a tight beautiful cunt, but I didn’t fuck it remorselessly; I knew my cock had grown because of Long, and I was careful to make it pleasurable, and I even felt my own pleasure when she dropped her mouth to Long’s breasts harder and suckled harder – on milk!
I saw it spurting from the side of the girl’s mouth: Long was lactating, how could that even be possible?

I couldn’t ignore this: if Long was lactating, she was pregnant - and this had to be my baby she was producing milk for.
How it could happen in just a few hours was impossible; but I had learned to accept by now, not even voicing questions any more: Long was so special, the questions were irrelevant.
The girl sucked, and I wanted some, so I continued to fuck her but stretched up along her shirt until I could reach Long’s other breast, and there I drank of the Life essence of Long; she had given me a taste yesterday, but this was the full nourishing food for a new Life, and she was sharing it with us for these moments.

I poured my energy into my cock and buried myself in the girl as she continued on Long’s breast, and I soon pumped more sperm from my balls and they ejaculated up my cock’s length and surely she would be inundated with rampaging little tadpoles, because Long didn’t touch my balls, didn’t do her magic this time to stop my sperm from attempting their quest for a life for their son or daughter with an egg in the womb of this girl.
Instead Long’s hand caressed mine, and I thought her other hand was equally caressing Pung’s, and she seemed to be blessing me, us, and I became terrified at what this might mean!
Perhaps this set Pung off into her climax and it became the start of a series, as my sperm shot into her, her juices pumped out to meet it in a series of hip thrusting orgasms she was going through.

I began to flag this time, before she did in fact, and I let her push her body back at me for several more minutes, stimulating herself on me even as she continued to suck at Long’s breast.
But Long sensed it was time to ease up and she gently withdrew her breast from the girl, while I was only caressing her with my hand now; in tune with her, I eased back as Pung stopped thrusting and we all 3 just lay still and relax, joined with Pung in the middle, a la a sandwich.
I pulled out, stood a little wobbly and went to the bathroom for a shower of my lower half at least; dried and dressed and found the 2 girls, or woman and girl, lying closely on the bed, embracing and kissing.
I felt no jealousy or anguish at this; Long had so much ‘something’ within her, I wasn’t at all surprised she shared it beyond just me today. I put my shorts on and poured a beer, went outside to smoke and just patiently waited.

I heard the shower running and I was joined by Long, sitting on the step beside me, linking her arm with mine and snuggling close to my side; I stubbed out my cigarette in the grass and put it on the step to put in the rubbish after.
It was dark, which was just as well as all she was wearing was her swim dress, sheer and no underwear; I assumed she wanted a shower when Pung came out.

“You are wondering how I could be pregnant and producing milk, so quickly after we made love only today.”
She knew my thoughts exactly, so I nodded and waited; “I told you I would give you answers, Steve; my mother suggested you, she and I sit down and she will do better to explain it all, or mostly all, to you, when we go home – is that ok for you, my lover?”
“Long, I think now I knew you were ‘special’ when I first started looking at you 2 years ago; today, in spite of the magical wonders I have seen, felt and experienced with you, I have no questions which can’t wait for you to tell me when it is the right time; if it is your mother who will tell me, I can still wait, without impatience, without any fear whatsoever.”
“No, that’s not true: I am terrified you are going to somehow leave me, and very quickly, but I have no fear of anything else about you.”
I kissed her, and she responded, but she made no further comment, so we lingered there for a few more minutes without talking, soaking in the atmosphere surrounding just us.

Pung appeared behind us, a smile and a glow on her face, even in the darkness; Long stood and kissed her lightly on both cheeks and went inside to shower.
Pung sat beside me and she cuddled me now, leaning in to kiss me on my lips, hungry for more it seems as her hand stroked my groin and the cock she knew would quickly grow within; it did and she grasped it with a moan.
“I have never believed sex could be as good as we had today, Khun Steve; it was unbelievable! Long told me I should keep in contact with you – is that all right with you, and will you come back and see me again?”
“I will do as Long says, nong Pung, but my answer is ‘yes’ to both your questions, of course; you are a lovely young woman, and beautiful, and very sexy!” I wasn’t just saying things to make her happy, they were true, but I did feel giving a happy ending to today to be very important.
She stood, as did I and she crushed her young body to mine and reached up to kiss me, her tongue thrusting into my mouth and groping, her groin grinding against my cock; she was breathless when she stopped, giggled and said “I will be back in 5 minutes to take you to dinner....again!”

This time, when Pung returned, Long and I were sitting ready on the steps of the cabin, the door locked and Long very hungry; Pung seemed somewhat disappointed!
She led us back to the street and just a minute down the road – obviously she could have directed us easily, but also obviously, wanted to come to our cabin: she was a smart girl, and she got what she clearly had wanted again earlier.
We sat down, only a few other customers – but they all looked up at the foreigner and his dinner companion; Long ignored them, I smiled and said in Thai ‘god evening’ to anyone who was staring.
A beer came for me, water for Long, then Pung gave Long the menu and she quickly rattled off a list of dishes she wanted; “There is something for you also, Khun Steve”, and I realised we were in public, so she addressed me correctly and respectfully, as is the Thai way.

I couldn’t believe how much Long proceeded to eat; ‘like a pregnant woman’ I thought to myself, remembering the pregnancy of my Australian wife who had borne 2 sons, now big adult boys in Australia, older than Long by quite a few years; they visited me every year and I had to wonder what they would think of their Dad now!
I ate a bowl of rice and some of my favourite pork dish: yet again Long had known what to order for me; but mostly I sat over my beer, drinking slowly, but a second bottle came from Pung’s hand when my first was empty; and still Long ate.
No conversation, though she looked at me and smiled as she chewed various mouthfuls; and then she sighed “I am almost full.”
I laughed as she took one more mouthful and then slumped back in her chair, sated.

A few minutes later, after she had drunk 2 glasses of water, I said “Long, one question: do you want to go home tonight? We can; I have been rather too busy to drink much beer, so I would be fine, if that is what you want.”
“Can we go and sleep for a few hours and then go, Khun Steve? I am feeling tired now and I am sure you are also. My mum will be waiting whatever time, but I will phone her when we leave here so she knows we are coming.”
“That’s fine Long and a good idea.”

That conversation reminded me, so I sent a message to my wife – it was only 20.00 anyway: “At the beach, staying overnight.” That took care of that, so I resumed drinking, but took my glass and went outside to have a cigarette, leaving Long picking at her food still.

Pung came and sat with us sometimes, when she was free, and when we were nearly done, there were few other customers so she sat and had a conversation with Long for quite a while; my mind drifted off and then I went for another cigarette and took my glass into the darkness away from the lights a little.
It was a beautiful evening to enjoy the starry sky - away from the pollution and earthly illumination of electrical lighting in Bangkok, and most cities of course.
There was a new moon but the light on the seaside was from the stars and, much further out, the navigation lights on fishing vessels out for the night; it was a Romantic evening, well suited for telling Long I love her.
But I had done that already and, seemingly, even if I hadn’t spoken the words, she knew from my thoughts to which she seemed privy.
If she chose not to say the same words, I would be badgering her if I continually said them – yet, that is exactly what I wanted to do: tell her often of the feelings she engendered within me, those of a Love not thought possible a few days ago.

I finished my beer and cigarette and decided to return inside before my ruminating turned despondent – that one fear I had was lurking, close to being the next thought I allowed to surface, but that thought, of losing Long, had to remain buried.
So I gave myself one of those ineffectual clearing shakes of my head and went jauntily back inside to the girls still conversing. As another beer and ice had appeared on the table, I just sat and drank, but the snippets of their words which soaked through my translating brain seemed to suggest the central topic was of ‘babies’.
I looked at Pung, her flushed happy face, and I dreaded the thought that she too could be pregnant from today! Surely she couldn’t possibly know it already, even though I was certain Long would be able to confirm or deny her state of womanly health.

How would I manage to support 2 pregnant women, 2 babies, 2 school children – when I only had enough to support myself and my household expenditure, plus my wife’s mother a monthly allowance, and any costs my wife could sneak out of me for her own person spending.
But 2 more women and 2 children – that would be very difficult, though necessary as it now seemed more likely to be. I had no thought of denying Pung’s baby would be from my loins: that wasn’t my nature, and the seed which impregnated Long was undoubtedly from me.

The day had suddenly seemed to become even more complicated.

Long seemed to be able to read my thoughts while still listening and speaking to Pung; she turned her face to mine, smiling, and nodded her head.
I had no doubt left that Pung was pregnant with a baby produced by her and me during our final love-making session earlier in the evening.
It also meant Pung was experiencing Long’s mystical power, which Long must have willingly shared with her, for the pregnancy to be confirmed so medically impossibly quickly.
Pung looked at me and left me clearly seeing and feeling the rapturous mood she was in, and the Love she was feeling for me: the father of the child she was carrying.
What would Pung think of the momentous events of Today? I fervently hoped Long was able to explain it to her in such a way that Pung wouldn’t become hysterical at what must seem like a miracle – but one she couldn’t have foreseen this morning as she began her normal daily activities. And though her current looks and demeanour suggested otherwise: she was young and may not have considered a pregnancy, a baby, and the major changes to her life to come in the months and years ahead – she just may not want a baby at this time in her Life.

Long looked again at me, her eyes piercing my soul and she ‘said’ to me, without moving her lips, she came into my thoughts and conveyed the happiness Pung was feeling, how she wanted the baby, and Long could assure her it too would be a special baby.
As for my concern of supporting the 2 of them, Long just sent a thought to me: “Don’t even worry about this; my mother will explain this also, my Steve, but I guarantee: there will be no burden on you.”
I nodded, accepting her thoughts planted straight to my soul as well as my brain, and I trusted her explicitly and totally. It seems the revelations of her mother might take some considerable time: there seemed so many areas to cover.

I drank my bottle and Long was ready, so I paid the bill, a large tip to Pung, a starter for the care she would need now; she didn’t want to take it, but Long nodded at her and she put it in her pocket; I also gave a tip for her mother’s restaurant, and paid for the beer and drinks we had in the bungalow and bought 4 cold cans for my drive home later.
Pung hugged Long and, ignorant of the stares of the patrons and co-workers hugged me tightly; she murmured into my neck “I am very happy, not scared, not worried, and I know you will be there to support me through any problems; but no more money, Khun Steve, my samii (husband) Long will explain why this is not necessary. I love you and the baby will also.”
Another item for explanation from Long/Long’s mother; no doubt it would be forthcoming - in due course.

We went back to the bungalow hand in hand, comfortable in quietness; we cleaned our teeth, I emptied my bladder, washed quickly and we both stripped and climbed on to the bed, the fan cool, but not cold, though I wanted Long to cover herself lightly with the duvet “for the baby’s health and yours my Long.” She smiled and hugged me, “The baby is, and will be, as strong as the sperm and eggs which joined to begin its life, Steve; there are no fears for our health, trust me. Pung and her baby will be the same.”
“Let’s cuddle and sleep now and when we wake refreshed we can go home.” I spooned her, my cock nestled between her tucked up thighs comfortably, and her breasts in my arms and hands, as I kissed her neck ‘good night, Long, my lover and my Love; may there be many more times cuddling and sleeping like this.”
She didn’t reply, but I felt a slight shudder and thought I heard a slight sniffle: and the fear of losing her all too quickly materialised in full bloom.

My sleep was again plagued by - not dreams, but nightmares, but eventually I must have succumbed to tiredness and only woke when my bladder called ‘time to empty’. Twice this happened, normal for me, so it would be between 3-4 hours of sleep.
My second visit to the toilet I decided was enough sleep, so I washed my face, cleaned my teeth, brushed my hair and left the bathroom to make a cafe.
Long hadn’t stirred all the time I had cuddled her through my nightmares, getting up to the toilet and returning to her; but now she was up and waiting to use the bathroom.
“A cafe and cigarette and I will be fine to carry my Princess home in my fine carriage.” I made an elegant bow, and she did smile and twitter, but she was subdued also, I could tell easily.
I left Long to shower, to her own bathroom ablutions, and made my hot cafe and took it outside – into the cool night air. I was naked; something made me jump inside and throw my clothes on, but surely it was only the cool of the night outside, and not a demon which had sent me scurrying in such haste.
But something scared me.

We left soon after; I checked the room: we had everything, so we left the key on the table, as Pung had said, and went to the car.
Long was quiet and she stayed quiet as I headed away from the seaside, onto the road heading north, about 3 hours to home. I stayed quiet also, in deference to Long and also to concentrate on night driving – when trucks often came careening out of the night, too fast and too dangerously, I was well aware.
An hour later we turned onto a major road and Long spoke: “Can we stop for some food, Steve; I am hungry – for a hamburger and fries and Coke, ok?”
I smiled, “Yes Long, but you know how I feel about ‘junk food’; and now, with the baby to also take care of....wouldn’t you prefer something else?”
“NO! Steve please, I want to eat this; just tonight ok, tomorrow I will try not to eat this.”

She was an expectant mother and I accepted this craving, so turned into the motorway Services about 30 minutes later. Long ran off to the hamburger shop, I went to the toilet and had a cigarette before joining her.
Long was wolfing down a second hamburger it seemed – one of those big, double things – so I sat with her and asked if I could have 2-3 French fries; she stopped chewing, swallowed and began to cry, “I am sorry, Khun Steve; I don’t know what is happening, but I must eat this!”
I ran around to the seat beside her and cuddled her shoulders; “Long, my love; this is something I know more about than you: it is perfectly natural, even for you it seems, to ‘must eat’ this or that, and it is also perfectly natural to break into tears about something, or about nothing: it is called ‘having a baby’. I am here, my Long; you can eat whatever you like, cry when you want, and I promise you: I am always here for you, or within a few minutes of you.”
“That is the guarantee of my Love for you, Long.”

She began crying again, leaned over to my shoulder and had soon soaked her tears through my shirt; I could do little but croon to her like a baby’s father – and, in truth, I was old enough to be her grandfather, but was now to be the father of the baby she was carrying!
I took some clean tissues and wiped her eyes and then her nose; I said to her, as I used to do to my sons if they were crying and their noses running with fluids: “Blow” and this made her laugh and cry, but at least smile and she took the tissues from me to do her own nose ‘blowing’, looking up into my face.
“I am ok now, my Steve, thank you; I am not a baby, but you are correct: this is new for me and my mother has yet to tell me of the daily things which might happen – like wanting junk food and crying, blubbering, like this over nothing! I love you, Khun Steve, for being you.”

I felt my own tears well in my eyes and they rolled down my cheeks: Long had said those 3 wonderful words I had longed to hear come from her heart: ‘I love you.’
But all I said was “I am here for you, my lovely Long, and for our baby. And I am sure you know if it is a boy or girl, so now you must listen to me: I do NOT want to know! I will find out when our baby is born, but please, never tell me, tell your mother to never tell me, if it is a boy or girl: that is the magic of birth, and I want to be there and say to you, when I cradle this new Life we have created in my arms: ‘Long, we have a ....’”
She began crying again and it was only many tissues later she pulled off my soaked shirt’s shoulder and blew her nose again; then she sat up straight, cried through her tear-streaked face and glistening eyes and said “I have eaten enough now, Khun Steve, but I need to go to the toilet.”

I pointed the way, told her I would wait outside, cleaned the trays and ‘junk’ from the table and waited with a cigarette outside, putting that out in the ashtray and cuddling Long’s shoulders as I took her to the car and helped her into her seat, winding the wheel down so she could relax in the half-bed position.
She was asleep before I had opened my can, reversed from the parking spot and headed off home.
But I stopped after 50m. And went around to the boot and got her beach towel; I had dried them after our swim, so I draped it under her chin and down her curled up body. I need the air conditioning on to drive: too noisy with windows down for hot fresh air, but too hot in a car in this part of Thailand without a/c.
Long slept on and I was satisfied I was taking care of them both, as well as I could at this stage.

My phone vibrated before I drove off; I had turned it to silent as I never spoke on it whilst driving, so I stepped out of the car to look, expecting my wife: it was Pung.
“Hello – Khun Steve? Where are you? I miss you and Miss Long!”
“Pung, calm down; what’s wrong nong?”
“Nothing is wrong, samii, but I miss you already; can I come to Bangkok and see you tomorrow?”

What was I to say; I had a spare room in my house, but explaining Pung and her condition to my wife, why I had invited her to stay there....
But a voice came into my mind; it wasn’t Long’s; different “Khun Steve, tell her she can come; she can stay with Long and me – she needs to be near you; it will be ok, I promise you. Long will sleep all the way home now; you come and stay at our house for this night and you and I will talk. I love you also, Steve, but now: tell Pung to come tomorrow.”

Through my fog – and glad I wasn’t driving – I said on the phone “Pung, come to Long’s house tomorrow; Long’s mother said you can stay there until we work something out, ok. Call Long would be better when you are nearing Bangkok and she can direct you to our village.”
She gushed tears I almost felt through my phone; “Thank you, samii, I need to be with you and Long!”
“Nong Pung, we will talk about everything when you are here, but now I need you, and the baby: be calm and get a good night’s sleep, please: the baby’s father asks you to do this, for you and the baby.”

“I am happy now, Khun Steve; you accept me and our baby. I will – we will – go to sleep, and see you tomorrow; I love you, we Love you, Steve; good night my almost-husband.”

The voice in my mind said “You are a nice man, Khun Steve, and none of your words were lies: that is even better.”
I concentrated and didn’t speak, only thought, as strongly as I could: “Could you please now go to sleep, so I can concentrate my mind on driving and taking care of your daughter and our baby, please Long’s mother!”
There was a chuckle; “No more talk, promise Steve; drive carefully, and stop for your toilet and cigarette stops when you need: Long will stay asleep now.”

I got back into my seat, checked Long was ok – and that she still had her seat belt buckled – and took a mouthful of my beer; my life has gone from nothing to everything in just 3, almost 4 now, days.

The rest of the trip was uneventful; little traffic, I kept to the right-hand, fast lane, driving fast on the speed limit and away from trucks and slower vehicles, only moving to the left when I saw a faster car coming up behind me. I flashed my lights a long way behind slower cars I was coming up faster behind – almost guaranteed if it was a Mercedes-Benz they wouldn’t move over: the worst drivers in Thailand all had M-B’s, but remaining calm if I had to move left, overtake them and then cross back in front of them to the right lane.
I enjoy driving, but there are a lot of poor drivers in Thailand.

At Long’s house, I parked off the main soi, at their side soi corner; her mother was waiting as I gently kissed and woke Long; “We are home Long, come inside and go back to sleep in your bed.”
She stirred as her mother opened the door, told me to park close into the kerb, and follow inside; I did as told, removed Long’s things from the car, pressed the Immobilizer button and went tentatively into the house for the first time, the part behind the restaurant frontage around the corner.
Long’s mother met me, coming down stairs on the other side of a vast room, occupied by 2 motorcycles, clothes washing stands, a sofa, and cooking equipment arranged neatly on side tables.
“Long has gone to bed; she will sleep until morning; come with me Khun Steve.”
She led me up the stairs, at the top of which she opened a door and showed me Long sound asleep; but she led me to another room next door – it seemed to be her own.
“I thought you might like to clean your teeth.” She gave me a new toothbrush and pointed.

I also went to the toilet, washed my face and hands, thought of asking to have a shower, but a voice said “Not need”; so I dried myself on a towel Long’s mum had thrown on my shoulder and went into the bedroom.
She was standing there naked, by the bed; “Take off your clothes and come to bed and sleep, Steve.”
I did as ordered, my own will gone just as surely as when Long had taken it from me: like mother, like daughter without any doubt.
I took my shirt and underpants and shorts off, folded them on to a chair, and lay down in the bed; I was tired, but my cock, despite my silent urgings refused to lie down: it was rigid, upright and throbbing as Long’s mother climbed in beside me.
“Long knows this will happen, Steve; don’t worry. This is sharing what Long has from you and what she is going through, as is Pung to a lesser degree; you just go to sleep. I promise you no bad dreams, no nightmares, no demons will come to you when you are with me. In the morning, after you and Long sleep well, we will talk, and I will answer all your questions; now sleep.”

None of these words came from her lips, nor into my ears; I ‘heard’ them in my head and all I knew from her lips was a deep kiss, very deep, with a tongue snaking further down my throat than even Long’s, but it was caressing me inside out and it – how could it, but it did – lulled me to sleep, even as I knew she was inserting my cock into her body from on top of me.

I only vaguely sensed when I spurted; I heard my own moan, and I heard Long’s mother making the same keening sound Long had, and my body shuddered, but I didn’t wake: sleep was too nice to wake up just yet, and I had a beautiful female body cuddling me; nothing was going to wake me when Life seemed so perfectly happy in this sleep.
But wake up I did: my bladder needed emptying; it was then I found my cock inside Long’s mother’s cunt, lying side by side, her big breasts pressed against my chest and her one arm across my body, her other cradling my head.

I still had to go to the toilet, so I gently disengaged her, thinking her breasts were just like Long’s now – as in glorious and beautiful - but thinking that was a bad thought, and I felt guilty; she chuckled “no guilt, Steve; Long and I knew this was to come – and thank you for your thoughts about my breasts!”
I flushed red and knew it, but it was almost totally dark, so I assumed she couldn’t see – I don’t even know her name for goodness’ sake!
She spoke, from her mouth this time “No need to feel embarrassed Steve, none at all; and my name is Long also; it carries down through the girls of the family; go to the toilet and come back to sleep.”
When I returned, sliding under the light duvet, her hands reached for me and my cock; she said “We don’t actually need to do this again, but I want to, Steve – do you?”
These were the exact same words Long had said when we made love just before sunset; I was astounded – but why should I be, I asked myself: this has all been beyond my ken, so why wouldn’t Long and her mother say the same words?
Of course, it was also as rhetorical now as when Long had asked: so I made love with Long, the mother, as I had done with Long, the daughter and, now that I was awake for this fucking, I prolonged it the same and made sure the sperm she wanted, just as clearly as her daughter had, burst forth to penetrate her womb and seek the eggs she seemed to have stored therein for this moment, even if the time before had, must have, done the ‘job’ she wanted.
Now, I was certain, I had 3 pregnant women to take care of!

But, even amidst her keening sounds of orgasm, Long voiced her thoughts to me “Do not worry about anything, Steve; 3 women, 3 babies – perhaps more, even I cannot tell that – we will all be taken care of; you will love us all, but you will not have any problems caring for us: no money problems, no household problems, no wife problems (unless you want); this I guarantee and promise you: you have made these babies with Love; that is all that is required for you to have in your heart.”
She gasped and my cock gave a last flare of openness to the semen and sperm into her, and she gurgled and said quietly “Maybe I can tell when there will be more than one baby....”

I stayed there, letting the river flow freely into her, until I was spent; but I still stayed there, only now I could nuzzle at her breasts and let my mouth suck on her mounds until I closed my lips around her nipples – the same long and large nipples as her daughter – and I sucked on them.
I found what I half-expected: milk was there and flowing; that rich, thick, life-giving food a baby needs soon after it enters this world, but which Long, daughter and mother, began producing from the moment of conception it seemed. It was already a question on my list for later, so now I just swapped breasts and fell asleep on her nipple, just as a satisfied baby would.

I woke abruptly when a body flopped on top of me, and a cunt swallowed my half-asleep/half-awake cock; when my eyes focused they were on the grinning face of Pung, but they lost focus as her mouth lowered and began devouring my own and her cunt ate my cock in a frenzy of hip thrusting fucking – from Pung, as I lay there helplessly and inactively, except for the now grown cock (which, when all be told, wasn’t even a part of me: it had its own independent life most times.)

One might think Pung hadn’t had sex for months, such was her appetite, but, whatever time it was now, it had only been the previous day and evening when we had fucked twice and she had become pregnant during the evening coupling; perhaps her need during pregnancy was going to be for sex rather than some food or snack craving.
How was I to cope with all these new entangled situations?
Pung finally climaxed, without my cock even getting close to ejaculating (which seemed slightly odd at the time) and relaxed on me as I lightly stroked the side of the mounds of her breasts where they were squashed against my chest; she had been a normal, small-breasted teenager yesterday morning; now she was a full-breasted, pregnant woman.

After a few minutes deep breathing, she giggled “I am here, my samii; Long is helping her mother with the lunch crowd, so she sent me up to see if you were awake for some food; I decided you wouldn’t mind if I got my ‘menu order’ first – thank you, samii, I missed you, and the baby did too: here, feel the heartbeat....”
She took my right hand and squeezed it between us, leaning her breasts up, and I could distinctly feel a rhythmic beating, a strong heart within her abdomen.
I quickly said “Pung, if you know, or if Long told you, whether it is a boy or girl, you or she, then do not tell me. I told Long the same: I want the miracle of birth to show me at that moment of delivery, please, I ask this of you.”
“Long already told me not to tell you, Steve; I won’t, promise.”
“Now, don’t be lazy; get up, shower, whatever and come down and see all your pregnant wives: piece of paper or not, ceremony or not, you now have 3 more of us!”

She lifted herself off me, off my sucking cock, and I rolled out of bed as Pung folded up the duvet, smoothed out the sheet and pillows of Long, the mother’s bed, and came into the bathroom to rinse herself off under the shower as I brushed my teeth.
Looking at her body in the mirror, she was radiant with happiness, and her body was that of a woman whose baby might be due in the next few months, not 9 months away: apart from her breasts, the girl of yesterday was gone; hips broadened for birth, abdomen showing the state of pregnancy, and the dreamy smile of a contented mother-to-be: she was lovely and beautiful and, when I had rinsed my mouth and turned to face her, I told her so.
She burst into tears, those tears of a pregnancy which come unbidden at moments of happiness or moments of frustration equally.
I cuddled her and soothed her by running my hands up and down her back; when she quietened, she pulled back from me and said with a smile “Our baby needs ‘it’s’ daddy to shower now; you smell of sex and it makes me horny again; I think you have one very horny Pung, starting from yesterday and I hope forever.”
She kissed me, not with lust: with the Love of a woman for her man, the one she wants.

As I stepped into the shower, I asked “What is the time, Pung, please.”
She must have seen a clock in the room somewhere, “14.35; see you downstairs, samii.”

Hair and body washed, dressed in my same clothes – I need to go to my own house and change; perhaps I should bring some here to leave; no, that would be presumptuous of me....I was going to get confused if I tried to think of all the practical, impractical, rational and irrational things which were just waiting, churning around in my mind, ready to spill forth and strangle me because there could be so many words, to so many questions, I might not be able to take a breath before I passed out from oxygen deprivation!
“Stay calm, Steve; come downstairs for a start, have a cafe and a cigarette; one step at a time.” It was Long the mother sending me her understanding thoughts, but Long the daughter repeated her mother’s words, like an echo 30 seconds after the original, so I took a deep breath and went downstairs, not sure what people in the street, who might very well know me, might think: ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ the old quip came, and I stepped out the side entrance and around to the restaurant, front side and sat with Pung at a table.

Long, the daughter – I need to nickname them or something so I don’t have to keep saying to myself ‘Long the mother...Long...’ – came over and kissed me, thankfully on the cheek, “Good morning, Lover; you had a busy night and, ah, a nice ‘wake-up’ call I understand; I will get you a cafe to start.”
I flushed red; how could I cope with 3 women, when surely, one of these days, someone would get upset at the situation and what might happen then!
“Ssshhh, Steve; one step at a time, what you fear will never happen; here’s your cafe.”
It was Long in my head, Long the d...”what about I call you ‘Long J’ for Junior, and just call your mother ‘Long’; would that be ok with you, Long the daughter?” I sent my thought, but I didn’t need to; 2 chuckling thoughts came straight into my head, “That is fine, Steve; whatever makes you comfortable is fine with us; there is my grandmother, of course: her name is Long also – you will meet her soon.”
I groaned.

Long (the mother) now said in open voice: “Why don’t you go home, change clothes, and, yes, bring some here; then we will eat inside when the last people are gone and Long ‘J’ and I clean up – then we will talk.”
I nodded and went to my car and drove home, parking it as usual, in case of prying neighbours – though, I was thinking now: it cannot be hidden if I spend time at Long’s place – everyone will eventually see me, including my wife, so why hide anything, I asked myself.

“You don’t need to” Long J’s thought came to me; “Come back to me, to us – you will hear it all, Steve.”
I did just that; changed the clothes I had on, packed a small bag with some more essentials and decided I would drive the car back, not ride my bicycle: I could hide myself at least in a car, even if everyone knew the car; I parked in the side soi as last night and went in the side gate entrance.
The 3 women were sitting on the sofa, waiting for me; it was time for Revelations.

Mother Long gave me a bottle, glass and ice, placing them onto a small table beside the seat for me; she patted Pung’s leg and Pung fell asleep: just like that, with Long J making her comfortable in the corner of the sofa, idly stroking Pung’s leg.
“We will do this into your thoughts, Steve; it will help you absorb the knowledge better than words.
“First: we are descended from a long line, going way back into a forgotten time which, in Thailand, is referred to as the ‘time of the demons and witches’.
“We are not the demons, but you may think of us as witches, though we refer to ourselves as ‘Mystics’, Knower of many Truths and secrets, and of Knowledge ignored by ordinary people.
“Hence, we can communicate like this; we can choose our partner/s based on criteria we have carried through the ages, choose when it is time to become pregnant with the next descendant/s, and take care of that chosen one for as long as he or she cares to exist.”

“The man who I chose to beget Long ‘J’ was unable to accept our lives beyond a certain point and he fled when I became pregnant; I had made a mistaken choice and vowed to do much, much better when it became time for my daughter to seek a partner: we, I, chose you – and let me say: it was an easy choice once I had gained my insight of your heart and your soul. I was happy to recommend you to Long J, and she had already reached the same choice independently.”
“I certainly did” Long J intruded, a big smile on her face at me.

I drank of my beer, Long nodded before I had asked if I could smoke, but I remained mute, needing to absorb the thoughts, yet still try and retain the questions which I could not yet tick off my list as answered.

“I gave you your sperm back to impregnate my daughter yesterday, it being the most auspicious time for her. Long J gave you the sperm to impregnate Pung and I, rather selfishly, let you keep more sperm to impregnate me again – and you should know: I believe you have given me twins; well, in fact, I know it, and this is a very rare occurrence in my family line, very special.
“But your sperm has now retreated and only if you truly want to become a father again, with another partner, will it be allowed to you; however, your, ah, manhood will remain as strong as it has been these 2 days, for your enjoyment with us and others, if you so choose.
“We do not have you as a prisoner, Khun Steve; your free will is all yours – we only play games with it [chuckles] when we are making love with you.

“You are worried about your home situation, your wife, we know. Last night I implanted in her mind thoughts of happiness about you, and other thoughts so she will never query or worry or feel jealous if you are not at home – if you stay here for example; she will be content with her life and with you as her nominal husband. Today, at her work, she will find she has been promoted and her salary will be such she will need no more money from you.
“She won’t even mind when you go and stay with Pung in Chantaburi for the pregnancy.
“You will find when you withdraw money from your ATM, here or in Viet Nam, the amount you withdraw will be immediately replaced with the same amount. Do not fear we are stealing it, Steve, it is just an electronic transaction we can do with no harm to anybody.”

“So, practical matters are covered, you need never worry about them again.
“Now it might become harder for you to accept.
“You know Long J and I are pregnant, advanced, and already lactating; you can understand that to go from non-pregnant to a rounded, pregnant belly in a matter of days might cause some consternation in our small village here....”

Here I couldn’t remain quiet and I began to sob; “You are leaving me Long J; I knew my fear was a real fear, and I know I can’t, and don’t want to, live without you, the Love and Light of my Life: please!”

Long J sniffled and sent her teary thought to me, “It is the Way it must be, Steve, my lover; it is why I could never trust myself to return your words, yet I do Love you. My mother says it is an unwritten Law we cannot love so much as to feel beyond our calling, but I know I do.
“That is why you will soon meet my Grandmother; she is the rule-maker of our Clan, and only she can allow a change in Rules or the Law; and I have already asked her to consider me having a Life with you; she will deliberate for some time, and then we will meet when she is ready with a decision. But: I love you, Steve; my ages-old heart knows this, believe me.”

Long began her thoughts again; “This is why Long J allowed you to impregnate Pung; she will be a more earthly wife for you to have in your future, in case the Law is upheld and my daughter cannot stay with you.
“Pung is young; I have explained part of all this to her, but she is so astounded by the happenings and happiness since she met you yesterday, she has calmly accepted her pregnancy, the ‘magic’ of it, and she Loves you. You will be able to gently answer her questions after this.
“She also will find her money taken care of, the baby will lack for nothing Pung even thinks of, and she will have you as her husband and father to your baby.
“Her family are traditionally superstitious; they think it is a miracle pregnancy and will continue to think so, even though Pung’s time will only be about 3 months, and your baby with her will be born, healthy always and carrying some of the attributes of the Long family within her – or him; it is so because you were the one to make her pregnant and because you are now of our Clan, Khun Steve.”

“Do you have any questions, Steve?” It was Long J feeling my pain.

I nodded “When will you leave? Will I meet Grandmother in person so I can explain my Love for you? Will we be able to communicate like this when you are...away? What will you think if I am with Pung? Pung seems to be, ah, very horny since yesterday – what will you feel when she and I make love? How will I survive without you, Long –even though I knew it was too good for my Life to have you in it, you came, and now you are going?”
I was crying by now and Long J came to me, stroked my face with that electrifying touch and dried the tears instantly; her hand soothed my brow and my questions evaporated from my consciousness, the fears dissipated and the future was fleetingly shown as Happiness.

I laid my head on her shoulder, my arms around her, and if not crying, it was because there was an emptiness within me, a void, where before I was filled and satisfied with the magical Love for and of Long J, and Life had seemed complete.

Long began answering my questions:
“We must leave within the week, Steve, before we begin to show too much to avoid comment; a cousin and his wife will arrive tomorrow to take over, while mother and daughter go on a ‘long holiday’.
“Yes, you can meet Grandmother; when she is ready to convene, we will call for you, probably in Chantaburi, probably within 2 weeks; Pung can stay here until then, and when I call you, you can bring Pung home to her family then.
“I will be able to send you thoughts; Long J is getting stronger at it and will be able to also soon; but we will both hear your thoughts sent to us, do not fear: we are not abandoning you, Steve: you are part of us now and shall remain so.
“As for Pung’s affections; she too is now linked with us, and no member of our Clan has ever felt jealousy towards another member. Besides, Steve, she is in love with you and with your baby, and she will need your love in return to support her; give her of your heart, as you have given to Long J and me.
“Pung will wake soon and she will want you again – or you can wake her on the sofa. Long J and I will go and finish the dishes and go for showers and a rest – pregnant women need to start resting, as you know Dad Steve.
“Be happy Steve; you have made 3 women happy, now feel it within, and for, yourself.”

Pung duly woke, stretched out on the sofa and sought my face to smile at; I perched on the floor beside her breast, ruffled her t-shirt up over naked mounds and put my mouth gently to her nipples, sucking lightly and feel the trickle of her milk.
She giggled “I need to go and buy new bras, mine are too small now; and I need buy those breast pads for when women have milk leaking out; one touch from you and I know I will be wet through my bra and shirt without a pad!”
“Perhaps all 3 of you ladies need go shopping for the same thing; maybe we can go after Long and Long J have their rest.”

“I have had my rest, Steve, now I would like to make love again – it seems such a long time!”
I laughed “Well, perhaps 3-4 hours could be a ‘long time’ for you, sweet Pung.”
And I slipped my shorts off, hers also, and I entered her grasping vagina, to her cry of satisfaction that we were joined again.

Postscript to Part 2:
The practical matters worked exactly as Long had said they would; my wife stopped complaining, accepting everything I did without question, as she was now a woman of means in her own right.
We went shopping, the 3 Ladies buying many new bra and panties sets to take them through their (short) pregnancy cycle; the salesgirl was astounded, but happily totted up the bill and I offered to pay, reaching for my standard Bank debit card; instead I found a Platinum credit card: my name, even my signature on the reverse.
I handed it over to the now obsequious cashier, looked across at Long, who just smiled and shrugged her shoulders, whispering “It has 1 million Baht limit, but your statement will never come, Steve: it will always remain 1 million, whatever you buy; Pung has the same.”

I had made a conscious decision that I would go home, do the washing, ironing, vacuum downstairs, and thus continue my standard household chores until I engaged a maid to do this.
Amazingly – though what could ever again be truly ‘amazing’ – a beautiful young girl, 15y.o. she told me, arrived at my gate as I was vacuuming; she introduced herself as Neng.
She told me Long had sent her – and Long’s thought came to me “You can trust her, Khun Steve, she is a distant cousin of the Clan” - so I accepted her immediately; she had a small bag with her and I took her upstairs, showed her the spare room she could have, pointed out the bathroom, my wife’s room; got towels for her, then downstairs to the kitchen, washing machine – “yes, I know how to use” – the iron and said “I will pay you 20,000Bt a month to do all the housework; free board, nothing to pay extra, you just take care of your own food, unless my wife arranges something different”
“Does that sound agreeable, nong Neng?”
She nodded “Aunty Long told me you might come with the house sometimes, Khun Steve; is that true – I hope so.” Long J chuckled in my thoughts, “Say yes, Steve, for the times you need some enjoyment at home.”
I nodded to Neng, “Sometimes nong.”

And thus began the countdown to Long J’s leaving, Pung’s baby coming, and Neng here now.....Part 3 well underway....if wanted; but I have much more to say, wanted or not it will be written.

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