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Sam was sitting in Terminal 6 at LAX. His flight had been canceled, then he had been bumped and now he was in the middle of 12 hour wait for the red-eye back east. The plan had started out simple enough San Francisco to Detriot, Detroit to Columbus and home. That didn't happen because they wanted to put 104 people in a plane that had seats for 102. Motherfuckers!

That's okay. San Francisco to LAX, LAX to Atlanta, Atlanta to Columbus. Upgrade to first class and only get home 3 hours later. It turns out though that too foggy to land at LAX is not too foggy to take off from LAX. Motherfuckers!

12 hour wait, followed by being packed in the back of a redeye to Chicago. A flight to Pittsburgh and then Columbus. A day and a half after he was supposed to be home. Now he was sitting by the international departures, pondering that if he had just flown out to Honolulu, Sydney, Mumbai, Paris, New York and Columbus, he would be home 2 hours earlier. If he had gotten on 80 and driven hammerdown he would have been home 12 hours earlier.

Motherfuckers! Now he was stranded in LAX with no place to go, nothing to do. He looked across the terminal and saw what could be described only as a hippie chick sitting on a large canvas duffel.

Sam was bored. He knew she might be good for some entertainment. As he approached her he noticed her hair was in a combination of dreadlocks and tiny beaded braids. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse that revealed copious armpit hair. It was like she was smuggling rabbis. She had a long patchwork skirt on that looked like it could use some more patching. It came down to just above her hairy ankles. She was wearing a pair of leather thong sandals that looked like they had seen better days.

"Hi I'm Sam."

"Fuck off." she said with a thick australian accent.

"Nice to meet you Fuck Off. I'm stranded here for a while and I wondered if you would be interested in a drink or ten."

"Are you mental? Fuck off and leave me alone."

Sam wandered away to the duty free shop and coaxed a nice couple to buy him a bottle of Vodka, saying they were going to be taking it with them. He then raided McDonalds for a couple of kids cups full of ice. Then he was back in front of the young lady. He opened the bottle, poured two cups and offered her a choice.

"Damn. I haven't had real booze in a long time." She said.

"Really? Where have you been?"

"Out in the amazon studying the native tribes. They manage an okay palm wine that is sweet the first day, burning with alcohol the second, and vinegar the third. I tried going into Brasilia a couple of times but the only people drinking there are ex-pat oil men and gang rape isn't my idea of a good time. I was supposed to be out on the last flight but air service from Brazil is a bit dodgy."

She finished her cup and Sam poured her more.

"So what are you doing here?" She said slurring her words.

"Meeting with Sun. Working on some GCC things."

"Global Climate Change! Really, you don't look the type."

Sam realized his khaki's and polo shirt marked him as a business type and not hippy friendly. He was glad though that she confused the GNU C Compiler for Global Climate Change. He was bored and horny and she was drinking vodka far faster than he was. Hopefully he could score a bit of strange.

"So what is you're actual name?"

"Sheila, and don't you dare say a fukkin' thing about it."

"Wouldn't dream of it. You know Sheila, you are quite an attractive woman."

She smiled and looked at him alluringly, tilting her head back and showing him a couple of chin hairs.

"It's been sooooo long for me." She slurred as Sam filled her cup with more vodka. "See there were only the natives and a good… Anthro… Anthropologist doesn't fuck the test subjects."

Sam stood and helped Sheila to her feet. She grabbed the rope tying her duffle bag shut and followed him to the family bathroom. Once inside Sam locked the door and Sheila smiled. She reached down and lifted the shirt up and over her head and tossed it onto the floor, revealing an old warn bra. She pushed her skirt down revealing a pair of plain white panties that looked like she had lived in them a week. From the sides of her panties a full bush peeked out.

Sheila took the bra straps off her shoulders and slid the bra down revealing large nipples with a ring of hair around them. She put her hands under her breasts and lifted them up and said, "Ah… That feels good." She slid the clasp of the bra around to the front and then unhooked it.

She took down her panties letting her full brown bush air out. Sam could see large full lips hiding in the hair. She ran her fingers through the hair and a finger over her clit. "MMM… So go to be naked again." She tossed her panties and they landed on Sam's face. He took a deep breath and smelled the scent of a woman. He smelled the slight fish and ammonia smell of her pussy when had been confined for far too long and the sweet and bitter smell of her asshole. He noticed a faint skid mark in front of his eye and yellow staining at the edges from days of riding in the crease of her legs. Sam inhaled deeply savoring the intimate smells and then stuffed her panties in his pocket.

She laughed hard and threw her around around his neck and kissed him deeply. Her tongue drove into his mouth and his hand reached down and cupped her bare ass cheeks pulling them apart. She farted and broke the kiss to giggle.

Sam started to take off his clothes and pile them neatly in the corner.

Sheila opened her duffle and emptied dirty clothes all over the bathroom floor. Shirts, pants, bras and panties were everywhere. The room took on the smell of a woman in heat. The warm smell infected Sam's nostrils and enflamed his passions.

Sheila sat slouched against the wall her legs spread. Her pussy was a bright red as she spread her inner lips.

Sam dove in the hair tickling his face and the smell driving him mad. He sucked on her clit and was rewarded with a squirt of slickness on his chin. He started to lap at her pussy lips, the salty metallic taste filling his mouth. He drove three fingers into her pussy and felt her squeeze on them hard. He stuck his pinkie into her hairy asshole and it opened without protest.

"Fuck me!" She shouted as Sam drove his fingers in and out. He cock was painfully hard now and he drove it into her.

Sheila slid down the wall and started pushing off of, sliding across the floor on her dirty laundry. Sam pounded into her again and again, feeling her pussy conform itself to his pounding cock. He loved the feeling of sliding into her.

Sheila spread her hairy legs further and grabbed her ankles giving Sam access to pound in deeper. He turned his head and kissed her ankle and the down her hairy calf. As Sam pounded into her seizing pussy he realized her legs were almost as hairy as his.

Sam took a nipple into his mouth and started to suck on it. Out of curiosity he pinched some airpit hair and pulled. She purred and he pussy instantly tightened. He sped up his grinding, and she shouted "Stop. In my ass. Put it in my ass."

Not being one who needed to be told twice Sam pulled out of her pussy and drove his cock into her asshole. He went in easy and smooth. As he drove in he noticed her gaping pussy where his cock had been. It was full of her fluid and spasming regularly.

He started to drive into her ass and she rested her legs on his shoulders. One of her hands was diddling her clit with the other hand drove fingers into her pussy. Sam new he couldn't last and drove in deep and shot his cum deep into her.

"Yes. Yes. Yes." She shouted and Sam watched her pussy contract as her fluid squirted onto his crotch.

He felt his cock start to soften and he was going to pull out when she said "Stop. Stay in me a bit." He paused and felt her tighten her ass around him, like she was pulling him in.

"I want you to pee." She said. "Fill me with your piss." Sam concentrated. In theory it was an easy operation, relax the bladder and pee. He had been doing it on command since he was 2. The lingering hardon and pressure of her sphincter made it difficult but finally he managed to start peeing and then fill her ass.

"mmmm" She moaned. "I feel so full."

He told her when he was done and slid off his dick and sat on the toilet. Sam stood in front of her and she started to suck on his dick as the wet mixture squirted out of her ass and into the toilet.

Sam was hard again in no time and Sheila was sucking like a woman possessed. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock while one hand worked her clit while the index finger of her other hand made a line for Sam's asshole. With her finger buried deep she pulled forward and Sam felt himself cumming instantly.

Sheila held the cum in her mouth and then spit it into the toilet to join the mixture of shit piss and cum that filled bowl. She sucked her finger clean and said, "We'd better go."

Sam left the bathroom holding the remains of the vodka bottle. 15 minutes later Sheila emerged and flashed Sam her bare hairy pussy. She quickly boarded her plane.

Later that day as Sam was riding the red eye east he pulled Sheila's panties out of his pocket and sniffed them.

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2013-03-16 15:26:05
A pretty good story if a bit gross, not my style but thanks for your effort. And it is hirsute if you are going for 'hairy'. But who am I to criticize, I spell words wrong, too, sometimes.

anonymous readerReport

2013-01-22 22:30:56
Makes absolutely no sense to me but then again, not much about today's panerts seem to make much sense. Can't seem to discipline their kids properly, can't seem to praise them properly, can't seem to teach them properly, can't let them play, can't seem to spend any time with them. It's that Time out generation of parenting and the results are pretty plain to see.Not saying all modern day panerts are like that of course but those that take parenting seriously (like my folks did and I'm in my 50th year) often end up with a lot of grief from their State as well as certain nosy neighbors.Seems like that little girl was being very logical about the whole thing but I would have waited with her bathing suit at the door (out of sight of course) to give her enough time to make the decision on her own before I brought it out. Then I would have told her that next time she wanted to continue soaking her head , just to ask me and that we'll go get that bathing suit again. Of course I'd have to

anonymous readerReport

2013-01-14 13:15:43
What you described sdnuos like a huge over reaction by the parents. There are so many better ways to have handled the situation. But I must refrain from being prescriptive in my approach since I used to run through the lawn sprinkler myself as a young boy, sometimes in swim trunks (parents' preference), sometimes naked (my preference). That personal preference continues today but is expressed somewhat differently skinny dipping is great!


2012-12-20 02:14:58
I really nice story. I'm not big on hairy tits or legs, and I have no opinion on pit hair, but I absolutely LOVE when a girl is hiding a hedgehog in her panties. Your ability to create a word picture is top notch; I learned a few things by reading this story that will help me with my own stuff.

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2012-12-20 02:14:26
Was very well written tho :)

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