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Betty's Bang-athon by mrmovie

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On A rainy afternoon while Gale and Chris were at work, Betty's son Jeff that was two years younger than Gale, was being so obnoxious that Betty had enough and told him to go to his room.
As soon as he went to up to his room, Betty asked Marlo what she wanted to do.

"Right now Betty...I could use a good fucking !!"

"I don't know why I didn't think of that...I'll go see what Jack is doing, since Jeff is upstairs, we have at least four hours til Gale and Chris get off work."

Betty went into Jack's room, then after a few minutes came back out and told Marlo to go ahead and get some.

Meanwhile at Adam's house, Petals was having a hard time finding any work, so she headed back to the house and waited til Adam got home.

"Hey honey, how was your day ?"

"It wasn't too bad...and you ?"

"Don't even ask...why the 'fuck' did I go to college if there's nothing out there ?!!"

"Why don't you start your own business ?"

"That would be great except for one !"

"We can work on that."

Two hours later, Adam had called Betty's house to see how Marlo was doing.

"I'm doing OK I guess, how are you and Petal's working out ?"

"She's having a hard time finding a job and I suggested she might start some type of business...of what I'm not sure yet ?"

"Well...if I think of something...I'll let you know OK."

"Alright, I'll talk to you later, bye."

Back at Betty's

After Marlo got off the phone, Betty came out of Jack's room and told her it was her turn again.
The way they figured it, they had a four hour window of opportunity to pleasure themselves with Jack that afternoon, and they took it !

Durring supper time however, Jeff was pissed that he had to stay in his room for so long that he started to act up again.

"I guess the time in your room this afternoon didn't teach you much of anything did it !!" Betty said

"I don't need this aggravation when I come home from work !"

"Your right Chris, you don't, and I don't need it regardless...Jeff, you go right back up to your room right now for the rest of the night !!"

Jeff thought that this wasn't fair at all as he stomped upstairs to his room

He wanted to sneak out of his room to go downstairs and watch some T.V. later but couldn't because Gale and Jack's room was by the livingroom, however he did go downstairs to the kitchen and eat

Jeff then heard footsteps and thought he was busted, but saw Jack walking towards the stairs.

What would he want upstairs ? Jeff thought, then sneaked back upstairs to find out.

Jeff didn't see anyone, but went down the hall and heard some noises, noises he never heard before, coming from the guestroom, so he crept up to the door, slowly turned the knob, opened up the door enough to look in, and seen two shadows bouncing on the bed, with a lot of heavy breathing.

Jeff wasn't stupid, he knew what they were doing. But if Jack is up here without Gale, then who was that he thought ?

Jeff didn't like Jack anyway, so he quietly closed the door and quietly went back downstairs and woke up his sister.

"'What the hell do you want shitstain', get the hell out of my room or I'll tell mom !?"

"Well then...I guess you don't care to know what Jack is doing upstairs then ?"

"What...why would he be upstairs, you must be mistaken, he probably went to the bathroom you little turd, now get out of my room !?"

"Fine then I'll leave...but why don't you go upstairs to the guestroom and ask him to quit making those noises on the bed with whoever he's up there making them with then !"

"'What'...'you damn well better be right', because if your wasting my time...your dead !"

Gale wanted to storm up the stairs but followed Jeff's example and went quietly up the stairs. Since Jeff's room was close to the stairs, she told him to go to his room and that she would take it from here.
Then looked at Jeff once more and told him again he better be right about this, then waited til he closed his bedroom door.

She went down the hall to the guestroom and did hear noises that she was quite familiar with hearing, as she stood by the door and listened.
Gale wanted to just barge in there and turn on the light, but had a better idea.
So she quietly went back down the hallway with her hand on the lightswitch and waited.

After awhile, when she knew someone had just come out of the room, she flicked the switch on.

"Having a good time are we !!" she said out loud, expecting to see Jack, but saw her mother instead.

Her mother just froze and said; "Uh-oh."

"Mother ?" she said, shocked.

"I don't know what to say I..."

"Don't bother...tell Jack I never want to see him again...nor you either, I'm moving out right now !!"

Gale went downstairs and packed her things, then went out the door to her car and drove off.
Feeling angry and hurt, Gale wasn't sure what to really do but get away from them, so she drove off to where she worked and slept in her car til it was time to go to work.

During work she thought of her cousin Petals

After work she sat in her car and wanted to talk to somebody. Gale hated the thought of intruding on her cousin but figured she might be able to help somehow, besides, she needed some place to stay, other than her car, so she drove over her house.

"Gale ?" Petals said, surprised to see her cousin.

"Can I come in and talk with you ?"

"Of course of course, come anything wrong ?"

"You might say that !"

"Well come in the livingroom and I'll go get us some coffee."

When Petals returned

"Well what's going look upset ?"

"You remember my obnoxious and annoying brother Jeff...well for once in his life, he at least did something right for a change and was nice enough to let me know, even though he woke me up early to do it."

"Well what did he say or tell you ?"

"He woke me up at ten after four in the morning and told me about some noises he heard coming from the guestroom upstairs, and asked me why Jack, my now x-boyfriend, was doing upstairs."

"I could only guess." thinking of her mother

"Well I was shocked when my mother came out the room !"

"What did you do ?"

"I just packed my bags, went over to work at the shoe factory, and slept in my car til it was time to go to work, then after...came here."

"Well listen, I'll ask Adam if it's OK with him if you can stay here, I'm sure he wouldn't mind, he should be home soon."

"I don't want to impose, really, I just wanted to talk to someone I guess." she said then started to cry

Petals hugged her and told her that it 'will' be OK and insisted she stay

Adam had come in noticing Petals hugging her cousin and seen that she was in tears but thought it best not to ask anything, figuring she would tell him about it later, so he just came in and sat down.

"Adam, is it OK if Gale stays here ?"

"Sure." he said in a sympathetic voice, wondering what had happened.

"Come on now...I'll show you to your room."

" bags are in my car." still sobbing

"I'll go and get them."

"Thank you Adam, I'll show Gale upstairs."

During supper, Gale felt alot better and asked how things were going.

"I'm having a hard time finding any work."

"Why don't you try where I work at the shoe factory ?"

"Well why's better than nothing."

After three months Petals was doing alright at the factory, even though that's not what she studied in college, but for the most part was happy she was working.
Gale was doing alot better but was getting horny and was tired of fingering herself, but she was not someone that would do that to someone elses spouse, so even though she said she wasn't gonna see her mom again,
she called her up anyway, to her surprise, Jack was still living there at her mom and dad's house.

"Why is Jack still living there ?"

"I told your father he was helpful around the house."

"Ya mom...I bet he is...look, I didn't mean it that way but..."

"You want to come home ?"

"Well the only thing I want is what your getting every morning but I still don't want to get back together with him, perhaps you can ask him for me as far as a fuck buddy ?"

"I'll talk to him...say, your father is going to a convention this weekend out of town and I'm going to ask your father to take Jeff with, if he doesn't, then I'll just have him spend the evening in his room, maybe Jack could satisfy all three of us at the same time ?"

"Oh mother, you and your wild ideas...if Jeff in his room, he might come out."

"No...that day you left, I had Jack put a lock on his door when he woke up."

"Alright then, see you Saturday, bye."

Well Saturday came and Gale came over at two that afternoon

"Gale, each of us, you, your aunt Marlo and I and a couple friends of mine that are due to come over shortly, are gonna go change into nothing but are robes, then go up to the guestroom."

"An orgy ?"

"Well I 'know' this is not what 'you' would normally do, but yes, it will be all five of us in one room, having Jack ball us all silly."

"I noticed that dad didn't take the turd !"

"Well, when we are all ready in our robes, I'll send him to his room, then when we go up, I'll lock the padlock on his door, I have it right here."

"I guess it sounds like a plan."

"Oh here they are now."

"Hey Ann, Patty, come on in, and aunt Marlo go to the bathroom and get changed first."

After all the women were in the livingroom with their robes on, Betty told her son to go to his room.
However Jeff refused to go to his room, thinking that he could get away with it with company here, besides he didn't do anything wrong, so he thought, why should I go !

"You go to your romm right now !"

"No...and you can't make me !" he said, making his mom look bad in front of company.

"Fine...have it your own way !"

As jeff thought he one, he started purposely bumping into Patty and Ann and acting as if he was loosing his balance, just to try and cop a feel of their breasts.
Patty had screamed out telling Betty her son had grabbed her breast and Betty told her she was sorry and that she would handle it.
Betty went into Jack's room, handed him the lock to Jeff's door and a pair of handcuffs, and told him to manhandle Jeff to the floor and handcuff him, then pull him by his hair all the way to his room and lock him in, on her signal, if need be.

"Jeff...come here and apologize to Patty !"

"What for, I didn't do anything !"

"Jeff, go to your room, now !" she said as everybody staired at him

He just stood there not saying anything and still refused to go to his room

"Jack." Betty yelled out

Jack came out of his room and wrestled Jeff to the floor, handcuffed him and pulled him up from the floor by his hair, then lead him by the hair to his room and locked him in, all the while as Jeff was screaming, then Jack returned downstairs with the ladies.

"That serves that kid right...and you young man shall be rewarded." Patty said

"How about 'we all' give Jack a 'big reward' for his good deed and go up to the guestroom, let's get this party started." Betty said as they all went upstairs

Jeff was still yelling and making a fuss, and Betty knew that it would put a damper on the festivities having to listen to him from down the hall, so Betty unlocked his door, went in, grabbed him by his hair and slapped his face, then shoved a ball-gag in his mouth and left the room, locked the door, and continued to the guestroom.
Gale knew that her brother was an obnoxious turd, but thought her mother was being too extreme as she watched her, before going down the hall.

Once everyone was in the guestroom, Betty said; "Patty...why don't you go first." need for me to go into details as to what went on, I'm sure you could imagine. Somehow things have a way of working out. Betty had Jeff committed to a state hospital before Chris got back the next day
and Betty couldn't be happier. Gale came over once a week for her weekly balling, and Chris...well
he eventually found out everything, got Jeff out of the booby hatch, divorced Betty, and lives out of state with his son.
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