I've been concentrating so hard on classes the last few months I didn't have time to work on my stories, but school is done and I'm working on the stories again. Here's the first new chapter, enjoy and as always I look forward to your comments.
Chapter 8

“Mom,” Dave called from the kitchen door, “Linda and I are going over to Kim and Jane’s.”

“Have you finished your studies yet?” Mrs. Norman asked, walking into the kitchen and giving both of her children a penetrating glare.

“That’s why we’re going over to Kim and Jane’s,” Dave replied, turning to show his mother the heavy backpack on his shoulder. “We’re going over for a study session.”

“But you’re not in the same grades,” Dave’s mother said suspiciously.

“Mom, it’s middle school,” Dave pointed out in exasperation, “we may not be in the same grade, but we do share classes.”

“I guess so, but why can’t the girls come here to study?”

“Sure, we could do that,” Dave shrugged, “what kind of snacks do we have?”


“Sure, mom,” Linda said before her brother could answer. “You know how much we eat when we’re studying.”

“Right,” Mrs. Norman chewed her bottom lip for several seconds before she continued. “I guess it’s alright if you go over to your Uncle Ted’s for your study session. Just make sure you get all your work done.”

“Ok, mom, thanks,” Dave called before he followed Linda through the open door.

“Quick thinking, Dave,” Linda giggled as soon as they were clear of the house. “I never would have thought of the snack card on my own.

“Well I’ve known mom longer than you,” Dave grinned. “I knew that if she put up a fuss all I had to do was remind her of how much we eat when we’re studying and then she’d decide that Uncle Ted could afford to feed us better than she and dad could feed Kim and Jane.”

“And that’s without knowing that three of us could be eating for two,” Linda pointed out.

“Maybe,” Dave said hesitantly. “Kim and Jane both told me that they missed their periods two weeks ago, but I don’t know if they’ve confirmed their pregnancies yet. Are sure about yours?”

“As sure as I can be,” Linda sighed, “I missed my period last week, and the last two mornings I woke up feeling queasy. I’m just glad mom and dad left for work before I ended up running for the bathroom. “

”Sounds like you could be pregnant,” Dave agreed. “Are you sure mom doesn’t suspect anything?”

“Not unless she’s even more suspicious than I expect,” Linda said nervously. “I even used my pads even though my period didn’t come. Since mom put a new box of sanitary pads in the bathroom when I emptied the box I’m sure she was keeping an eye on them, but she doesn’t suspect a thing.”

“Good thinking with the pads,” Dave admitted, shifting his book filled backpack as the two of them turned to take the shortcut through the woods. “But sooner or later mom and dad are going to catch on when your panties start getting tight.”

“We have a while before that happens,” Linda sighed, “and we’ll come up with something to do before that.”

“Something,” Dave agreed.

“So, are we really going to Kim and Jane’s for a study session?” Linda asked.

“In a way,” Dave chuckled. “I don’t know about you, but I finished my regular homework last night. But I was thinking I’d do some extra credit work for Sex-Ed.”

“Sounds good to me,” Linda giggled, picking up the pace so Dave had to run to keep up with her.

“Hi, Uncle Ted,” Dave greeted his uncle when he opened the door for them.

“Hi, kids,” Uncle Ted, stepped back from the door so Dave and Linda could enter the living room. He closed the door behind them before he turned to continue. “Kim, Jane, and Beth aren’t here right now, but they should be back anytime now.”

“We’ll wait,” Dave said, setting his backpack on the floor and flopping back into one of the comfortable chairs. “Any idea where they are?”

“Yeah, they managed to get a Saturday doctors appointment,” Uncle Ted sat down in one of the other easy chairs while Linda claimed the third one. “They called after the appointment to say they were going on a quick shopping spree, but they should be back any minute.”

“A shopping spree,” Dave tapped his chin thoughtfully. “That could mean good news or bad. Either their all pregnant and need new wardrobes, or they’re not pregnant and they need to cheer themselves up.”

“I wonder if I’ll need a new wardrobe,” Linda grinned.

“What’s this?” Uncle Ted, perking up at his young niece’s words. “Another possible pregnancy?”

“I hope so,” Linda told her uncle about her late period and morning sickness. “But I haven’t been able to verify it yet. If I go to the doctor he’ll tell mom, and I haven’t figured out how to sneak a home pregnancy test into the house.”

“Well, I think we can take care of both problems. First, we can spare a home pregnancy test, we have a couple in the bathroom so feel free to help yourself. As far as the doctor goes, your family doctor may tell your parents if you’re pregnant, but our doctor is more discrete.”

“I’ll accept the pregnancy test,” Linda decided, “but I’ll have to think about the doctor. I’m sure he’s discrete, but I’m not sure if I can trust him since I don’t know him.”

“The pregnancy tests are in the drawer on the left side of the sink,” Ted told Linda as she headed down the hall. “And I understand your concerns about the doctor, but think about it, ok?”

“I’ll think about it,” Linda promised, closing the bathroom door behind her.

“Do you really think,” Dave said hesitantly.

“I think you hit four home runs,” Uncle Ted chuckled at the look on Dave’s face. “Hey, all four of them wanted babies and you were willing to fuck them and knock them up. It was just a matter of time before all four of them got knocked up, but when someone’s that determined to have a baby it usually happens sooner instead of later.”

“They were determined to have my baby,” Dave agreed. “Especially Aunt Beth. She told me that she was taking fertility drugs.”

“I know,” Ted nodded, “ she was a little worried because she’s getting older so she wanted some extra help and figured it wouldn’t hurt to have more than one baby if the drugs proved to be affective.”

“It’s kind of exciting to know that Aunt Beth wants my baby that much,” Dave sighed, “but I’m not sure if I’m ready to have twins or more. I’m not even sure if I’m ready to have four babies from four different girls at the same time.”

“You do realize that you don’t have to worry about Beth’s, Kim’s, or Jane’s babies,” Dave’s uncle pointed out. “As far as anyone will ever know Beth’s babies are mine, and Beth and I will adopt Kim and Jane’s babies so you won’t even have any responsibility for them.”

“Not legally,” Dave agreed, “but I’ll still feel responsible. In fact I want to be responsible. I like the idea that their my babies – even if no one else ever knows it.”

“I can understand that,” Uncle Ted said with a wistful grin, “I remember how proud I was when Beth was pregnant with Kim. I wanted everyone to know that I was the one responsible for her big belly, and I was even prouder when Kim was born and I was able to show her off to everyone.”

“Then you know just how I feel,” Dave nodded. “Knowing that my babies are growing in their bellies makes me so horny I want to fuck them all over again.”

“You and me both,” Ted groaned. “I wish they were home right now so I could fuck them.”

“We do have one girl here to fuck,” Dave pointed out. “As horny as I am right now you’ll have to wait to fuck her though.”

“Maybe, maybe not,” Uncle Ted said thoughtfully. “There is a way we could both fuck Linda at the same time.”

“What do you have in mind?” Dave asked cautiously.

“It’s called a fuck sandwich,” Uncle Ted explained. “One of us fucks her in the cunt, and the other one fucks her in the ass. Do you think Linda would be interested?”

“I don’t know abut Linda,” Dave said with a slow grin, “but I’d like to try. I’m not even sure if Linda’s been fucked in the ass yet, but just the idea of both of us fucking her at the same time as you has me so hard I’m about to tear through my pants.”

“Me too,” Ted chuckled. “And Linda has been fucked in the ass. Just like Kim and Jane she didn’t want to take a chance that I’d knock her up instead of you, but she did let me fuck her in the ass just like my daughters. So what do you think? Will she want to try a sandwich?”

“If you’re talking about me, I’d love a sandwich,” Linda said as she walked into the living room with a broad grin. “Especially since I’m now eating for two.”

“Really?” Dave leaned forward to get a better look at the pregnancy test while his sister held it out for him to see.

“That’s what the test says,” Linda said excitedly. “Of course there’s a chance the test is wrong so I still need to be checked out by a doctor to be sure, but these things are pretty accurate.”

“I’m sure your Aunt Beth will set up an appointment for you with her doctor,” Uncle Ted told his niece, taking the pregnancy test from Dave when he was done reading it. “Her doctor is very discreet – especially since he tends to be his own best customer when it comes to pregnancy tests.”

“That’s good, because I want to keep this pregnancy secret from mom and dad as long as possible. Considering how uptight they are I’m sure they’ll have plans for me and the baby when they find out about the pregnancy – plans I don’t want to think about.”

“Now how abut that sandwich? I’m starving.”

“Wrong kind of sandwich, sis,” Dave said. “Uncle Ted was telling me about a fuck sandwich with you as the meat and the two of us as the bread.”

“What kind of sandwich is that?” Linda asked with a frown.

“It’s a fuck sandwich,” Uncle Ted explained what he meant when he saw that Linda was still confused.

“That actually sounds like fun. Dave’s fucked me in the pussy, and you’ve fucked me in the ass, Uncle Ted; but getting fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time sounds pretty hot. I’m willing to give it a try, but I still want something to eat first.”

“Ok, ok,” Uncle Ted chuckled, putting his hands up in surrender, “I know how hungry teenagers get, and I know how hungry a pregnant woman gets, so I can guess how hungry a pregnant teenager gets. One sandwich coming up.”

“Could you make that two?” Dave asked when his uncle got up to head for the kitchen. “And a couple sodas would be nice too.”

“I’ll just make it a sandwich and soda for each of us,” Ted promised.

By the time Ted returned with the food Dave and Linda had stripped out of their clothes and Dave was sucking his sister’s tits like he expected to get milk out of them already. “Save one of those for me,” Ted begged, setting the tray with the sandwiches and sodas on the coffee table and joining his niece and nephew on the couch.

While her uncle and brother sucked her breasts Linda managed to grab one of the sandwiches from the tray and started eating it between gasps and groans of pleasure. Linda licked her fingers clean and stretched for her soda, just managing to reach it without pulling her nipples away from her uncle and brother. She swigged down the soda, enjoying the cold liquid as it slid down her throat and then set the empty plastic bottle down on the coffee table before she turned to her two lovers.

“Now that I’ve finished that sandwich I’m ready for the other kind,” she noted with a smile.

“I guess you are,” Uncle Ted slid his fingers between her pussy lips and looked at the slippery juices dripping from his thick digits. “So you decide, Linda, who gets your pussy, and who gets your ass.”

“Well,” Linda looked closely at her uncle’s cock as she spoke, “as much as I’d like to have your prick in my pussy I’m still not completely sure if I’m pregnant. So, until the doctor confirms my pregnancy you’ll have to stick with my ass, and Dave gets my cunt.”

“I understand,” Uncle Ted said with a long-suffering sigh. “After all, you do want to make sure that your first baby is Dave’s. So let’s get this sandwich started.”

Ted stepped away from the couch and stripped out of his clothes until he was as naked as niece and nephew. While their uncle was getting ready to join them Dave sat back on the couch. Once her brother was ready Linda straddled his legs and lowered herself on his hard cock, lowering her pussy an inch at a time until her slit had swallowed his whole shaft. Linda held Dave’s cock deep in her pussy and leaned forward until her breasts were pressed against her brother’s chest and her ass was raised, ready for her uncle’s thick cock.

Using some lube from the end-table Ted coated his cock and then came up behind Linda. Ted hesitated and gave Dave a quick nod before he slid his hips forward and buried his cock deep into the twelve-year-old’s tight ass. “Oh my God,” Linda cried, “I can feel your cocks rubbing against each other in my belly, inside my pregnant belly. I hope the baby loves this as much as I do.”

“At this rate your baby will be born addicted to cock,” Uncle Ted grunted.

“Do you really think I’m going to have a girl?” Linda gasped, sliding her body back and forth between her brother and uncle while they slammed their rock hard cocks in and out of her holes.

“I hope so,” Dave told his sister, “because if her pussy’s half as tight as yours I’ll want to fuck it for sure.”

“Don’t worry, Dave,” the cock filled girl groaned with the pleasure of her building orgasm, “after our girl is born I’ll let her fuck you for sure. And I won’t make her wait until she’s twelve if she wants to fuck you sooner than that.”

“What about me?” Uncle Ted asked, “you’re not going to keep me out of your family fuck, are you?”

“Of course not,” Linda panted, her stomach starting to quiver with her approaching orgasm. “You can fuck our little girl as often as you want, as long as she wants to fuck you.”

“If she’s half as horny as her parents I don’t think that will be a problem.”

“We’re all going to be one happy, horny, fucking family aren’t we?” Dave chuckled.

“We already are,” Linda cried, her voice raising to a wordless scream of pleasure when her orgasm slammed through her whole body.

“When Linda’s orgasm hit her slit and ass clamped tight around the two cock’s sliding in and out of her body and her brother and uncle both slammed into holes one last time while they both spurted their baby juice deep in her body.

“I’m cumming,” Dave groaned, shooting wad after wad of sperm into his pregnant sister’s clamping pussy.

“So am I,” Uncle Ted groaned. “My God, this has to be the tightest ass I ever fucked. Please, tell me you’ll let me fuck it again, Linda.”

“Sure thing, Uncle Ted,” Linda said, collapsing into her brother’s lap with Dave’s cock still held tightly between her pussy lips. “Once my pregnancy is confirmed I’ll even let you fuck me in my cunt. But only if you promise that we can do more fuck sandwiches like this one.”

“I promise, right, Dave?”

“Just try and stop me,” Dave sighed. “That was such a hot fuck I can hardly wait for the next time.”

“We’re certainly glad to hear that, aren’t we girls?” Aunt Beth asked, stepping up to give her husband a quick slap on the ass. “I see the three of you just couldn’t wait for us to get back, could you?”

“One horny girl and two horny guys,” Linda snorted, “of course we couldn’t wait.”

“Wow, a fuck sandwich,” Jane said enviously, “can I have one?”

“You can have one later,” Beth promised her youngest daughter, “right now we need to give your father and cousin the good news.”

“Ah, good news,” Ted said with a broad grin, “does that mean the doctor confirmed your pregnancies?”

“He sure did,” Kim patted her belly affectionately and gave Dave and her father big smile as she looked hungrily from father to cousin and then back again. “Then we went out to buy our new wardrobes, but now we’re ready to celebrate in another way. Who’s ready to fuck a pregnant girl?”

“Been there, done that,” Linda giggled. “Of course my pregnancy hasn’t been confirmed like yours, but the home pregnancy test says I am.”

“Congratulation, Linda,” Aunt Beth said. “I’ll make a doctors appointment for you as soon as I can just to be sure, but now I understand why you couldn’t wait for us before you started. But, now that we’re here it’s time for you to make room.”

“Yeah, move over, cuz,” Jane said, pushing Linda to the side so she could snuggle up to Dave on the couch. Now that I know I’m pregnant I’m ready to let Dave fuck me in the ass.”

“And it’s time for daddy to fuck my pussy,” Kim said, sitting on the couch arm next to her father.
“In that case let me make room for you,” Linda said, sliding off the couch to make space for the two incestuous couples. When she turned to look back she realized that the four of them weren’t even paying attention to her. She backed away from the couch enjoying the scene in front of her until she backed into her aunt.

“I don’t think they even realize we’re here,” Aunt Beth chuckled, wrapping her arm around her niece and giving her breast a playful squeeze.

“I think you’re right,” Linda agreed, pinching her aunt’s erect nipple so it stood out even more from her full breast. Linda could feel her brother and uncle’s cum sliding down her inner thighs. In spite of the fact that she’d just received a double load of baby juice she was feeling empty and horny at the same time. “Too bad we don’t have a couple more cocks to go around.”

Beth looked at her niece thoughtfully and then gave her a mischievous smile. “Maybe I don’t have a cock for you,” Aunt Beth admitted, “but, I have the next best thing. Give me a minute and I’ll show you what I mean.”

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