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So ur dadi asked me to fuck ur mom and make her pregnant but my spearm is also not power ful to make ur mom pregnant with just one fuck.. So it took nearly 8 months for me to make ur mom pregnant
Before that let me tell me about me i am 28 now but story happened when i was 15 ,5' 7'' my fig was 32 26 36 .. And my mom was of 39 5'6'' 36 32 38, i am the only child of my parents an d my dadaji was 67 , he is thin black and 5'4''..

Now coming to the story it all happen when due to some festival we all went to village as dadali only stay there and my exams are also over we all are very happy in the night i have to sleep with dadaji as there are only 2 rooms there.. As t z a village we slept by 8pm only.. In night around 4 i woke up for toilet hen i came back i saw something amazing.. Dadalis lungi was open i can see his cock which was 2 inch long ang and the grith was nearly 5 '' and fore skin is half open y showing his red hed from tha dak cock and covered with a lot of white hairs and his ball is bigger that his cack almost like the sixe of a an ox.. It made me crazy i went near that took that cute cock in my hand which was very soft and smaller than my bf. I smelled it it was gr8 then i tested the head which was

Salty i open the foreshin and took the full length in my mouth wich iz feeling like a small lolypop by that my grandpa got up and he did not objected as dadi has died around 6 yrs by now.. And he is lookin for some sex after 10 min he got his full erection which was 4 inch long and 6'' grith then he opened all my clothes and panty .. He took my breast in mouth and placed his fingers in my hairy pussy .. He 1st played with my pubic hair and then started fingering it ….fter five min he went down to my pussy and started licking it by opening my clit.. I was so assamed that i cant look into his eyes.. . After 10 min i cummed and he drank all my juices then he come over me and placed his cock head on my pussy and placed his lip on miny and also placing his hand on my boobs.. Then slowly started entering me but he can only insert 1 ½ " as my pussy was too toght for his thickness and i was not a virgin he tied once more and full length went in and a crach sound came out from my pussy and all the time i kept my eye closed he asked me to open the eye and hold his ball while he is fucking as it iz creating problem for him by hanging .. I did that i saw a black cock with white hair iz fucking a white pussy with black hair.. After en min i cummed but he was still fucking he asked me to take some juice in my hand and give it in his mouth what i did by eating that he said u teast as like as your momm.. Which i was shocked after another 10 min he cummed in side me and by that i cummed 2more times..

Then we both layed side by side i asked him when did he fucked mom.. He said the mystry of me and my parents.. He said ur dad is a big fucked but he doesnot have power in his sperm to make ur mom pregnant.. So ur dadi asked me to fuck ur mom and make her pregnant but my spearm is also not power ful to make ur mom pregnant with just one fuck.. So it took nearly 8 months for me to make ur mom pregnant so practically u r my daughter..

He said if want a proof some time watch ur moms pussy u ll find a kind of ring on her clit .. Tomorrow i ll lso put the same kind of ring on ur pussy.. Whoever the woman i have fucked i pearced the ring in every womans pussy,,,,we bith went to sleep ..

Next morning when i woke up dadji was out when i got up i can feel my pussy wallsare wide and rubbing against my thighs.. .. When i went out i saw mom and dad are ging to nanis home and ll come back after 3 days and dad will go to the city directly from there .. In listening this i was very happy.. They left we bith are there alone at home .. Around 11 o clock my dadaji came to me and asked me to show my pussy then he pierced and put fore rings in my clip it pained for a little time i asked him it is paining then he said ok he ll take care he started eating my pussy and wall after 20 min i cummed in his mouth then he asked how iz it feeling now.. Actually i was filling amazing and there is no pain it seemd i have been using this for yrs.. After that i went to take bath in those 3 days he fucked me nearly 10 times..

Next day mom came back we all had food it ws after noon .. Mo went to sleep after ten min i found mom in deep sleep i went to her and pushed her saree up and saw her pussy i can only saw her buss and the knot of her west chain falling beteeen her hairs over her pussy so i slowly widen her legs and found there are four rings there but to check the design i opened her pussy with my finger and it was same like me.. It seems she had not sex for a long time as her clits are veri closed and tight .. As a girl i understand her requirement .. I went to dadaji and asked him to fuck mom. Now or else i ll never show him to fuck me.. He said ok and went to moms room as i kept moms saree up he directly went between her legs and took that gordious pussy in his mouth and started lickemg on which mom started moaning i was standing near the door.. In deep sleep mom pressed dadajis head on pussy and he was licking every croner of her pussy in excitement i started pussin my fingers in my pussy which was getting wet..

After 5 min mom got up but did not reacted on dadaji rateher she place more by widing more and jumping her ass then she cummed she got up and opened every single cloth and asked him papa duko aapke bina iska kaya haal ho gaya hai.. .. She was standing all node only with her steel west chain.. And she took dadajis half erect cock in mouth after ten min it got fully erect then mom asked himto fuck her and he obeyed .. I also cummed once now .. The whole room was full with the smell of moms cumm and maons.. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh.. By there fuck the juices created o fome on moms pussy and which was spreading all over her pussy .. As an experience person mom was holding his ball in hands and helping him to fuck her more and proper.. .after 7 min s of fucking mom cummed with a loude maon but dadaji was
still humping her.. Mom asked him to stop for a while and fuck her in dogge style.. He did so .. Fast mom bent down and and dadaji rided her from the back by pushing his cock in her pussy after 5 min mom cummed once more an d all the juices was cumming out from her pussy and spreading all over her pussy ass thigh.. She was mowning like an whore.. I took a chance and went in side by seeing mom got shocked but she couldnot stop herself from moving her ass i went to her and messaged her boobs and lower belly and she was still mowning .. Now opened my dress and panty and showed my pussy to her on seein onle she understood that i have been fucked by grandpa.. And she cummed once more and dadaji was still hot then mom sked him to stop as she lost all power . Dadaji stoped then i asked him fuck me once and satisfy himseld and myself.. He fucked me for 10min more and we both cummed ..

Dadaji and i told all the story to mom and she was happy bt seeing me so satisfied and caring for her// in that night we slept in one room and enjoyed a lot.. I the while month i hope i have been fucked 70-80 times and mom 50- 70 times.. After cumning back we missed dadaji a lot.. But for fulfilling our pjysical need we both mom and daughter became lesbian ..

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I am from banglore f 28 ..

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2013-02-25 17:46:04
Faggot ass illiterate freak.

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2012-12-23 19:28:06
Obviously English is not your first language.

For that I gave you a lot of credit.

In essence your story was very nice.

Practice makes perfect.

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2012-12-21 15:30:01
I like your story in your own words. Your story turned me on a lot. I wish I could fuck you and your mom together too.

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2012-12-21 15:29:31
I like your story in your own words. Your story turned me on a lot. I wish I could fuck you and your mom together too.

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2012-12-21 03:59:49
the world ending would have been more interesting than this

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